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Expert Proved the Best Quality & Durable Shower Heads that Last Long

Need a new shower head with good quality? These tips will help you choose a quality one!

Renovating your bathroom is a fabulous way to increase the overall value of your home. The bathroom and the kitchen are the rooms of a house that will ultimately sway buyers about whether they want to put in an offer or not, so the more appealing these rooms are, the better your chance of selling. As part of the bathroom renovation, you need to consider what type of new shower head you are going to install.

There are so many designs open to you these days you may find making a choice to be a difficult one, but using these tips you can at least make sure you choose a quality shower head.

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The Benefits of Purchasing a High Quality Shower Head At First

Quality is a significant factor that one needs to consider when purchasing any product, and a showerhead is no different. It is with no doubt that you cannot start your day without taking a bath; therefore, buying a high-quality showerhead should be your top priority. By taking a shower, one feels refreshed and active throughout the day; furthermore, it aids in improving productivity.

As they say, Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and to achieve this, you will require a high-quality showerhead that offers ample water supply. In this article, we shall be focusing on the benefits of purchasing a high-quality showerhead.

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Why Choose High-quality Shower Head?

high quality shower head reviewsWith different designs and brands available in today’s market, choosing the best shower head can be challenging. Fortunately, there are some essential aspects that you will need to consider when purchasing a showerhead, and quality should be your top priority.

A high-quality showerhead does not require too many repairs. The best part is that, with a high-quality showerhead, you will not have to return it to the manufacturer since they tend to be less faulty.

You don’t want to buy a showerhead every time; therefore, you should always consider assessing its quality. High-quality showerheads are highly durable and tend to last for an extended period before it becomes faulty. Thus, with a high-quality showerhead, you will be able to save a significant amount of money.

High-quality showerheads are durable and dependable, meaning you can use them for an extended period of time before you think of purchasing a new one. Such showerheads are the best when it comes to saving money and reducing environmental pollution since they reduce the mass production of faulty showerheads that require replacement after a few months. This makes it one of the best ways of curbing your carbon footprint.

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Top 8 Best Quality Shower Head Reviews

1. Tanlofy High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

best quality shower head

The Tanlofy high-pressure handheld shower head will provide you with five different settings to control your water spray: pulsating massage, power rain, pain mist, power mist, rain massage.

Not everyone likes the same shower experience, and with the five choices to control your spray, your whole family has the option of choosing their individual favorite. You will also like the fog surface design of this model as it will add elegance and improve the look of your bathroom.

Another favorite feature of the Tanlofy shower head is the flow regulator. This feature allows you to control the water pressure coming out of the shower head which solves the problem of experiencing too much water pressure and the use of too much hot water too quickly.

  • Choice of flow settings
  • Control direction of water flow
  • Regulated water flow control
  • Cannot control water output on all models

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2. Circlesplash Luxury High Pressure Shower Head

best rated quality shower heads

The Circlesplash High Pressure Shower Head is a chrome shower head that meets all American standards for plumbing. There are ninety self-cleaning jets built into this model that you are able to turn into one of the best massaging showers you’ve ever had. The silicone jets not only give you a powerful massage, but they are also self-cleaning. There are no droplet stains and no clogging of the jets to worry about.

This shower head is easy to install and takes no special tools or a plumber. There is a removable water restrictor with the Circlesplash shower head so you can enjoy a full jet spray from your shower. It also has an adjustable brass ball joint so you can move the spray where ever you need it most.

  • Removable water restrictor
  • Control of water force
  • Product is plastic

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3. WASSA High-Pressure Quality Shower Head

best high quality shower head

The WASSA High-Pressure Shower Head is a 3-inch superior, powerful shower head with 45 jets that will provide a rain spray even with low water flow or pressure. It has an easy-to-clean nozzle with silicon jets so it won’t build up lime or hard water deposits. The 2-inch brass connection prevents leaking and cracking, and the brass swivel ball joint allows you to direct the water spray.

The WASSA High Pressure Shower Head is easy to install and threads to connect to any standard shower arm. The maximum flow of water is five gallons per minute. The ABS structure and brass ball connection give you a durable and lightweight fixture.

  • Improves even low water pressure
  • Easy to install
  • Durable shower head
  • Cannot adjust direction of water spray

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4. Alsoso High Quality Rain Shower Head with High Pressure

good quality shower heads buying guide

The Alsoso Shower Head with High Pressure provides you with a rhythmic water pulse to relieve all your body aches and stress. Constructed with high-quality ABS, its plastic body include a polished chrome head with a self-cleaning nozzle. The nozzle adjusts to allow you to choose a high-pressure impact or less depending on your preference.

This shower head is easy to install and threads to any standard shower arm in just minutes. No need for special tools or a plumber to get you going on a new showering experience. This shower head offers you five different settings to choose your level of water spray and has a brass ball joint so you can direct your water to where you need it most. The mesh filter will prevent leaks, and the self-cleaning nozzle prevents blockage.

  • Provides steady stream of water
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Easy to install
  • Plastic construction

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5. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head

best quality showers reviews

The AquaHomeGroup shower head is composed of premium metal and has an internal filer cartridge that includes Vitamin C and E. This shower head will amaze you with its water filtration technology and beautiful design. The water purifier system built into this shower head reduces heavy metals, rust, chlorine, sand, and other sediments from coming through to your shower. It will revitalize your body and ensure you get the best effect from your water.

The AquaHomeGroup cartridge system works great for homes with a good system as it removes excess metals from your shower. Cartridges for this system last up to six months and are a great option for those who don’t want a whole house filtration system but still want a great shower.

  • Provides a very soft shower
  • Cleans your body and hair without leaving any residue.
  • Shower head makes a whistle sound.

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6. Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld High-Pressure System

good quality showers

The Hydroluxe Shower Head 1433 has 5 settings on the over-head and 5 settings on the hand-held portion of this system. The two combined heads allow you to have up to 24 full and combined water flow patterns. Each of the shower heads has a 4-inch chrome face and provides you with 5 settings: Power rain, Stay warm, Massage, Economy Rain, Pause.

The Hydroluxe 1433 has a patented 3-way diverter that includes an anti-swivel lock and an angle-adjustable overhead bracket. The 5-foot hose is flexible with conical brass hose nut that you can easily tighten. The dual shower heads can be used separately, or together and each can have its own flow pattern to give you an incredible showering experience.

  • Constructed from heavy duty metal
  • Ggreat adjustments to water sprays
  • Flexible hose option
  • Significant decrease in water pressure with dual heads


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7. CircleSplash Rain Shower Head with Brushed Nickel Finish

high quality hand held shower heads

The CircleSplash Rain Shower Head is a high-pressure shower head with a brushed nickel finish and meets all American standards for plumbing. The ninety self-cleaning jets will turn your showering into a hotel spa and give you the best massage. With its 6-inch round face, you will receive a wide stream of water that will cover your entire body.

The CircleSplash Rain shower head is easy to install and requires no special tools. It has an adjustable brass ball joint that provides flexible water movement where ever you want it during your shower. The self-cleaning jets mean you have no water droplets to leave behind sediment stains and no clogging.

  • Nnice strong water flow
  • Gentle clean all over.
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Water pressure is not strong enough


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8. AquaDance High Quality 6-Setting Shower Head with Hose

best high quality showers

This shower head can be used as an overhead shower, or as a handheld shower experience. It has a 3.5 face with a click lever dial to easily allow you to change the settings. The ergonomic grip handle allows you to quickly change from the overhead to the handheld version and the jets are easy to clean and prevent buildup. The hose attached to the handheld shower head is super-flexible stainless steel.

The angle-adjustable overhead bracket gives you the option to aim your water where you need it from the overhead nozzle and allows you the comfort of hands-free showering. This system is easy to install and requires no special tools

  • Great looking fixture
  • Installation a breeze
  • Adjustments for water spray are easy to reach and use.
  • Detachable shower head leaks easily


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The Types of Best Quality Shower Head

1. Multi-Function Shower Head

A multi-function shower head is a popular choice with bathroom renovators because it offers more than just one way to get people wet.

Multi-function shower heads offer both the standard shower spray of a traditional head combined with a more intense pressurized spray that can be used to target sore shoulder muscles. The switch between these two types of spray is done by moving a lever located on the side of the shower head. The multi-function shower head is particularly appealing to people who play a lot of sport or who work in a physically demanding career because the shower is able to target some of their stress knots once they get home.

There best functional Delta two in one shower head system for you to choose from:

Delta Faucet 58045 Traditional In2ition Two-in-One Hand Shower, Chrome

Delta Faucet 58045 Traditional In2ition Two-in-One Hand shower Chrome

  • Use In2ition shower head, hand shower combo together or independently
  • A 69-inch hose, ideal for washing children or pets and keeping the shower or tub clean
  • The hand shower pause button reduces the water flow to a trickle for easy lathering and shaving
  • Backed by Delta Faucet’s Lifetime Limited Warranty

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2. Handheld Attachment

If you want to make sure your new shower head appeals to the mother of a family, then add a shower head that has a secondary handheld attachment on it.

Just like the multi-function shower head, the ability to switch the flow of water from the main head to the handheld is done by adjusting the lever on the side of the shower head. One of the best things about this system is you can have water coming out of both shower heads at once if you choose to.  There are highly recommended shower heads of these kinds for your reference:

Handheld attachments are a lifesaver for the busy mother who needs to wash a reluctant child’s hair. Many younger children are afraid to stand under a traditional shower head as it sprays water into their eyes.

However, a handheld shower gives a mom the chance to direct the water spray away from the child’s face. If you choose a shower head that has a handheld attachment, make sure the hose to the attachment is a solid metal type hose so that it doesn’t get kinked or twisted up like a cheap plastic hose would do. See which is the best useful shower head on the market:

DreamSpa® Instant-Mount Drill-Free Height / Angle Shower Head

DreamSpa® Instant-Mount Drill-Free Height Angle Adjustable 36-Setting 3-Way Massaging Shower Head

  • 7 settings of each shower include: power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, rain/mist, rain/massage, and water-saving eco rain and pause modes high-power precision flow dial design
  • Handheld shower combo with 22-inch stainless steel slide bar/premium chrome finish

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3. Square Multi-Spray Jet Heads

One of the biggest trends in shower heads right now is a large, square-shaped head that has many spray jets in it. Some heads can have over 90 holes spraying a stream of water down onto the person in the shower. These types of shower heads come in a quality chrome finish and look modern and funky in any bathroom. They will definitely add the pizzazz you are looking for during a bathroom update, and this will appeal to the buyer who wants all the latest mod cons in their home.

The is a beautiful square shower head for modern home use, check the reviews below:

KES J213-2 ALL METAL 8-Inch Fixed Shower Head, Brushed Nickel

KES J213-2 ALL METAL 8-Inch Shower Head Fixed Mount Rainfall Style Stainless Steel Square Brushed Nickel

  • 19.2cm by 19.2cm extra-large spray face
  • The metal swivel ball allows you to adjust the angle of the showerhead
  • The brushed nickel finish creates a cool grey metallic look

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How to Choose the Best Quality Shower Head?

  • The Types of Shower Heads

The market offers a wide variety of shower heads with various water-setting features. Choosing the right one for yourself will depend on how you like to shower. Do you just jump in and get clean so you can get about your day, or do you expect more from your shower and want it to be relaxing as well as cleansing? The difference is these preferences will decide which showerhead type is best for you:

  1. Single-setting– Single-setting shower heads do not give you a choice in spray settings or speed. These shower heads are either off or on and will provide a basic, get-clean shower.
  2. Multi-setting– Multi-setting shower heads are going to give you choices in spray settings. You can change from a powerful strong spray to a gentle rain bath. You can tailor your showering experience with these shower heads.
  3. Rainfall shower headsRainfall shower heads are big. These fixtures measure from eight to nine inches wide. These shower heads will send water down on you like soft gentle rain.
  4. Low-flow– Low-flow shower heads send out a smaller amount of water than other models, but are still able to make you feel as though the flow is strong. These are eco-friendly versions as they allow you to save on water use.

The shower heads can vary in how they deliver water to you as broken-down above. The other difference in shower heads is whether you want a fixed fixture that hangs overhead and allows you to shower hands-free or one you hold in your hand. Overhead shower heads generally swivel so you can adjust the water spray. Hand-held models affix to a wall bracket and are easily removed so you can direct the water by hand.

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  • Nozzle Material

Another factor to consider is the nozzle material of your shower head. There are shower heads that have nozzles made of the same material as the main body, others are either silicone, rubber, or plastic. If the nozzle is made of metal, it will accrue fewer bacteria. Nozzles made of silicone, rubber, or plastic will build up less limescale.

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  • The Finish of the Shower Head

The finish on a shower head is another consideration when making a choice. The first consideration is to match it to your fixtures in the bathroom. The most common is chrome as this is the favorite finish found in most other fixtures in a bathroom. Some shower head manufacturers will offer the same features in shower heads with a choice of finishes.

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  • The Installation

The final consideration is how easy it will be to install your new shower head. Most of those on the market today are easy installation and do require you to call a plumber or purchase special tools. There are few out there that may be a bit complicated to install, so you should read the packaging carefully if you are not use to doing your own home-fix projects.

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