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Top 5 Best Bar Shower Reviews

From their impressive designs to how relaxing they tend to be, bar showers are irresistibly a top priority for many. However, there will always be a need for you to consider getting something that suits your needs and preferences. It is for this reason that you will need to be conversant with a few aspects regarding these bar showers. Here are the insights.

What Is the Best Bar Shower on the Market?

Pick the Best Bar Shower For Excellent Shower Experience

How to Choose the Best Bar Shower?

Here are some of the things that you should always consider when selecting your bar shower.

slide bar hand shower systems

• Water efficiency

Undoubtedly, you will always want to save a little water from time to time. As such, it will be fair to pick an option that assures you of enhanced efficiency. For instance, it will be best to pick a showerhead that has an efficiency of 2.5GPM and below. Further, you should effortlessly adjust the flow rate.

• Confirm the spray patterns

Spray patterns often define the experience you get in the shower. You will find it valuable to pick a shower head with two spray functions. Adjusting between these two spray patterns should be straightforward. Ensure that you pick a spray pattern that assures you of the ultimate experience.

• Check the engineering and the construction

There is no denying that robust engineering and construction will assure you of longevity. Which technology does the shower have, and what is the effect? Does it give you the results you so desire? Two of the most impressive technologies you might not want to resist will include the immersion and the H2O technology.

• Pricing

Take the time to identify which option is affordable to you. While the quality of engineering should be your main focus, it will be best to consider something that will not cost you a lot. This way, you will readily avoid too many financial constraints in the long run.

The following are the best five bar showers you might want to consider.

Best Bar Shower Head Reviews

1. Best Handheld Shower Bar – OLEAH Bathroom Adjustable Height Slide Bar Shower System

thermo bar shower


• Sturdy construction, enhanced durability
• Enhanced pressure balancing
• Automatic self-cleaning abilities


• A little pricey

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This product prides itself on not only topnotch material but also incredible construction. It is a rain showerhead made of stainless steel. Lest you forget, it comes with a self-cleaning handheld ABS showerhead and a slide bar. This automated self-cleaning technology ensures that the shower nozzles never end up blocking.

It relies on Air Injection Technology, which offers a consistent, powerful rain shower. This technology is also vital in saving water.

You will hardly resist the brass slide bar it has. It is not only adjustable but also able to meet the different needs of your family members.

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2. CRW Adjsutable Thermostatic Rain Shower System

shower head combo slide bar


• Balanced water pressure
• Simple installation and use
• Up to three functions


• Might not last for long

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If you are looking for a spa-like experience, this will be the right choice for you. It features a hand shower and a shower holder. This showerhead assures you of three distinct spray modes.

It comes with a reliable thermostatic shower valve, which maintains constant water temperature. With this, you will be safe against thermal shock or even scalding. Remember, this valve allows you to change the water flow without necessarily altering the temperature.

You cannot ignore the tub spout and the diverter on this shower. This diverter ensures that you have an easier time controlling both the wand and the shower. Did you know that it comes with a 90-degree swiveling faucet? Through this, your experience in the shower will never be the same again.

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3. Best Mixer Spary Triple Shower Combo – Aolemi Antique Brass Tub Shower

shower wall bar


• Relatively easy to install or mount
• Incredible design, which makes it straightforward to use
• Enhanced longevity


• Can only use one function at a time

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The metal construction used in this shower system will readily get you smitten. This shower features premium brass, which highlights longevity. The topnotch finish means that the shower is not only less prone to discoloration but is also elegant.

Usually, you will be free to choose from the three functions provided by this shower. Ideally, you will effortlessly switch between the overhead showerhead, handheld showerhead, and the tub. Nothing could offer you more flexibility and convenience than this.

The adjustable hand shower is worth appreciating. It comes with a holder, which allows you to adjust the height and the angle of the handheld shower. As if that is not enough, there is a high-precision spool at your disposal. It will come in handy in handling water pressure and temperature.

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4. Best Square Bar Shower – SR SUN RISE Brushed Nickel Shower System

best handheld shower head with slide bar


• The finish is elegant
• You are confident of enhanced durability
• Impressive spray patterns


• Not as water-efficient as you would expect

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You cannot ignore the dominance of this product, thanks to its impressive design and myriad of features.

It comes with a flawless nickel finish, which helps in cushioning the shower against corrosion and improves durability. Besides, it will play a significant role in enhancing its sleek nature.

The design featured by this shower system is all that you need for enhanced convenience. Usually, it comes as an L-shape, which makes it easier for you to handle it. Remember, it is a ten-layer finish, which enhances reliability.

This shower relies on Air Energy Technology, which is vital in maintaining consistency in the powerfulness of your rainshower. Further to this, you will be confident of a reliable and seamless pressure balance in the long run.

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5. Best Rain Mixer Shower Combo – SR SUNRISE 12-Inch Ceiling Mount Nickel Shower System

bar type shower valves


• Less susceptible to corrosion
• Impressive design
• Consistent, powerful rainshower
• Impressive lifetime warranty


• The valve could start leaking much sooner

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Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with this ceiling mount bar shower. From its spray patterns to the chrome finish, you will readily fall for it.

It comes with a concealed installation bracket holder and a substantial pressure balancing mixer. Together, they guarantee you a better flow rate and pressure-balancing. Its valve will come in handy in protecting you against any rapid changes in the water pressure.

That this shower is impressive is no secret. It boasts of a perfect nickel finish, which is relatively sleek. You will also be sure of enhanced protection against corrosion, thanks to its chrome finish.

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What Is A Bar Shower?

shower wall bar system

A bar shower is a shower with slimline controls and a relatively compact size, which is often ideal for small bathrooms. These showers usually have their flow and temperature controls within their bar valve. It will suffice to mention that they take up a relatively small space, which makes it easier for you to fine-tune your showering experience.

Why Do You Need A Bar Shower?

Various reasons go into having this bar shower. Some of the top benefits you get from these bar showers will include the following.

• Enhanced safety

This shower allows you to pre-select specific water temperatures or flows, which remains constant throughout the period. That implies that there is no chance of getting scalded.

• Saves water and energy

You can hardly overlook the economic aspects of this type of shower. These showers use the least energy and water, giving you the value for money you so desire.

• Convenience

It is no secret that these showers come with a relatively compact design. That implies that they will effortlessly fit in your small bathroom. Besides, you will be free to pre-select the water temperature, allowing you to have a sweet time altogether.

What Types of Bar Showers Should I Pick?

There is no denying that there are various types of bar showers. Your choice will depend on the needs and the budget that you have. With that in mind, here are the options that you have.

• Thermostatic bar shower

Thermostatic bar shower has proven to be the most common bar shower. It usually comes with a thermostatic valve, and it is capable of maintaining a constant water temperature during your showering experience. The thermostatic valve usually mixes cold and hot water until it reaches a specific, pre-determined temperature. The safety it offers makes it suitable for the whole family.

• Dual shower heads with slide bar

If you are looking for a spa-like experience, then dual shower heads with slide bar will be your ultimate choice. Ideally, it comes with two shower heads in one system, which has proven to be much effortless to use. You will hardly overlook the convenience they provide, as they allow you to adjust their height. The slide allows you to choose where the shower should hit. For instance, you could consider one showerhead for the neck and the back. At the same time, the other focuses on different body muscles.

• Handheld showerhead with slide

Handheld showerhead with slide is often attached to the shower wall, primarily via a long rubber hose. It will suffice to mention that it is detachable, giving you enhanced convenience. The slide ensures that you pick the right place for the shower to hit.

• Low-pressure bar shower

This shower is ideal for those that appreciate a steadier flow of water. Thanks to its few, yet fine holes, getting a robust jet of water becomes hassle-free. Further to this, you will be sure of adjustability, which allows you to set the showerhead in a way that suits your preferences.

• Square bar mixer shower

You can hardly ignore the elegance that this option tends to portray. Ideally, this is a shower with a square showerhead. It comes in handy in covering a relatively more significant area. That it provides in most cases, it comes with two controls. While one control manages the water flow, the other will be the one to take care of the temperature.

• Slide bar hand shower system

This option is suitable for those that need a customized shower experience. Usually, it features a detachable hand shower on a slide bar. Usually, you will be free to change the height of the spray, depending on your preferences.

Who Makes the Best Bar Shower?

There is no denying that brands will often produce bar showers of different qualities. It is in this regard that you will need to be careful when selecting the right one. Here are the top three brands to consider whenever you need a bar shower.

i. Moen Handheld Shower with Slide Bar

The Moen brand has become relatively popular in the recent past, thanks to its level of efficiency. It boasts of an immersion technology, which gives you a rain-like showering experience. Further, it assures you of a self-pressurizing design.

This brand assures you of two spray patterns, including rinse and rain. What is more, you will comfortably switch between these two spray patterns. The temperature control is also impeccable.

Further, this brand gives you relatively water-efficient showerheads. In most cases, you will be sure of the efficiency of around 2.5 gallons per minute. The products will cost you about $160, which is economical.

Recommended Moen Handheld Shower with Slide Bar

ii. Delta Dual Shower Head with Slide Bar

This brand Delta boasts of one of the most impressive spray patterns. Usually, you will be sure of the H2OKinetic technology and Amplifying spray. This spray will effortlessly massage and give you a full-body spray at any time. Thanks to H2OKinetic technology, it innovatively harnesses water energy to create wave-like motions.

You will also fall in love with the water efficiency this brand guarantees you. Mostly, the showerhead will assure you of about 1.8 to 2.5 gallons per minute, which is incredible. Further, the robust construction it features is vital in boosting durability.

Recommended Delta Dual Shower Head with Slide Bar

iii. Kohler Hand Held Shower with Slide Bar

Kohler produces some of the most fantastic bar showers. This brand has one spray pattern. This single function is incredible in covering a relatively more extensive space. It will assure you of the water efficiency of approximately 2.5 gallons per minute. If you are looking for durability, this is the ultimate choice. However, it will be fair to mention that it comes with no fancy features.

Recommended Kohler Hand Held Shower with Slide Bar


As you look forward to getting a bar shower, you will need the best. Ths insights provided here will help in making that decision much easier for you. Take the time to compare the brand, the functionality, technology, and the pricing of the bar shower before you settle on one. Whichever way, ensure that you get the best.