Best Dual Shower Head With Handheld Guide

Do you have problems with finding the best dual shower head with handheld for your bathroom? Then this is the article to read. This article consists of the five best dual shower head reviews. It contains the unique features for the specific product with their pros and cons. Dual showerheads are the best showerheads with many spray settings and different flow patterns.

What Is A Dual Shower Head?

This is a type of a shower unit with two showerheads. The showerheads might different in size where one is bigger than the other or even equal in size. Also, the two showerheads might differ in functionalism. For instance, one showerhead can be flexible and handheld while the other one is the fixed and overhead showerhead. These dual showerheads can come with different spray settings individually or can play a part together to create a different spray setting altogether. The dual showerhead is also called a combo.

dual handheld shower head

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Does Dual Shower Head Use More Water?

Someone may wonder whether a dual shower head uses the same amount of water with a single showerhead. The EPA standards require water flow with a maximum rate of 2.5. This means both single showerhead and a dual showerhead can use a maximum of the same water volume. In most cases, dual shower heads come with a water flow that doubles the water flow for single showers hence using more water than the single showers. Again a dual showerhead can use twice the amount of water as a single shower head is using despite the flow rate. This happens when each of the dual shower heads comes with its own water flow.

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Why Do You Need Two Shower Head?

There is a very big difference between the two showerheads and one showerhead. Most single showerhead units come with only a single spray option or a maximum of three spray settings. In comparison to a two showerhead unit that can come with more and advanced spray settings than that of a single unit. A dual shower head also comes with many flow patterns that can add up to 48 patterns. This is not the case with a single showerhead unit. Another reason why you should have a dual shower head is that it serves as a multi-purpose shower. It comes with a fixed overhead rain shower just like the single showerhead and an extra handheld flexible showerhead. In most cases, you can use the two showerheads simultaneously or separately.

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Top-Rated Handheld Dual Shower Head 2020

Best Dual Shower Head With Handheld Review

1. DreamSpa Rainfall Shower Head – Handheld Combo

best dual shower head with handheld

Do you wish to have a luxurious shower? Then this is the shower you need. This shower head is made of chrome-polished steel, this makes it have an attractive look and prevents corrosion hence long-lasting.

It consists of a seven-inch showerhead with many spray settings. It also consists of a four-inch handheld shower head with seven settings. They include power rain, eco rain, rain/mist, pulsating massage among others. This shower is very easy to install and use. The two shower heads can be used at the same time or separately but the combination of the two produces perfect shower coverage.

Additionally, DreamSpa comes with a three-way diverter. The bracket on the upper side is adjustable and has an anti swivel lock to maintain the position for your adjustment.

  • Affordable.
  • Seven spray settings for the handheld shower.
  • It has a swivel lock to keep the shower in position.
  • Swivel lock is sometimes broken down by pressure.


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2. Ana Bath Spot Resist Dual Combo Shower System

choose the best dual shower head

This is the type of shower that will give you the best shower experience you need. Ana bath handheld shower consists of two five-inch showerheads. These showerheads come with five spray settings that include saturation spray, bubble spray. massage spray, saturating massage spray and saturating bubble spray.

Ana bath shower is of high durability as each showerhead comes with brass ball joints. It also consists of a 5-ft stainless steel hose made with a stylish design. It also consists of a brushed nickel handheld shower head that produces high water pressure. The shower has a 3-way diverter knob that allows the usage of either of the shower separately or the two of them together.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • It consists of two large five-inch showerheads.
  • Having five different spray settings.
  • The two showerheads can be used simultaneously or separately.
  • There is reduced pressure when using the two showerheads together.


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3. AquaStorm Luxury Shower Head Handheld Combo

best dual shower head with handheld combo

This handheld showerhead comes with a SpiralFlo design. This design ensures high water pressure independent of the area’s water pressure. It consists of two showerheads that can be used simultaneously or separately. The showerheads consist of six spray settings. They include rain mist, power rain, rain massage, pulsating massage, power mist, and an economized water saver. The showerheads also have adjustable angles.

Aquastorm handheld combo is made in a way that it is easy to clean and does not allow the building up of calcium scale. It consists of a 3-way diverter that ensures that there is a good distribution of water between the two showerheads. It comes with a flexible five-foot stainless steel hose with brass nuts for connection. The shower weighs 1.5 pounds.

  • Comes with a SpiralFlo design.
  • Lightweight.
  • With a long stainless steel hose.
  • Its angles are adjustable.
  • Water-saving
  • It corrodes on the metal part.



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4. Baban Chrome Shower Head – Dual & Handheld

best dual handheld shower systems

This type of shower with ABS luxurious design and a premium chrome. The adjustable showerheads allow easy positioning. Baban showerhead is a high-pressure showerhead with rub-clean jets and a large surface water coverage.

It is made of high-quality materials including the 1.5 m flexible stainless steel hose. This feature allows long durability of the showerhead as well as resistant to corrosion.

This shower also comes with a very strong suction cup for attaching the showerhead to the wall. This is more advantageous as it causes no harm or changes to the wall as it eliminates the use of screws. It is easy to install as it requires no tool for reinforcement and can be installed in any position.

  • An extra-large showerheads for better water coverage.
  • Easy to position as it is adjustable.
  • Requires no tool for installation.
  • Has a nice and stylish design.
  • There are complains about leaking.



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5. AquaDance Luxurious Rain Showerhead – 6-Setting Hand Held Shower

dual shower head and handheld combo shower head

This handheld shower is made with brushed nickel with a sleek finish. This ensures long durability for the shower and a nice look for your bathroom. The showerhead comes with a high-pressure system. The handheld showerhead can be used in a fixed overhead position or a flexible showerhead.

This Aquadance showerhead consists of two showerheads. Each of these showerheads has six different spray options to try to suit your mood. The settings include power rain, power mist, pulsating massage, rain massage, rain mist, and a water-saving feature.

This product comes with an angle-adjustable bracket that helps in easy angle adjustment of the fixed showerhead. It also comes with a locking feature called the anti-swivel position lock.

This showerhead comes with rud-clean jets to enhance cleanliness and the prevention of limescale build-ups. It has a lifetime US warranty with customer care services.

  • Has a lifetime US warranty.
  • Has two showerheads with rub-clean jets.
  • Comes with an angle-adjustable bracket.
  • A little difficult to install.


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6. Delta Faucet 2-in-1 Shower Head

2-in-1 shower head brand

This is the type of shower has the best features that you are looking for. To begin with, this shower comes with a water-saving feature. This showerhead allows a water flow rate of 2.5 GPM and provides a comfortable, powerful, steady and soothing shower.

This Delta showerhead has a 2-in-1 feature that allows the use of the showerhead as a handheld showerhead or as a fixed showerhead.

This showerhead comes with four different spray options. They include slow massaging spray, full-body spray, and full spray with massaging features. The massaging option helps to relieve muscle tiredness. This type of showerhead has a user-friendly and easy installation process.

  • Easy and quick cleaning of the showerhead.
  • An affordable price.
  • A regulated water flow rate of 2.5 GPM that is water saving.
  • 4 different spray settings for your comfort.
  • Has a 2-in-1 design.
  • Less durable hose couplings.



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7. AquaStar Luxury Spa Hand Shower

best moen dual shower head and handheld

This shower head comes with an advanced Microban Technology that brings about anti-clog and antimicrobial showerhead nozzle design. This prevents the growth of bacteria and mold in the showerheads. It also comes with rub-clean jets that are easy to clean and also prevents the building up of limescale. This also prevents the clogging of the showerheads from the calcium build-ups.

The AquaStar luxury showerhead comes with two showerheads. A fixed showerhead and a handheld showerhead. The two showerheads can be used simultaneously or separately. It also comes with an exceptional 48 high-pressure showerhead mode. The showerheads also consist of six different spray options to fit your moods and make your shower experience sweet.

This product is made of a premium quality material with a chrome finish. It also comes with a five-foot stainless steel hose.

  • An advanced Microban Technology.
  • With 48 high-pressure settings.
  • Easy to clean and has a clean finish too.
  • Quite heavy.



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8. Spa Station Showerhead Combo & LED Temperature Display

led shower with handheld combo

This type of showerhead is the most luxurious for a spa shower. It has a perfect height fitting. It also comes with two showerheads with one handheld showerhead and the other being a fixed showerhead. The two showerheads can be used together or separately, but the use of the two combined gives the best shower moment.

This product also consists of an LED temperature display that helps in temperature regulation. These showerheads come with six different spray options and 48 flow patterns.

The fixed showerhead has a dimension of 6 inches while the handheld showerhead is 4.5 inches. This provides a large shower coverage.

It also involves Microban Technology that ensures no growth of bacteria can occur on the anti-clog nozzles. It also comes with a rub-clean design to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

  • Utilizes Microban Technology hence no contamination.
  • Anti-clog nozzles hence steady flow and pressure.
  • A 3-way diverter.
  • Low pressure.


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9. DreamSpa Luxury 36 Setting Large Showerhead

best dreamspa shower head 2-in-1

This is a dual shower head that comes with a height-adjustable handheld shower. It consists of two showerheads. The fixed showerhead and the handheld showerhead. The two showerheads can be used simultaneously or separately. Each of these showerheads comes with seven power spray settings. They include hydro mist, pulsating massage, eco rain, rain massage, rain mist, and a pause mode feature.

This dual shower product consists of a four-inch handheld showerhead and another four-inch fixed showerhead. It also consists of a 3-way water diverter for ensuring a regulated distribution of water between the two showerheads.

There is an anti-swivel lock system for maintaining a steady position for the angle-adjustment bracket. It consists of a six-foot hose made of stainless steel for lasting durability without corrosion. It uses the rub-clean jets for easy cleaning.

  • Seven power spray and massage settings.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Has a plastic showerhead with a chrome finish.

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10. Hydroluxe 6 inch Rainfall Shower Head & Handheld

dual rainfall shower head with handheld

This product comes with two showerheads that come with a switch off button for both showerheads. It includes an overhead showerhead and a handheld showerhead. These showerheads have six different power spray and massage spray settings. The settings include pulsating massage, rain mist, rain massage, power rain, hydrating mist, and a water-saving rain mode.

This product involves a dual showerhead system that consists of a six-inch fixed rainfall showerhead and a four-inch handheld showerhead. It also has a 3-way water diverter that enables a regulated water distribution between the two showerheads. Additionally, there is an anti-swivel lock system for the angle-adjustment bracket.

It consists of a five-foot stainless steel hose thus long-lasting. It also has rub-clean jets, so you can clean it easily. This product has a user-friendly installation that requires no tools to install.

This is a long-lasting product with a lifetime warranty when sold by the authorized distributors.

  • With a lifetime warranty.
  • Comes with six different power spray and massage spray settings.
  • User-friendly installation process.
  • Quite heavy.


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11. AquaDance 3-Way High Power Dual Shower Head

best dual shower head handheld

Do you want an improved dual shower head? Then AquaDance giant 5” has been greatly professionalized. It has been made in such a way that both of its showerheads contain 6 settings of power and massage spraying. The product contains a patented diverter that is 3-way which enables one to make use of one shower head at a time or together. It has a click lever that allows one to switch from a setting to another.

The product also contains jets that are easy to clean. It has an angle-adjustable bracket and a nut lock that is Anti Swivel. The product comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Has nuts of brass hose that enable hand tightening.
  • Includes a Teflon Tape for free.
  • It contains an overhead jacket that can be adjusted at an angle.
  • Has a steel hose that is stainless and flexible.
  • A little expensive.



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12. AquaDance 7″ Premium High-Pressure Dual Shower Head With Handheld

auadance shower head with handheld reviews

A new high-quality shower is here. Do you need it? AquaDance is the best showerhead for a person who likes a high-quality shower at a lower price. AquaDance shower is a dual head shower with the 7-inch overhead showerhead and a 4-inch handheld showerhead. This ensures no need for another extra shower and large water coverage.

Aquadance 7″ has been independently tested and confirmed to meet the US compliance standards. The 7-inch showerhead provides a drenching water coverage. The easy rub-clean jets helps in maintaining high cleanliness levels and also prevents the building up of limescale. Comes with a chrome finish hence an awesome look for your bathroom. The 4-inch handheld showerhead can also be used as an overhead shower and has rub-clean jets.

  • Increased versatility by the pivoting head.
  • It has a favorable rate of flow of 2 gallons per minute.
  • Jets that are easily cleaned.
  • Plastic fittings of pipes


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13. Antimicrobial/Anti-Clog High-Pressure 30-setting Rainfall Shower Combo

dual handheld shower head for bathroom

This is a new shower head with chrome color which makes it look awesome in a bathroom. The product is made with nozzles that are made using Microban Technology that keeps away bacteria and also inhibits growing of molds and mildew.

The product contains dual shower heads where one is fixed while the other is handheld. You can use them simultaneously. This makes the shower flexible and a better moment. It also has a saving mode for water which helps conserve water and prevent wastage. The product is brought with a smart gift box that is very easy to open.

Antimicrobial/Anti-Clog shower also comes with anti-clog nozzles that prevent the growth of lime and calcium scales hence providing a steady flow of water and pressure.

  • It has Microban Technology which inhibits bacterial growth.
  • Every shower head has 6 spray settings.
  • Angles of showerheads are easily adjusted.
  • The mechanism used to hold the handheld shower is a little unstable.


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14. AquaStar Shower Head Combo

aqastar combo shower head reviews

AquaStar elite shower is a shower that does not require frequent cleaning. This is brought by the jets that are anti-clog. It makes sure that water is always in high pressure through the showerhead as it ensures no clogging. The rub-clean tips in AquaStar Shower Head Combo prevent limescale buildup and are also easy to clean.

The product contains a nozzle that makes use of Microban Technology to prevent the growth of bacterias and mold in between the jets. The shower also provides a large 7-inch showerhead that is luxurious. This is brought by a combination of three showers in one shower.

  • Microban technology
  • Lifetime warranty that is limited.
  • Extra-larger than others.
  • Mode settings with 48 flow patterns.
  • The top shower head is heavy.


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15. AquaDance Rain Dual Shower Head with HandHeld

best nickel shower head combo handheld

AquaDance Rain Shower Head has been tested independently by experts and has met the latest US compliance standards. This product comes with two premium nickel brushed showerheads to give your bathroom the best look you need. You can use the two shower heads separately or simultaneously.

Both showerheads come with an angle-adjustable bracket and rub-clean jets to make your bathroom life easy and comfortable. The rub-clean jets also prevents the building up of lime and calcium scales. The two heads also have six power and massage spray settings each. AquaDance Rain Shower Head has an easy and tool-free installation process.

  • Has a rainfall mode to increase luxury.
  • An amazing gift box for a perfect gift.
  • Has the ability to use the two showerheads together or separately.
  • High cost.


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Final Words

In conclusion, a dual showerhead or combo is that shower with multiple settings, that allow you to have the best and relaxing moments in your shower. The above article consists of some of the best dual showers in fact among the top ten best in Amazon.

15 Best Dual Shower Head With Handheld 2020