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Top 10 Best Massaging Shower Head Reviews

Most homeowners do not see the need for a massage showerhead; they prefer a standard showerhead in their bathrooms. Therefore, fixing a massaging shower head is the most vital thing you can ever do in your home since you would have kinder achieved a dream of owning a therapeutic spa at your home. Like other showerheads have a purpose of cleaning you up, so does a massage showerhead do. However, a massage showerhead guarantees you a bonus perk of giving you a special massage as you shower.

Additionally, these massaging showerheads have massage settings that you should make a point of selecting from and usually function correctly as you alternate and your pressure as well as flow sequence of your water stream. Note that even if you have minimal water pressure, the best massaging shower head offers you a lot of comforts when you use it. Through this article, you will be educated more about the best massaging shower heads.

Top 10 Best Massaging Shower Head

How To Choose The Best Massaging Shower Head?

Most homeowners tend to ignore selecting the best shower head that best suits their needs. They concentrate on the vanity things such as; the tiles, mirror as well as the interior design of the bathroom to give it a remarkable impression that catches the attention of your eye. Furthermore, most of you tend to forget that the most crucial part of your entire bathroom is the best massaging shower head that meets your demands best. Therefore, you should learn to select the best one because right there is where you commence your day.

Therefore, take the following consideration when choosing the best massaging showerhead:

massage shower head handheld


When it comes to choosing a showerhead, you must make your selection out of the demands you would like to meet for you. You might need to shower as you sit down or standing, and a wall-mounted massage showerhead might fail to achieve what you require. Therefore, it is a super deal that you go for a handheld massage shower head that is comfortable as well as flexible to use.

On the other hand, you might be having a hard time cleaning your entire bathroom. Thus, a massage shower head that is mounted on the ceiling is the best option for you because the water flow is at the center hence minimizing the amount of water hitting your wall and, in some way reduce the growth of mildew. Additionally, the height also usually matters, so when you are installing your massage showerhead opt for a sliding massaging shower head since it gives a chance to adjust it in terms of your height.


Of all the considerations, price plays a vital role when it comes to choosing the best massage head. However, if you need something that will last for quite a long time, then never mind about the price, considering that this is the only place you are likely to get comfort as well as relaxation. Therefore, you must note the traditional massage showers are less costly and come with a nozzle for adjustment of the spray pattern. On the other hand, other kinds of massage showerheads are expensive but very effective in how they function. They give the level best services compared to those that go for a cheaper price.


A massage showerhead that produces little flow of water but you can’t notice is the best option you should opt for since it reduces the amount of water you will be using at your home. Therefore, this means that little water flow will not affect how well your massaging shower head functions because no matter how minimal water flow is, it will always remain useful.


You might require the latest trend of how massage showerheads are set in your bathroom; most homeowners have a master bathroom, which is made in a luxury way. This brings a sense of owning a mini spa in your house, especially when you own a rainfall massage showerhead.

Top 10 Best Massaging Shower Head Reviews

1. Best Massaging Shower Head – AquaDance 7″ Premium Rainfall Combo Shower Head

best massaging shower head

This showerhead is crafted by one of the leading companies in the US, and therefore, quality and durability are guaranteed in its functionality. It features a large design to ensure an excellent flow of water. You can easily remove the shower head in case you want to clean it or remove debris. When it comes to usage, this shower head is flexible since you can use either as an overhead flow shower or handheld shower. There are a total of six different settings depending on the kind of water flow you want to have. They include; power rain, water-saving mode, pause mode, rain massage power mist, and pulsating power.

  • This showerhead is super durable
  • The showerhead can be used as an overhead shower or handheld
  • Cleaning it is easy since you can detach the parts
  • Connecting the head to the shower stand is fast and easy
  • Cannot work with a shower mounted on the ceiling



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2. Best Two in One – Antimicrobial/Anti-Clog High-Pressure Massager Rainfall Shower Combo

massage shower head reviews

One of the most outstanding features on this showerhead is the anti-clog that prevents the nozzle from clogging even after long use. This is because the showerhead features a special mechanic that prevents mould and other bacteria from growing inside the showerhead. This is the perfect shower for all family settings including those with sensitive skins because it disperses non-polluted water. Cleaning the showerhead takes a few minutes since the equipped microbarn keeps the nozzle clean and safe from debris pollution.

So, it will take a few minutes to clean it. This showerhead has six different setting modes for you to choose your preferred water to disperse mode. You can opt for pressured flow or slow flow. There is a power-saving mode where you can set the showerhead to automatically turn off in case the water flows at high pressures.

  • Has a variety of showering settings
  • Features water-resistant material that prevents it from corrosion or rusting
  • Installing it to the shower stand takes little time
  • Has a short hose that keeps on falling




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3. Best Premium – Luxurious Shower Experience 5″ Handheld Massaging Rain Shower

best shower massage

Whether you want to use a handheld or overhead flow shower, this showerhead fits both purposes. The head can also be adjusted to different angles to ensure excellent reach and a good flow of water. Cleaning the nozzle is easy since it has an anti-clog silicon jet that prevents the growth of mould and other substances even after long use.

This feature also ensures the water dispersed by the nozzle is clean and safe for all. Installation of this showerhead does not take a lot of time since one is provided with a user manual, and there are no tools required. Durability is guaranteed thanks to the high-quality material used in making the device.

  • Has six settings to choose from
  • It does not clog even after long use
  • Fixing it takes a few minutes
  • Flexible such that you can use them both at ones
  • This showerhead only work well when connected from the wall and not the ceiling



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4. Best Fixed Shower Head – Water Massager Adjustable Shower Head

best shower massage head

If you are looking for a safe family shower that even your kids can use, well this is a great model to try out. The showerhead features a total of 5 different water flow settings to choose from. They include; rain, massage, among others. This showerhead, not only cleans off the day’s sweat and other dirt, but it also helps to relax the body and even help you to recover the day’s energy. The head is large to ensure a good flow of water and the professional structure of the device ensures durability. There is no need to spend extra bucks to hire a plumber to connect this shower head as you can do it alone. It does not require many tools to fit it and it is quite easy to do it.

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The different water flow settings provide relieve to the body
  • Installing it takes a few minutes
  • The material is durable
  • Safety of the family is guaranteed
  • You can only regulate the water flow from the faucet not from the showerhead unlike on major models



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5. Best Hand Held – AquaDance Massager Shower Head Combo

best handheld massaging shower head

This showerhead features a double design that can be used together at the same time. It is professionally crafted with high-quality material that is resistant to water damages. The oversized curved surface of the showerhead provides an extended area to release enough water.

And also, this showerhead can adjust to three different directions depending on the users’ preference and fits perfectly for those who either want to use a handheld shower of overhead flow shower. When it comes to connection, this shower head is super easy to fit with the provided user manual. The handheld showerhead has a long hose to ensure it can be used by the majority of people including the short ones in the family.

  • Features stainless steel material for durability
  • It fits hustle free
  • One is provided with long term customer care services or all issues reported
  • The surface is quite large to release enough water
  • This showerhead does not fit in all shower arms




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6. Best Detachable – Waterpik High-Pressure Massaging Shower Head Handheld Spray

waterpik massager shower head

If you are looking for a showerhead that delivers high massage force then this is a great model to try out. The showerhead has a twin design whereby both heads can be used at the same time.

It is perfect for those who need an overhead shower or handheld because it comes with a hose for holding when taking a bath. There are 12 different water flow settings to choose from that range from rain to massage. This showerhead is quite easy to fit on the arm considering there are no tools needed, and one is also provided with a guide manual. Note that the construction of this head is done with durable and strong plastic material, plus it has a chrome finish that gives it a shiny and beautiful mirror look.

  • This showerhead is relatively affordable
  • Installing it takes a few minutes
  • There are 12 different sets of water flow
  • You can use it in three different ways
  • The water usage is very high when both heads are utilized at the same time



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7. Best Powerful – Massager Shower Spray Against Low Water Flow

best shower head massager handheld

This showerhead drips water on different levels that leave your body feeling rejuvenated and relaxed for a very long time. It has a large surface design to ensure you still get a good water flow even when set at low pressure.

It has a flow regulator to control the amount of water used per shower, and you can also use it to save on water consumption in the house. Note that the flow regulator is removable. Cleaning the built-up debris and mould is easy since the head is removable. You can also adjust the head to different angles to ensure a good flow of water when in use.

  • It takes a few minutes to connect this shower head
  • Has a water flow control valve to save water usage
  • Provides body massage results after a long and tiring day
  • It has a consistent flow
  • The water flow is not as reliable as in other models



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8. Best Chrome – Waterpik SM 653 CG 2.5 GPM Original Massaging Shower Head

best massage shower head reviews

This is a reliable shower head that works perfectly for both adults and kids. It has a 5 fit hose that is ideal for kids or for people who may want to use it as a handheld shower. This showerhead is removable for easy cleaning of the debris and other blocking substances that may have piled up on the head.

You can adjust it to different angles to ensure comfort when showering. Note that the showerhead has six different water flow settings to choose from, including a massage option that helps to relax the body muscles.

  • Flexible for the whole family
  • Easy to maintain in terms of cleaning
  • You can adjust it to different angles
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • The showerhead only connects to pipe hence cannot be used with a bathtub



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9. Best Rainfall – Massage Shower Head With Mist

best water massage shower head

Apart from the unique finishing done no this amazing shower head, it also features high-quality materials that are highly resistant to damage such as corrosion and rusting even after extended use.

It has a self-cleaning nozzle that ensures no debris or blocking material gets stuck on the head. Three different water settings range from spray to massage. There is a water-saving model that regulates the flow of the water from the showerhead to control water usage in the house. Installing it takes around 2 to 3 minutes with the provided guide.

  • The maintenance process is easy
  • Does not take a lot of time to install
  • The material is super durable since it does not rust or corrode
  • This showerhead does not suit kids



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10. Best with Light – 5-Setting LED Massaging Shower Head

best LED massaging shower head

This showerhead has an LED display that gives the water a good illumination in different colors. The large 5.3-inch surface provides enough water to relax and even massage your body after a long working day.

And also, the LED light can help you regulate the water temperature since it changes depending on the temperature level of the water used. There are five water flow settings which include; pulsating massage, power rain, economy rain, and even water-saving pulse. Putting up the showerhead does not take up much time.

  • Comes with a warranty for quality assurance
  • Fitting in is easy
  • Regulating the water temperature is also easy thanks to the LED lights
  • You can get water flow in five ways
  • Does not come with a hose thus, cannot suit kids




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These are the top ten best shower head recommendable for providing massage showers. The showerheads feature different water flow options so the users can choose their preferred showering mode. Some models come with two sets of the head while others have only one. So, choose the most preferred shower heads for your family use.

What is A Massaging Showerhead?

Massaging showerheads are showerheads with modern nozzle mechanisms technology that provide you with an ideal pressure that works to relieve your muscles and cramps. A massaging showerhead is an investment you need in your home.

Massaging showerheads are the showerheads to change your usual shower experience to a more relaxing and massaging experience. These showerheads are designed to relieve your body muscles from pain, tension, fatigue, as well as increasing blood flow. Massaging shower heads allow you to relax without taking much of your time off your routine.

best massaging shower head

What Types of Massaging Showerheads Should I Choose?

There are many types of showerheads in the market today designed for a massaging shower experience. Before embarking on the types of massaging showerheads, let’s know the types of shower massage sprays. They include:

– Circular massage.
– Slow massage.
– Pulsating massage.
– Dual massage.

These types of showerheads feature either of the massage spray options or several options to enhance their working. Types of massaging showerheads include:

1. Handheld massaging showerheads.

These are one of the types of massaging showerheads. These showerheads feature a flexible handheld shower head with a hose that allows you to comfortably shower from any position or direction. They also consist of a fixed bracket that allows you to use the showerhead as a fixed showerhead. Handheld massaging showerheads consists of various massage functions meant for a joyous and relaxing shower experience.

2. Fixed massaging showerheads.

Fixed massaging showerheads are showerheads with a fixed bracket. However, some of these showerheads allow you to adjust the direction of the jets so as to shower from different positions. They consist of various massage spray options.

3. Dual massaging showerheads.

Just like the name, dual massaging showerheads consists of two showerheads: fixed showerhead and handheld showerhead. This is a great option for a versatile shower experience. Both showerheads consist of various massage functions for great relief from muscle tension, pain, and more.

4. Ceiling massaging showerheads.

Ceiling massaging showerheads are showerheads that are mounted on the ceiling. These showerheads provide a rain shower experience while massaging your fatigued muscles.


How Do Massage Showerheads Work?

The working of massage showerheads involves the use of multiple spray settings that aids in regulating the flow and force of water leaving the jets. Usually, these showerheads consist of 5 – 9 spray settings that range from alternating impact flows to swirling winding flows to high pressure flows.

Usually, when water gets into the showerhead, a water reservoir is created that builds up pressure in the head. The massaging mechanisms are pushed by the water pressure, triggering the percussion, while the spiral nozzles are spun, and the high-pressure flow narrowed and flattened. Cleaning your massage showerhead enables it to work efficiently.


How to Pick Massage Spray Setting?

The most top best-rated massage showerheads are capable of relieving you from tension, having your mood boosted, and also doing away with pain as well as aches. Therefore, note that they can only provide such a super remarkable potential if they have several spray settings to select from. However, several massaging showerheads usually come with a single setting, while others come with several settings that require you to choose the best you want to use.

massage shower head reviews

Below are the types of massage spray setting; they include:

Full body massage

It is also referred to as a power massage showerhead; it is preferred by most of the homeowners. Thus, with this in your shower, you will probably experience a super professional kind of massage every time you are in your shower. Furthermore, this is one of the most vital and great massaging shower head that can reach all parts of your body.

Full Body Massage Shower Head with Powerful Design

Rainfalls massage head 

This kind of shower head has been popularly used in the previous years. Most homeowners prefer it over others because it is budget-friendly. Moreover, it is quick and easy to install more than any other showerhead. It is usually fixed on the wall or ceiling board to achieve the feeling of how exactly the rain would typically fall from the sky. Most of you find this feeling so sweet.

On the other hand, it is the most suitable way of relaxing after having a tiresome day and, at the same time, an excellent way to commence your day. It generates an optimal kind of pressure hence enabling you to choose and adjust the pressure to a level you would like. Therefore, in case you prefer an intense or a graceful sprinkling downpour, a rainfall showerhead can grant you your wish.

Rainfall Massage Shower Head with Adjustable Extension Arm

Water-saving trickle 

In case you want a shower head that will help you save or conserve water, it is appropriate that you go for a water-saving trickle shower head. They are designated to give a minimal flow of water as they give you a therapeutic washing kind of experience. It also helps you to save on the cost of water. Water-saving trickle is designed in a way that it lets out minimal water without you noticing it. However, a lot of massage showerheads are advantageous since they offer you a chance of altering them from minimal flow to a normal pressure range. When you have a lot of activities in your shower, this is the best option for you.

Conservative Water-saving Shower Head with Massage

Dual-setting massage  

This is one of the most advanced massage showerheads. It is designed in a manner that it has two shower heads with a potential ability to perform two massaging at the same time. Furthermore, it has a rainfall kind of capability and designed in a manner that you can hold it if you so wish since it comes with a handheld attachment. You can use both shower heads concurrently, and it will give you a feeling of showering in the rain as you make good use of the handheld accessory.

Dual Setting Massaging Shower Head with 30-setting 

Pulsating massage 

It is one of the popular features of a massage showerhead. In this case, your water pulsates, giving you an excellent massage that helps you by treating your back as well as shoulder pain. With it, your water pressure is likely to decrease and, at the same time, increase rapidly in both conditions of water flow. Most homeowners prefer it over others since it offers an intense massage. If you have a problem with your shoulder and you experience either lower or upper back pain, then pulsating spray setting is the best option for you since it will relieve you from such a pain. If you go for a handheld one, you will be able to reach all your body parts, and it also does away with tension.

High Pressure Pulsating Massage Shower Head

Misting spray  

It does not deal with relieving pain, although it is therapeutic. This kind of spray setting generates a rainforest kind of mist that smooth on your body by every chance. In case you need high pressure, you only need to play with the settings around on your shower head.

Premium High Pressure Shower Head with Misting Spray


Benefits of Massage Shower Heads:

  • It can help you select a setting that meets your demands appropriately.
  • Has the potential to reach unreachable parts.
  • You will no need to pay for spa services.
  • A rainfall massage head gives you complete relaxation.
  • They help you do away with stress.
  • Pulsating massage spray setting relieves you from muscle pain as well as aches.


Who Makes the Best Massaging Showerhead? – Brands Compare

Delta Brand.

how to choose the best massaging shower head

Delta Faucet brand is one of the leading brands known for the production of innovative and quality household products. Delta provides you with quality massaging shower heads for your homes while minding your budget. Delta provides its customers with more affordable massaging showerheads without sacrificing performance.

Delta offers multiple options of different showerheads, including massage showerheads, for you to choose from. The fact that Delta faucets are very reliable and innovative, makes them the best in the faucet industry. Delta massage showerheads feature versatile styles and finish, innovative and safe operation, modern technology, among others.

Moen Shower Head Brand.

Moen is a leading brand in North America as well as all over the world in this industry. Moen brand is well known for its quality and versatile products for both bathroom and kitchen. Moen company produces different types of showerheads including massage showerheads with high-end features to ensure versatility as well as customized shower experience.

Moen massage showerheads boast various versatile features including several massage settings accompanied by other spray settings, stylish design, quality and durable construction, spot resistant heads, among others. Also, Moen provides a limited lifetime warranty on most of their massage showerheads, hence confirmation of quality and long-lasting showerheads.

AquaDance Brand.

Buy your massaging shower head from the AquaDance brand, and you will have a maintenance-free shower head in your home. AquaDance showerheads are made for lasting usage, these showerheads are made of durable and hardy steel with a stylish finish.

AquaDance also provides a variety of ergonomic massage showerheads designed for great performance. Get a massage showerhead with high-end features as well as lightweight and affordable price tags from the AquaDance brand.

Speakman Brand.

The Speakman brand is another great brand in the showerhead industry. Speakman brand also produces a variety of showerheads boasting high-end features. Massage showerheads are one of the options provided by the Speakman brand.

These showerheads feature multiple massage and spray settings including pulsating massage, relaxing massage, and more. Other features include wide coverage, elegant styles, water-efficient flows, among others.

Speakman brand boasts versatile massage technology that ensures a great shower experience bringing relaxation and comfort.

Culligan Brand.

This brand offers you different Culligan massaging showerheads fit for your home. The massaging showerheads from this company are a great choice to consider. The versatile massage showerheads from Culligan provides you with versatile relaxation while ensuring a cleaner and healthier shower for your skin and hair.

Culligan massage showerheads are designed to reduce sulfur and chlorine from your water, thereby enhancing healthier showers with the anti-clog jets. Culligan is surely one of the best brands in the market providing ideal massage showerheads.


How Much Does Massaging Shower Head Cost?

Massaging shower heads cost between $23- $70. The prices differ depending on the brand and type of massaging showerhead. Don’t shy away from buying massaging showerheads as they are affordable.

The massaging shower heads with twin design is a bit more costly than the one with one shower head. When you buy massaging showerheads online, you get discounts that help you save money.

You don’t need to pay a professional to install massaging showerheads in your bathroom as long as you follow the instructions given in the catalog and have the necessary tools.

water massage shower head

Who Is Massaging Showerheads For?

Massaging showerheads are great and versatile showerheads designed for customized massage relaxation while taking your shower altogether. Generally, everyone requires massaging from time to time, while on the other hand, taking a shower is a daily requirement for everyone. Massaging showerheads provide both for you, therefore, we can all agree that massaging showerheads are for everybody. However, some people may require these showerheads more than others. The following are some of the people who need these showerheads.

– People who spend most of their day seated, standing, or carrying bulky things.
– Those with a passive lifestyle.
– Children who are aged five and above.
– Disabled people who cannot reach their back.
– Athletes who are exposed to injuries of all kinds.
– Elderly people who need an easier way to shower.
– People suffering from back pains due to their lifestyle.
– People with pets like dogs and cats.
– Women and men needing a therapeutic massage.



Based on the above information, you are now able to choose the best massage spray setting of your own choice and, more so, the one that meets your demands appropriately. Therefore, thanks to this information mentioned earlier, you now are in an excellent position to make an informed decision regarding which is the best massing showerhead on the market that you need to buy. Furthermore, this information allows you to choose a reliable model that will serve you for a prolonged duration, thereby providing you with remarkable value. Consequently, you and your family will get to enjoy the full benefits of having a well-function showerhead.

Top-Rated Massaging Shower Head