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How to Install Rain Shower Head? – Basic Knowledge You Should Know

What Is The Standard Height For A Rain Shower Head?

There are various factors to consider when it comes to the standard height for a rain shower head. Every person is different and thus, some people would like to have some spacious area while taking a bath. While others would be okay without even thinking much.

You can say that the standard height for a rain shower head for a person of average height would be 80 inches. So, if you are tall you can adjust as per your choice and if you are below the average height and have a different preference, you can opt what you like the most.

How Far Above Your Head Should A Rain Shower Be?

If you are wondering how far above your head a rain shower should be then it’s important for you to know that each individual is different. Thus, every person would have a different preference and choice. Ideally, if the gap is 3 inches, it would mean that your head won’t touch the showerhead and you can enjoy the flow of water.

It also depends on what your height is. Depending on your height you can adjust the height of the showerhead and make sure it fulfills your requirements. The purpose of installing the showerhead is to enjoy your shower and for rain showerhead types, you would be looking for the experience of enjoying the rain.

How To Install A Rain Shower Head?

In order to install a rain shower head, you should know the basics first such as:

installing rain shower head

  • Make sure before you start the process, you have turned off the water supply. Gather the supplies in advance so that the whole process can be smooth for you! You don’t want to run to stores in the middle of fixing the showerhead.
  • Remove your old showerhead. You have to use the new showerhead of a suitable size. You can select the size as per your preferences.
  • Next, you have to remove your shower arm and replace it with a longer shower arm for the installation of the rain showerhead. Keep an eye on the drop-ear elbow. You might need to use an appropriate wrench.
  • You have to use the plumbing tape around the threads of the new shower head. Make sure it is wrapped around quite well so that you don’t have to face any issue! It has to be appropriately installed so that everything would be smooth. You might have to install escutcheon for some showerheads. If you’ve to make sure you focus well on the plumbing tapes.
  • Try using your hands to place the new showerhead in the relevant place. You can also use the wrench, but be very careful as you don’t want to damage the new showerhead.
  • Cleanup after installing the new showerhead. Don’t throw the old piece yet. Just in case if the new showerhead doesn’t work out, you can still use the old piece for your everyday use.
  • If you plan on installing the ceiling mount shower head instead of the wall mount showerhead, make sure you hire a professional plumber. It can be a bit difficult at the beginner’s level.

How To Add A Rain Shower Head?

health benefits of rain shower head

If you plan on adding the wall mounted rain shower head to your bathroom, you just need to do the following:

  • Remove the existing one by your hand or wrench.
  • Remove all the Teflon thread tape so that you can add new for the new shower head.
  • Simply add the new showerhead and test it whether it’s working or not. You can use your hand or a wrench to fix it.
  • Don’t forget to check your building’s regulations. Hire a licensed plumber for the installation of the wall mount showerheads.
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