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How to Choose & Install Delta Shower Head?

Delta is a brand in kitchen and bathroom plumbing hardware that is well known and respected. They’re made of high-quality materials with warranties backing the claims made by the manufacturer. The brand offers a variety of different showerhead styles and types. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the best Delta shower head. We offer complete guidance mentioning picking and installing Delta showerheads may help you to decide which would work the best for your situation.

Why Choose Delta Showerhead? Delta with Other Brands Compare

Delta shower head

Delta showerheads are made from high-quality materials with workmanship that is backed by generous satisfaction guarantees. The warranties issued depend upon the model that is purchased. The range is between five years and a lifetime for warranties. When compared in terms of quality and status, Delta is ranked as equal with other high-quality shower head brands including Moen and Koehler.

You can find less expensive showerheads through brands such as Waterpik, Speakman, or Oxygenics. When you compare the similar models side by side you will find differences in the quality. The cheaper shower heads are made with inferior grade parts materials and they are not made to hold up as well as Delta brand showerheads.

Delta offers showerheads in styles, finishes, and colors that are comparable with the majority of comparable brands. This allows you to find suitable matches for your interior decor. The brand offers everything from water-saving shower heads to those with attached ambient lighting.

How to Choose the Best Delta Shower Heads?

best delta intuition shower head

The water flow level

The delta showerheads have varying water flow levels and therefore, you must understand the flow before buying it to ensure convenience and durability. The flow of water is determined by the pressure available. Therefore, the higher the water flow, the higher the pressure it has.

If you need a showerhead that will not utilize a lot of water, choose the showerhead with low water flow. Note that there are some municipal that determine the levels of water flow in the residents. So, consider the water flow rate and the passing water rate in your area to guide you in choosing the right showerhead model to suit you.

The material

Apart from focusing to get a shower head with good water flow, you must check out the material construction since it plays a role in determining durability. The right materials used in making delta showerheads are; the Nickle, bronze, and chrome finish. So, ensure the material is durable and resistant to water damages, especially after continued exposure. Also, choose a material that is easy to maintain in cleaning off any calcium and mineral residuals from water.

The price

The Delta showerheads retail at different rates depending on the available features and parts. The process range from as low as 30 dollars up to 400 dollars or more. For example, if you need a shower that has a handheld hose, the price will be relatively higher than a shower that only features the overhead water flow.

The material the showerhead is made of also plays a role in determining the rates of these showers. But, if you are looking for a quality and durable Delta showerhead for your entire family use, be prepared to spend more money on buying it.

Control rate

Do you need a showerhead that you can, manually control the water flow especially when lathering your body? Well, consider getting the showerhead that has pause or flow reducers. Note that not all showerhead models from Delta offer this setting and thus, make sure to check if the model you choose has the pause setting.

Ease to install

Delta two in one shower head

Although most of the Delta water showerheads are easy to install, you must check out the compatibility. Some models that do ship with all parts whereby; you may be required to buy some parts such as the valves or showerhead separately. So, check if the showerhead you are about to buy has all the necessary kits if you don’t wish to spend extra money to buy the needed parts. Also, if you already have a shower arm in your home, make sure to choose the showerhead that is compatible with the shower arm.

Flow Rate

What Is A Good Flow Rate For A Shower Head?

The U.S. government has flow rate standards that state that showerheads can have a maximum of 2.5 gallons per minute. A low flow showerhead is a showerhead that delivers 2.0 gallons per minute of flow or less. If you want a robust flow rate, we recommend a 2.2 to 2.5 GPM. Low flow rates, however, are better for the environment and help you conserve water as well as save money.

-Delta high flow showerhead

The Delta high flow showerhead models feature user controls that allow you to change the rate of water flow that the showerhead puts out. You can set the head to generate a low flow rate down to 1.75 gallons of water per minute, or as high as 2.5 gallons per minute. This is among the most versatile of all Delta’s showerhead models. Some also come with a variety of different shower patterns that you can dial in as an exceptional feature. Delta offers a few different high flow showerheads that allow you to customize the pattern and the flow rate to suit your needs at the time.

Recommended Delta High Flow Shower Head

-Delta low flow showerhead

The low flow showerhead is made specifically to deliver water in a low flow pattern. The range for a low flow is between 1.75 gallons per minute to 2.0 gallons per minute. This is accomplished through a restrictor that is placed on the inside of the hardware that is attached to the head. The restrictor can be removed but this is strongly discouraged because it can void the warranty on the showerhead. Low flow showerheads are usually purchased by buyers who are interested in doing their part to protect the environment by cutting back on water usage and potential waste.

Recommended Delta Low Flow Shower Head

-Delta high-pressure showerhead

Delta’s high-pressure shower heads are made to deliver a strong stream of water with the highest allowed pressure per governmental regulations. The flow rate is 2.5 gallons of water per minute. The benefits of a high-pressure showerhead are quicker rinse times because of the higher amount of water being sprayed. Maximum pressure shower heads are useful in removing all of the shampoos more quickly from the hair. A massage feature on a shower head is a type of high-pressure showerhead, however, not all massaging heads are high pressure. Some are designed to use less water by manipulating the pressure points. The disadvantages include a lack of water conservation and higher water bills because this flow rate uses a lot more water.

Recommended Delta High-Pressure Shower Head

How Long Should Delta Shower Heads Last?

The length of time that you can expect a Delta shower head to last depends on the model that you purchase. On average they last between five to ten years. There are some situations that can decrease the life span of a showerhead, however. Showerheads that run with hard water tend to become plugged with mineral build up more quickly than those that use soft water. Delta stands behind each shower head with a warranty and the length of the warranty ensures that the head is free from defects and that it will function for the duration of the guarantee or it will be replaced. The more expensive Delta showerheads generally last longer than the less expensive.

Delta shower head installation

Delta Company Warranty

Delta Faucets provides a range of different warranty plans depending on the model of shower head that you purchase. Here is an overview.

Delta’s limited warranty for homeowners

Before purchasing a Delta shower head, please refer to the specific duration of the guarantee as they vary from one product to another. The limited warranty covers all of the parts and the finish. The warranty only extends to the person who made the original purchase. It is guaranteed to be free of any defects in workmanship and material as long as you home the home that you installed the showerhead in first.

Delta’s warranty for commercial buyers

If the showerhead was purchased for commercial use, the warranty period covers 10 years from the date that it was originally bought if it is used for a multi-family residential installation. The warranty covers 5 years for all other commercial uses. The purchase must be made from a dealer that is authorized to sell Delta products.

Remedies for defective Delta showerheads

Delta shower heads

If you purchase a shower head that fails or does not meet the standards set for workmanship and flaw-free defects, Delta will, at their discretion either fix or replace the showerhead. Delta may also refund the purchase price and request that the product be returned to the manufacturer.

Items that aren’t covered by the warranty

If you purchase a Delta shower head from an unauthorized dealer it will void the warranty. This means that the costs of repair or replacement of the faucet are not covered. The Delta company is not liable for any damages that occur from normal wear and tear of the showerhead, or if it is misused, or used in an application for which it was not intended. Delta is not responsible for damages that happen as a result of neglect, improper installation, freezing water, abuse, or lack of maintenance and cleaning. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to read the installation and care instructions and follow them to the letter.

How to obtain warranty service?

If your Delta shower head is not as described, fails to work properly through no fault of your own, or shows any sign of defect then you can make a warranty claim. You may contact Delta by calling the telephone number supplied on the warranty registration form. You may also contact Delta online, or by mail. Remember to include the date of the original purchase and the model number of the product.


How to Install Delta Shower Head?

Instructions on Installing Delta Shower Head

Installing a Delta shower head is not difficult if you know the basics. You should always refer to the instructions that are included with a new shower head. Here are the basics of installing a Delta shower head.

#Turn off the water to the shower

Step 1: Remove the old shower head

You will need to have an adjustable wrench to remove the old showerhead. Place the wrench on the part of the old showerhead where it connects to the shower arm. Unscrew the head and set it aside.

Step 2: Clean the pipe

For the best results, you should clean the threaded part of the shower arm. Remove all grease, grime, rust if any, and debris. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

Step 3: Apply plumber’s tape

Apply between 3 to 5 even wraps of fresh plumber’s tape over the threads of the shower arm. This will ensure that you get a good seal on the new shower head so it doesn’t leak when you turn the water on.

Step 4: Install the new shower head

The final step is to install the new shower head. Simply screw it into place over the plumber’s tape. Make sure that it is tightened completely.

What Are Some Common Issues One May Encounter With These Models?

Even though this is a trusted brand, their models have a couple of problems that their customers complained of experienced during usage. They include:

Quick connect leaks

Some users complained of the quick connections leaking. That happened after a couple of weeks because of the heating that expanded the sealing rubbers. The remedy is to do the installation again using a rubber washer.

Limited flow rate

Some models are said to have a low flow rate, especially the waterfall and rainfall showerhead. If you want a shower head that makes you feel like you’re in a car wash, you do not want to get either of them. Some settings from the high-end models also have a reduced flow rate like the pause setting.


High-end Delta shower heads are quite pricy. The pricing isn’t that friendly for a customer with a low budget.

Maintenance of Delta Shower Head

Can I Clean Delta Shower Heads With Baking Soda?

A baking soda solution is the recommended way to clean your Delta shower head. Baking soda is not caustic and it will not cause any damage to the finish of the head. It is effective in removing grime and dirt and unclogging the showerhead when mineral deposits first begin to collect. You should clean Delta showerheads consistently at three to six-week intervals for the best results.

Delta rain shower head

How Do I Remove The Flow Restrictor From A Delta Shower Head?

The flow restrictor that is built into your Delta shower head is a part of the aerator. If you remove it then you will void the warranty that is issued from the manufacturer. Removal of the restrictor may interfere with the normal functioning of the showerhead and it is likely to cease functioning within a short period of time after removing it. The restrictor should not be removed. If you still wish to remove the flow restrictor here are the steps involved.

1. At the back of the showerhead, you will find a screen covering the back portion of the connection that water flows into the head from. To remove this screen to get to the water restricted, you will need to use a small pick that you can purchase from the hardware store. Buy the type that has an angled tip to give you better leverage. Gently lift the screen out without damaging it.

2. Remove the rubber grommet with a pair of needle-nose pliers

After removing the grommet, you will see the water restrictor. Remove the water restrictor with the needle-nose pliers.

3. Replace the rubber grommet and the screen. You have just successfully removed the water restrictor and you should have a stronger flow of water into the showerhead.


Delta is a trusted brand in showerhead manufacturing. The company stands behind its warranty on each shower head sold. Our guide provides all the information that you need to choose the best possible Delta showerhead to suit your current needs and wants. It’s been written to let you know all of the basics of installation, proper care of your new showerhead, and how to make a warranty claim if the need arises. Easy installation and satisfactory performance of Delta products through the years have helped the brand to establish a strong reputation.