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How to Fix the Leak on a Filtered Shower Head?

A leak on a filtered shower head can be so irritating since it leads to wastage of a lot of water, resulting in your water bill being abnormal. So, if your shower head is rusty, worn out, or broken, it might be time for you to replace it. This may not be in your budget, but it is a blessing in disguise since it gives you a chance to purchase a more innovative type of showerhead that is newer.

On the other hand, if your shower head still looks new but the showerhead is still leaking, worry less because shower head leaks are easy to fix. Furthermore, you do not need to call an expert in plumbing since with appropriate tools, such as a brand new washer, a workable wrench, and a screwdriver, you can easily run a repair on your shower head.

However, if you are not sure, you can fix a leak on your filtered shower head, or you have attempted, and the leak cannot stop. It is appropriate that you contact a plumbing professional to fix the problem.

filtered shower head leakage

How to Fix the Leak on a Filtered Shower Head?

The leaking of the showerhead is common due to head holes that are clogged because of dirt, lime deposits, and other minerals. Therefore, this article will guide you through the entire process of how you should fix a leak on a filtered shower head. Below are several tips for fixing your shower head; these are:

Switch of your water

Before anything else, you need to switch off the water source for your whole household. Stay armed with a tool because even if you turn off the main water source, you are likely to find some water in your pipelines that can leak out.

Eliminate and inspect

Using your hands, loosen the showerhead and take it off. In case the head is securely fixed and has never been removed for some time, it is appropriate that you use a crescent wrench or pliers to unscrew to take it off. Examine threads on your shower head for a rubber O-ring or tiny plastic washer. In case this part is worn out, your shower head is likely to leak and commencing to drip. Within some time, it turns brittle and dries out. This reduces its potential of containing water.

If it is worn down or gives an old impression, you better acquire a new one. Cover your shower floor using a rug to avoid unnecessary damage on the floor if any tools drop-down accidentally. Ensure that you also close your drain to prevent minimal debris from your shower head from blocking the drainage system. Do not use a lot of force, whether you are screwing your shower head back or unscrewing it off. You also do not need to screw it tightly since you can break or damage something, costing you much money.

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Clean your shower head

When you switch off the showerhead, it means it is ideal for you to clean out your shower head, especially if you observe the minimal water flow. Usually, there are minimal clogs and mineral deposits generated by hard water on your pipe junction or your shower head inside. This has a great potential to impact water flow and pressure, resulting in a showerhead that s drippy.

Using a normal pan or pot, mix 3 cups of white vinegar and water, heat the mixture until it heats the boiling point, then switch off the heat. Place the entire rubber components eliminated and enable it to soak for approximately 20-30 minutes. When you are through, please remove them and rinse as you clean the external and interior jets using your old toothbrush until it is spotlessly clean.

Replace your Divert Valve

A divert valve is another name for the knob or lever. It is responsible for switching off the direction of your water from your faucet to your shower head. Sometimes, the value of the diverter is likely to be on your faucet; it has an impression of a rod, which is pulled up whenever your water will be flowing to engage your shower head. When you want to replace your Divert Valve, eliminate your faucet handle, have the valve assembly disassembled and eliminate your diverter valve.

After that, check out for any wear; if worn out, replace the whole assembly. While doing this, it is appropriate that you use white vinegar. You may also require to unscrew a plate under your faucet inspect and remove the divert value. In some given scenarios, you can be forced to unscrew your whole faucet to access the valve.

Replacing the worn-out washer

A worn-out washer can cause your shower to leak. Therefore, if you have an old showerhead, it is a good idea to have the washer replaced while you have the showerhead soaking. As time goes by, the O-rings or washer will deteriorate. Note that for you to replace your rubber washer in the faucet, you have to disassemble your faucet through unscrewing. There is a possibility that the screw might be hidden behind the decorative cup. Thus, eliminate the stem and the handle through the use of a deep socket Wrench. Ideally, you can opt to purchase the faucet washer kit and have the rubber washer replaced plus other seals and washers.

Tape it up

In case your O-ring or washer looks perfect, or you have run a replacement, use the tapes to wrap your threads on the junction of your pipes. You do not have to use your whole tape; wrap a minimal strip around your threads on your pipe stem, above your tip.

Place back your shower head.

When you are through, it is time to place back your shower head and tighten it by screwing it until you can no longer screw it anymore. To make sure that you have screwed it properly, use the pliers to finish the entire process of tightening it up. Ensure that you do not use a lot of force since you are likely to damage your pipe or showerhead.

Turn on your water source.

When you are through, turn on the water source supply, let your show flow for some time, and then switch it off to see if the drip or leak is still there.


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Based on the above information, you now know how to fix leaks on your filtered shower head. Therefore, it is upon you to implement tips to prevent your filtered shower head from leaking. Ensure you make your bathroom a wonderful place to relax and shower by preventing leaks.