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How Do Steam Shower Generators Work?

Taking a steam shower at the proper frequency is good for health. For homeowners who enjoy relaxing while boosting their health, a steam shower generator is must-buy equipment for bathrooms in their homes. An ideal steam generator is smaller than a standard briefcase, and it heats your water to boil.

Though similar to standard showers, this bathroom appliance works by generating a large amount of steam with just a button. For a steam shower generator to work effectively, it is advisable to enclose it in a well-enclosed place that prevents the generated steam from escaping.

In this article, we will discuss how do steam shower generators work, best brands of showers generators, and the sizing that generally comes with steam shower generators.

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How Do Steam Shower Generators Work?

To operate a steam shower generator, you start installing the custom shower system or the modular steam shower. The selection of which model you will invest depends on your budget and the specification you want. A shower steam generator comes with four main components that make it work effectively. These parts are system control, shower stall, steam head, and steam generator.

1. Steam Generators

When installing a steam generator, it is advisable, depending on the model, to ensure that it is 60 feet away from the steam shower. You can install these steam generators in the basement, closet, or heated attic. Mainly the size of your generator is determined by factors like size, height, and materials.

2. Shower Stall

The best shower stall should have the following features for it to be useful when using steam shower generators.

  • It should be enclosed and insulated by a waterproof material. The door should be wrapped with a unique gasket that protects steam escaping. In case of a window, ensure it has a double pane.
  • The surfaces of this shower stall should be of materials that steam cannot destroy like tiles.
  • The floor should have an anti-skid property that protects you from being slippery.
  • The gradient of the floor should drain any condensed steam.
  • The shower steam should not exceed 8 feet for it to be effective. If the homeowner is taller than this, they should consider buying more robust steam generators.

3. Control System

For the steam shower control system to be effective, it is advisable to install it inside your shower and ensure that it does not come into contact with direct steam. When inside the shower room, you can easily control your steam session with ease. Some shower steam control systems come with additional features such as music, aromatherapy, and lighting. For the control systems to be safe, ensure that:

  • It should be 4 to 5 feet away from the floor of your shower room.
  • It should also be away from the steam flow.
  • The user should easily reach it with ease while seated.

4. Steam Head

The steam head allows the steam to come out. Ensure that the steam shower position is away from the door and 6 inches to 12 inches off your floor.

5. Seat

Another additional component of a steam shower is a seat. A good steam shower should have a comfortable bench or a built-in seat that gives you the optimal convenience and comfort. Avoid standing when using a steam shower. It is advisable to consider using seats made from waterproof materials to guarantee durability.



After the installation process, all you need is to activate the steam generator with just a push button. The cold water will enter your steam generator, where it is heated to a boiling point. The steam generated is then sent to the aperture located on the shower stall. With your digital controls, you can adjust your steam temperature and the duration of time you want to spend. The size of the generator determines how fast it boils the water. It is also useful if you add your steam generator to your standard shower to make it more reliable since there is no need to install new separate units.

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