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Easy Steps to DIY Shower Aromatherapy & Benefits

From relaxing to helping allergy sufferers breathe better, aromatherapy is an aspect you can barely overlook. Its role in providing a calming and well-scented environment is worth appreciating. Usually, a shower aromatherapy session will be a suitable alternative for a spa treatment. It allows you to soak in your tub, drowning your stress. But can you do a DIY shower aromatherapy tab?

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What are the Benefits of Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a relatively widespread practice, thanks to the advantages it draws. Understanding these benefits will help make logical decisions in the long run. Here are some of the merits that come with this option.

• Pain Alleviation

You can barely overlook the importance of aromatherapy in addressing pain. Whether or not this pain is from an injury, the effectiveness of aromatherapy remains steadfast. This therapy addresses all types of pain, and immediately so. It also soothes sore joints, headaches, and migraines.

• Improve sleep quality

Aromatherapy prompts the nervous system to send specific signals to the brain’s limbic system. This part controls memory and emotion. This therapy conditions the brain to sleep with one particular scent.

• Reduce stress

There is no denying that aromatherapy helps address anxiety, stress, and depression. This aroma ensures that the brain relaxes, doing away with any pressure.

• Boost immunity

Everyone looks forward to improving their immunity, and relying on aromatherapy is an option you will readily appreciate. The essential oils used in this process help address congestion and purify the air. Opening the airways is critical in removing any toxins in the body, enhancing your immunity.

• Fight bacteria

Various essential oils come with antimicrobial properties, meaning that they can readily fight pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. These properties ensure that no fungus, bacteria, or virus lies on your body or your surrounding surface. This way, it becomes easier not to expose yourself to health issues.

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Options on Shower Aromatherapy

Various choices are at your disposal when looking for the right shower aromatherapy selection. As long as you understand what is likely to offer you the best results, you will have no reason to worry. Usually, you will choose from three options, including the following.

• Shower Aromatherapy from Plants

This option entails fresh and dry plants. Usually, it involves adding these plants to your bathtub, allowing them to seep through the body pores and fill the room too. You could also have a plant pot in the bathroom, which is a more convenient approach. As long as the moisture and mist from the shower reach this plant, attaining the effects you desire will not be a struggle.

Your choice will often depend on your objective. For instance, you could choose eucalyptus leaves to help reduce fevers and even fight viral infections. On the other hand, lavender helps relieve stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression.

On the other hand, you could add a bunch of dry flowers in the bathroom. Usually, you will attach this bunch to the showerhead arm, as it provides more stability. The steam emitted by the showerhead will often be enough to activate the aroma. However, ensure that you replace these flowers from time to time.

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• Shower Steamers with Essential Oils

Here is yet another option you will barely want to resist. This option features shower steamers that are akin to bath bombs. Whether you make or buy them online, you will be sure of the best results. This option relies on small discs, which you place on the shower floor to release the aroma.

There is no denying that this option epitomizes potency. The catch lies in how you use the discs, with proper usage assuring you of maximum utility. Ensure that you place these discs away from direct contact with water. However, they must be in one of the corners of your tub. Ideally, the steamer can get wet but not soaked in it.

The essential oils release into your tub, ensuring that the scent rises with vapor. Nothing could reach your body and nostrils better than this! In most cases, it would be best to choose eucalyptus, sweet orange, and lavender during this pursuit.

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• How About an Oil Diffuser?

If you are looking for enhanced convenience, this option will be best for you. This option is typically a plug-and-play element. You do not have to look for fresh flowers, as this option could come pre-made.

In most cases, you will have to run these diffusers between five and ten minutes before opening your shower. This move ensures that the aroma percolates the entire room, and sufficiently so.

However, ensure that you add enough drops in this pursuit. About 3 to 5 drops will be enough in a 100ml jar of water. This amount works for a standard room. You could increase the number of drops if your room is much bigger. As long as you start with small amounts, it will be easy to determine which quantity suits you best.

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Benefits of Different Types of Essential Oils

Have you ever thought about which essential oil is suitable for your shower aromatherapy? Well, there is barely a one-dimensional answer to which one stands out. Instead, different oils provide distinct aromas and benefits. Understanding these elements will help make logical decisions in the long run. Here are a few insights into the top ten options you have at your disposal.

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i. Rose

You can barely overlook the popularity enjoyed by rose essential oils. Whether you have anxiety, stress, or depression, this essential oil will be your ultimate choice. Thanks to this potency, this is a go-to choice in saunas, steam rooms, and steam showers.

You will readily fall in love with the role this essential oil plays in the body. Usually, it comes in handy in improving blood and air circulation in the body. It also helps boost blood supply and relieve muscle pain.

You could also rely on it to make your skin look younger and drabber. Its role in improving the digestive system and addressing asthma is worth lauding.

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ii. Jasmine

Here is yet another irresistible essential oil, thanks to its aroma. Its popularity is thanks to its role in improving the skin and addressing mood issues. Some people readily fall in love with the sweet and floral fragrance that this essential oil provides.

Usually, inhaling this essential oil is enough to improve your well-being. It helps address emotional health issues, including anxiety, stress, and depression. You could also rely on it to improve the quality of your sleep. In most cases, you will use it in an oil diffuser, percolating the entire room.

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iii. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most accessible essential oils. It comes in handy in addressing stress and calming anxiety, as it directly affects the limbic system. That means it can control emotions and thoughts. Most people prefer using it when diluted in water.

Its versatility is worth noting. Its role in addressing chronic health issues is unrivaled. This essential oil will readily provide you with value for money, from rheumatic conditions and stomach issues to skin infections. You will also rely on it to address sleep disorders, including insomnia.

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iv. Lemon

Yes. Lemon is an essential oil that guarantees you some of the best health benefits. This fruit comes from the citrus family, making it safe for aromatherapy and topical appliances. Its safety levels are remarkable, making it ideal for babies and pregnant women too.

This essential oil comes with antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps address various skin overgrowths, including yeast infections. Its antioxidant properties come in handy in healing wounds and alleviating infections.

You can also rely on lemon for enhanced alertness. Once it gets into your body, it slowly boosts your brainpower, allowing you to remain focused. Besides, it can help handle pain issues.

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v. Marjoram

You could also refer to it as sweet marjoram. Its popularity is thanks to how easy it helps calm nervousness, anxiety, and stress. You can also rely on it to alleviate pain, headaches, and migraines. This essential directly affects the nervous system, ensuring that it works naturally and calmly.

You will be free to apply this essential oil to the skin topically. You could also dilute it in water before using it on the body. Ensure that you rub it on your temples and wrists. You could also rely on an oil diffuser to help it percolate in the room.

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vi. Patchouli

It would be unfair not to mention patchouli. While it is not the most common, it assures you of a variety of health benefits. This oil improves calmness and even relaxation. Its potency in handling anxiety, depression, and stress remains unrivaled.

Using this essential oil is relatively straightforward. You will have to inhale it or dilute it in a warm bath. You could also use a room diffuser, especially if you want it to percolate in a relatively big room.

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vii. Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most effective anti-stress essential oils at your disposal. This potency goes beyond relaxing and calming your nervous system. It also helps open your airways, ensuring that no toxins are trapped in the body. For this reason, it is a common choice in saunas and steam showers.

You will rely on this essential oil for better air and blood circulation, muscle pain relief, and stress alleviation. It also helps in improving your skin glow.

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viii. Sandalwood

If you are looking for essential oil with anti-inflammatory properties, look no further than sandalwood. This choice comes in handy for pain and tension, whether in the muscle or the nervous system. Thanks to these properties, sandalwood has become a significant choice in yoga classes.

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ix. Tea Tree

Sometimes, all you need is a product that helps boost immunity and relieve pain. Tea tree is the essential oil that will provide all these. Besides its ease of accessibility, this product assures you of multiple health benefits.

Tea tree oil has antifungal properties that help cushion you against various ailments. Its antiseptic abilities help hasten the recovery of minor cuts and even scrapes. It can comfortably boost wound healing, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Did you know that this oil can act as an insect repellant? You will rely on it for better respiratory health and soothing muscles.

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x. Ylang-ylang

You will readily fall in love with the floral fragrance that this essential oil provides. It fills your room with a scent that could easily make your romantic date better. But besides that, this essential oil comes in handy in delivering unrivaled relaxation properties.

Ylang-ylang has impressive calming effects, soothing headaches, and helps lower blood pressure. It ensures that you do not worry about anxiety, panic attacks, and even nausea.

Using this item is relatively straightforward. You can use it in an oil diffuser or inhale it directly. You can also apply it on your skin topically.

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Steps on DIY Shower Aromatherapy Tabs

There is no denying that most people are conscious of their budgets despite desiring the utmost body relief and relaxation. In such situations, opting for a DIY shower aromatherapy tab will be an easy way out. Here are a few steps you need to follow in this pursuit.

• Ensure that you have all the required items, including cupcake liners, ¼ cup of water, a cup of baking soda, muffin tins, and favorite essential oils.

Add a layer of cupcake liners to your muffin tin, which allows better and less messy molding

• Create a perfect blend of the baking soda and water in the quantities mentioned above

Fill the muffin tins with this blend and compress them firmly

• Take about 15 minutes to bake the steamers

Add your favorite essential oil, usually about thirty to fifty drops. You could also mix the essential oils

• You can then store your steamer

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In conclusion, shower aromatherapy is one of the best ways to relax your mind and body. As long as you know which oils to pick, you will be confident of a healthier life in the long run. Making your tabs is also relatively easy. Notably, the insights above will guide you accordingly.

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