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How to Adjust Delta Rain Shower Head?

A Delta rain shower head has become popular since it allows you to make changes to its operations to meet your expectations. However, it is necessary to understand the precautions and how you should go about to adjust properly. Do not be scared of these guidelines as they are not complicated to deal with; therefore, you can comfortably do it yourself without any skill. Similarly, we will take you through what a Delta rain shower head requires for it last longer or on how to avoid any rise of malfunctions.

guides on adjusting delta rain shower head

Benefits of Getting Delta Rain Shower Head

Additionally, there are benefits that you will reap from these adjustments, and that is why many people champion a Delta rain shower head because it allows you to customize it to fit into your requirements.

1 Accommodates the whole family

The water temperature often discriminates against the kids; this is because the older people’s water temperature settings might not be favorable for them. So, with the Delta rain shower head, you customize it to accommodates all the family members regardless of their ages. Also, for the disabled persons, you can adjust the spray setting to cover a wider area since they might be experiencing difficulties in movement. Therefore, let your family experience a great shower.

2 Variety of spray, temperature, and pressure settings

You can comfortably change the spraying settings at any time you want to without spending your money. With a Delta rain shower head, you can have a massage spray, full-body spray, water-saving spray, misting spray, among others. Therefore it is important to equip yourself on how to vary them without causing any damage to the showering systems. The temperature and the pressure can be well adjusted; therefore, don’t hesitate to explore these amazing settings.

3 Improves your shower experience

Since you can customize a Delta rain shower head to accommodate your needs, you are guaranteed a good showering experience. However, you can have a warm shower, different spray settings, and good pressure will even balance your thoughts. It sounds funny but having tested the experience. You won’t regret it.


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Why Should You Adjust the Delta Rain Shower Head?

These Delta rain shower heads are designed to accommodate any adjustments since their construction might not have met you expected from it. If you haven’t installed it yet, we suggest you go for this shower head. However, there are reasons that might lead you to its adjustments such as;

delta rain shower head adjustment

1 Water temperature

Its initial water temperature might not be favorable for your kids; therefore, you will be required to adjust it to a good water temperature, and this will probably leave your family smiling. With this water temperature water adjustment, you will avoid your kid getting burned. All these are enabled by the scald guard, allowing you to vary the water temperature without necessarily adjusting the water heater thermostat.

2 Spray pattern

This another amazing feature with a Delta rain shower head as it allows you to vary their spray patterns. Such patterns include a full body spray, which is a full spray pattern that ensures maximum coverage. Also, you can employ massage spray, misting spray, water-saving spray, among other spraying ways. Feel free to test all the patterns and point out the one that makes the shower amazing.

3 Water pressure

A Delta rain shower head accommodates pressure adjustments, but it relies on different factors. But it might become difficult to adjust it due to reasons such as old pipes and plumbing mistakes. However, you should confirm whether any blockages might interrupt the varied pressure. Still, if your piping systems don’t have any problem, you can experience the impact of adjusting the water pressure.


How to Adjust Delta Rain Shower Head

We will guide you on adjusting the water temperature and the pressure without causing any damage. These adjustments do not require special tools to carry out the process and here are the steps;

1 Water temperature adjustment

Before making any step, be sure to go through the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper water temperature adjustments and ensure that you put on gloves.

  • At the side of the Delta rain shower head, there is a setscrew opening. Insert a fitting hex key to the opening and turn it anticlockwise and once the screw is loosened, slowly pull the shower handle.
  • Hold the rotational stop and note the markings that are a plus and minus, and it has the teeth that are turned to adjust the temperature.
  • If you turn the rotational stop dial to the left or counterclockwise, it will achieve a maximum water temperature, and if you turn it to the right, it will decrease the water temperature. Generally, it normally increases the temperature by 2 degrees Fahrenheit and drops it by 6 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Replace the handle, allow the water to run for one minute, turn the control clockwise, test the temperature, and then keep adjusting until you achieve a maximum favorable temperature. Once you reach it, return the handle to its position then tighten it using a hex key.

2 How to increase water pressure

When it comes to the pressure changes, many factors come in. however, we find it necessary to know why you experience low water pressure with your Delta rain shower head. We will give the guidelines that will help you achieve good water pressure;

  • Check the flow restrictor; if you are experiencing low pressure, you can remove the flow resistor but ensure that you go through the user manual first.
  • Clean the Delta rain shower head; sometimes, the sediment deposits inside the shower head; therefore, you should unscrew it and clean it from the inside.
  • Consider a shower pump; if all the other ways do not achieve your required pressure, then you should install the shower pump though it is costly.
  • Check for the leaks; if there are leaking pipes, it will negatively impact the shower pressure; thus, you should fix any leaking pipes.


When it comes to adjusting the Delta rain shower head, it is recommended that you check the user manual before undertaking any changes to protect against malfunctions. However, modifying your Delta shower head is not a complicated task; therefore, you can now improve your shower experience.