Top 8 Best Delta Faucet Shower Trim Buying Guide

Over the years, Delta has been offering different products of flexibility with different designs and styles. They have been a partner over the years to ensure you have a pleasant time cleaning yourself. In Delta, there several Delta faucet shower trims, and choosing the best that will benefit you currently may also be challenging. We have therefore decided to narrow your search and make it easy for you by selecting the best delta faucet shower trim for you.

What is the Best Delta Faucet Shower Trim?

How to Choose the Best Delta Faucet Shower Trim?

delta tub faucet trim kit

There several different delta faucet showers trim and choosing the best one can be challenging and lengthy. We have therefore listed some important features that you need to consider before you buy the best Delta Faucet Shower Trim. Here are the features:

1. Cost

The amount of money in your pocket that you are willing to spend is significant. Different Delta Faucet Shower Trims have different prices. The best one may be expensive, but it is worth it since it will provide you with efficiency, and it will be reliable since it will last you for long periods, even if it is used daily.

2. The water flow

There are different variety of water flow options. The delta shower faucet has different water flow settings available. Before buying, it is advisable to check the shower trims water settings to ensure that you get the right shower treatment when you are using it.

3. The material

The fabrics used in making the shower trim is fundamental since it may determine its durability. The fabrics used should be of high quality to ensure the value of your money. Buying a shower trim made of low-quality material may be harmful to your health, and you will be purchasing a new one after a short duration of time.

There are materials like stainless steel that may be expensive, but they are sturdy and strong and thus can last you for an extended period. Brass is cheap and durable, but its quality is poor. Plastic make is affordable, lightweight, and easy to care, but it lasts for a short time.

4. Control of the temperature

For a pleasant shower or bathing experience, the water temperature is very crucial. You may like bathing with warm water that is not too hot or cold. Also, it is time-consuming to spend a long duration while adjusting the handle to get the appropriate water temperature. It is therefore advisable to go for the shower trim with a faucet handle that you can quickly and easily control to get a stable water temperature for a pleasant bathing experience.

5. Useful accessories

Before buying Delta faucet shower trim, you must look out for extra accessories. Although they seem to be expensive now, they may help save a lot of money in a long run. For example, the WaterSense label may help in conserving water hence lowering the water bill.

Other useful accessories to consider are the thermostat. Showerhead (with different jet), anti-scale protection, and scald protection. A delta faucet shower trim with these extra accessories will help save you money in the long run.

6. Design

Delta faucet shower trims are always of different designs. You should choose the design that impresses you and your family for a pleasant bath experience. Various people may use the shower, and some may be disabled. Thus, it is better to buy a shower trim that is ADA Compliant to ensure that anybody can use it.

7. Ease of installation

Different delta faucet shower trims have different installation techniques. When purchasing, it is advisable to buy the one that is understandable to you and easy to install.

8. Warranty

Having the confidence to install the shower trim and the value of your money is necessary. Before buying the shower trim, it is vital to check the warranty duration.

Top 8 Best Delta Faucet Shower Trim 2021

Top 8 Best Delta Faucet Shower Trim Reviews 2021

1. Delta Faucet T17297 Cassidy MultiChoice 17 Series Shower Trim

delta faucet shower trim

Why We Like It?

  • ADA compliant
  • Compatible with the Delta MultiChoice Universal valve for easy future upgrades
  • The availability of the installation instructions makes it easy to install
  • Has advanced H2Okinetic technology
  • It conserves water making it eco-friendly due to the WaterSense certification
  • It has protection from sudden water changes

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This Delta faucet shower trim has unique features that make it suited for its day to day activities.

  • Powerful Drench Spray

The H2Okinetic technology helps in sculpting water into a unique pattern hence forming a powerful drench spray. Additionally, the H2Okinetic spray helps in the creation of the shower’s warmth, intensity, and coverage.

  • Two Handles Control

The availability of two separate handles helps in controlling the volume and water temperature independently for refined control of your shower experience. For easy future function upgrades and style changes without altering the plumbing behind the wall, this delta faucet shower trim is compatible with Delta MultiChoice Universal rough valve. Although the Delta MultiChoice Universal rough valve is sold separately.

  • Monitor Pressure Valve

Furthermore, to keep the water temperature safe and to protect you from sudden changes in hot or cold water pressure, there is the availability of the monitor pressure balance valve. During the purchase, the showerhead, faucet, lever control handle and the installation instruction are included

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2. Delta Faucet Trinsic 14 Series Single-Function Tub and Shower Trim Kit

best delta shower faucet trim

Why We Like It?

  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Has the protection from sudden temperature changes
  • ADA Compliant
  • The WaterSense label helps in water conservation
  • Use advanced H2Okinetic technology

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For high quality, durable, and easy to use the faucet, then this is the best one.

  • H2Okinetic Technology

The availability of the H2Okinetic technology helps in giving the feeling of more water without necessarily using more water by sculpting the water into a unique wave pattern. The H2Okinetic PowerDrench spray helps in providing the coverage of the standard water head thrice.

  • ADA Compliant

It is also ADA Compliant hence can be used with everybody, including persons with disabilities. The WaterSense label that meets the EPA criteria helps in water conservation since it used up to 20% less of the standard industry use hence saving you more money.

  • Monitor Pressure-Balanced Valve

Furthermore, for protection from sudden temperature changes, this Delta faucet shower has the monitor pressure-balanced valve cartridge included. This makes it reliable for consistent water temperature.

  • Easy to Adjust the Water Pressure

Additionally, for total control of your shower, it has a single-handle design for you to adjust the water temperature easily. To complete the unit, the MultiChoice Universal Valve must be available, though it is sold separately, and it helps for future upgrades in style and designs. Lastly, there is a lifetime limited warranty for guarantees and to ensure its durability.

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3. Delta Faucet Shower Handle Renovation Repair Trim Kit

best delta faucet trim kit

Why We Like It?

  • Installation is easy
  • Has a lifetime warranty hence giving you value for your money
  • The availability of the repair kits ensures the easy update of you existing shower handle trim
  • It is a genuine Delta repair part

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  • Lifetime Warranty

This product has a limited lifetime warranty to guarantee its installation and use with confidence and ensure the value of your money. Delta Faucets Lifetime Warranty backs the lifetime warranty.

  • Elegant Outlook

Additionally, this shower handle renovation kit is a genuine Delta repair part. It also has a striking bronze finish that can help transform your bathroom with a fine blend of deep, warm tones.

  • Has the Necessary Repair Parts

During its purchase, there are necessary repair parts that are included i.e., RP17443 shower handle. Rp5883 deck plate and rp196 deck plate screws, among others. And for this reason, you can easily update your existing shower handle trim with the repair parts kit available.

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4. Delta Faucet Windemere Single-Function Shower Trim Kit

best delta shower faucet trim kit

Why We Like It?

  • Has a lifetime limited warranty
  • ADA Compliant
  • Has protection from sudden temperature changes
  • It conserves water due to the availability of the WaterSense
  • Has a full body spray setting
  • Easy to clean

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This product has essential features that make it beneficial for its daily use.

  • Monitor Pressure-Balanced Valve

It has the monitor pressure-balanced valve cartridge that helps in ensuring a consistent water temperature, thus protection from sudden temperature change. To ensure there is value for your money, this product has a lifetime limited warranty.

  • Water-Saving

More so, the WaterSense in labeled to ensure less use of water hence conserving more water and saving you more money. This shower trim kit is ADA Compliant and can be used by disabled persons too.

  • Easy to Adjust the Water Tempressure

Further, it has a single-handle design for easy adjustment of the water temperature hence giving you total control of your shower. For this product to be complete, the MultiChoice Universal Valve must be available, and it is sold separately.

  • Easy to Clean

Finally, in case of a future upgrade in design and style, the MultiChoice universal rough-in valve should be available. The showerhead is also easy to upgrade. The touch-clean spray holes make it easy and fast to clean.

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5. Delta Faucet Lahara 17 Series Dual-Function Tub and Shower Trim Kit

best delta faucet shower trim kit

Why We Like It?

  • ADA Compliant
  • Easy to clean
  • Has no sudden temperature changes
  • Has five powerful spray options
  • The showerhead is easy to upgrade
  • Has a lifetime warranty

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Installation and use of the shower tri kit can be done with full confidence due to the lifetime limited warranty that is backed by Delta Faucets Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • Easy to Clean

Additionally, for a consistent shower temperature, this shower head comes with a monitor pressure-balanced valve cartridge. Besides, the touch-clean spray holes ensure that you can clean this head easily.

  • 5 Powerful Spray Options

Furthermore, this product meets the standard set by the Americans with Disabilities Act making it ADA Compliant. The five powerful spray options ensure a steady, powerful body spray by immersing yourself and a fast massage spray to relieve tired and sore muscles, among others.

  • Dual-Function Handle

The dual-function handle ensures that you have total control of your shower with the ability to adjust the spray volume and the water temperature separately. The separate purchase of MultiChoice Universal Valve will ensure this product unit is complete.

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6. Delta Faucet Linden 14 Series Single-Function Shower Trim Kit

delta shower faucet bronze trim kit

Why We Like It?

  • Easy to clean
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • There is a consistent water temperature
  • It conserves water
  • ADA Compliant
  • Has five powerful spray options

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The availability of 5 powerful spray options offers a full body spray, fast massage, a soft drench spray, a full spray with massage, and the ability to pause.

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

The lifetime limited warranty ensures the value of your money and gives you confidence during its installation. For easy and fast cleaning purposes, there is the availability of the touch-clean spray holes. This shower kit is ADA Compliant since it meets the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Single-handle Design

Further, for complete control of your shower, this shower trim kit has a single-handle design that makes it easy to adjust the water temperature. The inclusion of the monitor-pressure balanced valve cartridge ensures there are no sudden temperature changes; hence you can enjoy a reliable, consistent water temperature.

  • Eco-friendly

For easy future upgrades in design and styles, it is advisable to purchase Delta MultiChoice Universal Shower Valve and to complete the unit too. Besides, this shower head has the WaterSense label, meaning that you will save up to 20% water than the shower heads without this certification.

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7. Delta Faucet T14267-BL Ara Monitor 14 Series Shower Trim

delta faucet trim

Why We Like It?

  • Use H2Okinetic technology
  • ADA Compliant
  • Has a monitor pressure balance valve

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  • H2Okinetic Shower Technology

The H2Okinetic shower technology helps in the formation of a power drench spray by the sculpting of water into a unique wave pattern. Additionally, the H2O kinetic technology helps in giving you the feeling of more water while using less water. The monitor pressure balance valve helps in keeping water temperature within a safe +/-3 degrees hence protection from a sudden change in the water pressure.

  • Dual Handle

For complete control of your shower, the dual handle enables you to control the water volume and temperature independently.

  • Various Spray Settings

Furthermore, the spray setting includes H2Okinetic spray that helps in the creation of more warmth, intensity, and coverage. This shower trim is ADA Compliant.

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8. Delta Faucet Ara 17 Series Dual-Function Shower Handle Valve Trim Kit

delta tub and shower faucet trim

Why We Like It?

  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Has a consistent water temperature
  • ADA Compliant
  • Can allow for the temperature and the water volume to be set separately

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  • Suitable for Persons With Disabilities

The standards set by the American with Disabilities Act are met by this shower kit, making it ADA compliant, and persons with disabilities can use it. The lifetime limited warranty ensures that you enjoy the value of your money, and it gives you the confidence to install this shower trim.

  • Consistent Shower Temperature

Additionally, the monitor pressure-balanced valve cartridge ensures there is consistency in the shower temperature; hence no sudden temperature changes.

  • Integrated Diverter

The integrated diverter is unique in design, and it incorporates the dual-function handle for water volume and temperature control to enable you to have complete control of the shower and the 3-setting diverter. The Delta MultiChoice Universal Shower Valve sold separately must be purchased to complete the unit and for future upgrades.

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How to Install the Delta Shower Trim?

Once you buy your delta faucet, you will need to install it in your bathroom. This can be done personally or by a licensed professional.

install a delta shower trim

Step 1.

The first step is to move the O-ring over the cartridge as well as the bonnet nut and leave it just next to the bonnet nut. Generally, the O-ring should be placed exactly behind the bonnet nut.

Step 2.

In case your model requires the use of a spacer, then insert it into the sleeve and push it to the front side. Then slide the sleeve over the cartridge as well as the O-ring.

Step 3.

In case your model also requires a backplate, then screw both the escutcheon and the backplate using the two delta screws to tighten them to the backplate. Note that the screws should not be over-tightened.

Step 4.

Finally, mount the handle onto the stem and then tighten the screws using an Allen wrench to complete the installation of the delta shower trim. Note, the Allen wrench should be provided by Delta.

How Do You Replace a Delta Shower Faucet Trim?

The first thing is to remove the old delta shower trim and then replacing it with the new one.

how to replace delta shower trim

Step 1.

The first step is to switch off the water before removing the shower trim.

Step 2.

The second step is to remove the handle and then using an Allen wrench, remove the set screws below the handle. Then remove the escutcheon and the backplate.

Step 3.

Then remove the sleeve by sliding it over the cartridge and the O-ring, and finally remove the O-ring.

Step 4.

From your new trim kit, pick the new O-ring and slide over the cartridge and the bonnet nut, so that it rests just behind the bonnet nut.

Step 5.

This involves installing the sleeve. In case your sleeve requires you to use a spacer, then insert it and push it forward to the front. Then move the sleeve by sliding it over the cartridge as well as the O-ring.

Step 6.

Using the two screws provided by Delta, secure the escutcheon to the backplate. Note, you should not over-tighten the screws.

Step 7.

The last step is to mount the handle and then tightening the set screws using an Allen wrench.


Factors like the material, cost, extra accessories, and design are to be considered for you to get the best Delta Faucet Shower Trim. So, having the above information before you purchase any Delta faucet shower trim will ensure that you get the one. The distinctive, unique, and essential features that the Delta Faucet Shower trim possess makes them the best.

Top 8 Best Delta Faucet Shower Trim 2021