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Top 10 Best Shower Fixtures Reviews

A shower fixture is the shower system that comprises of faucet, showerhead, cold and hot water pipes. The whole structure is made up of plumbing that is configured on the wall and all the other parts are fitted on the system to direct the flow of water.

The shower fixtures are equipped with balance pressure and temperature mechanism that ensures to mix both cold and hot water to provide excellent ad warm water throughout. The shower fixtures can either be fitted on the shower arm or the bathtub. This article features the top 10 best shower fixtures from different brands suitable for all homes.

Top 10 Best Shower Fixtures

What is the Best Brand for Shower Fixtures?

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  • Moen

This is one of the leading manufacturing companies for kitchen faucets in the market. The company produces nothing but the best ad quality and reliable faucets. The Moen faucets feature durable, water-resistant material for long use. The brand also provides long term warranties.

  • Delta

Delta is another brand of shower fixtures to consider buying from. Although they sell their faucets with a limited warranty, they provide great and long-lasting faucets for every home. The Delta shower fixtures come in different styles and designs for customers to choose their preferred faucet to fit in the shower case.

  • Antique

Most of the Antique shower fixtures come as the whole system for convenience especially when installing and using. This brand of shower fixtures is crafted with brass that is well coated with long-lasting material to prevent it from corrosion or rusting.

The fixtures are adjustable in height and come in different designs when some have both overhead and handheld option to choose from.

Top 10 Best Shower Fixtures Reviews

1. Antique Brass Bathroom Shower Faucet Set

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  • Two Functions

This shower system is fitted with two functions, which are the overhead and the handheld function to choose when showering. This also makes it easy for kids to use it when showering.

  • Brass Material

The structure of the fixture is made of brass material that is well-coated to safeguard it from rusting or corrosion when touched by wetness. The height of the shower head can adjust to different heights for comfortable reach by people of different heights.

  • Two Temperature Controls

There are two temperature controls where you can either choose to use cold or hot water when showering. Installation of this showerhead takes little time with the aid of a professional plumber, and one is offered a warranty for quality assurance.

  • The unit is quite durable
  • It has two showering functions to choose from
  • The height can adjust to different levels
  • One is offered a warranty on buying it
  • You may need to hire a professional plumber it helps you install this fixture


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2. Delta Faucet Single-Function Shower Fixture

best delta shower fixtures





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  • High-pressure Shower Head

If you are looking for the most reliable shower system with a high-pressure outlet then this is a great model to buy. The shower kit has been ranked among the best as it produces a good water outlet for up to 3 times better than standard shower faucets.

  • Unique Water Disperse

The unit has unique water disperse that releases water in a good wave so you can get equal warm water all over the body. The equipped monitor valve cartridge ensures the water released from the unit has a good temperature.

  • Lifetime Warranty

Therefore, this is one of the most reliable shower units for homes with kids and even elderly people. For quality assurance and customer protection, this shower fixture comes with a lifetime warranty for quality assurance.

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  • This fixture provides warm water throughout
  • It has excellent flow as opposed to traditional or standard showerheads
  • Installation of the fixture does not take a lot of time
  • This shower fixture has to be connected with a rough unit, but it is sold separately.


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3. Best Wall Mounted Shower Fixture

best wall mounted shower fixture





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  • 3 Showering Options

This system has 3 showering options to choose from, which is the handheld, single rain function and also overhead shower option.

  • Powerful Water Flow

This shower kit has a powerful water flow that guarantees to cover the entire body when showering. There is a pressure valve that can be adjusted to different water temperatures. Therefore, you can choose from cold, warm to hot water shower option.

  • Beautiful Black Finish

The shower fixture has a beautiful black finish that makes it stand out and look elegant in the bathroom. It is also made with coated brass material that is resistant to water damage even after long use.

  • Easy Installation

Installation of this shower fixture is easy and smooth as there are no tools needed when installing it.

  • The shower fixture provides balanced water temperatures
  • The installation process is easy and fast
  • The shower fixture is designed in an elegant design
  • The handheld shower has a rubber cover for comfortable holding when showering
  • Some labeling is not done appropriately and may confuse one when installing the fixture


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4. HOMELODY Tub and Shower Kit

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  • Durable Materials

Unlike other showerhead fixtures, this model from HOMELODY features durable material that guarantees long use. The brass material used in constructing the fixture cannot burst even after long exposure to cold as opposed to other models.

  • Suitable for People With Sensitive Skin

It is also recommendable for people with sensitive skin as the faucet ensures to neutralize and filtrate water before it reaches the body. The water remains in the faucet for a while whereby it is sterilized off all the bacteria. There is also a pressure and temperature control mechanism; which ensures you get warm, cold or even hot water when showering.

  • Versatile

This shower unit is quite versatile since you can fit it on the bathtub and the shower arm as well. The black matte finishing gives your bathroom a beautiful and unique finish look.

  • The shower fixture provides well-balanced water
  • Fitting it on the arm is super easy
  • You can equip this fixture on the shower arm or even on the bathtub
  • The showerhead releases water in balanced temperature and pressure
  • Perfect, and no cons


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5. Oil Rubbed Bronze Rain Shower Fixture Set

best bronze shower fixtures





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  • Beautiful Outlook

Other than the matte finishing on this showerhead that gives it a beautiful look, it also provides two showering settings to choose from. You can either use it as an overhead shower or handheld shower.

  • Brass Material

The construction is done with brass material and oil rubbed bronze finishing ensuring total durability. The height of the shower can be adjusted to different levels to ensure everyone in the family is comfortable when showering.

  • Comfortable to Hold

The handheld shower features a rubber material that is comfortable to hold when taking a bath. Note that this showerhead can also be mounted on the bathtub.

  • This is a durable showerhead for every home
  • It has two showering options to choose from
  • Fitting it on the arm and tub is quite easy
  • The height is adjustable for comfortable reaching
  • The handheld showerhead does not till much


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6. HOMELODY Bathroom Shower Fixture

best bathroom shower fixtures





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  • Beautiful and Durable Material

This showerhead is crafted in a beautiful and durable material that guarantees long use without bursting or even leaking.

  • Five Different Showering Options

There are five different showering options to choose from, including rain and spray. You can either use it as an overhead or even a handheld shower. Varying water temperatures are ranging from 4 degrees C to 90 degrees C respectively.

  • Well-balanced Water Temperature

This shower fixture is also known to provide a well-balanced water temperature for comfort when showering. It also features rust-resistant material that protects it from damage even after extensive exposure to water. This shower unit is compatible with the majority of shower arms for comfortable fitting.

  • The shower system is comfortable to use including for kids
  • It provides a well-balanced water temperature for all to enjoy.
  • It has five settings to choose from
  • The design and material are premium and durable
  • The installation of this shower unit is not easy


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7. Delta Faucet Linden 17 Series Dual-Function Shower Fixture

best luxury shower fixtures





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  • Lifetime Warranty

You can buy this unit with confidence as the quality and reliability are guaranteed. The shower fixture comes with a lifetime warranty. This is one of the most recommendable brands that are easy to install and compatible with multiple shower arms. There are overhead and handheld shower options to choose from.

  • Ideal for Families and Kids

This feature makes it a great shower option for families with kids as they can use the handheld option. Two showering options guarantee good showering sessions and provide therapeutical treatment after a long tiring day.

  • Full-body Spry and Fast Sprays for Options

There is a full-body spry and fast sprays to choose from. The faucet features pressure and temperature balance to ensure the device does not alter the water temperature when in use.

  • This showerhead comes with a long term warranty
  • It features a durable and sturdy design for excellent and long term use
  • There are two spray showering options to help the body relax
  • There are a balanced temperature and pressure on the released water
  • A bit expensive, plus it is sold separately with the rough.


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8. POP Black Shower Fixtures

new shower fixtures





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  • Elegant Design

One of the most outstanding features of this shower system is the design. It is made in an elegant design that beautifies the bathroom.

  • Durable Material

It also features durable and sturdy materials for long usage of the system. This system has both brass and stainless steel coat finishing that protects it from damage after long exposure to water. It has up to 30percent air injection technology that ensures to save on water usage.

  • Large Shower Head

The shower head is made in a large size to ensure you get good water to disperse when showering. The package comes with all the required parts including the tub spout, shower holder and also the control valve. Installing this system does not take a lot of time considering it is also provided with the installation kit.

  • This shower system is quite durable
  • It does not take up a lot of time when installing
  • This shower fixture saves water usage in the bathroom
  • It is made of stainless steel material that is resistant to water damages
  • The valve of this system is made of cheap plastic and gets damaged quite easily



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9. Delta Faucet Dryden 14 Series Single-Function Shower Fixtures

best delta shower fixtures brushed nickel





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  • Durable Material

This is another great and durable shower system from Delta that guarantees excellent showering results. it is made with durable material that is coated to prevent it from water damage.

  • Beautiful Finishing

This delta shower fixture has a beautiful finishing that adds a touch of beauty around your bathroom.

  • Pressure Balance Valve

The system is equipped with a pressure balance valve that keeps the water temperatures intact and prevents instant change for comfort purposes. Cleaning the system is quite easy and smooth as you can wipe off any calcium and debris building up on the showerhead.

  • This shower fixture adds a touch of beauty around the bathroom area
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The showerhead provides well-balanced water temperatures
  • It features durable and rust-resistant materials.
  • This shower fixture is only suitable for wall mounting.



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10. Moen T2473EPBL Modern Shower Fixtures

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  • High-quality and Affordable

If you are looking for high quality and affordable shower system, then this is the right option to choose.

  • Good-looking

It features a black matte finishing that gives your bathroom a good look as well. It is quite flexible and you can easily use your preferred valve with this system.

  • Easy To Install

The installation of this system is easy with a guide manual. It has been tested and approved to be among the best shower systems, including for people with sensitive skin. It also comes with a limited warranty.

  • This shower system is quite beautiful
  • It is easy to install
  • It is flexible since you can use your preferred valve model
  • This system does not come with a valve; hence, you have to buy it separately


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How to Choose the Best Shower Fixture?

how to choose the best shower fixture

Consider the water system in the house.

There are two main water systems in homes, which are the high-pressure system and the low water system. The high-pressure system is found in homes that have installed Combi broiler. The combi boiler system is equipped to heat the water from the source such that you don’t need to install a storage tank.

A low-pressure system is found in homes that have both the hot and cold water tanks. The low pressure is felt because the water between the two tanks has to meet at the gravity level from the tank to the shower. So, if the tank is equipped far from the shower, then you may experience low pressure since the water has to travel a long distance before reaching the shower system.

The water flow

When it comes to water flow options, there are a wide variety of options to choose from based on the kind of experience you want to achieve. You can choose from spray, rain and even flow water release. So, check out the available water settings available to ensure you get the right shower treatment when using it.

The cost

The shower fixtures are sold at different prices based on the features, the type and also the quality. So, if you are looking for a durable system that will provide efficient and reliable showering results, be ready to spend more as opposed to a simple shower fixture. A good and durable shower fixture may cost you from 100 dollars.

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The shower head design

The choice of the shower system based on the shower head design may be determined by your family settings. For example, if you have teenage kids or small kids in general, choosing a shower fixture with a handheld shower is essential, since the kids can use it.

The material

The material used in crafting the shower fixture is another crucial thing to look out for durability purposes. Make sure the whole system is made of rust-resistant material to ensure it does not easily get damaged from long exposure to wetness.

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Shower fixtures are reliable parts of the shower. They come in different styles and types for customers to choose their preferred models. If you are not sure regarding the right shower fixture system to buy for your home, consider the above-reviewed shower systems.

They are made of high-quality material that assures long usage, and they also come in different designs to fit the customer needs. If you are not sure regarding what to look for when buying the right shower fixture to choose or buy, use the above buying guide to help you make the right decisions.

Top 10 Best Shower Fixtures