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Best Shower Head Under $50 Reviews

A good shower is what you wake up to before going to work or before going to bed. Having a good shower head with good pressure and a good flow is a must to get a relaxing shower. There are various types of shower heads you can choose from. Here we are going to look at some of the best shower head under $50.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is the Best Shower Head Under $50?

Top 8 Best Shower Head Under $50

How to Choose a Budget-friendly Shower Head (Under $50)?

With the different showerheads available in the market, choosing the best one is not an easy task. In choosing the excellent showerhead, this is what you can look for:


under 50 shower head types

There are different kinds of showerheads that one can buy. They include the wall-mounted showerheads, handheld showerheads, and the ceiling showerheads. The wall-mounted shower heads are fixed easily on the shower elbow. It offers much flexibility while using it. The handheld ones will have a long hose that is flexible, enabling you to do targeted sprays sometime. The ceiling shower head is fixed on the shower elbow with a long p or l shaped shower arm.


Another vital thing to consider is the pressure you get from the shower. They usually require different psi in your water piping infrastructure to be effective. Be sure to the water pressure in your home and look for a good showerhead that can make you have an effective shower.


different shower sprayers

One can get different shower patterns can get from a particular showerhead. Purchase a good shower head that is fitted with different spray patterns so you can enjoy your time while showering. The separate shower patterns you can get in a shower include:

Wide sprays. This pattern sprays water equally to cover a wide area of your body while out showering.

Targeted sprays. This pattern sprays water out of a few nozzles that can be used to clean a specific spot in your body. It is useful when washing a pet or your child.

Energy and water-saving

You must consider the energy consumed by the showerhead while showering. This will ensure that your energy bill is not always high. Having a showerhead that minimizes the amount of water is used is also essential. Ensure you have a shower head that cuts down your energy and water usage bill while still giving a good shower for you to enjoy.


Knowing the cost of different showerheads in the market is important in getting one. With a good budget, you will be able to choose the best shower head within the bracket you have. This will ensure you get value for the product you purchase.


Top 8 Best Shower Head Under $50 Reviews

1. Cheapest Choice – AquaDance High-Pressure Shower Head

best shower head under $50


  • The showerhead can be used as an overhead or a handheld showerhead.
  • You can easily adjust the angle to enjoy your shower.


  • Some parts are made of plastic.

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For you to have a good shower, you need a quality shower head? AquaDance High-Pressure Shower Head is an affordable shower head that has been tested and certified to give good showers. The versatility in this showerhead enables it to be used as an overhead shower or a handheld shower. Good pressure sprays from the showerhead that is useful in getting a cool, relaxing shower.

When fixed as an overhead shower, you can easily adjust the angle. With this, you can enjoy your shower with your hands-free. One can easily install it on a shower elbow. With the long flexible hose, you can experience targeted sprays when used as a handheld shower.

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2. For Sale – SparkPod Shower Head

best chrome shower head under 50


  • Easy to install.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the shower is an easy job.


  • One shower head only.

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SparkPod shower head is a good affordable shower that you can have in your home to enjoy your shower. With versatility, it offers you get good pressure rainfall that lets you enjoy your shower anytime. This shower can be installed quickly to be anyone. The showerhead can be connected to the standard piping shower arm without changing anything.

Cleaning the nozzles is an easy task that is done using your fingers. With clean nozzles, you will avoid blockages, and you will get good rainfall always. With the chrome finishing, it makes the shower a nice looking fixture in your bathroom. Saving water and energy is the topmost priority of this shower, ensuring your bills are always on the low.

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3. With High Pressure – Apthrill Under $50 Handheld Shower Head

best handheld shower head under 50


  • Installation can be done quickly without any tool
  • It can be used as a handheld or an overhead shower giving you much flexibility.


  • None.

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A good shower is not only having warm water douse your body. It is also about the showerhead that you have in your bathroom. This showerhead is fitted with nine different shower modes that let you enjoy your shower as you like. Additionally, this showerhead has the pause mode that can be used to save water when taking breaks during the showering process.

Any individual can easily fix the showerhead on a standard pipe. You will get good pressure sprays to get you to enjoy your shower as you like. Another exciting feature is that the showerhead can be used as a handheld showerhead or as an overhead shower. You can clean the nozzles easily to avoid any blockage using your hand.

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4. Best for Saving Water – 8 Inch Rainfall Shower Head

best rainfall shower head under 50


  • The showerhead angle can be adjusted as one likes to enjoy the shower.
  • It saves a lot of water.


  • Some parts are made of plastic.

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A good showerhead, apart from enabling you to enjoy your shower it should be able to conserve water. This showerhead can save water and give you powerful sprays that let you enjoy your shower. With the airflow system, the showerhead will provide you with enough pressure to enable you to enjoy your shower as you like.

It is well designed to give it a beautiful look when installed. With chrome finishing, it gives it a sleek look that makes it beautiful in your bathroom. It is fitted with a flow restrictor that you can use to change the amount of water flow. You can adjust the showerhead angle as you want to give you much flexibility while showering.

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5. Luxury Shower Experience – 8 Inches Square Rain Showerhead

best square shower head cheap price


  • The rainfall from the showerhead offers full-body coverage.
  • There is flexibility as you can adjust the angle and height of the showerhead.


  • The water pressure isn’t very strong.

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Sometime a showerhead should be able to create a beautiful ambience in your bathroom apart from offering good showers and saving water and energy. This showerhead is made of stainless steel and has 304 nozzles that let you have good sprays. It has a large surface area that its sprays will cover your whole body for good showers. 8 Inches Square Rain Showerhead has a sleek look making it a good fixture in your bathroom that cannot rust easily.

With the adjustable arm, you can change the angle and the height of your showerhead as you wish. You can install it in a few minutes, and you do not need to have any skills. With the ultra-thin design and the air technology, you will get good pressure sprays that will let you enjoy your shower as you like.

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6. Best for Low Pressure – YOO.MEE High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

best under 50 shower head for low pressure


  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It can boost up water pressure to get good pressure sprays.
  • Including eye cleaning mode.


  • With one shower head only.

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You should be able to always have a good shower before you start your day or at the end of your day. This showerhead will ensure you can have an enjoyable shower at any time. It can give you powerful sprays that douse your body well to ensure you are enjoying your shower. Even when the water in the pipe is of low pressure, it will boost it up.

While having a shower with this shower head, it can feel like you are having a good massage. The rubber nozzles can be cleaned up easily using your fingers. This will get rid of any sediment that may cause blockage of the nozzles. You will be able to enjoy every time you step into the shower room.

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7. With Adjustable Extension Arm – 12 Inch High-Pressure Showerhead with Arm

best waterfall shower head under 50


  • Easy to use and install.
  • The arm can be adjustable, making it easy to change the angle and the height of the shower.


  • The extension arm is more suitable for small tubs.

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Having a nice looking showerhead in your bathroom can create a nice ambience in your bathroom. This is a sleek shower head made of steel and is fitted with 304 nozzles to give you good sprays. It is 12 inches large, giving you sprays that can cover your whole body.

With the stainless steel construction, this showerhead cannot rust easily. This also ensures that you can use the showerhead for a long period. The shower arm can be adjuster as you like to change the height and the angle of the showerhead. This shower can be installed by anyone in a short time without the need for any tools. It will always give you good pressure whole body coverage sprays that let you enjoy your shower anytime.

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8. Dual Functions – DreamSpa 3-way 8-Setting Rainfall Shower Head Under $50

dual under 50 shower head


  • You can clean your showerhead using your hand.
  • Versatility is considered as the shower can be as an overhead or a handheld shower.


  • None

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This is a modern design shower that gives you more cool features to enjoy your shower. It contains both a handheld showerhead and an overhead showerhead. You can use both of them at the same time or use each differently as you prefer. The 7 inch overhead showerhead gives you good sprays to douse your body as you like.

Its handheld showerhead has seven different spray patterns. These patterns offer much flexibility for you to always enjoy your showers. The rubber nozzles can be cleaned using your fingers. This will remove any dirt or sediments that might cause blockages on the showerhead. The showerhead can be fixed easily with anyone and without any tool.

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Is a Showerhead Under $50 Worth Buying?

There are brands with a great reputation that aims at offering the best showerhead that meets customer satisfaction at affordable prices. Showerheads under $50 are worth buying as long as your expectations are well defined. Most of these showerheads have basic features that will give you the best showering experience.

Considering that the basic features that all showerheads ought to have are multiple spray settings, filtration, good design, dual showerhead, and good construction. These features are present in the best showerheads under $50 thus worth buying. If you need other cool features such as Bluetooth shower speakers, Rite-temp for preventing rude hot and cold showers then you will have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Keeping in mind that the budget is under $50 then its clear that your interests are the basic features that will give you a great showering experience. Basically, the showerheads are simple yet very effective.

What Types of Shower Head Under $50 Should I Choose?

There are many different types of showerheads that are meant to satisfy your needs. Below are different types of showerheads that are available under $50.

– Wall mount showerhead.

This is the most common and ergonomic showerhead. This is because it is cost-effective and also easy to maintain. Moreover, its parts are readily available and the chances of it failing to work are greatly reduced. If you are on a budget, the wall mount showerhead is your best option. This type is also available in different spray patterns allowing you to choose according to your preference.

– Rain showerhead.

To give yourself a rainfall showering experience, you ought to install a waterfall shower head. It can be mounted from the ceiling or the wall. The size of the rain shower head ranges from 6 to 12 inches and can be bigger. The rain shower head can be mounted from your ceiling as long as there are pipes that are running through the ceiling. The arm extends up to 16 inches and even the actual showerhead can be extended.

– Handheld showerhead.

A handheld showerhead is a great choice since it is more flexible and easy to use. It is also affordable. The handheld showerhead can be used to bath your kids as well as your pets. These types come with a wall mount as well as a flexible hose that is made of metal or plastic.

– High-pressure showerhead.

If water bills are not your concern, then you can go for a high-pressure showerhead. This type will relax you with its power as well as a steady stream of water that is great at relieving muscle fatigue. There are models that enable you to change the spray patterns but they are quite pricey.

– Dual showerhead.

This is a combination of both a handheld showerhead and a rain showerhead. Both showerheads are in one unit. The water comes from two different sources thus a unique shower experience.

Features of Showerhead Under $50

Showerheads are many in today’s market due to their different sizes and brands. The features of a good showerhead under $50 should give you the experience of showering in the rain even when you are not in the rain. Below are features of showerheads under $50.

moen vs delta shower head

– Materials.

Most of the showerheads under 50 dollars are made of ABS plastic that has a chrome-plated finish. Although this cannot compare with the higher-end models that are constructed using premium-quality stainless steel. It is steel worth the price. ABS plastic is a sturdy material and thus the showerhead will serve you for quite a long time.

– Size and Shape.

Generally, showerheads are available in square and round shapes, but when it comes to size there is a wide range to choose from. There are still some models under $50 that are equipped with both a handheld shower arm and a rainfall showerhead.

For instance, the AquaDance Slimline is available under $50 and boasts a 7-inch diameter rainfall showerhead and 4-inch diameter handheld showerhead.

– Settings.

Most showerheads under this category have multiple settings, although there are those with more than others.

For example, the Culligan WSH-C125 has five different settings while the AquaDance Slimline has six different settings both under $50.

– Filtration.

This feature is very useful at preventing the build-up of limescale, sediments, dirt among others. There are showerheads under $50 that feature anti-bacterial and anti-clogging jets or filtration systems.

Who Makes the Best Cheap Shower Head Under $50?

In these modern days, it is not just about getting clean when you are taking a shower, but the shower should be an invigorating one and with a relaxing experience. There are brands that have managed to achieve this as reviewed below.

under 50 showerhead guide

– AquaDance Showerheads.

This is a top brand from Interlink International. The brand is outstanding in terms of durability, versatility as well as aesthetic beauty. AquaDance offers highly durable and at the same time functional showerheads. Products from this brand are easy to install and reliable. All the reviewed showerheads from this manufacturer are easy to clean with a consistent water supply that meets your demands.

An example of a showerhead under $50 from this brand is the AquaDance Slimline Showerhead.

– WaterPik Showerheads.

The WaterPik brand has been operating for close to 56 years from Colorado. It is a top brand manufacturer of high-quality showerheads. When it comes to innovation, the brand has been at the forefront with a number of patents products. Overall, this brand delivers just as advertised with top-notch quality as well as efficiency. Affordability is key in this brand and thus easy to find a quality showerhead under $50.

An example is the WaterPik YAT-963ME shower head.

– Speakman Showerheads.

Although this brand is not well known, that has not prevented it from designing quality showerheads that guarantee luxury. The brand makes impressive rainfall showerheads and are utilizing the chroma therapy technology together with built-in LED lighting. If you desire to have a showerhead that sets your bathroom apart dramatically, this is the direction to follow. The showerheads are relatively inexpensive and you will find a number of them that fall under this price.

– DreamSpa Showerheads.

Interlink Product International owns the DreamSpa showerheads brand. It has built its own reputation in the US for quite a long time. The brand has a number of showerhead categories including adjustable rainfall showers, fixed-mount rainfall showers, handheld showers, and combination showers. A notable feature in these products from DreamSpa is the durability.

An example of an incredible showerhead from this brand under $50 is the DreamSpa 3-way Rainfall Shower Head.

Usages of Showerhead Under $50

Taking a shower is a great well to relieve yourself and get rid of fatigue. Owning a showerhead will be of great advantage due to the numerous uses or rather tasks that these products can deliver. Below are some of the usages of showerheads.

– Cleaning kids and pets.

Considering that there are showerheads that are a combination of both handheld and overhead showers, they are good at cleaning your pets and kids. The handheld showers are perfect for kids who are overwhelmed by the noise as well as the heavy spray that comes with a standard shower. The handheld shower gives them the control and they can learn to shower on their own. With a showerhead, you can clean your own pet instead of sending it to the groomer. With a handheld shower, you can concentrate the spray where you need it making it easier to clean your stinky pet.

– Water conservation.

Showerheads are great when it comes to water conservation. A shower for five minutes consumes only a third of the water that is used to take a bath. The latest showerheads have an on/off button that enables you to stop the flow when you are busy shaving or soaping up. You can also install a showerhead flow restrictor that will save you on electricity as well as water consumption each year.

– Better control for the disabled or elderly.

Combination showerheads, that is, with handheld showers are incredible when it comes to cleans people with limited mobility. This includes those that are disabled or the elderly. The handheld shower has a flexible hose that makes it easier for caregivers to bathe their patients. It is also possible for the elderly to retain their independence thus showering without assistance.

– Create a spa-like experience.

Most of the showerheads will take your showering experience to the next level. The showerheads have multiple spray settings including massage spray and rainfall spray. This is great at relieving muscle fatigue and giving you a relaxing experience. You can ease sore muscles with the massaging spray setting.


1. Which is Better Moen or Delta Shower Heads?

Over some time, these two brands have been giving us some of the best showerheads. Differentiating, which is better among the two showerheads, is not an easy task.

With the Moen showerheads, it offers mostly the wide powerful cleaning sprays that enable you to effectively clean a surface. The Delta shower heads, on the other hand, are fixed with different spray patterns that give you much flexibility in cleaning.

The Moen’s showerheads are pretty much expensive because of the quality materials used to make it. On the other hand, the Delta ones are inexpensive compared to the other but offer good cleaning.

Deciding the better shower among these two is not easy.

2. Can Shower Heads Increase the Pressure?

Yes, some shower can increase the water pressure. Depending on the pressure, the water flows in the pipe; it dictates how the pressure will be increased. A shower head has a restrictor that regulates water flow into the showerhead.

If the water pressure on the pipe is low, you can make the restrictor large, and with more water, on the showerhead it will give powerful sprays. On the other hand, tightening the restrictor makes the water coming to the showerhead less; hence the pressure of the water will be low.

3. Where is the flow restrictor on the showerhead?

The restrictor is usually located on the holder that is connected to the shower arm or on the end of the shower arm that is attached to the shower elbow.

4. How Can I Make My Shower Head High Pressure?

To increase the pressure of the showerhead sprays, you need to:

Where is the flow restrictor on the showerhead

Replace the restrictor

The pressure will be low if the water coming to the show’s head is little. The restrictor will always control the amount of water coming to the showerhead. You can replace the restrictor on your shower head to have one that increases water flow into the showerhead. With increased water flow it will make your showerhead give powerful sprays because of the increased rate of water flow.

Clean the showerhead

When some nozzles in the showerhead are blocked, you will have fewer power sprays from the showerhead. With the open nozzles and good water flow, your nozzles will be open to allow you to have powerful sprays.

These are some of the ways you can adopt to have powerful sprays from your shower head.


These are some of the best shower heads under $50 that you can have and enjoy a good shower session any time you want to. This review will give you an insight into what you need to do to get a good shower head.

Under $50 Shower Heads List