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Top 7 Best Electric Shower Head Reviews

We have the ability to think and reason at abstraction. Most importantly, we are always on an ongoing mission to solve problems and to make the world a better place by coming up with solutions to problems or things that make our lives better. And one such innovation is the electric shower.

Over the years, the demand for electric showers has been on the rise, and today, they are incredibly popular in many homes. However, you need to be sure that it’s the right choice for you because the market is flooded with many different options.

Luckily, in this guide, I will help you answer some important questions you might have such as:

What Is the Best Electric Shower Head on the Market?

Top-Rated Electric Shower Heads Comparison Chart

How to Choose the Best Shower Head?

When choosing the best type of showerhead, you have to consider several factors that I will discuss below.

electric shower head guides


The showerhead’s initial cost includes both the cost of acquiring one and the cost of installation. Therefore, choose one that will not stretch your budget.

Amount of Energy Consumed

The primary consideration for buying electrical appliances is the energy they consume. Power is a resource. It is vital to go for a showerhead that consumes less energy.

Pressure of Water

A shower head with a well-distributed pressure is a great choice. The shape of the shower should be the same as that of the bathtub. Showerheads can be either manually operated or operated in thermostat, depending on the level of comfort the owner expects.

User Preference

Who the users are is another vital factor to consider. Thermostat showerheads regulate their temperatures automatically without the user’s intervention. For instance, shower heads for young children and toddlers should be handheld for efficiency and safety.

Amount of Water Needed

Life is about taking care of available resources such as water, which is a vital resource in everyone’s lives. When buying a shower head, consider what amount of water the showerhead will use to function as expected.


Whenever you think of buying an appliance, it is essential to go for a longer lifespan. The warranty of products plays a vital role in determining the durability of the product.

Level of Complexity

The level of complexity is another vital factor to consider. Different showerheads come from different manufacturers with varying ways of making their products. This means the complexity of usage will vary. Therefore, it is advisable to go for products with a lower level of complexity. The easier it is to operate an appliance, the more comfortable you will be. Different shower heads require a distinct surface for installation.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

You should also consider the reputation of the company that manufactures the showerheads. In this case, you need to consider both the quality and the services.

Safety Measures

Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to electric appliances. So, it is the responsibility of companies manufacturing the shower heads to ensure at all costs that their products are safe for usage. Choose one with all the important safety measures.


Best Electric Shower Head Reviews

1. Best For Low Pressure – Funwill Electric Shower Head Heater with Mini Showerhead 

best shower head for low pressure electric showerInstalling this instant hot showerhead is easy since it comes with a wall support tube. This also makes it possible to install the showerhead in different textures and types of walls.

Three modes of water temperatures

This is one of the most convenient electric showerheads to buy if you want a showerhead shared with kids. Three heat levels ranging from low, medium to high heat are fitted to suit different people and showering needs. So, if you like to shower with hot water after a long and tiring day, this showerhead allows you to regulate the heat level in the waters.

Stable water flow

This showerhead has a constant and high water flow level to save water and the showering time.

Standard adaptor connection

This showerhead is designed to fit in most standard adaptors ranging from 110 V to 220 Volts. The showerhead also works at a power output of 5400 watts, which is compatible with the standard electricity requirements in most parts of America.


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2. Best For Poolside – FOSET Electric Shower Head For Cabinet

electric shower with fixed head

Do you need a reliable electric showerhead that does not exceed a budget of 50 dollars? I would suggest you consider this fantastic electric showerhead from Foset. The best part is the showerhead retails at less than 40 dollars, which is a great deal!

Four water temperatures

This showerhead has not one but four temperature levels to choose from. You can choose from cold, warm, hot, and extremely hot when showering. Thus, it is an all-around family shower head worth buying.


This showerhead is perfect for installing in different areas, and this includes the poolside.

Features a hose

This showerhead is designed to provide convenience for all people, including kids, when showering. For that reason, the showerhead comes joined with a hose.


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3. Best with Fixed Shower Head –  iXaer 110 v Electric Instant Hot Water Showerhead Heater

electric shower head booster

Although this showerhead is crafted with plastic material, the materials are of high quality and vital to ensure durability


This electric shower head is made with quality materials to ensure durability. The package also comes with a 60 days money refund to guarantee durability and convenience.


This showerhead is applicable in multiple areas that you may need to install an electric shower. You can install it in the house, poolside, the beach, and other outdoor areas.

Three water temperature settings

This showerhead is designed with three temperature controls: low temperature, medium, and high-temperature setting. So, you can comfortably set the right water temperature when showering.


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4. Best For RV – Triton Showers MOSC07SG Seville Universal Electric Shower Head

fixed shower head for electric shower

Enjoy a warm, cold, or hot shower with this fantastic electric showerhead at home or even at the poolside before diving in. The showerhead has quality materials construction for durability and convenience, especially when installed outdoors.

Easy to clean

This electric showerhead is suitable to use in different regions, including areas with salty water. This is because cleaning the nozzles in case of a blockage is easy and fast.

Quality materials

This showerhead features heavy-duty and quality materials design for durability purposes. To prove this, the electric showerhead comes with a 2-year warranty for quality assurance.

Separate control modes

Figuring out how to change settings or regulate this showerhead is made easy for everyone. The showerhead has two separate knobs for controlling the water temperatures and water flow.


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5. Best with Handheld Shower Head – Triton Showers MOMT014G Martinique Luxury Electric Shower

low pressure electric shower head

If you are okay going a bit high on your budget to buy a quality and durable electric showerhead, Triton showerhead is the right choice. It costs more than 100 dollars, but reliability and quality are top notches.

Three water control

The water spray on this showerhead feature temperature three interval modes to choose from. The water temperature regulates from low, eco, and high temperatures to meet every user’s showering needs.

Phased shutdown

If you live in areas with salty water, this electric showerhead is crafted to ensure durability without compromising your shower needs. The phased shutdown reduces the limescale build-up, which may clog the nozzles. So, you get controlled, and excellent water flow throughout,

Convenient control

The shower head is equipped with separate control modes for temperature and water flow to prevent confusion when changing the setting.


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What Is an Electric Shower?

An electric shower is an appliance that runs on alternate current electricity, with wires and heating elements inside. It is plugged into a water source where the water comes in when cold and gets heated for a warm shower. You can also adjust the water temperatures at your convenience. Essentially, an electric shower is relatively secure and safe to use because there is a ground wire to eliminate any current that may cause shock.

electric shower square head


Benefits of Electric Showers

The electric shower head plays a significant role in saving cost as well as conserving both water and electricity.


Apart from the cheap initial cost, electric shower heads also play a significant role in the conservation of energy. The water that is heated is only for use at that particular time unlike boilers that may boil more water needed in the process. In such a case, the extra hot water gets cold and, as a result, wasting energy.

Time Efficient

Electric shower heads are time efficient. When using electric showers, there is no need to wait for the water to get hot. As the water flows from the source to the showerhead, it comes out hot instantly. The other reason that makes it time-efficient is that it does not channel the water to any other place, and it has a central control chamber for heating the water.

Conserves Water

Some areas do encounter low water pressure that makes it hard for efficient use of the water. Electric shower heads have a way of addressing this problem. It has a cold water accumulator tank that first needs to be full. Then, the water will come out with the desired pressure. Low maintenance makes it efficient to use electric showerheads because they are replaceable in case of a fault.


How Does Electric Shower Head work?

The electric shower has improved a lot on the boilers’ functionality that also played a vital role. It has its mechanism that makes its system perform efficiently and effectively as compared to the boilers. I will explain how this system functions in detail.

When one connects the showerhead to the electricity, an electric current goes through a heating element. Due to the resistance encountered, the heating element gets hot with the help of the valves, cold water comes out with some pressure from the water source. The plastic tank that acts as hot water storage allows some water to flow.

The water inside the tank helps in the continuous flow of water at a constant temperature. It also helps in getting rid of extreme fluctuation of temperatures. The hot water from the tank and the cold water from the source comes into contact in a mixer valve so that it will be easier to adjust the water temperatures. To prevent electrocution, it has a grounded wire which provides an outlet for the current. There is also a procedure that ensures the pressure is in check. In case the pressure falls below the usual, the shower goes off with the help of the pressure sensor. On the other hand, when the pressure becomes higher than usual, the water is directed to an outlet pipe through valves for releasing tension.

Electric showers are easy to use since they have markings on them that guide the user. It is as easy as moving the pointer to their desired markings indicating the temperatures to adjust the temperatures. Moving the dial helps in changing the amount of water through the heating element. If more water is flowing through the heating element, the water is hotter, and on the other hand, if less water gets through the heating element, the water becomes colder.

The water tank operates on a thermostat to regulate the temperatures if the water gets too hot. There is also a debris filter that helps eliminate particles that may find their way into the showerhead, making it possible to quickly clean the showerhead. After this process is over, the water comes out through the nozzle and flows out of the showerhead.


What Types of Electric Shower Head Should I Pick?

Electric Heated Shower Head

role in ensuring there is always plenty of hot water needed for a bath. Here are some of the reasons it is an ideal choice:

It is inexpensive in that both the cost of acquiring one is low as well as the maintenance. The other factor is the ability of the electric shower head to hold hot water for a more extended period. Therefore, you will be free from worries of running out of hot water for their usage.

Also, they work effectively and efficiently, even in areas that experience extremely low temperatures. Electric shower heads manufacturers have produced their products in such a way that they can work under some different range of voltages. So, you do not worry about where to plug your electric shower.

Tankless Electric Shower Head

A tankless electric shower is an option to consider because of its efficiency. I will discuss reasons to justify its usage.

Tankless electric shower durability is guaranteed. They have a relatively long lifespan as compared to the tank heaters. They are also reliable as they always have hot water available for use. Another reason is that they save on space. The tanks always need adequate space, but in this case, no extra space is needed .

They save on power because they only need the energy to heat the required amount of water at a particular time. Tankless electric shower is relatively safe and secure to use in that it is free from accidents like the tank bursting and spilling water and bringing about floods, which may be dangerous. Essentially, they help in saving money due to the efficient use of energy.

Electric Shower Head Booster

The electric shower booster mainly relies on pressure to perform its function correctly. It is designed to raise the water’s force flowing through it regardless of the amount of water. The shower header booster is useful for several reasons I will outline below.

In conserving water, the high pressure subjected to any amount of water is enough to achieve its purpose. Therefore, the little amount of water is needed to perform what would have otherwise consumed more water. Additionally, the water coming out through the high pressure directed to the body can have a calming effect and relieve stress.

The high water pressure in the shower booster is also helpful if you need a quick shower because it takes very little time. Taking a bath with an electric shower head booster is also an incredible sensation as the bath helps clean the body and plays a very significant role in calming and rejuvenating the body.

Bathing also helps the body to produce feel-good hormones. The showerhead booster does this at its best. The water coming at a relatively high pressure brings about a wonderful experience to the user.


High Pressure Electric Showers vs. Low Pressure Electric Shower, Which to Choose?

Electric showerheads come in two main varieties based on the water pressure namely high-pressure showerhead and low-pressure showerhead. Besides saving on cost, products should also bring about satisfaction. Satisfaction comes when a product is achieving the desired purpose.

High Pressure Electric Shower Head

When comparing high-pressure showerhead and low-pressure showerhead, the high-pressure showerhead proves to be more efficient. High-pressure showerhead conserves water; the high pressure the water comes with makes it possible for every droplet of water put into the proper use.

The high-pressure showerhead also helps in cleaning of surfaces within the shortest time possible. It also helps significantly in saving on water and time. Additionally, it is cost-effective since it plays a role in conserving water. The water coming out of the nozzle with a high pressure helps calmer the body as it acts as a remedy. The high pressure helps in eliminating dirt particles on the surface with a lot of ease.

Low Pressure Electric Shower Head

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but in this case, the low-pressure shower head has more drawbacks than benefits. The low pressure that the water is flowing brings about the accumulation of debris. The collection of particles causes the clogging of the water pathway. When debris clogs the water pipes for an extended period, the water will try to look for another path of exit and, in the process, bring about leakages. This results in both time wastage and money wastage.

The low pressure also consumes a lot of time. It takes a long time for the temperatures to adjust when the water is running at an external force in the process, consuming a lot of energy.


Ultimately, the high-pressure shower head is the best choice to consider.


Dual Head Shower Head vs. Single Head Shower Head

The difference between the two is that the double head shower head consists of two shower heads emanating from a single source, while a single head shower head is only one shower head from a single source. The double head shower head is enjoyable and efficient. Compared to the single head shower head, the dual head shower head can serve two people showering at the same time rather than one waiting for the other.

electric shower big head

Water temperatures

The dual head shower head makes it possible for a beautiful experience for you to adjust the different shower heads to different temperatures and different flow of water according to your preference. When comparing the double head shower to the single showerhead, in terms of water pressure. It seems that the single head shower head has an advantage. Double head shower head pressure of the water flow is distributed between the two, reducing the pressure for each showerhead by a half.


The double head shower head is more expensive than the single head shower head in terms of cost. The double head shower head’s initial cost and maintenance cost is relatively higher than the single head shower head. The dual head shower head also consumes a lot of water compared to a single head shower head.

Ease of use

When it comes to ease of use, the single head shower head is easier to use than the double head shower head because of some added features like different valves and different adjustment knobs. It is also more challenging to install a dual head shower head than for a single head shower head.

Using dual electric shower head for multiple usages:

Picking the single electric shower head for small rooms to use:


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Minimum Water Flow Rate and Pressure Required for Electric Showers?

An electric shower involves several mechanisms that make it work efficiently and effectively. The procedure depends on pressure and temperature change.

The pressure is a single fundamental element in an electric shower system. When the pressure aspect is absent from the equation, the whole process is usually interfered with. The system is also fitted with valves to ensure the pressure is enough. Another way that the system ensures adequate pressure is the plastic tank’s presence that first needs to be filled with water so that the pressure is in plenty. The minimum pressure required is 0.9 bars, and the rate of water flow should be 8 liters per minute for the system to function correctly.


Are Electric Shower Heads Safe?

Life is the most precious commodity. That is why every product to be used by people should be considered safe before being released for usage. Safety sometimes depends on the user of the commodity. Protection is not always guaranteed because a man makes errors while making errors, but measures to ensure safety is a priority.

An electric shower is an electric appliance that combines water with electricity. Therefore, a deadly combination, raising a lot of questions about its safety, the answer is yes, the electric shower is safe. It has a grounding wire that helps to conduct away from the electricity that may cause a shock. It also has mechanisms to adjust water temperatures to prevent injuries.


Are Electric Shower Heads Easy to Install?

Electric showers have become a common way to provide enough hot bathing water in many households. Therefore the market is growing; meaning the consumption of this product is increasing. Companies that manufacture these products ensure that they make them in a way that is easy to fix and ready for use without the intervention of a third party.

The electric shower architecture is so simple for anyone to understand how they function besides the simplicity of the products. The manufacturers also made it possible for the products to operate under different voltages. To free the users from the worry of where to plug in the appliances. The electric showers are simple, so you can buy and directly install into a water source and plug in the device ready for use.



In the 21st century, most inventions focus on conserving the environment and the available resources. Because resources are scarce, they should be utilized most appropriately. The electric shower is among the innovations that have contributed significantly to the conservation of the environment and the preservation of resources that are water and energy.