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How To Plumb A Rain Shower Head?

If you want to change your current showerhead and want to experience the rain shower head, you should know the basics of how to plumb it. However, just like when you’re sick you visit a doctor, you can hire a professional plumber for the job especially if you find dealing with such things with difficulty.

  • Plumbing and installing the rain showerhead requires you to select the right size.
  • You have to see whether ceiling installation would be a viable option or the wall installations.
  • Unscrew the old showerhead counterclockwise so that you can place the new showerhead in its place. If it’s possible to do it by your hand do it otherwise you’ve to use the hand wrench.
  • Make sure you remove all the existing thread seal tape as you would be using new ones for the new piece. While putting it on, it has to be in the clockwise direction. When you give attention to such small details, the end results would be great!
  • Next, you can simply place the new showerhead on the thread seal tape. Check out if it’s working the right way or not! You can adjust if needed. And make sure you use a hand wrench if you find it tough to tighten it simply by your hand.

For the wall-mount showerhead, a licensed plumber can help you with the process. If you are residing in a rented apartment don’t forget to check the building rules and regulations before the installation.

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