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Top 6 Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure Reviews

What is your ideal shower?

The true answer is actually it depends on what type of mood you are in. While the hot shower tends to be the default favorite for many people, especially after a long day of work when they want to relax or that morning shower to truly clean the dirt and grime off of them, what about hot summer days in the triple digits? In that case, a cool or even a cold shower really hits the mark.


What Is The Best Shower Head to Increase Low Water Pressure?

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Does Changing Shower Head Increase the Pressure?

change shower head to increase water pressureFor the majority of people, an extra powerful shower results in a more pleasurable shower. At times, the water pressure is not perfect, and this might be very frustrating and especially with a shower that you very well know is able to have high pressure, but for several reasons, it is not performing as it is supposed to.

If the flow of the water in your shower head is weak, it is not necessarily that you need to change it so as to increase pressure. It is entirely normal for showerheads to, at times, get blocked with deposits of minerals as well as other substances after a while. As a result, if you have not cleaned your shower head for a while or maybe you have never done that, start with cleaning it.

Rather than investing in various single-use cleaners, you should just unbolt your shower head and soak it in a basin of vinegar and allow it to sit for about eight hours. After you have removed it, and you still see some left behind mineral deposits, it is recommended to use a toothpick to push these residuals out. If your shower head is still clogged, then it is most likely the best time to invest and change to a new shower head.

Some showerheads come with a flow restrictor, which permits you to regulate the pressure of the water. The shower head might have been installed with a water-saving showerhead for it to decrease the flow of the water to save water. This can be another issue, and the solution to this problem is not changing the shower head but maybe just resetting your shower head’s flow restrictor. The other thing is to check the main water valve.

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Benefits of Installing a Shower Head for Low Pressure

install a shower head for low pressureAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A), a water shower wastes an approximation of 5.5 gallons of water every single minute. This wasted energy and money might save up to two weeks of electricity if it could have been saved. Just to state, most water and waste by 50% are wasted from a showerhead and the falcons available in the bathroom.

A good showerhead might help you avoid low water pressure in your bathroom. Most of them are power showers, for example, Speakman S-2005, Delta single function shower head, just to mention a few. Investing in these might be of greater benefit to increase low pressure plus the below-listed advantages.

  • They Are Easy to Install.

In the case of the Rymerce Ionic Shower Head, its intensity is high by 200% also is normally used in the household at installation.

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  • Saves Water.

After conducting research that showed gallons of water wasted through the shower, the Water sense company came up with a proposal of installing shower heads to reduce shortages of water. The installation of low-pressure shower heads that come in handy with sticker would reduce the water wasted previously.

An approximation gallon of 2900 is saved annually via these showerheads. A good showerhead comes built mechanically to ensure enough water is saved as possible.

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  • Affordable.

There are vast options of showerheads that are available in the market, and many companies are rising annually with their shower head solution. Due to this fact, you can choose a variety of showerheads out of the best in the market at a low price but will deliver reasonably good results.

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  • Environmentally Friendly.

A shower head usually emits Carbon (IV) Oxide gas into the air. This particular showerhead being low pressure emits a lesser percentage of this air in comparison. It makes it a super eco- friendly type and less hazardous too to environmental exposure.

Most modern shower heads also come with an installed use-timer that is of high technology that you can preset to ensure you have a clear check on your water usage and trace accordingly. Its’ benefits are amazing, and we hope you can also enjoy it after purchase. Your turn!

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6 Shower Head to Increase Low Water Pressure


Top 6 Best Shower Heads for Low-Pressure Reviews

1. High Pressure –  WASSA High-Pressure Shower Head

WASSA high pressure shower head

If you are looking for a perfect showerhead that will totally transform your showering experience, then this is the best option for you. The design of the showerhead itself is more iconic to mean that it is capable of taking care of any shortcomings that you have been experiencing.

Many people who have had the opportunity to make use of this showerhead could not see anything negative things to talk about. Besides, WASSA high-pressure shower head is one of the easiest to install.

  • Ease installation
  • Powerful water spray
  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable
  • Quality product
  • A bit expensive



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2. Adjustable – CircleSplash Rain Shower Head For Low Water Pressure

best rain shower head for low water pressure

If you are current showerhead is clogged and therefore needs able to provide you with that perfect showering experience that you deserve, then the CircleSplash Rain Shower Head- Brushed Nickel finish can help.

Another interesting thing with the showerhead is that it allows you to direct the water to wherever you want, making the showering experience intriguing. Also, if you love high pressure, the CircleSplash Rain Shower Head- Brushed Nickel finish will not disappoint.

  • Meets the international standard for plumbing
  • High pressure
  • Self-cleaning ability
  • The wrench is not necessary
  • Shower pressure can drop when you switch to the hand-held sprayer



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3. Fixed Shower Head – High-Pressure Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

low pressure shower head reviewsThis shower head is the ultimate luxury as far as the showering experience is concerned. It is one of those rare showerheads that can let out water that can cover the entire body. The pressure from the shower is enough to give you the rejuvenating experience that you have been missing.

Most people who have used the showerhead believe that it is one of the best shower heads on the market. The time for struggling with shower heads that can hardly wipe out the shampoo from your head is gone.

  • Five spray setting
  • Water-saving choice
  • Easy to install
  • Self-cleaning
  • Durable
  • No cons


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4. Stress Handling – Best Fixed Shower Head For Low Water Pressure

best low water pressure shower head

This shower head is capable of giving you a relaxed and joyful shower even at lower water flow. Some people say that it is an ideal showerhead when you are trying to handle stress. The rhythmic water pulse from the shower is perhaps what makes some people believe that it can help handle stress.

And also, the spray settings are pretty easier for anyone to handle. You have the opportunity to choose the shower settings that you think will be appropriate for your needs.

  • The powerful output
  • Quality materials for longevity
  • Rainfall shower
  • Easy installation
  • May waste more water


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5. Rain Mode – Inch Rain Showerhead for Low Water Pressure

high flow shower head reviews

This shower head has the ability to change the face of your bathroom totally. It can give you a refreshing and relaxing showering experience whenever you want. The ease of installation is one of the things that make it among the most popular showerhead on the market.

Also, it is good to mention that showerheads can offer an elegant look and therefore transform your bathroom into a haven of beauty.

Sometimes you need a good-looking bathroom for you to enjoy your showering.

  • Good looking due to stylish high water flow
  • Leakproof
  • Adjustable and easy to install
  • Perfectly fit into any home décor
  • Self-cleansing
  • The wall-mounted design may not be ideal for everyone


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6. With Extra Long Arm –  12 Inch High-Pressure Showerhead

best low water pressure shower head

This shower head delivers a 100% memorable showering experience for anyone willing to invest their trust in the shower.

It has a valve that maintains the pressure to ensure that the showering experience is never interfered with. The manufacturer of the showerhead seems to have invested in the quality of the product.

And also, it has an adjustable extension to make the usability of the shower head more refreshing and easy.

  • Stainless steel to ensure that the showerhead does not rust
  • Rain showerhead
  • Excellent water pressure
  • Perfect choice


Check the Price on Amazon


Why My Shower Pressure is Low?

You are heading to your bathroom for a quick shower, and everything seems fine, but on turning on the shower, the water pressure isn’t just right even as you adjust your tap to the very end. The other parts of your house have water that is running just fine, and you have worries and concerns. Don’t worry, listed below are some of the reasons that your shower pressure might below;

why my shower head has a low pressure

1. Shower Heads With Blockages

Blocked showerheads are one of the common reasons for the low pressure in showerheads. Excessive piles of zinc (ii) oxide might pile on your shower head and eventually block the way for water to pass swiftly. To identify this, you might have noticed a red-brown watercolor from your shower after a long shift in opening it. Clean off the showerhead by mixing vinegar and rainwater and wipe it back for safe use.

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2. Low Water Pressure

Sometimes the water flowing into the household occurs at low pressure. Additionally, in some households, if another source of water is open, it affects the water that is flowing to the tap. This may happen because the two outlets share the main switch.

So make sure before you make a decision to replace the head in anxiety, check if the pressure from the other taps is of the same effect, and try to close the other water outlets just to test your pipes.

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3. Plumbing Problems

It may be that the plumber did not really plumb your shower with the rightful application which caused this problem too. We recommend you contact the plumber for him to detect the issue if, especially, you are working with a powered shower to ensure professionalism and safety.

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4. Shut Off Valves

Some of the valves in your bathroom might have been accidentally shut off without your recognition. Make sure you examine them properly before final judgment.

We advise that you try to look for first possibilities such as the availability of enough water, water pressure, and valves before concluding to reset or replace your shower head. Contact a plumber if you cannot seem to detect a problem and let him fix it professionally. All the best.

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How Can I Increase Shower Pressure Without a Pump?

Yes, you can increase shower pressure without a pump. Here are several actions that you can take to do it.

increase your shower pressure

Replace your Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes can affect the pressure of your shower water; as a result, have them checked to see if they might be the reason for having low water, pressure usually replaces them all. Consider even going for more full pipes so as to better the overall pressure.

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Replace your Pressure Regulators

Your water pressure regulator may perhaps have a problem. Try to examine your regulator by making some adjustments to it. Regulate it to a bit higher level and keenly observe the way it reacts, and if you fail to notice a change, your regulator then could be faulty.

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Check for any Leakage in the whole Plumbing System.

Leaking pipes usually cause water pressure to decrease. If you notice a damp spot in your home, then it may end up being a pipe leakage. However, you can turn off all taps or faucets and check if your water meter is running while you have closed every tap.

If your meter is still running, that means there is a leakage somewhere. Go around your house and check for any leakage on the pipes. If this seems a daunting task, you call a plumber to check the plumbing system for you.

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Adjust Valve

The main valve is usually located close to the water meter, and it controls the flow of the water into the pipes and finally to your taps. Locate the valve and look over it to confirm whether it is fully opened.

Finding a solution to all these problems will assist you in increasing your water pressure without having a pump. If you, however, feel weighed down by the problems, you can check with a professional.

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There Is A Clear Relationship Between Water Pressure & Shower Experience

shower head to increase water pressure

Beyond this, there is a major factor in the quality of a shower that is often ignored completely when looking at this question. What about water pressure?

This often isn’t something people think about unless there’s too little for a fine spray, but adjusting the water pressure even a little bit in a shower can make the difference between a refreshing and relaxing experience that allows you to relax at the end of the day (or be energized in the beginning) or a shower that just doesn’t do much.

If you’re feeling particularly dirty or sweaty, try turning up the water pressure just a touch. This makes it easier to scrub off all the dirt and grime, and that little extra bit of power can feel empowering while cleaning up. Some people have even found that a little bit of extra pressure in the morning seems to “push” them into waking up and getting on with their day.

On the other side, a lighter bit of water pressure can be more helpful and relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day, especially if your default tends to be high pressure in nature.

This is a delicate balancing act, and every person is a little bit different. Some people prefer really high water pressure while others like it are just barely strong enough to cover them. Experiment to see what works best for you.

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How To Choose A Shower Head for Low Water Pressure?

The fact that there are several types of showerheads on the market, choosing the best one for one’s use has never been a simple task. One needs to be well informed if they are to make a good choice that they will never regret. Always consider the following important factors whenever you think of buying a shower head for your home.

The Type

The first important consideration is the type. Not every type of shower that you will see will work perfectly for you. Some are just not meant for you. For you to find the best type for you, you need to exploit the various types that are available. Some of the types that you will need to look at include;

FixedA fixed shower head is the one that is attached to the wall. You can always change that whenever you want by simply unscrewing the showerhead.

Hand-held – This one is connected to a long pipe to make it movable. You can use it to shower even when you are sited down. The good thing with this type of shower head is that it is the one that does most of the moving instead of your body

Water-Saving – As the name suggests, a water-saving showerhead is designed to minimize water wastage. Water-saving shower heads are best in places where there is a water problem

Rain Water showerheadThe rain shower heads are designed in such a way that the water flows in the same way as the rain does. If you want a natural showering experience, then this is the best showerhead for you

Body Sprayers – The body sprayers require some type of valve to make them more effective. They are normally fast and effective when it comes to getting rid of dirt.

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Another important factor to consider when looking for the best shower heads is appearance. Although the appearance does not have a direct impact on the functionality of the shower, it is worth considering to avoid interfering with your décor.

It is also good to understand those good-looking showerheads are, in most cases, perfect when it comes to functionality. So if the appearance was not on the list of the things that you were going to consider when buying a shower head, then it is high time that you include it.

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The Flow

For you to find an ideal showerhead for you, you will need to understand the flow of the water. We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to water flow.

Since different shower heads have different water flows, reading through online reviews will help give you insights into the things that you will need to look at.

Those who have bought different types of showerheads before will always have something constructive for you.

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The Features

It will be a mistake to buy a showerhead without first going through the different features exhibited by different showerheads. The features are basically there to tell you whether or not you will be able to get the most from the shower head that you are about to buy. However, you will need to understand that for you to make the right choice, you will have to make sure that you know what you need.


Energy Saving

Lastly, ensure that the showerhead that you choose will not compel you to spend more than you should on energy bills. Some showerheads are better than others when it comes to energy saving. Therefore, take the time to check the power rating of each shower that you buy.

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Top Shower Heads to Increase Low Water Pressure

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