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What Is Garden Tub & Garden Tubs Design Idea

Garden tubs are luxurious and fancy kinds of bathtubs. Garden tubs are large, and they accommodate enough space for you to fit in easily. Compared to standard bathtubs, garden tubs do not leave any part of your body exposed. Instead, it comfortably submerges you in the tub to enjoy a good bath. The oval-shaped garden tubs are always on the market for people wishing to buy a luxurious tub.

The garden tubs come in various dimensions and colors, and it is made with the help of different modern materials. Certain materials also maintain a heat level that adds to the bath’s comfort.

What Is a Garden Tub?

history of garden tub

After hearing the word garden, you might be picturing some lush green place filled with flowers. However, that does relate to the history of the name of the garden tub, but that is not it.

A Garden tub is a luxurious freestanding bathtub that is comparatively larger than a standard bathtub. The garden tubs are available in oval, rectangular, and round shapes. However, the most preferred and the actual shape is the oval shape which was named by the French due to its resemblance with the bow of the ship.

Garden bathtubs are fabricated with materials that provide excellent heat retention. The heat retention offers more extended and comfortable baths.

Why Is It Called a Garden Tub?

The term garden tub came from the early eighteenth century in France and England. During those times, indoor plumbing was something only the wealthy could afford.

The Garden tub refers to the portable bathtub since, in the old times, the French used to move the bathtub to any location to enjoy a beautiful landscape and garden view outdoors.

Hence, explain the term “Garden.”

The garden tub, since its beginning, is a fancy type of bathtub used to enhance the look of the interior and enjoy the outdoor view as well. Their large and comfortable size adds to the ease of enjoying a long relaxing time while enjoying a good view.

Although introduced centuries ago, the garden tubs never went out of style due to their modern look and the concept of enjoying a relaxing time with a beautiful view.

History of Garden Tub

garden tub design idea

The French elites introduced garden tubs in the eighteenth century. During those times, the bathtubs were considered a luxury than a necessity. Indoor plumbing at that time was rare and costly. Hence most people didn’t mind the idea of outdoor baths. Thus, the bathtub started from being placed in or near the garden to enjoy the views while bathing. The bathing water was also drained into the gardens to water the plants.

The idea went through different stages where it evolved, and the wealthy people who could afford the indoor plumbing started placing the tubs inside their homes. The tub would be moved around somewhere in the house with a clear and beautiful look of the outdoors. The original idea of enjoying a good bath from the comfort indoors while overlooking the view of beautiful gardens outside was never discarded.

The concept went through different stages, where it changed the dimensions it came in, the design, and the cost of the tub.

However, even in current modern times, a garden tub is seen as a luxury. The tub is often placed in places with a great look on the outdoors, and it is still considered a fancy piece of interior.

Pros and Cons of a Garden Tub

While garden tubs are all great and perfect for enjoying a relaxing bath and elevating the look of the surroundings, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of having a Garden Tub.


Aesthetic Look

A garden tub is known for its beauty to the indoors of a house. Place anywhere inside the restroom, the garden tub elevates the whole surroundings, and it improves the overall look of the home as well.

Comfortable Baths

Garden tubs offer great comfort as compared to standard tubs. In the case of standard tubs, sometimes you might struggle with the confined space, or you might struggle with thoroughly soaking your body into the tub. However, a garden tub is designed with more depth and more comfortable dimensions than a standard bath. Even the construction material of a garden material is better than a standard tub.

Good Quality Material

Garden tubs are made of high-quality, durable material. You can pick the suitable material for your indoors, depending on whether you need stainless steel, stone resin, or more. Thus, the material ensures the long life of garden tubs.



With all the intensive look and features present in a garden tub, it also makes it more expensive than standard tubes. Hence, getting a garden tub is costly.

Hard to Install

Bathtubs generally can be tricky to install and might require you to read the installation guide couple of times, and you might still fail at the installation. A garden tub comes with a heavy frame that can be hard to carry around, and professional help might be needed to install a garden tub in your house.

Consumes Space

Garden tubs are large and bigger than standard tubs, and hence they consume more space. It is essential to evaluate the available floor space in your restroom before bringing in a large garden tub.

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Garden Tub Dimensions

Garden tubs are typically 42 inches wide, 60 inches long, and 24 inches deep, and this is the average size for a garden tub with an oval shape. Garden tubs can, however, be as huge as 70 inches wide, 70 inches long, and 30 inches deep for very large sizes.

However, to fit in a garden tub easily, it is necessary to ensure the restroom has enough space to fit in a garden tub. Otherwise, the area is cramped up and ruins the interior look.

The Difference between a Garden Tub and a Regular Tub

Garden tubs and regular tubs have a few basic differences. The differences are:


The most fundamental difference between a garden tub and a regular tub is the size. Regular tubs are smaller in size than garden tubs. Garden tubs are wider, larger, and have more depth than regular tubs, providing more comfort and ease while bathing.


A Garden tub with its elegant look costs more than a regular tub. Although there are many fancy regular tubs, a garden tub still costs. Due to its built and the material quality, it costs more.

Comfortable Bath

A Garden tub offers a better and more immersive bath than a regular bath. Sometimes, your body might be exposed in a regular bath instead of being completely fitted into the tub. With a garden tub, there are no such worries. The body completely fits in the tub, making the bath more comfortable and relaxing instead of not being able to fit in.

Space Consumption

Garden tubs consume more space than regular tubs, and garden tubs have a bigger frame and are heavy and more durable than regular bathtubs. Garden tubs thus consume more space than regular tubs, and they are harder to install than regular bathtubs.

How Much Does a Garden Tub Cost?

garden tub design

Getting a garden tub is no easy deal as the budget is concerned. The garden tubs are lavish and fancy and require you to pay just as much in return for the looks and comfort.

The cost of a garden tub depends on the material used to build the tub, its shape, size, and colors, and if there are additional features, it will cost more.

Moreover, the installation of garden tubs might be tricky, for which you might need the help of a professional. Hiring a professional adds to the initial cost of the garden tub.

Depending on the material, garden tub costs can range from $700 (Acrylic) to $5000+ (natural material).

You can pick the right type of garden tub depending on your requirements and the available space in the restroom.

What Materials Do Garden Tub Use?

You can find many garden tubs made of different materials. There are garden tubs made of plastic, and then there are garden tubs made of stainless steel. Picking the right material depends on the type of heat retention you need from the tub and how long you wish for the tub to last.

Garden tubs are made of either of these materials: acrylic, enameled cast iron or stone resin. Acrylic and stone resins are the cheaper options, with acrylic being the most affordable.

Acrylic garden tubs are lightweight and have many different shapes available. However, the acrylic tubs are not that easy to clean, and they are also not durable and do not retain heat.

The most common and preferred material is enameled cast iron. The cast iron makes the surface of the tub easy to clean and maintain. It is also durable and a heavy-duty tub with top-notch heat retention. However, cast iron garden tubs are heavy and require large floor space. The designs available in cast iron tubs are also limited since cast iron is not malleable and cannot be shaped easily.

Are Garden Tubs Outdated?

Garden tubs, as luxurious and beautiful as they are, some people do not prefer them anymore. Garden tubs add a great look to a sleek interior. However, most people do not like the garden tub anymore due to its heavyweight and costs.

Additionally, some people prefer a shower over any bathtub. Thus, the less preference for a bathtub has made the fashion of a garden tub a bit outdated.

8 Inspirational Garden Tubs

When placed in the surroundings, the garden tub gives off an elegant and beautiful look. Here are different garden tub designs that might be your inspiration to finally install a garden tub in your house.

1. Outdoor double tub

What’s better than one garden tub with a beautiful view? A pair of garden tubs. The pair of garden tubs are perfect for a romantic evening with a beautiful view of the landscapes.

2. Wooden Touch

The wooden garden tubs placed in the house add an exquisite and warm touch to the interior of the house. It is perfect for minimal modern designs in houses nowadays.

3. Oxidized Metals Tubs

The oxidized metal tub is a fancy and funky design of a garden tub that makes it blend smoothly in the indoors as well as outdoors. The oxidized tubs lift up the mood of the surroundings.

4. Black and White

What better way to improve the indoor look than black and white? With the interior look of the house, you can easily pair the black and white combination for elegant finish.

5. Into the decks

An innovative idea includes sinking the garden tub in the wooden decks. This outdoor bath with such a look has privacy and adds a beautiful look to the decks in the house.

6. Backdrop

design of backdrop garden tub

When placed in front of a pretty backdrop, the garden tubs offer more aesthetics. A marble backdrop or a stone wall makes up a good backdrop for a garden tub whether placed indoors or outdoors.

7. Blend in the surroundings

Picking a monochromatic tone is the most likeable way for people to decorate their houses. Having a garden tub that blends in completely with the interior gives a different soothing touch.



Garden tubs are a great way to give your house a modern as well as an antique aesthetic look. Garden tubs are larger in size and more comfortable in purpose and also costlier than a standard bathtub. Some people might say that garden tubs are going out of style.

Nevertheless, the new innovations have made them more trendy and suitable for modern interiors.