Top 8 Best Delta Shower Heads Reviews 2020

Delta showerheads are some of the best showerheads brands in the market. The delta showerheads are water conservators and easy fit on the shower arms as well. The showerheads come in different styles and types to fit various uses. Some models have handheld hoses, while others feature the overhead flow. The Delta showerheads consist of different water setting, so you select the right showering mode. This article features the top ten best Delta shower heads on the market today.

2020 Best Delta Shower Heads Ranking

Top 8 Best Delta Shower Heads Reviews 2020

1. Delta Faucet 7-Spray Hand Held Shower Head, 75700

best delta hand held shower head

  • Flexible Shower Head

This is a flexible showerhead that you can install on the shower arm or the bathtub. It features quality material that stainless steel; thus, resistant to water damage or corrosion. For quality assurance, this delta showerhead comes with a long term warranty.

  • Powerful Water Flow

The shower provides powerful water flow in a spray form to ensure full body coverage when showering. There are 7 spray water flow spray settings to choose from.

  • Stretchable Hose

This showerhead comes with a hose that is stretchable for convenience reach by different heights. It is also easy to clean in case of a blockage. Other than showering, this showerhead is also recommendable for providing massage results since it relives pains on the joints while enabling the body to relax after a long tiring day.

Best Delta Handheld Shower Heads Reviews

  • Installing this showerhead is quite easy
  • It is compatible with bathtubs and shower arms
  • The showerhead has 7 spray modes to choose from
  • It comes with a warranty for quality assurance
  • Some customers have complained about the hose being a little stiff

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2. Delta In2ition Shower Head, 58065

best delta in2ition shower head

  • Easy to Use

Anyone including kids can comfortably shower using this showerhead since it comes with a handheld shower hose. The chrome design and finish on this showerhead, make it look attractive and complement the bathroom fixtures and finishing. The showerhead and the hose are detachable to ensure total comfort when showering regardless of the model that you use.

  • Intensive Spray Water Flow

The showerhead provides intensive spray water flow mechanisms to offer excellent rinsing and therapeutical feeling after every shower. The shower head has four spray settings which are; full body spray, fast massage spray, pause, and full-body spray with a massage.

  • This showerhead offers a jet functioning mode to offer a massage effect
  • There are four settings to choose from
  • It features both overhead and handheld shower
  • The shower comes with a warranty
  • The hose features PVC material

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3. Delta Two In One Shower Head, 58569-RB-PK

best delta two in one shower heads

  • 2-in-1 Shower Head

The finishing on this showerhead makes the bathroom look beautiful and unique. It is a two in one design where you can opt to use detachable showerhead with a hose, or secure the docket and use the showerhead in a vertical form; if you want to have a full-body spray experience.

  • Relaxing Effect

The intensive water flows from this showerhead provides a relaxing effect on the body after a long and tiring day. It also helps to relieve soreness on the joints and muscles. This showerhead has five powerful spray settings, so you can choose the preferred showering spray mode.

  • Installing this showerhead to the shower arm is quite easy
  • There are 5 spray release settings to choose from
  • It comes with a warranty for quality assurance
  • There are two showering options
  • This showerhead from Delta is quite expensive

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4. Delta Dual Shower Head, 75582D

delta dual shower head

  • High Quality and Durable

If you are looking for a quality and durable showerhead from Delta, this is a reliable model to consider buying. The showerhead features a large head that provides excellent water flow for efficient body rinsing.

  • Dual Function

It has 2 in 1 model where you can opt to use it as detachable shower with a hose, or fit the docket if you want to achieve full-body coverage through the overhead flow. This showerhead provides an intensive water flow mechanism that ensures to provide excellent rinsing to the entire body.

  • Massaging Jet Shower Flow

There are also the massage jet shower flow mechanisms essential for relieving body pains, soreness and even massage the joints for a better rest after a long day. This showerhead model from Delta features five spray models to choose from, depending on the type of shower mode you want to achieve.

  • This showerhead offers two modes of showering sets
  • There are five spray settings
  • Fitting it to the shower arm is easy
  • The showerhead provides great body treatment results
  • Not friendly for kids and old people.

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5. Delta RP70175-15 1.5 GPM H2Okinetic Shower Head

delta h2okinetic shower head

  • Water-Saving

If you are looking for a quality showerhead from the delta that does not utilize a lot of water when showering, this model is the right to buy. It is voted as one of the best water-conserving showerheads in the whole world. The showerhead features an overhead mode that has spray flow settings for excellent water flow and rinsing per shower.

  • East to Maintain

It features plastic material construction that is easy to maintain since you can detach the showerhead when cleaning. This showerhead model from Delta also comes in other colours so you can choose the shade that complements your bathroom finishing. It only weighs 8 ounces a simple, and lightweight to hold when fitting it to the shower arm.

  • This showerhead is light in weight
  • It saves water usage in the house
  • It has large droplets setting essential for preserving the water
  • The installation process of this showerhead is easy
  • This showerhead only provides single shower mode unlike other Delta models

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6. Delta Massaging Shower Heads, 52636-SS-PK

best delta shower heads

  • 5 Shower Spray Settings

With 5 shower spray settings on this Delta model, you are guaranteed to achieve excellently and one of the most relaxing shower sessions. The showerhead structure features stainless steel material design to ensure durability and prevent it from corrosion or rusting even after long exposure to wetness.

  • Easy to Clean

Managing this showerhead, especially the shower holes are quite easy thanks to the rubber material that is easy to wipe off any dirt building up, and prevent any blockage. You don’t need to hire a plumber to install the showerhead for you, as the installation process takes a few minutes to complete.

  • This showerhead from Delta is quite affordable
  • It features five spray shower settings to choose from
  • The showerhead saves water with up to 20 percent
  • It is easy to clean and clear any blockage on the showerhead
  • This showerhead only fits on 1/2 IPS shower arm models

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7. Delta Rain Shower Heads, RP50841SS

best delta rain shower head

  • Affordable Price

This is another affordable showerhead from Delta that provides excellent showering results. The showerhead is quite durable due to the heavy-duty material construction and comes with a warranty for backup.

  • Large Size

The head features a large size to provide a large surface for water flow in the rainfall form. This shower head is suitable for wall mounting and it only takes around 10minutes to install it and begin to use.

  • Overhead Shower Head

The shower head features the overhead design to offer a full-body water flow mode. Note that this showerhead is compatible with shower arms with 1/2 standard size. It comes with installing tools and a manual guide with the steps to follow. It is also removable for cleaning purposes.

  • This showerhead is easy to mount
  • It features a unique square form
  • Cleaning the nozzles on this showerhead is quite easy
  • The showerhead comes with a warranty for quality assurance
  • It only provides an overhead water flow method.

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8. Delta Chrome Shower Heads, T17238

best delta double shower head

  • Easy to Clean

This showerhead features five powerful spray settings to offer multiple showering effects and options for one to choose. Cleaning this showerhead, especially around the nozzle is quite easy thanks to the touch clean spray holes design. All you need to do is wipe off any calcium or any built-up dirt to clean the nozzles for the smooth flow of water.

  • Great Temperature Balance

The showerhead provides a great temperature balance, depending on your preferred settings to ensure free flow due to the available valve cartridge. Installing this shower head is super easy as long as you buy the extra parts required for installation purposes. It also comes with manual instructions consisting of the steps to follow to connect it.

  • This showerhead comes with a long term warranty
  • It ensures to provide a balanced temperature on water flow
  • Cleaning this showerhead is super easy.
  • You have to purchase extra parts to complete this showerhead

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Is Delta a Good Shower Head?

delta intuition shower head review

Although there are so many models of showerheads in the market, none can beat the reliability of Delta. Delta showerheads are some of the best models on the market due to the following benefits.

Different shower modes

The delta showerheads feature varying spray modes to choose from, depending on one’s showering needs. You can choose full body spray, or jet spray made among others. The Delta showerheads feature different settings that range from 4 to 6 shower modes.

Easy to install

With Delta showerheads, you don’t have to worry about spending the extra money to hire a technician in installing the head to the shower arm. The Delta showerheads are compatible with most of the standard shower arms for easy installation.


The Delta showerheads are quite cheap as opposed to other models. They come in varying types and styles that retail from as low as 40 pounds and above. So, if you need a showerhead that provides excellent water flow at a budget, Delta is a great model to consider buying.

Saves water

If you want to minimize the water bills in the bathroom, Delta showerhead is the right model of the showerhead to buy. Some models have water conversation settings to minimize and save on water utilization. The water flow from these showerheads also provides fast and excellent rinse to save on the time you spend in the bathroom. They are easy to clean around the nozzles to ensure excellent water flow throughout.

How to Choose the Best Delta Shower Heads?

best delta intuition shower head

The water flow level

The delta showerheads have varying water flow levels and therefore, you must understand the flow before buying it to ensure convenience and durability. The flow of water is determined by the pressure available. Therefore, the higher the water flow, the higher the pressure it has.

If you need a shower head that will not utilize a lot of water, choose the showerhead with low water flow. Note that there are some municipal that determine the levels of water flow in the residents. So, consider the water flow rate and the passing water rate in your area to guide you in choosing the right showerhead model to suit you.

The material

Apart from focusing to get a shower head with good water flow, you must check out the material construction since it plays a role in determining durability. The right materials used in making delta showerheads are; the Nickle, bronze and chrome finish. So, ensure the material is durable and resistant to water damages, especially after continued exposure. Also, choose a material that is easy to maintain in cleaning off any calcium and mineral residuals from water.

The price

The Delta showerheads retail at different rates depending on the available features and parts. The process range from as low as 30 dollars up to 400 dollars or more. For example, if you need a shower that has a handheld hose, the price will be relatively higher than a shower that only features the overhead water flow.

The material the showerhead is made of also plays a role in determining the rates of these showers. But, if you are looking for a quality and durable Delta showerhead for your entire family use, be prepared to spend more money on buying it.

Control rate

Do you need a shower head that you can, manually control the water flow especially when lathering your body? Well, consider getting the showerhead that has pause or flow reducers. Note that not all showerhead models from Delta offer this setting and thus, make sure to check if the model you choose has the pause setting.

Ease to install

Although most of the delta water showerheads are easy to install, you must check out the compatibility. Some models that do ship with all parts whereby; you may be required to buy some parts such as the valves or showerhead separately. So, check if the showerhead you are about to buy has all the necessary kits if you don’t wish to spend extra money to buy the needed parts. Also, if you already have a shower arm in your home, make sure to choose the showerhead that is compatible with the shower arm.


Delta is one of the best brands that make durable and efficient showerheads for home settings. These showerheads provide different water flow settings to fit different showering needs and different people. The delta showerheads come with either a handheld hose or as a sole overhead device.

So, make sure to consider this factor, especially if you live with small kids at home. Also, use the above buying guide to help you choose the right showerhead model to suit your home showering needs.

Top-Rated Delta Shower Heads 2020