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Best Watersense Shower Head Reviews

Are you looking for a quality and a regular showerhead that delivers excellent performance while still conserving water usage at home? Well, you need to consider the WaterSense shower head. These types of showerheads feature three attributes which are; the high pressure, spray force and spray coverage to deliver the best performance.

There are multiple brands of the WaterSense showerheads on the market worth considering buying. But, to make your buying process easy, we are going to review the top 8 best WaterSense showerheads models on the market today and the factors to consider when buying it.

Top 8 Best WaterSense Shower Head

What Is A WaterSense Shower Head?

watersense shower head replacementA WaterSense showerhead is a water conservative shower head model with a water flow of 2 gallons per minute or less. These shower heads have been passed by the Energy Policy act of 1992 since they aid in saving energy usage in the house due to the high-pressure flow levels.

Other than conserving water usage at home, these types of showerheads have a high performance attributed by three quality features which include; high spray force, spray coverage, and high pressure.

All these attributes from these types of showerheads guarantee excellent performance for efficiency showering performance. The WaterSense showers have different settings, and either consists of a hose or a single overhead showerhead. Therefore, the WaterSense shower heads are the perfect water and energy conservative shower heads on the market.

Reviews of Top 8 Best Watersense Shower Head On Market

1. 3 Inch High-Pressure Watersense Shower Head


  • This showerhead has self-cleaning nozzles
  • It has durable and thick ABS material design
  • Installing the shower takes less than 5 minutes
  • It produces firm shower flow


  • This showerhead only has a single water flow setting

Although this showerhead is made of ABS material, rest assured it will serve you for a long time. The gadget has multiple layers of design to create a thick and thermoplastic cover that is also BPA free for the safety of the user. The thick crafting prevents the showerhead from damage resulting from high impacts, prolonged use, and even high heat levels.

The showerhead guarantees adequate water flows thanks to the self-cleaning nozzles. This prevents clogging and blocking, mainly if you use the shower with salty water. Installing this shower head is super easy such that you don’t need to hire a plumber to fix it for you. The pack also comes with a manual for guidance.

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2.AquaDance 7″ Watersense Rain Shower Head


  • There are six settings to choose from
  • It is a quality shower resistant to clogging and blocking
  • The showerhead comes with an extra handheld showerhead
  • It adjusts to three different angles


  • The hose does not have an ergonomic handle which causes it to slip off the hand

The showerhead measures around 7 inches large to provide excellent water flow for a full-body rinsing. It is a versatile showerhead because it comes with a handheld shower head that allows one to use it in two ways. These parts make it a perfect showerhead for families with kids because they can use the handheld showerhead when bathing.

The shower features six different shower settings which are power rain, pulsating massage, power mist, rain massage and rain mist so that everyone can achieve the best showering results. There are three patented diverter ways so you can set the angle of the showerhead you prefer.

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3. Zurn Z7000-S9 Water Saver Shower Head


  • This showerhead comes with a three warranty against any factory defects
  • It is adjustable to different showering modes
  • There is a removable water compensator to ensure continuous water flow
  • It has quality material construction


  • None

If you are looking for a conservative water showerhead for your home use, this right here is the perfect model to buy. This showerhead releases around 2 gallons of water per minute to ensure complete rinse off to save time and water usage. The nozzles feature the self- rinsing mechanism to prevent them from clogging and blocking, which may interfere with water flow.

Installing this showerhead takes a few minutes because it fits on the standard shower arms, and the process is easy to follow. The outer ring sprayer is adjustable so you can set the perfect water flow to use.

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4. WASSA Watersense Certificated Shower Head


  • The showerhead pack comes with all the installing parts
  • It has self-cleaning nozzles to prevent blockage
  • The showerhead has quality material construction
  • It comes with a long term warranty


  • More suitable for adults use

This is a regular showerhead that is compatible with any water type because the silicone nozzles jets prevent any lime or hard water deposited from getting stuck on the showerhead. The showerhead has quality material construction that guarantees durability and efficient functionality of a very long time.

It has an easy to install shower head since it is compatible with all the G 1/2 threads and standard shower arms. This showerhead is also reliable for people who need water conservative showerhead because it releases less water.

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5. HOPOPRO Upgraded Fixed Shower Head


  • Installation takes two minutes hence no need to hire a plumber
  • The showerhead has five settings to choose from
  • The package comes with all the installing hardware and parts
  • Thu showerhead is quite affordable


  • This showerhead does not come with a hose for handheld shower

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly and regular showerhead to install in your house, consider this model from HOPOPRO. This showerhead ensures everyone gets the perfect water flow at home through the five flow settings. So, you can choose your preferred shower flow to achieve relaxing and perfect showering needs.

The showerheads have silicone jet nozzles that have a self-cleaning mechanism to prevent blockage damage of the device when used with salt water. The material construction of this gadget consists of durable and thick ABS material that is resistant to rust or corrosion even after prolonged exposure to water.

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6. Niagara Conservation N2945BN Shower Head


  • This showerhead has a consistency water flow mechanisms
  • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty
  • The showerhead comes with a shower hose
  • Installing the gadget takes less than 10 minutes
  • The pack comes with all the assembling tools


  • This showerhead does not have pause settings

This is another regular showerhead for people who need a water-saving gadget because it has a flow restrictor. It has a high-pressure flow that delivers up to 1.5 gallons of water per minute while still, ensuring there is water conservation at home. The showerhead has variable water flow settings to fit different showering needs and different people as well.

The showerhead is perfect for a home with the elderly or kids because it comes with a 72-inch hose made of durable PVC material and an amounting bracket for convenience when showering and storing. This showerhead also has PVC material construction that is strong to resist rust and corrosion even after prolonged exposure to water.

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7. Niagara Conservation | Energy & Water Saving Handheld Showerhead


  • This showerhead has self-cleaning nozzles for easy maintenance
  • It saves water usage with up to 20 per cent
  • The showerhead is not aerated to prevent heat loss
  • It comes with a long hose
  • Installing this hose is quite natural because it comes with the installation tools and all parts


  • None

The Niagara showerhead releases around 2 gallons of water per minute which in return saves the total water usage per session with 20 percent. The showerhead comes with a 72-inch hose that provides comfortable showering gadgets for kids and older people.

The showerhead has a total of 9 jet turbo massage settings to ensure one gets the perfect water flow for a relaxed and comfortable showering mode. Apart from saving the water usage in your home, this showerhead is also reliable for saving the power usage thanks to the non-aerating spray settings that ensure there is no heat loss when one is showering.

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8. HotelSpa Watersense Dual Shower Head


  • This showerhead comes with a warranty
  • It is easy to install since it comes with the installation hardware
  • There are six shower settings to choose from
  • It has dual functioning modes


  • None

The classic and quality design of this showerhead fits perfectly for home or commercial places such as spas and hotel use. This showerhead has three-way shower modes where you can also set the handheld showers as an overhead showerhead to use both. This showerhead has six shower settings to choose from depending on the shower results you want to achieve.

This showerhead also features 30 full and combined water flow patterns to fit multiple showering needs. There are three-way patented settings so you can divert water flow to three different angles.

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How to Choose the Best WaterSense Shower Head?

watersense shower head reviews

The type

There are three types of showerheads which are determined by the settings. They include the multi-setting models, single settings models and the shower towers.

The multi-setting shower head

These are the type of showerheads that features more than one water flow setting. Some models consist of 5 settings while others have six or more settings which include; rainfall, mist, pulsate massage, massage, and many others.

Single setting

This type of WaterSense showerhead only has one water flow setting. Therefore, you cannot alternate the water flow on such showerhead models. But, note that such showerheads are relatively cheaper as compared to the multi-setting showerheads.

The shower tower

The shower tower showerhead features more than one water flow gadget. They come with a hose that one can use as a handheld showerhead a significant part useful for kids or older people. Some of such showers can be connected so one can use the overhead and the hose together for effective results.

The installation mode

wall mounted shower head watersenseChoosing a shower head based on the installation mode is determined by the size of the bathroom, the people to use, and also your showering needs. The showerheads can be mounted on the wall, ceiling and the handheld mounting mode.

The wall mounting shower head is directly attached to the shower arm elbow, and it releases water at an angle. The handheld showerhead comes with a hose that is connected to the shower elbow to release water. Most of the handheld showers come with an overhead shower for efficient functionality.

Lastly, the ceiling-mounted Watersense showerhead is fitted to a long S or Z shaped arm that in return attaches to the shower elbow. Such showerheads release water from the top in the form of rain.

The pressure level

The pressure that the showerhead releases water at is another crucial factor to consider when choosing the perfect gadget for your home use. The water pressure in your home determines the kind of shower head to buy because they work ta different pressure intervals.

This means that, the more the water flow at high pressure at home, the less pressure showerhead to buy. But if there is low-pressure water flows at home, consider getting a showerhead that has a high pressure to ensure consistency of the water flow.


watersense certificationResearch conducted regarding the water consumption in the US showed that 1/6 percent of water is consumed when showering. This equals to 1.2 trillion gallons of water every year. Thus, this has lead to the department of energy, setting a rule for the manufacturing of the showerheads that have low water consumption.

The law states that water showerheads should utilize at most 2.0 gallons of water per minute. So, when choosing your WaterSense showerhead, make sure to check if it is certified and has the right water flow consumption to save on water usage. A reliable WaterSense showerhead should have 2.0 or fewer gallons of water flow per minute.

Energy usage

The pressure of the gadget determines the amount of energy required when the showerhead is working. This means that if the showerhead is performing at high pressure, then the energy usage will be relatively higher and vice versa. Make sure to choose a showerhead that has a water flow of around 2.0 gallons per minute for energy efficiency at home.


The Watersense shower heads are the greatest and most convenient shower heads for people who want to save water and energy usage in the home. Most models feature a self-cleaning mechanism that prevents the nozzles from blocking or even clogging when used with salty water.

These styles of shower heads come in different types since there are some models that consist of more than one flow setting and others have one setup. So, if you are looking for a reliable and the best WaterSense shower head for your home use, check the above review to choose the right brand.

Top-Rated WaterSense Certificated Shower Heads