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How to Operate Delta Two In One Shower Head?

The Delta In2ition 2-in-1 shower incorporates a combination of a hand shower and showerhead. This dual integrated functionality provides you maximum flexibility without sacrificing shower warmth, as you can opt to have water streaming from your shower head only, the handheld rainfall sprayer, or both the hand shower and shower head at once.

It’s an ideal tool for any bathroom as it offers better choices when washing kids or pets and keeping the tub or the shower clean. From basic operations to adjustment and warmth control, the guide helps you understand some basic procedures for your Delta 2-in-1 shower head and some tricks on operating your new shower.

delta 2 in 1 shower head combo

What Are Some of the Benefits of Delta 2-in-1 Shower?

Delta showers allow you to perform many different activities while in the shower, like bathing kids, pets, and easy operations when rinsing your hair or that of your per. The cleaning of the shower is even made easier and faster due to a hand sprayer in the system. If you are looking to buy/upgrade your bath shower that will ease your morning clearing routine, then a Delta option will provide not only choices but also solutions that will reduce the total time you always spend in the bathroom each morning.

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How Does a Delta 2-in-1 Function?

To understand how to operate your Delta 2-in-1 showerhead, it is wise first to understand how the whole system functions. These showers are designed so that they receive or suck water from your tank and then spray it in your shower but under control of on and off control tap. The system features a detachable hand shower head for the Delta showers, which can run or spray water separately from or concurrently with the hand shower head, providing you the real flexibility and warmth of the two streams of water all at once. So, you can regulate or alternate warm water from cold, depending on your teste.


How Does the Shower Diverter Function?

operating delta 2 in 1 shower head

A diverter is a metal cap located in the middle of the system designed to help regulate/control the flow of warm or cold water in your hand and showerhead. With the shower lever positioned on the side of the hand shower, you can adjust your Delta 2-in-1 to any of the three options available; the hand shower, shower head, or both combined.

This allows you to enjoy different water temperatures differently. To operate your water diverter, you will need to turn left if you want a showerhead operation only, right for hand spray, and a full turn for a combined operation.

Take your time because different brands have different procedures; some dictate that they are left or anticlockwise for showerheads and clockwise for hand spray. So this might change, but the operation of a water and shower diverter remains the same; it would help you understand the whole process.


What Is the Function of the Pause Feature?

What bills are very expensive, and it is always wise and thoughtful to always conserve water. So, with this in mind, Delta 2-in-1 designers thought of something to remedy this situation by installing a pause feature in your showers.

The pause feature on a hand sprayer reduces the water to a trickle, allowing you to stop or cut the water supply anytime you feel like you need to scrub your kid or pet or when doing tasks like shaving your armpits or lathering up. To operate your pause function, you will need to push the plunger up and resume the water supply to push the plunger down.


How Do You Switch Between the Hand Sprayer and the Shower Head?

The main advantage of installing this brand into your shower system is its ability to offer different touches in each control. And the best way to explore this is to understand how you can control the showerhead and the hand sprayer differently or all at once. With the diverter lever stationed on the side of the showerhead, you can control or twist your Delta 2-in-1 shower to of the following options; Warm water in your shower head and cold water in your hand sprayer, or cold in the showerhead and warm in your hand showerhead or all operating at once. This doesn’t vary from any size or model you buy as long as you own a Delta shower, then you should enjoy all of the benefits in a super amazing way.


How Do You Dock and Undock Your Delta Showerhead?

benefits of delta 2 in 1 shower head

One of the most critical practice you should always have a copy about its operations is how to dock and undock your hand shower from the Delta fittings. You undock the shower heads by pulling the combined hand shower from the main showerhead. This helps you raise or lower the shower sprayer to any height you need to use your water. To dock the shower head, you will need to snap the hand sprayer back into the place you removed it hold it, or twist it around until you hear a click sound.


How to Install/Replace a Shower Head?

The Delta 2-in-1 shower offers you a simple and quick way to upgrade or install your new showerhead. If you already have an existing system in place and wish to upgrade or replace your old showerhead with the unique Delta 2-in-1, you will need to remove your old showerhead and replace it with a 2-in-1 shower.

There is no need for a system upgrade; you can only go behind the wall if you experience inconsistency in water flow to remove sediments and or replace a broken pipe.

Here you can hire someone to help you or conduct your upgrade by following online guides on how to install new Delta shower heads in your existing tub.



Understanding your shower is the key to breaking it down its operational principle and mastering basic tricks on operating it anytime you need a special feature. The guide as conducted some research on different parts and their contribution in our shower to ease your cleaning and daily routine; all you need is to ensure you master all the controls and enjoy the real Delta showering experience.