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Ultimate Guide on How to Install a Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

The use of falling rain normally inspires rain showerhead combo. It normally delivers water gently in the form of a spray. As a result, your bath time will turn out to become enjoyable and fun. In some cases, rain showerhead comes as one of the varieties many people find it hard to install. In this review, you will have adequate information on how to install a ceiling mounted rain shower head.

What Are Rain Showerheads?

ceiling mount rainfall shower head

Most people are referring to the rain shower head with a variety of terms. These different names are including an overhead shower, rainfall shower, and a downpour shower head. The shower will be delivering a gentle water stream above the body and head.

As a result, the bathing process will become more refreshing and fun. Similar to name suggestion, head shower disperses water like in natural rainfall. The showerheads are coming in two varieties, including the ceiling and wall-mounted. With these two mounts of showerheads, you have a guarantee of turning the water gently.

Rain showerheads use chrome or metal materials. In current times, some are also made with the use of plastic. Regarding budget and choice, you may end up going for models that have a high-quality finish. It is the only way for you to have a guarantee you will play a major role in adding beauty in your room.

Steps of the Installation of A Shower Head

While installing a rain shower head, the position you wish to mount is of great importance. With the current showerheads, they are more difficult to adjust compared to the traditional showerhead. While using a rain shower head with handheld combo there is a need to mount it above the head to ensure that water will cover the whole body. With the correct installation, the process of showering and rinsing will be simplified.

While engaging in installation, there are different tools that you ought to use. With these tools, you have a guarantee that you will have made the task easier.

Various Tools You Need

  • Adjustable pliers and wrench
  • High ladder or chair
  • Teflon tape
  • Terry cloth
  • Safety goggle
  • Showerhead
  • Rubber pre-installed sealing washer

ceiling mounted rain shower head installation guide

1. Take Out your Old Shower Head

The removal of a shower head is easy since you may remove it using the hands. In regard to the time of installation of the showerhead, there is a need for use of an adjustable wrench. In case it is hard for one to remove it, ensure you rotate the showerhead counterclockwise using adjustable wrench for you to unscrew it.

2. Keep Shower Arm in Good Shape and Clean

After removing the head, there is a need to check shower arm threads for old Teflon tape and any debris. If you find any of the time items, ensure you clean them thoroughly. While cleaning the thread, it is best to use a microfiber cloth as it will assist you in the complete removal of Teflon tape. Besides, the fabric works appropriately in the process of picking up any tiny grits. While done with the cleaning process, always check on if it is leaking or corroded. In regard to damaged threads, replace it wholly to have a comfortable shower time always.

3. Add New Teflon Tape

ceiling rain shower head

After breaking the old Teflon tape, it is time you consider replacing it with a new one. The tape will play a major role in assisting you in the protection of the shower from any leakages after showerhead installation.

You need to apply the new tape for around 3-5 times and then end up tearing the end part using the hands. You will be smoothing it out to keep it leveled in the thread while applying tap.

It is necessary to use anticlockwise motion. It is the only way to have a guarantee it is not coming off while attaching head in a similar direction.

4. Connect the Showerhead

In this case, you will be using a rubber sealing washer, which is coming with showerhead; the tools will assist the showerhead in staying secured and watertight on the thread. Besides, there is a need to ensure you are placing it properly before you embark on the installation process.

Later, you need to reconnect the shower tightening it down with the use of hands. You will be employing a ladder or chair to help you in making things simpler.

5. Tighten the Showerhead with Thread

A handy adjustable wrench will assist you in well tightening of a shower. There is a need for wrapping the threads using a terry cloth for you to ensure it is not damaging the finish while tightening your shower head.

After finishing tightening, you will be using the adjustable wrench to assist you in showerhead tightening down. Ensure you never over-tighten it. It is the only way for you to ensure you will remove it with ease in the future.

6. Tidy Things Up For Future Use

After completing the installation of the showerhead, you ought to take ought all the rags and used tools. With a container, you will be using the new shower headbox to assist you in placement if old items. Always ensure you are keeping all pieces removed to help in future repair and remodeling in the other bathroom.

7. Inspect The New Showerhead

ceiling mounted rain shower

More also, there is a need to inspect the new shower head to ensure there is no water leakage. In case you end up noticing any form of leaks, ensure you are tightening the head properly.

In some cases, you may require to remove the showerhead to help with proper installation. If you remove the showerhead, you ought to add Teflon tape while reconnecting the showerhead. More also, you ought to tighten it down with the use of a wrench.

After tightening of the head, look on if the plumber’s tape may be sticking out. In case it is sticking out, there is a need for you to install the tape correctly. Check the wall outlet and arm connection for any form of leaks.

After following the given steps and there are leaks, it may imply the shower arm is damaged or old. Therefore, there is a necessity of replacing it or rechecking if the showerhead has been cross-threaded.

Additional Tips

With worn-out and old shower arms, there is a need for a new installation. You ought to install the new shower arm before the placement of the showerhead. It will help you in tightening the new arm easily to the wall outlet. More also, the nozzle amount and showerhead size is a major factor to assist you in determining the pressure amount. Small showerhead containing few nozzles will end up delivering strong water pressure compared to large size type. Regarding the choice you make, there is a necessity to go for the option that is suiting best to your needs.

How to Buy the Best Rain Showerhead

There are many factors worth considering to tell if the rain showerheads are the best for your needs. These factors include:

1. Size

Showerhead size matters a lot. The rain shower heads ought to end up delivering a gentle water stream with the capacity of covering your whole body. Before you consider investing in rain showerhead, there is a need to check at the diameter and faces of rain showerheads.

Besides, you ought to compare it closely with the rain shower standard head. You will realize it will end up ranging from 6 to 12 inches wide. More also, the showerhead should have the capacity of fitting in the bathtub or shower stall perfectly. It will end up preventing the showerhead from the possibility of spraying water in the long direction after turning it on.

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2. Height of Shower Head

Since the rain showerheads are normally ceiling-mounted, they will assist you in enjoying great rainfall experience. For you to perfectly install the showerhead, you need to ensure the stall shower ceiling is high. With more pipes, you will ensure the project ends up turning out perfectly. There will be afoot clearance coming from the shower regarding how tall is the person who is using the shower.

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3. Water Pressure

It is great for you to check on the shower head for purposes of low water pressure. With enough force, you have a guarantee that you will be enjoying your bath time. High-pressure rain shower heads are capable of providing an invigorating shower experience. In case water pressure is insufficient, there is a necessity of considering the purchase of rain showerhead, which is coming with a feature of adjustable water flow.

While having hard water, it is best to buy metal showerhead containing coating. With such a showerhead, you guarantee that it will end up lasting for a long time without corroding or tarnishing with ease. While looking for steady high water flow, always install the shower head as it is the best option.

Best High Pressure – Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Heads

4. Mounting

The mounting of waterfall shower heads is different from the mounting of standard showers. Rather than one shooting the water stream in a given angle, they mount them overhead to provide drenching and top-down effects. In case the ceiling mounting is non-compatible with bathroom design, their styles may get replaced. As a result, you will end up replacing the conventional showerhead using a waterfall design. The renovation and bathroom contractor will advise you on which is the best option for you.

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With all the information discussed above, you have adequate information concerning the rain showerhead and its installation process. While installing the rain shower head on the wall or shower arm ceiling, they will follow a similar step by step instructions.

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