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How Often Should You Steam Shower?

Steam baths, also known as a steam shower, hot tub, wet sauna, hot springs, offer various beauty and health benefits that are suitable for most people. Nowadays many people install a steam shower at home to enjoy such benefits. But you may questions over steam showers, like, how often should you steam shower? The article below further explains the importance of steam baths and how often you should take one.

Importance of Steam Shower

Steam showers are beneficial to almost anybody when done correctly. Here are several benefits you can reap from a steam room.

How Steam Shower Works

how often should you take a steam shower

The moist, warm heat supplies sink into joints, muscles, and skin. The skin’s first response is the opening of pores and thus cleans layers deep in the dermis. Perspiration that carries the body’s toxins can now seep out with ease from the enlarged pores. The body then reacts by improving the blood flow, relaxing sore muscles, and brings more nutrients and oxygen to all body areas. Steam showers are beneficial and safe for almost all ages and medical conditions.

Slow Down Aging

Steam showers are essential for detoxification, beauty, and beauty freckle. Your skin is prone to aging and oxidation due to the influence of the UV rays for a long while, dull skin, dark spots, and freckles.

Steaming improves the antioxidant capacity of the skin to sweat toxins deposited in deep layers of the dermis effectively.

Steam baths achieve deep perspiration. That, unlike healthy sweat, does not smell and is not sticky. The cells are bathed and become young and healthy. Young and healthy cells translate to more youthful and healthier people.

Steaming frequently makes the skin smoother and tender. It effectively enhances skin elasticity, changes skin texture, delays aging, and whitens skin. Steam showers are also known to reduce fat, eliminate cellulite, and improve body shape. It is useful in weight loss, as well.

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Help You Stay Healthy

Taking a steam shower at home works to strengthen functions of the lungs, bronchus, and trachea, which is suitable for sputum secretion and desensitization.

Furthermore, when you exhaust the toxins and sweat accumulated in your body, it reduces some symptoms such as chronic bronchitis, arthritis, and gastroenteritis.

On top of that, too much moisture in the body causes dizziness, weight, and pain, lazy limbs, nausea, appetite loss, joint extension and flexion, depression in the chest, among other symptoms. The sub-healthy population is weak at natural regulation and thus susceptible to diseases. Steaming, however, causes effective elimination of the wet poison from the body.

Steam baths help in the regulation of yin and yang. Most of the population lives in air-conditioned rooms such as cars, bedrooms, offices, shopping malls, banks, and so on for an extended period. The yin and yang balance is destroyed over time. Steam showers effectively cause a balance.

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Suit for Many People

Steam baths are suitable for a wide range of people, such as sub-healthy people who have a poor mental state and frequent fatigue, who want to lose weight, those in rehabilitation after an illness, and nervous mental workers postpartum rehabilitation, and physical exhaustion worker. Ordinary people can also just go for a steam bath as it enhances immunity, improves illustration metabolism, and promotes blood circulation.

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How Often Should You Steam Shower?

For most people, how often you should take a steam shower is a matter of personal choice. The health personnel, however, recommend a steam bath every week. If this is not possible, maybe because of a tight schedule and other responsibilities, 5 to 6 times a month is highly recommended.

During Different Seasons

The seasons also determine how often you should use the steam shower. During the winter, for example, the body does not naturally sweat as often as it should. Sweat is essential for repairing body cells, elimination of cell metabolites, and improvement of blood circulation.

In the colder winter, the frequency of a steam shower should be increased advisably 80 minutes. Steaming is also advisable to resist the cold. During the spring and autumn, when temperatures slightly increase, skin pores can remove sweat. Steaming can be done less often. The amount of time can be reduced to 60 minutes.

steam shower guides

In hot summer, allow your body to sweat outside. Steam baths during the summer are still advised, only not as frequently – 40 minutes at most. That is because sweating as a result of high temperatures and sports sweat excludes the surface layer. On the other hand, steaming is a more deep-level elimination of the toxins from the dermis layers. In summer, the pores are usually in a semi-closed state. Steaming will, therefore, be adequate in opening them up and remove toxins.

For Different People

A weekly steam bath is known to remedy most typical medical ailments for most healthy adults. Athletes and other fitness enthusiasts prefer taking a steam bath before and after their workouts. That helps them to relax, improve blood flow, and relax sore muscles. People with acne, anxiety, aching joints, and muscles, arthritis, and depression can take a bath twice a day unless stated otherwise by their doctors.

People aged under 13 and above 65 are advised that they take a steam bath every week. However, a doctor should be consulted before this. Those over 65 or with a physical disability may have someone to assist them.

Steam baths have also proven to be beneficial to anyone suffering from heart failure. Therefore, patients with severe conditions can enjoy one. Using a steam bath- its frequency and duration should be as prescribed by a doctor in case of any state. Anyone with an open or infected wound should also avoid taking a steam bath.

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Adjust the Frequency Accordingly

However, frequent steam baths may result in a flaky and dry skin on the sensitive skin, particularly during winter. You should limit your steam showers to once every week until personal sensitivities and preferences become clear. Depending on how your body reacts, you can adjust the frequency accordingly.

How to Steam Shower Safely

Steam showers are safe and beneficial to almost everyone. However, there are some precautions and recommendations on how to take a steam shower appropriately for the best results.

Water and Food

First, you are advised to drink water in plenty before you take a bath. Since you sweat a lot in the tub, a lot of water keeps you hydrated. Also, rigorously wash your body to ensure that no dirt will block your pores during the bath. The dust may also cause the development of spots or acne. Blocked pores cannot secrete the toxins.

You can take a bottle of water with you for the bath to drink during the process. That will avoid dehydration as you lose water from your body faster than usual. You can stay in the steam room for less than 5 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes. Any longer than this poses a risk of overheating your body. Within the period, if you start experiencing nausea or feeling dizzy and uncomfortable, you should leave the room to a more relaxed place.

Moreover, you should not take any food for an hour before you can bath. Eating may cause bloating and digestion issues. If you must, then take fruits or light snacks. Another thing you need to do is stretch your body. Some light stretching will do and help loosen up so that your body can quickly release the toxins. It also increases circulation for the toxins to leave your body immediately.

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Take a Shower Beforehand

Furthermore, before taking the steam shower, take a shower. That is a step that is crucial for a useful steam shower as your body will find its natural temperature. Warmer washing is recommended. When you go into the steam shower, a light cotton towel is highly recommended.

Be More Exposed in the Process

You should be more exposed so your body will sweat easily. Make sure you have sufficient time for the steam bath. Do not rush it; relax during the tub, and enjoy it. And to achieve maximum enjoyment and relaxation, close your eyes while focusing on your breathing. This way, you will de-stress quickly as well.

Cool Down After Steam Showers

benefits of steam shower

After the steam bath, you should cool down with air, and of course, water. Do go for the coldest places as this puts your body in shock, and you shiver. Drink water for the restoration of the moisture you lost. After the steam bath, you can take another shower. Resist the urge for a cold shower as it can also bring your body to a shock and cause shivering. The shower works to restore your body to natural temperatures. Relax after the steam bath as well.

Consult with Your Doctor if Necessary

Steam shower, as earlier stated, are beneficial to almost anyone. The smaller percentage of people who should not take steam baths are pregnant women, people with low or high blood pressure, and suffering from heart diseases. If you have any other medical condition, consult with your doctor before you go for the bath.

Final Words

Steam baths are essential to your body when taken frequently. It boasts of health, skin, and beauty benefits. Perspiration effectively improves blood flow and relaxes sore muscles for younger and healthier skin. For women, it also delays aging and makes their skin smoother and tender. Steam baths must be taken as advised and following the stated precautions for the best results. If you suffer from any medical condition, be sure to consult with your doctor not to experience adverse effects. Otherwise, steam showers keep you fit and healthy.