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How Long Does A Hot Shower Raise Your Body Temperature?

Hot showers affect our body temperature the same way hot weather impacts us. Likewise, cold showers can bring down our body temperature. Here, let’s explore how a hot shower raises our body temperature with a guideline on how long it raises body temperature and when to check it.

how would shower raise body temperature

Can Take Shower Raise Body Temperature?

We all know heat is transferable! So we can transfer heat from a hotter object to an object with less heat. And that’s why when we take a hot shower, our body quickly increases our body temperature as our body gets some heat from the hot water shower. Heat transfer depends on various factors, and so you may feel the different temperatures of your body after each hot shower bath.

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How Much Can A Hot Shower Raise Your Temperature?

impact of shower for fever

Sometimes, after a hot shower, our body temperature rises to feel hot, and sometimes, it will rise by only a small amount. One of the reasons for it is the heat difference. The heat transfer speed will be quicker if the heat difference between two objects is more.

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How Long Does A Hot Shower Raise Your Body Temperature?

It only takes 10-15 seconds for the body to adapt to a new temperature. Still, hot showers raise our body temperature for 60 minutes, so it is advisable to measure temperature after an hour.

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How Long After A Shower Can I Take My Temperature?

To get the accurate temperature after a shower, you must wait for at least 60 minutes. Use a thermometer for accurate temperature. Hot showers can increase, and cold showers can lower your body temperature.

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What Are the Benefits Of Taking a Hot Shower?

body temperature and shower

Hot showers can provide various health benefits. Let’s go through some of them.

– Improve Sleep: A hot shower can improve sleep quality by relaxing the body during bathing and reducing body temperature. The relaxing effect that hot water has on the body is essential for good sleep. After a few minutes of being in hot water, you will not have problems sleeping in bed, as your body will calm down and relax.

– Relieve Cold and Flu Symptoms: If you are feeling cold or flu, you can take a hot shower to relieve its symptoms. It won’t cure the disease but help in relieving it. So when you take a hot shower, it will boost blood flow to the rest of the body and quickly relieve cold and flu symptoms.

– Improving Muscle and Joint Health: Hot showers can improve blood flow, helping to soothe joint stiffness and muscle fatigue. Staying in hot water helps relieve tension from the body and relieve muscle fatigue effectively. So if your body is sore and your muscles are stiff and sore after a busy day, try taking a shower.

Also, hot showers can relieve cramps by relaxing the muscles. Hot water can also improve circulation, reducing stiffness in joints like the ankles, knees, and shoulders.

– Lower Blood Pressure: People with hypertension can benefit from a hot shower to lower blood pressure. But, too hot water may raise your heart rate, which is bad if you have heart disease.

– Clean and Healthy Skin: Hot showers can open up the skin pores. And clean water can clean dirt and toxins from the skin, which leads to fresh and clean skin.

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What Are Potential Dangerous?

A hot shower has so many benefits, but if you are taking it for a long time or you are using too hot water, then some potentials danger is there like:

– Taking hot showers for a long time may inflame the skin, do redness, itching, and impact the skin’s natural balance of moistness, natural oils, and proteins. And this may lead to severe infections.

– A hot shower lowers blood pressure, but if water is too hot or in very humid states can increase blood pressure, and people with cardiovascular disease feel more threatening.

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Who Should Avoid Taking A Hot Shower?

People with eczema and other rashes and diseases should avoid hot showers as hot water can dry the skin more.

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What Shower Temperature Is Proper?

There is no definitive law for how hot a shower should be, but as per the most dermatologists, keep your hot shower water temperature at an average of 98°F or 37°C to 101°F or 38.3°C. And it should not be more than 105 °F or 41°C. Infect, keep your shower temperature above lukewarm to avoid danger to our skin’s health.

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Can You Detect A Fever After Taking A Shower?

When we take a hot shower, it will raise our body temperature. So when we measure our temperature just after a hot shower bath, it will be more than the regular temperature of our body, and also, it’s not very precise. So, you must wait for a minimum of 60 minutes after taking a hot shower bath to measure the accurate temperature of your body.

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Does Taking A Shower Affect Your Fever?

It differs from person to person. Some people feel good after a hot shower bath fever, and the steam of hot water could be calming and relaxing. But sometimes, taking a hot shower for a long time with a fever may make you feel dizzy and erratic, so it’s not advised. Take a lukewarm water bath in fever.

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Should I Take A Shower If I Have A Fever?

Yes, you can take a lukewarm water shower with 80°F (27°C) to 90°F (32°C) water temperature to feel better with fever. But if you are feeling dizzy or unsteady, do not try it. If you begin a shiver, increase the water temperature.

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Like anything Hope with this article, you have now more idea about a hot shower and its impact on our body. We advise you not to contact hot water directly as it may make your skin and hair hotter. So our final words are that having hot showers can have its advantages, but you have to take care of the water temperature.

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