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How to Clean Rain Shower Head?

In order to clean a rain shower head from the mineral deposits or other things, you can try a variety of methods.

Consider the following:

– Use Vinegar

how to clean rain shower head

  • You can clean the showerhead by using the vinegar. If possible, you can remove the showerhead and immerse it in a bucket that contains vinegar.
  • However, if that’s not possible then you can use a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Wrap it around the showerhead by using a rubber band.
  • Leave it for an hour. Later remove the bag and clean the showerhead with a toothbrush or maybe use a soft cloth for the cleaning purpose.

– Use Lemon

  • You can also use lemon for cleaning the showerheads.
  • Take a bucket of water and squeeze fresh lemons in it.
  • You can leave it for 30 minutes. Later use a toothbrush to clean the showerhead.
  • Pour some water and see the results.
  • You can also try squeezing the lemons on the showerhead. Then clean it with a scrubbing brush and clean it with water.

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Try different things to see what gives the best results. In order to clean the rain showerheads, you can also use the products that are available on the market. Just make sure you follow the relevant instructions and also follow the safety guidelines when using such products.

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