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How A Filtered Shower Head Saved My Hair?

It is important to install a filtered shower to maintain and improve the condition of your hair. Taking a shower in unfiltered water will probably result in hair damage since it contains oxidizers or minerals such as calcium, chlorine, and iron. Therefore, don’t blame the oil products you use but rather install a filtered shower since the water you use could be the source of the problem. You can easily prevent this frustrating hair loss without necessarily booking an appointment with the dermatologists.

how filtered shower head save hair

How a Filtered Shower Head Saved My Hair?

Apart from hair protection, we find it necessary for you to know other benefits that you will enjoy upon installing a filtered shower head. The researchers have concluded that if you filter your shower water, it has a greater impact on your health as it eliminates any possible rise of diseases. These benefits are;

1 Makes your skin healthier

The unfiltered water with minerals such as chlorine will bond with your body and drain all the moisture while creating a conducive environment for sheltering the bacteria. This will result in skin irritation causing wrinkles, but your skin will remain soft and healthier if you install a filtered shower head. Similarly, the minerals remove the hair follicle moisturizers, which makes your skin dry irritating. With a filtered shower head, you won’t experience any discomfort.

2 Saves on the expenditure

Buying conditioners, coloring, and oil treatments to cure the effect of unfiltered water might be costly, but with a filtered shower head, you won’t need to treat or color your hair. Similarly, if you check on the cost of acquiring an installing one, it might look higher initially, but regular trips to the salon will be more expensive. So, sample out the filtered shower heads that accommodate your budget, and you won’t be disappointed.

3 Eliminates the bacterial growth in the shower heads

According to the University of Colorado, research done showed that millions of bacteria and microorganisms piles up crawling inside the unfiltered shower head. These microorganisms, such as the Mycobacterium avium, cause pulmonary illnesses. They also irritate your skin. Therefore, protect your health by installing a filtered shower head in your shower.

4 Makes you feel better and younger

Having a hot shower with unfiltered shower head might leads to the inhalation and the absorption of chlorine. This exposure will result in body fatigue and depression, but you won’t get exposed to such a harsh vapor with a filtered shower head. Consequently, the damaged skin tissues will result in dehydration and wrinkles, but with a filtered shower head, you won’t experience both, therefore keeping you young.


How a Filtered Shower Saved My Hair?

filtered shower head for hair loss

Many people complain about dull and hair loss; however, these effects have forced many into buying different curing products, but you will spend a lot. It is possible to easily restore hair to its healthy condition by installing a filtered shower head without any supplements. You might wonder how hair loss and dull hair come about; however, with the unfiltered shower head, the minerals present in water, such as chlorine, leave the residues that make your hair dry; hence a high tendency to break easily.

The buildup residue will also not allow the moisture and nutrients to penetrate, making your hair look dull and dirty. Therefore, a filtered shower head will protect your hair from any dirt or mineral exposure, and your hair will be able to get nutrients and moisture as it can filter any specks of dirt or minerals present in water.


How to Choose the Best Filtered Shower Head?

It is recommended that before buying one, you should have full knowledge of what you expect. It might be a tough task to pick the right one, but with our guide, we will simplify your work by equipping you with factors that you should have for you to land in a good filtered shower head.

why using filtered shower head

1 Installation

It would be best to consider how easy it is to handle, such as installing and replacing it. And since you will be changing the cartridges more often, you should install without hiring someone to do it for you. But you find handling these filtered shower heads complicated; then, the handheld type could be the best choice for you since they are easy to deal with.

2 Size of the budget

Since there are various filtered shower heads in the market, you won’t miss the one that will accommodate your budget. Therefore, before making any step, please sample out the brands that fall on your budget size range and narrow down to other features. Don’t let their prices be the only determinant factor since most of the cheaper filtered shower heads might not last longer compared to the expensive one.

Additionally, do research and shop around to weigh their prices, visit their websites, and go through the customers’ feedback.

3 Durability

A durable filtered shower head will save on the expenses since you won’t spend a lot on maintenance or replacement, therefore a crucial factor. It is necessary to consider the handheld filtered shower head with a replaceable cartridge so that you won’t be replacing the whole filter. Also, know the design and the material they are constructed with.

4 The appearance

The style also impacts the look of your bathroom; therefore, select a matching one. It is important to keep your bathroom attractive since it will give you a good feeling while taking a shower. Try to match its color with the showerhead or the bathroom floor and select the best design you can afford, and this will assure you a glittering bathroom.

5 The quality of the water

Not all the shower filters handle different water quality; some are designed for very hard water while others are made to filter soft water. If you mismatch your shower filter with water quality, you will find the dirt, rust, and other contaminants clogging inside, making it ineffective. Also, if you are filtering water for multiple bathrooms, be sure to consider the gallon capacity, and your filtered shower head will last long since it won’t be overworked.


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The filtered shower head plays a major role in our home as it makes you comfortable and saves on your expenses. You are guaranteed 100% hair and skin protection, but be sure to maintain it when needed to enhance its efficiency. However, it is important to know what you should look for when picking the right filtered shower head for you to enjoy its benefits.