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Top 6 Best Square Shower Head Reviews

The square shower head is popular for its wide shower area. It can not only provide you a full-body massaging shower experience but high-pressure water flow. If you are also interested in having a good square shower head, follow this article, and you will find the best one.

What Is the Best Square Shower Head on the Market?

Top 6 Best Square Shower Head

How To Choose The Best Square Shower Head?

best square shower head reviews

There are factors in place that you have to consider before buying a shower head and can influence you to decide on which one is suitable for you. Definitely, you have to take the following factors into consideration.

Size of the steam cleaner;

Before making a purchase you have to be sure of the dimensions of the product, whether you desire the one that covers the whole body or the one that provides partial coverage when taking a shower. This will help you to use the product comfortably. Also, ensure that the space above your bathroom suits the product comfortably, especially when preferring the adjustable showerheads.

Quality of the overhead shower

Buy a shower head that is of high quality not only will it give the best results and able to serve for a long period of time but also you will get the value of your money. A quality shower will give certainty of serving for long without breaking down or having need of replacing it or some of its parts.

Cost of the showerhead

Mostly showerheads vary in prices with different. A shower head that performs very effectively and efficiently definitely has high prices attached to it. You have to consider buying a quality product that will serve you for a long and performs great work despite its price.

The high price tag doesn’t guarantee good quality showerheads; prices fluctuate over time brought about by levels of demand. You have to look for good features, effectiveness, heating, and working technology, size, and capacity. These features differ in different models, and you have to make a comparison to get the best for you.

Flexibility and sophistication of the overhead shower

When buying an overhead shower get to know how flexible is it for you to change its location, angle, and position, work-rate, suitability, and effectiveness as to meet needs that might arise over time. Also, consider machines that can easily be mounted and operated.

A number of attachments and accessories the product has

Consider machines that come with many basic attachments that will enable you to use them in different ways to meet most of the users’ needs and preferences. It is of less need for you to buy an overhead shower that will limit you because of not supporting other attachments.

The pressure and temperature produced

This is another important factor you have to look for when buying the best shower head, before picking an overhead shower, you have to know how hot it gets and how much water pressure will it be able to generate. Overhead showers that produce very high pressure tend to be more preferred and as well consider ones that are hygienic and self-cleaning to maintain healthy conditions in your bathroom.

Top 6 Best Square Shower Head Reviews

1. Square Rain Shower Head Set – NearMoon Luxury Square Showerhead

best square rain shower head set

  • Large Shower Head

This is a larger showering product, thin in size with a very powerful water flow showerhead. Its dimensions are 0.08 thin and 12-inch squire that fully cover your body and is a combination of ultra-thin and contains air intake feature that increases water pressure and able to optimize any water pressure.

  • 100% Stainless Steel

This product is well protected against leaking and can’t be attacked with rust over time as it is made of high quality 100% stainless steel, best soft rubber gasket and tapes from Teflon make that enables it to be durable hence lasting for long. As well this product can clean by itself; no worry cleaning the head of this shower and the nozzle is made of silicone which is healthy and safe when taking a bath.

  • Easy Installation

Installing it is very simple and can easily be adjusted, enabling to work with all standards, and it has a mini wrench for tightening. This product is beautifully designed with a perfect match deco just like chrome hence making your shower head perfect.

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2. Best Wall Mount Square Shower Head – HIGH PRESSURE Rain Showerhead

square rain shower head reviews

  • Special Designs

This shower head will fulfill all your requirements for a square shower head. With it, you will never experience any weak water pressure again. Its nozzle made of flexible silicone that as the ability to stop the limescale from sticking, thus preventing holes from blocking.

  • Durable Stainless Steel Materials

It is made of durable stainless steel materials that are resistant from rust and durable to serve for every long time; you will not experience leaking with this product new laser welding technology is applied when making this product. Sealing tapes are used to give watertight conditions; hence there is no worry to flood your bathroom.

This product provides an upgraded experience as it provides high pressure, good looking, and high-quality products, enabling it to serve for a long time.

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3. 12 Inch High Pressure Showerhead with 11 Inch Arm

best square shaped shower heads

  • Adjustable Shower Head

This is a rain overhead shower 12 by 12 inches able to cover your whole body when taking a shower and designed with a swivel ball that enables it to adjust the showerhead angle up to 360 degrees letting you have a variety of shower experiences.

  • Has A Filter Gasket

This product is made of durable and high-quality materials stainless steel and a PVD multi-layer plating process which is resistant to rust leaking and anti-corrosion, making the showerhead looks mirror-like and glossy and has a filter gasket that is important for secondary filtration maintaining healthy conditions.

  • Flexible Silicone Nozzle

Product records no dripping and clogging as it contains a flexible silicone nozzle that resists the lime scales from sticking that may block the nozzle holes. And it is an ultra-thin in size with an advanced air booster that helps in doubling water pressure providing a constant powerful overhead shower and requires no tool installation, and it is very easy.

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4. Best Chrome Square Shower Head – Delta 52664 H2Okinetic Shower Head

10 inch square rain shower head

  • Luxurious Contemporary Look

This is a product that can always consider as it gives a luxurious contemporary look that anyone can recommend. It gives full-body coverage and with a drenching power as it is designed with an H2OKinetic technology to create large water droplets just like the drenching rainforest shower.

  • 5 Spray Settings

This product contains five spray settings include; full body spray, H2O-Kinetic spray, full spray with massage, pause feature which reduces water pressure to stickle while maintaining water temperature condition and massage spray, as these modes help in water conservation.

  • Has Pause Mode

During the time of bathing one can adjust the pause mode as it will give you space for lathering, shaving and other tasks in the shower and able to restarts water with the same temperature where you left off.

The soft delta rubber on the nozzle allows any kind of residues to be wiped out for an instant refreshed look with no need to soak it on chemicals. The showerhead comes ineasy to install different designs and , and the product is of high quality and able to serve for years.

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5. SR SUN RISE SRSH-D1203 Square Rain Mixer Shower Combo

best square rainfall shower

  • Luxury Rain Mixer

This is a wall mount bathroom shower and is a luxury rain mixer 12 inches. It is made of 304 stainless steel shower head and with a solid L-shaped brass shower arm of 15.7 inches long. The product is a concealed installation holder with a pressure balancing mixer valves that do not require adapters as it contains a trim and rough-in valve.

  • Resistant to Corrosion

The product is ten layer chrome plated finish that able to give it a sleek look and is resistant to corrosion, rust and very durable to serve for a long period of time. It is designed to boost water pressure to the highest level to offer consistent, powerful rain showers even when the water pressure is low.

This is so because of the water pressure-balancing valves cartridge that monitors the pressure of water during the showing process and able to protect the person under it against scalding due to sudden changes in water temperatures. This product is of high quality and comes with a five-year guarantee warranty from the manufacture.

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6. DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head

best square shower head combo

  • Push Button To Regulate the Water Flow

This is a rainfall shower combo that has a push control button to regulate the flow of water through it. It is a luxurious shower for drenching showerhead featuring convenient features to ensure you enjoy your shower to the fullest.

  • Easy To Use

Using this product is easy and simple as one can hold the handheld shower and switch the flow setting with the same hand by simply pushing in the button. It has an extra-large 9-inch shower head that covers shoulder to shoulder water flow coverage and has a rub cleaning jets for easy cleaning hence maintaining bath hygiene.

  • Dual Shower Head

This product can be used both for overhead and handheld shower and is an extra-large equipment 4.75-inch face hence wider water flow coverage. You will definitely enjoy a high power shower with this product with aeration massage and luxurious shower settings within a button push. This product is easy to install as you can connect with a minute to an overhead shower arm and with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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Benefits of the Square Shower Head

Starting your day with a nice warm shower with nice jets can be relaxing and make you have a successful day. A square shower head can be very beneficial, and below are some of the benefits of a square shower head.

square handheld shower head

#1. They come in different finishes so that you can choose one that best suits you. That helps complement the style of your bathroom, giving it a great look.

#2. They are straightforward to install as you don’t require any drilling or complicated tools to install it.

#3. Comes with a handheld wand to make it easier to wash the hard to reach places; the wand is also handy when washing kids or cleaning the bathroom.

#4. Water and energy saving. With the constant water pressure, it means that you use less water hence saving on water and electricity. That means your bills will be less and more friendly to the environment.

#5. Water regulation and built-in patterns. These features will help give you choices on how hard or soft you want your water jets to be. The kind of jets you decide on can provide you with massaging benefits that can help relax you after a long day at work or a soft jet that can soothe you.

#6. Durable and high-quality materials to ensure that it will last you many years to come.

Regardless of what type of shower you decide to buy, a square shower head should give you a luxurious experience in your own home. It should give you the ability to pause while shaving or shampooing to save on water and electricity. It should come with a handheld wand to easily wash everyplace and for bathing your kids. It should also have soft jets if you live with the elderly.

What Types of Square Shower Head Do I Need?

1. Square Rainfall Shower Head

Rainfall shower heads can always provide you a luxurious shower experience. This feature is strengthened when it is designed in square shapes. So, these shower heads can produce rain-like showers and are made of durable products. Besides that, some of these shower heads have an ability to be adjusted letting the user experience the best moments in the shower.

2. Square Dual Shower Head

The dual shower head can provide two shower heads in one and is effective and convenient. It provides an added comfort and luxuriousness as it is a high-quality shower system that provides multiple sprays for you to enjoy as you lather with gentle and misting spray. There is 2 main type of dual showerhead sprays; the fixed dual head and the one with a handheld attachment where each of this provides options when taking a shower.

4. Square Massaging Shower Head

Massaging shower heads usually come with different sizes and give full-body coverage and have drenching power-producing large water droplets just like the drenching rainforest shower.

They can also reduce water pressure and to maintain water temperature condition and provide a massage spray. Have nozzles that wipe all kinds of residues instantly, making it healthier to the users.

5. Square Wall Mount Shower Head

Wall mount shower heads are designed in a unique way, and squire in nature mounted on the walls at a raised high to provide overhead showers. And when it is made in square shapes, it can provide you with a more comfortable showering experience as it can produce more water flow once a time. Also, this feature can accelerate your showering procedure in every busy morning.

Who Makes the Best Square Shower Head? – Best Brands Recommend

square shower head


For most people, showering is more than just cleaning yourself; it is therapeutic and relaxing after a long day. That is precisely what you get when you use the delta square shower head. There are many brands available in the market but buying delta brands comes with its benefits.

The vast experience and quality of the product is the first thing you get from this brand. What makes it even more trustable is the number of positive reviews by customers who have had an excellent shower time with the Delta square shower head. The Delta shower head comes in different models and is very easy to install; no drilling or mounting is required. It easily fits any design with its unique design and is very easy to clean.


If you need a showerhead and you don’t have a clue on where to start, then knowing the best brand available is a great start. The Moen brand produces great models of square shower heads that are top-rated in the market. The Moen Company started in 1937 and has been in the market for a very long time. Therefore, it has all the expertise to give you a perfect square shower head that will completely change your showering experience when it comes to experience.

If you want a shower with tremendous pressure, this is the showerhead for you; it comes with high pressure and still uses very minimal water. That means that it saves on the water, making it very friendly to the environment.


If you want a rainfall showerhead in your bathroom, then don’t waste money buying a shower head that will not last. Grohe is among the best square shower head in the market nowadays, and purchasing it will be a good idea. The brand has different finishes so that you can choose the one that fits you the most or the one that best complements your bathrooms décor.

The square shower head is scratch resistant and can be adjusted in different angles according to your preference. The Grohe brand is specifically designed to ensure that you get a luxurious experience right in your home. It is made with durable materials that will ensure that it lasts for a long time.

How Much is a Cheap Square Shower Head, and is It Worth Buying?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a square shower head to get the full benefits. A cheap square shower head can be as low as 50 to 100 dollars. Yes, a cheap square shower head is worth buying as long as you ensure that you have all the features you require. It should be able to work just the same as the expensive one giving you the same type of experience.

Some of the features that a cheap square shower head should have include:

Saving on water

Using a shower for five minutes can be very eco-friendly, and saving on water. Unfortunately, most people spend so much time on the shower and end up using so much water. A cheap square shower should come with an off and on the feature that will help you pause the shower when maybe you want to scrub yourself of shampoo your hair and later on, un-pause it, and it will go back to the exact temperature that you left it in.

A flow restrictor will also come in handy when buying a cheap square shower head. It is affordable and will save you on water and electricity every year. It helps reduce water flow per minute and, in turn, will reduce the water and electricity bills. If you live in an area with low water pressure, then a water restrictor is not advised.

Great Water pressure

When buying a cheap square shower head, it does not mean you will deal with terrible water pressure. A cheap square shower head should give you excellent water pressure, just like the expensive ones. It is frustrating to use a shower head that trickles water on your head, with the different designs available for your choosing. A cheap square shower head should still provide you with adjusting dials to help you control the water pressure. That way, you can change it to provide you with settings like deep massage or gentle flow that is great for kids and the elderly.

Square Shower Head Vs. Round Shower Head


square rainfall shower head

Most people know rain shower heads to be round in shape because that is the most common shape. But that is not true, showerheads come in different forms, and the most common are round and square. Both of these provide you with great coverage, and it just comes down to what you prefer. Both showerheads give you different types of water spray settings to have various options to choose from depending on your mood.

Both showerheads come with a detachable wand to be easy to wash the hard to reach places. Features like massage jets and LED lights can be found in both the square and round showerheads. Square and round showerheads come in different finishes like polished nickel, chrome, and many others so that you can have a variety to choose from depending on your bathrooms décor. Various waterfall features that the showerhead provides ensure versatility and help you change pressure and water flow.

Square and round shower heads can come with LED lights that can also come with RGB colors and remote controls. They are available in specific colors so that you can choose the one that best fits you. In short, rainfall showerheads come in both round and square shapes, and whatever you choose will depend on what your bathroom looks like.


Square shower heads are best for contemporary bathrooms with angular elements like a square bath while the circle one is best in circular bathrooms.

Square baths have clean lines for a great showering experience because of its flat and wide shape.

Round shower heads are very versatile style-wise; they are best in classic and modern looks depending on the bathroom design.

What Sizes of Square Shower Head Do I Need?


A square shower head is designed to produce water like a waterfall or like rain. It replaces the traditional showerhead conveniently. The size of the square shower head matters, typically, rain showers are large and mounted on the ceiling, but some can be mounted on the wall.

Small sizes like 4 to 7 inches are available if you would like a small shower head. A small shower head can be custom made according to the desired size that you want.

A small size square shower head has all the features; the only difference will be the showerhead size and the amount of water emitted. Since it is small in size, it means you save more on water. A small shower head also means effortless maintenance.


Large, square shower heads are the most common. They are known for their high pressure and large size, ensuring you get enough coverage for your whole body.

The air and ultra-thin technology give you the ultimate rainfall experience that helps save on water while providing you with the perfect pressure.

Most large square shower heads come with a self-cleaning nozzle feature, which means it is maintenance-free. It will not clog, very easy to clean, and corrosion-resistant.

Ensure that when you buy your large square shower head to get one that has adjustable angles. That means you can fix any angle that would like; the feature will give you a hotel-like experience. It is easy to install and does not need any handyman to do the job.

10 inch

A ten-inch square shower head is also ranged among a large shower head. It has all the features that a large shower head except that it is smaller when you compare them.

If you prefer a ten-inch square shower head, you don’t have to worry that it will be different. You will still get all the great features that a square shower head provides. Some of the features that you should look out for are the air technology, that will help save on water. The other ones include the pause feature and the self-cleaning function.

12 inch

The 12 inch is the most commonly bought out of all of them. It is the optimal ceiling and wall mount overhead showerhead. A twelve-inch shower head provides you with extensive coverage and air injection technology to help save on water.

Using this shower head will make you feel like you show warm rain with the perfect amount of pressure. As always, ensure it is adjustable, has a pause function, and self-cleaning nozzles for the ultimate showering experience.

Which exactly do I need

As you have read from above, the size does not matter that much, but the twelve inches are the most ideal if you have to pick. It will provide you with the perfect coverage and comes with great features that will change your showering experience.

Benefits of the Square Led Shower Head

Square LED shower heads are possible today because of the creative minds of various experts. It is a showerhead that has been joined with LED technology to create something great. Below are some of its benefits.

Eliminates the risk of getting burned

Not ever getting burned is one of the benefits of these types of showers. They have a sensor that lets you know how hot the water is without you having to touch it. That means it can be used by both adults and kids that are learning how to use it.

Esthetically appealing effect

Most people have realized that the effect of a colored shower is very appealing esthetically. You have the option of turning your bathrooms light off and only using these lights; you can also choose the type of color that you want. Just enjoy the LED lights while taking a shower; you end up being clean and feeling great at the same time.

Positive mood

A good shower, whether in the morning or at night, will be great for your mood. After a long day at work, take a shower using the LED square shower head, and you will sleep great during the night. During the morning, a nice shower will determine how your day will go, and if you will be in a good mood on that particular day.

Don’t need batteries.

An LED shower head does not require any batteries to function. It gets its energy from the moving water that goes through dynamos in the shower’s strategic points. That means that it is entirely self-powered, and you have to take your time to make electricity reach a certain point.

When Do You Need a High-pressure Square Shower Head?

It would be best if you had high-pressure showerheads because they are excellent for places where there is low pressure. It increases the water flow by injecting air, making you get the right amount of water pressure and still using small amounts of water. You need a high-pressure square shower head if you live in an area with a weak water supply, which can only be achieved through a high-pressure showerhead.

A high-pressure square shower head will ensure:

>Through wash and cleanse

High pressure is not only great for personal washing but is also excellent when washing your windows and cars. When showering, they can give you the required cleaning and rinsing to be truly clean, helping open your pores. It also means that you save on time that you would have used to wash away shampoo or soap. A high-pressure shower will wash away the soap in a matter of minutes.

>Saves on the water

As you have seen from above, a high-pressure square shower head is excellent in keeping water. A low-pressure shower will not only use a lot of water but also waste a lot of time. Using a showerhead with the required pressure is satisfactory, time, and water-saving.

Bronze Square Shower Head Vs. Square Chrome Shower Head

chrome square shower head


Both bronze and chrome square shower heads are the same apart from the kind of finish used. The bronze finish is a warm, brown color that perfectly matches a rustic and traditional design. That means if your bathroom has a traditional or rustic feel and you need a showerhead, then a bronze square shower head is the perfect one for you.

Although this finish is excellent, it is one of the most expensive. That is because it requires a lot of labor, and you will not find it in PVD. It is very intricate, and a PVD process will not work well with it. The bronze finish is unique and can vary from one manufacturer to the other. You can find one that is a bit darker or even lighter, so it is better to stick to one manufacturer to match your bathroom.


A square chrome shower head finish is known for its metallic, reflective look. That does not necessarily mean it is made from chrome; it just looks like chrome. It is a finish known to be timeless and very pocket friendly for those that need a less expensive option. Chrome finish has become very popular with modern designs because it is safe, simple, and sturdy. It would be best if you kept in mind that it needs to be regularly cleaned to look great and last a long time.

As much as looking at the finishes when buying a square shower head is essential, don’t forget to look at the other essential features. Ensure that your square shower head comes with tremendous pressure, which is the most important. Don’t forget to look at the settings; you should be able to adjust them with ease.

Final Words

Choosing the best square shower head is not easy; you must pay great attention to the specific features of the showerhead that you want to have. Make sure you can get the best one to serve you interest, I believe this review has provided you with everything you would wish to know about the showerhead

Top Rated Square Shower Heads Recommended