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How to Install Delta Shower Head?

Delta is a brand in kitchen and bathroom plumbing hardware that is well known and respected. They’re made of high-quality materials with warranties backing the claims made by the manufacturer. The brand offers a variety of different showerhead styles and types. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the best Delta shower head. We offer complete guidance mentioning picking and installing Delta showerheads may help you to decide which would work the best for your situation.

How to Install Delta Shower Head?

Instructions on Installing Delta Shower Head

Installing a Delta shower head is not difficult if you know the basics. You should always refer to the instructions that are included with a new shower head. Here are the basics of installing a Delta shower head.

#Turn off the water to the shower

Step 1: Remove the old shower head

You will need to have an adjustable wrench to remove the old showerhead. Place the wrench on the part of the old showerhead where it connects to the shower arm. Unscrew the head and set it aside.

Step 2: Clean the pipe

For the best results, you should clean the threaded part of the shower arm. Remove all grease, grime, rust if any, and debris. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

Step 3: Apply plumber’s tape

Apply between 3 to 5 even wraps of fresh plumber’s tape over the threads of the shower arm. This will ensure that you get a good seal on the new shower head so it doesn’t leak when you turn the water on.

Step 4: Install the new shower head

The final step is to install the new shower head. Simply screw it into place over the plumber’s tape. Make sure that it is tightened completely.

What Are Some Common Issues One May Encounter With These Models?

Even though this is a trusted brand, their models have a couple of problems that their customers complained of experienced during usage. They include:

Quick connect leaks

Some users complained of the quick connections leaking. That happened after a couple of weeks because of the heating that expanded the sealing rubbers. The remedy is to do the installation again using a rubber washer.

Limited flow rate

Some models are said to have a low flow rate, especially the waterfall and rainfall showerhead. If you want a shower head that makes you feel like you’re in a car wash, you do not want to get either of them. Some settings from the high-end models also have a reduced flow rate like the pause setting.


High-end Delta shower heads are quite pricy. The pricing isn’t that friendly for a customer with a low budget.

Maintenance of Delta Shower Head

Can I Clean Delta Shower Heads With Baking Soda?

A baking soda solution is the recommended way to clean your Delta shower head. Baking soda is not caustic and it will not cause any damage to the finish of the head. It is effective in removing grime and dirt and unclogging the showerhead when mineral deposits first begin to collect. You should clean Delta showerheads consistently at three to six-week intervals for the best results.

Delta rain shower head

How Do I Remove The Flow Restrictor From A Delta Shower Head?

The flow restrictor that is built into your Delta shower head is a part of the aerator. If you remove it then you will void the warranty that is issued from the manufacturer. Removal of the restrictor may interfere with the normal functioning of the showerhead and it is likely to cease functioning within a short period of time after removing it. The restrictor should not be removed. If you still wish to remove the flow restrictor here are the steps involved.

1. At the back of the showerhead, you will find a screen covering the back portion of the connection that water flows into the head from. To remove this screen to get to the water restricted, you will need to use a small pick that you can purchase from the hardware store. Buy the type that has an angled tip to give you better leverage. Gently lift the screen out without damaging it.

2. Remove the rubber grommet with a pair of needle-nose pliers

After removing the grommet, you will see the water restrictor. Remove the water restrictor with the needle-nose pliers.

3. Replace the rubber grommet and the screen. You have just successfully removed the water restrictor and you should have a stronger flow of water into the showerhead.


Delta is a trusted brand in showerhead manufacturing. The company stands behind its warranty on each shower head sold. Our guide provides all the information that you need to choose the best possible Delta showerhead to suit your current needs and wants. It’s been written to let you know all of the basics of installation, proper care of your new showerhead, and how to make a warranty claim if the need arises. Easy installation and satisfactory performance of Delta products through the years have helped the brand to establish a strong reputation.

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