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How to Clean Delta H2o Kinetic Chrome 5-spray Shower Head?

Cleaning your Delta kinetic chrome 5-spray showerhead can be challenging if you have no idea how to go about it. We understand the importance of cleaning to your shower efficiency and to your health. Some sediments trapped in the showerhead offer an ideal environment for mold and bacterial, turning your shower into germs and mold growing zones. It is even more dangerous if you have a heating system installed on the same showerheads because heating these molds and germs can lead to harmful vapor that can cause allergies when inhaled. It is then up to use to help you clean your Delta showerhead in a good and simple way.

cleaning delta chrome shower head

Why Do you Need to Clean your Showerheads?

There are many benefits as to why you should regularly clean your showerheads, and here are some;

Increase Water Flow

One problem with showerheads is that they have narrow jet holes, and even small sediments or debris trapped in the shower obstruct water passage. Cleaning your showerhead helps remove these particles in the system, giving your shower continuous water supply.

To Remove Possible Germs and Molds

With leaves and particles trapped in your showerheads and the continuous water supply, your showerhead can turn to active germs and molds growing zones. Moisture is one of the major agents of molds bleeding zones, and with sediments and particles in your showerhead molds, the bleeding environment is elevated—most of these compounds, upon heating, release harmful chemicals that can harm your skin or cause skin irritations.

Regular Showerhead Checkups

When cleaning your showerheads, you get a chance to replace old tapes and other broken fittings, making your shower efficient. Many consider this as the only time to buy damaged parts and improve their installation design. After cleaning, you will be required to reinstall the showerhead back, and it is in this situation where you notice broken parts and their replacement.


How Often Should I Clean My Delta Showerheads?

delta chrome h2o shower head

Cleaning your showerheads should be done regularly to ensure both efficiency and continuous water flow are up to a point. It is recommended that you have twice a week for basic cleaning, but for a full showerhead cleaning, it is better to have once a month. This can vary depending on your water source; for the city water treatment supply, your showerheads will require more cleaning because the water is exposed to water treatment chemicals such as chlorine, which increases the rate at which sediment clogs in your pipes.

Hard water supply also requires more cleaning due to calcium and magnesium compounds known for blocking and scaling metals. So, it is wise first to assess your water source; by understanding this, you will have a rough idea of what you are dealing with and the best way to clean and plan for cleaning time.


How to Clean Delta H2okinetic Chrome 5-spray Shower Head?

Removing your shower head to clean it is the best and effective cleaning method so far the market has to offer; it is perfect and relatively simple. However, you must proceed with caution and closely monitor each step if you have an advanced showerhead such as oil rubbed bronze, antique copper, or nickel. Chrome models will stand up strong in a solution of vinegar with no reaction problems; however, if you have other designs, we recommend using cotton swabs and testing a small area for up to one hour before using the following method in your whole chrome kinetic showerheads.

Tools and Accessories

  • Bucket
  • White vinegar
  • Cleaning cotton swaps
  • Soft brush
  • Paperclip
  • Wrench or pliers

Step 1

Remove your showerhead from the pipe arm and place it in a bucket or a container deep enough to cover your Delta showerhead with the cleaning agent. Use rags or any piece of cloth to covet the screw connecting the shower head to the shower pipe arm; with the cotton swaps in place, use some locking or needle-nose pliers to loosen the screws. Ensure you have a copy of your showerhead model because not all the options have the same screws in the market; some use nails and other fittings. Find more information online about your model and better ways of removing it in the shower arm.

Step 2

Heat some white vinegar in the microwave or saucepan; the main reason for heating is to increase distilled vinegar reaction. The solution should heat gently up to 30 degrees or at most 40 degrees. You can use a thermometer to measure the temperature, estimate. Ten seconds in a moderate heat microwave will raise the temperature by 10 degrees, so you will need approximately 40 second heating in the microwave to achieve a 40 centigrade.

Step 3

Pour/add the warm white vinegar over the Delta showerhead, ensure the vinegar covers the showerhead well and let the solution shock your showerhead for one hour. But for a complete cleaning that includes rust and sediment cleaning, it is wise to have a 24 hours sock.

Step 4

Remove the showerhead from the white vinegar and wipe your showerhead with dry cotton swabs. The mineral deposits/sediments should come out, but if they don’t, then use a soft brush to scrub them out or sock the showerhead again for 30 minutes. Also, for stubborn stains or deposits, use a rough toothbrush to scrub them out. A paperclip can also play a role here by clearing the jet holes in the showerheads.

Step 5

Replace your shower head on the pipe shower arm. Make sure you replace old PTFE plumbing tapes and re-apply new tapes before installing your showerhead. Confirm if there are no leaks by turning on your shower and closing it momentary.


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Cleaning your showerhead is one of the most important things to consider if your own one. And the best way to ensure that you give your shower the best cleaning is to follow all the guide’s procedure. We will also recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s directions on reinstalling the showerhead and more ideas on cleaning the same shower. The guide has done some for you; all you need is to follow each step and give your showerhead the best closely.