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The 20+ Best Delta Shower Faucets Reviews

From their sleek appearance and impressive practicality to their unmatched controls, shower faucets have become essential in every home. That these shower faucets will redefine your experience in the bathroom is no secret. But have you ever taken the time to understand why Delta shower faucets are becoming popular day by day?

You can hardly ignore the dominance of Delta shower faucets, thanks to their advanced technology and reliability. This brand assures you of not only value for money but also incredible and high-performing products. Here are a few things you should know about this brand.

What Is the Best Delta Shower Faucet on the Market?

Picking the Best Delta Shower Faucets

What Kinds of Delta Shower Faucets Do You Need?

There is no denying that Delta showers come in different types. As such, it will be best for you to understand which option suits you best. Here are the choices you have at hand.

Delta Single Handle Shower Faucet

This delta single handle shower faucet is designed to create a balance of hot and cold water into a central control. It will often come with a thin metal rod and a plastic tube. With this design, attaining the ideal temperature will be no hassle. It will suffice to mention that these single handle delta shower faucets could use either turn-around valves or the pull-out valves. The dual-function thermostatic valve has become predominant, too, as it assures you of increased reliability.

Delta Tub and Shower Faucets

These are Delta faucets that highlight a combination of a shower faucet and a bathtub. Typically, they feature a showerhead and a tub spout, whose combination assures you of enhanced convenience in the long run. Further to this, it comes with a single handle, making it easier for you to adjust the pressure and temperature. Its Rough-In valve makes it easier for you to install it anywhere in the house, and straightforwardly so.

Delta Two-Handle Shower Faucet

These delta faucets come with two handles. It will be fair to mention that a tree with reaching branches inspires this design. With this design, you will be confident of enhanced flexibility and convenience altogether.

Most often, it comes with not only a pop-up metal drain but also stainless steel construction. It is with this that you will be sure of enhanced longevity and even value for money.

Delta Monitor Shower Faucet

This type of delta faucet has proven to be invaluable, especially among those who are seeking enhanced safety. Typically, the delta monitor shower faucet ensures that there is hardly any sudden and unsafe changes in your water temperature. Thanks to how they balance pressure and temperature, these monitor shower faucets will comfortably boost your safety. Further, you will have no issue when it comes to adjusting their temperature or pressure. Monitoring the temperature will also be no hassle for you.

Delta Mix Shower Faucet

These delta mix showers are those that connect both cold and hot water within your home. That means that they will mix these two before they send the result to the showerhead. After the mixing is done within the valve, water will leave with a much higher pressure towards the showerhead. This way, you will be sure of incredible experiences in the bathroom. These options will be ideal for bath spouts or single showers.

Delta Rain Shower Faucet

You can hardly overlook the impressive design featured by this delta rain shower faucet. Its incredible temperature control will get you smitten, thanks to the pressure-balanced valve cartridge. With this cartridge, it will be much easier for consistent shower temperature to get maintained, protecting you against potential scalding. Further to this, it comes with a drenching rainfall, which allows you to immerse and get a refreshing experience under the rain showerhead.

How to Pick the Best Delta Shower Faucet?

There is no denying that getting the right shower faucet from Delta can be a relatively daunting task. That, however, does not mean that you should give up your pursuit of the best delta shower faucet. It is in this light that it will be invaluable to consider the following variables.

delta tub and shower faucets

• Material and construction

Undoubtedly, you will often get what you pay for. While luxury Delta shower faucets might be a little costlier, they tend to feature not only premium materials but also unmatched construction robustness.

For instance, you could opt for a brass finish, as it assures you of both elegance and longevity. However, it tends to be the costliest. You could also opt for copper, aluminum, or iron construction. That these three assure you of enhanced longevity is in no doubt. As such, they assure you of value for money in the long run.

• Type of shower faucet

As mentioned, various types of Delta shower faucets are at your disposal. And your choice will be dependent on your preferences and needs. Further, it will be best to consider a faucet depending on the space available in your bathroom. Ideally, you will need to choose one that is placed above the drain or one that you will mount on the wall. The former assures you of minimal alterations, while the latter guarantees you enhanced flexibility.

• Consider the accessories

Accessories tend to redefine experiences, and getting the right ones will often be an inevitable goal. Some of the top fittings to consider would be the diverters, anti-scald valves, pressure-balancing valves, and hand showers. Diverters ensure that there is an efficient flow of water from the spout to the showerhead, while anti-scald valves enhance your safety. The pressure valves will come in handy in maintaining a specific temperature and pressure during the shower.

• Confirm the shower valve chosen

It will often be vital to choose a reliable shower valve, as this is what will control the water flow to the shower tap. In most cases, you will need to select between thermostatic and manual valves. Thermostatic valves will ensure that the device goes off once the water gets above a specific temperature level. In contrast, you will need to switch off the valve manually if you were to choose a manual option. The former option guarantees you enhanced convenience.

• Check the type and configuration

Shower faucets come in different kinds, and each type assures you of a different experience. You could choose an all-in-one Delta showerhead or a solo shower faucet. From this, you will be free to choose a rain shower, multiple shower heads, handheld showerheads, and a body spray shower faucet.

Body spray shower heads from Delta come with multiple spray heads, which you will effortlessly integrate into your shower. You will rely on this type of shower faucet for enhanced immersion and even massaging.

Handheld showerheads will come in handy for those who appreciate unmatched convenience. Their flexible hose will ensure that you comfortably reach whichever part of the body you want to. Rain showers will often be right above you, and they tend to assure you of enhanced immersion.

You could also consider multiple shower heads, which assure you of more than one shower head. In most cases, these showerheads feature a diverter valve that controls both the showerhead and the set of handles.

• What is your budget?

Nothing could be as impressive as getting a reliable product within your budget. Most often, these faucets will cost you anywhere between $147 and $351. The more you pay, the more likely you are to get an incredible shower faucet. Remember, there will be additional installation and maintenance costs too. It is in this light that you will need to pick something that will not only last long but also be much more affordable to maintain.

What Materials of Delta Shower Faucet Are the Most Durable?

More than often, you will need to be sure of which material will serve you best. Your choice could be brass, polished brass, bronze, or chrome. Here are a few insights into each of them.

Delta Brass Shower Faucet

Nothing beats the resilience that Delta brass offers, mainly when used in the bathroom. Its role in improving the performance of your shower can hardly go unnoticed. Usually, you will appreciate how sturdy and durable Delta brass faucets tend to be. Thanks to the patented diamond seal technology, Delta brass shower faucets will barely leak, giving you the value for money you so desire.

Delta Chrome Shower Faucets

The use of Delta chrome shower faucets dates back many years ago. While it is a classic option, you can hardly ignore its reliability. These chrome shower faucets will assure you of not only longevity but also a neutral style. Did you know that chrome shower faucets tend to be much easier to maintain? As long as you have a vinegar solution, cleaning this surface will be straightforward.

Delta Bronze Shower Faucets

Delta bronze faucets pride themselves on being oil rubbed, and they are often on rain showerheads. Thanks to the unique touch they provide your room with, you will find these delta bronze faucets irresistible. The elegance and the classy finishing they feature are worth appreciating. You will be sure of sturdy construction, assuring you of longevity. Above all, these faucets tend to be much easier to install, and they come in different styles.

Delta Polished Brass Shower Faucets

Delta polished brass faucets will often be suitable for bathtub and shower faucets, especially for one-handle showers. These delta polished brass shower faucets feature soft, rubber spray holes that ensure no calcium gets built up. That they tend to conserve water and rely on lower energy is no secret. Since they assure you of a perfect balance in pressure and temperature, you will readily fall in love with them.

What Are the Benefits of Shower Faucets?

The incredible benefits drawn by the shower faucets will often get you smitten. Besides that, they will be vital for you in making logical decisions in the long run. A few of the most notable benefits will often include the following.

• Saving water

delta shower faucet cartridge

A little economy on your water will usually go a long way in saving your bills. Unnecessary wastage is worth avoiding, and these shower faucets will come in handy in addressing this. Thanks to the thermostatic valve, there will hardly be a reason to worry about too much water wastage.

These shower faucets come with reliable control knobs, which ensure that the amount of water jetted out is steady. Further to this, you will not waste any water while waiting for it to get hot. This combination implies that you will save between 40 and 50% of your water bills.

• Enhanced safety

Undoubtedly, you will hardly want to think about getting burns on your body because of temperature changes. It is in this light that these shower faucets come with an anti-scalding technology. This technology allows you to adjust the temperature of the shower accordingly. Besides, they feature thermostats that cut the flow of water once the water becomes too hot.

• Impressive design

You can hardly ignore the elegance that these shower faucets feature. The materials used on the faucets will often be topnotch, which assures you of enhanced longevity. Their watertight nature prevents them from accumulating limescale in the long run. While at it, you will effortlessly fall in love with the elegance they tend to highlight.

What Are the Prices of the Best Delta Shower Faucets?

There is no denying that you will often need an affordable shower faucet. In this light, there will be a need for you to take the time to compare how much you will spend on it. Usually, the cost will vary with the type of shower faucet and the place you live in. Typically, this cost will lie between $158 and $350. That means that you are likely to get one that will comfortably suit your budget. The higher the amount you pay, the more likely you get an incredible product.

delta shower faucet


As you look forward to having the best experience in the shower, there will always be a need for you to opt for Delta shower faucets. From their reliability and longevity, this option will give you the value for money you so desire. There can never be a better day for you to get this faucet than today!



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