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Top 6 Best Spa Shower Heads Reviews

take a spa shower headIt has been proved that purchasing a new spa showerhead is one of those things that people think but they don’t commit to. It is easy to understand the reasons. Some people think that it is just a showerhead. Can they make any differences? If you have upgraded your showerhead recently, you can agree with me that the best spa showerheads in the market can make a huge difference.

You will never learn to appreciate the best spa showerheads in the market if you don’t explore them. While there are showerheads that easily massage you, there are other models that make you feel as if you are standing in the cool rain. Although a new showerhead may sound simple, this is the right time to explore other products that will make your day even better.

Top 6 Best Spa Shower Heads

What Features Make The Best Spa Shower Head?

Have you been looking for the best showerheads? You are in the right place. We have analyzed features that come with the best showerheads in the market. We are not going to discuss the showerhead but the most important parts that are included by top showerhead manufacturers.

1. Metal Hose

choosing best spa shower head

You might be aware that most handheld showers are being designed with plastic hoses. In terms of functionality and smell, a plastic hose is terrible. That is the main reason you should consider purchasing showerheads with metal hoses. They have emerged as the best options over the years. Have you ever opened the showerhead with a hose set? You can attest that it has either been manufactured from plastic or metal.

From a clear view, plastic shower hoses have a cheap look when compared to their metal hoses countertops. Usually, most metal showerheads have been manufactured from stainless steel. People who have used plastic showerheads have claimed that they are a pain in the neck. Be guaranteed that it can take many months to hang freely. In most cases, they will become stiff when you open them. Do you know that you will be the one controlling the showerhead when you purchase a metal showerhead?

The interlocking design will provide flexibility in metal showerheads. This means that metal showerheads are the ideal options for both short term and long term use. After some time, you will discover that metal showerheads are less likely to crack. At the same time, plastic showerheads will be making their ways to the garbage every month. In addition, plastic showerheads have been manufactured from cheap PVC material. It is good to keep in mind that they stink like a new PVC material.

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best metal spa shower head

2. 5 Feet Long

Do you know that long showerhead will make a great difference when showering? Nowadays, most showerhead models come with a 60-inch hose. Although some people think that 5 feet are a good length, believe me, that it is not ideal. Many manufacturers come up with shower setups of about 5 feet long. With that in mind, you will lose about 6 inches of actual reach when you bend it. Keep in mind that it’s just for standard showers.

There is no doubt that you might want to benefit from the flexibility of the handheld showerhead. Why should you buy extra-long showerheads? They will not only help you reach in the shower but also ensures that there is minimal wear on the hose. 72-inch shower hose will give you an extra 12 inches of reach.

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best spa shower heads reviews

What if you have injuries? In that situation, the best showerhead option is that with a metal hose. The hose should be at least 72 inches. In addition, it should have a caregiver. The user will have more flexibility in the shower.

Best Spa Shower Head Reviews

1. Luxsego Ionic Shower Head – Double Filter System

best spa shower

This showerhead features unique mineral balls. The negative ion mineral makes up the double filter system. The main function of including this function was to minimize chlorine and removing harmful chemicals in the water. Purified water will make your skin smoother and softer. The manufacturer has included the recent nozzle technology. This makes the outlet smaller and denser. In the end, the speed of water is increased. In fact, the speed of water is increased by more than 200%.

Unlike most showerheads in the markets, this product has three spray settings. They will give you the best showering experience for years. You don’t need to have an experienced handyman to install this showerhead. Its simple design allows the user to install it with great ease. If you know how to fix a bulb, then you will have an easy time installing this showerhead.

  • Solid design.
  • The rainfall mode brings comfortable uninterrupted water drops.
  • It has a double filter system.
  • This showerhead has been manufactured with powerful jetting spray.
  • The boost in pressure is not maximum.
  • If this showerhead is not installed correctly, it will not last.


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2. Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo

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You will be in a position to use the luxurious 5 settings overhead showerhead and the 6 settings showerhead together. Each showerhead has been manufactured with an oversized 4-inch Chrome face. What do the 5 settings include? They include power rain, massage, and stay-warm mist. A 3-way water diverter has been included.

Besides, the latest design has an anti-swivel lock nut. Away from that, the stainless steel hose has a conical brass hose nuts. The nuts allow easy and reliable hand tightening when installing this showerhead. You will take a few minutes to install this showerhead. Actually, you don’t need any tools. The adjustments are very simple. In two head spray, you can turn the knob on the right. All that you need to do is to take a pair of pliers and pull it out.

  • It has rub-clean jets that give you unforgettable showering experience.
  • You don’t need to have any tools when installing this showerhead.
  • Multiple shower settings.
  • You can use each shower together.
  • Limited warranty.
  • Unguaranteed durability.


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3. Nosame Shower Head – Water-saving Showerhead

best spa shower system

Presence of three models means that you have the full freedom to choose a massage or even jetting way. It has been known to offer an enjoyable showering experience. The reliable filtration system removes harmful substances. Similar to top showerheads by renowned manufacturers, this showerhead has the ability to soften water. This means that it will efficiently maintain water PH level.

Optimal PH level will keep your skin softer and healthier. When it comes to saving water, the manufacturer has designed it with the recent laser perforated technology. Laser technology not only saves water but also increases water pressure. In addition, it features eco-friendly material. Besides being transparent, the ABS material has high-density filters. It is suitable for men and women.

  • Saves water by 30%.
  • Increases water pressure.
  • Easy installation.
  • High-density filters.
  • Kids will have a hard time using this showerhead.
  • Water stream does not come out with high pressure when compared to other common showerheads.


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4. High Pressure Handheld Shower Head – With 6 Settings

best 6 setting shower head

Usually, this showerhead features grip handles and durable anti-clean jets. The recent models have off pause button. You can use the off pause mode to completely shut off the water flow. All that you need to do is to gently press the button with your thumb. In that case, you will be able to control the switch of your water flow. The main essence of doing this is to prevent unnecessary water flow.

Besides, the ultra-fine mist mode has been engineered with pre-compression technology. If you have used it in the past you can agree with me that it delivers a powerful spray. It is a high-quality model that can be used in cleaning hair and skins. Do you know that you can let your point showerhead where you want it? It can easily be altered in any desired angles.

  • Water savings mode that prevents unnecessary water flow.
  • It can be altered in any angle.
  • Tool-free connection.
  • All components of installing this showerhead have been included.
  • It does not have a wide pray setting.


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5. Handheld High-Pressure Showerhead – Filter System

best spa shower head

This is the right time to save your skin and your overall health. Eco pure filtration can be used to remove harmful substances. It is good to know that each mode is a unique showering experience for the user. The water flow is not only dense but also uniform. It will make the skin feels gentle and comfortable.

Outlet holes are smaller when compared to other models. This increases the speed of the water. Water pressure will increase in the process. The head integral design has been used to avoid leakage and shedding. Therefore it is suitable for women, kids and also pets.

  • Easy installation.
  • Unlimited warranty period.
  • You can connect to any showerhead.
  • Shallow water spray.
  • Old fashioned.


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6. AquaBliss TheraSpa Hand Shower – Baby And Pet Choice

best shower spa reviews

Do you know that this showerhead has 6 therapeutic massage combinations? It is a nice looking hand shower that allows you to remove your stress and tension. The highly regarded product has a perfect length. This means that you can easily reach everything. The hoses utilize 360-degree technology. This makes it an ideal option if you have been looking for a reliable showerhead for independent bathing. Most adults with disabilities prefer using this showerhead.

In addition, many homeowners have been using it as a pet shower sprayer more so in the bathtub. Be guaranteed that it will be worth every penny.

  • Removable showerhead.
  • No tool connection.
  • Manufactured from eco-friendly ABS materials.
  • Perfect for calming your nerves.
  • It leaks if not installed correctly.
  • Require maintenance.


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Final Words

This is the right time to purchase any of the above products if you have been looking for luxurious ways to shower. They will create a gentle and spa-like a stream of water. This will leave you more refreshed and relaxed.

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