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How to Use the Delta Shower Dual Head Faucet?

Whether you are remodeling an existing bathroom or building a new home, a Delta shower dual head facets with hand showerhead will help you achieve your shower design dream. Why select a typical Delta shower faucet with a single shower head when you can achieve an ideal shower with amazing designs and include some functionality with installing a dual-head faucet? Incorporating this into your shower introduces the real showering experience, and the best way to enjoy your bathroom is to master all the fittings and how to use them. The guide is designed to help you understand how to use the Delta shower dual head faucet and some essential parts.

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What Are the Best Delta Dual Shower Head For Multiple Usages


How to Use the Delta Shower Dual Head Faucet?

To use or install a Delta shower faucet with a dual shower system, you will need to understand various component fixtures. These components are necessary to help you create and understand how to use a Delta system with a double faucet sprayer. Some of the key elements are the diverter valve, control, mixing valve, the shower head, flange, drop elbow, and dual hand shower. It will also be wise first to understand each of them as they make part of your shower. And if you are to understand how to use them, you should learn each of them differently.

1 Control and Shower Mixing Valve

At its core or the inner part, this shower faucet with a dual shower head has the same appearance as the normal single faucet. You plumb your cold and hot water lines into the shower through a rough-in water valve where cold and hot water mix to form a comfortable, warm showering temperature. The warm water will then flow out of the dual Delta shower sprayer and the showerhead.

From the mixing outlet port, hot water runs in a shower pipe to a diverter valve. The guidelines recommend that you pick a Delta dual choice universal flow mixing valve, but this depends on your plan o adding a tup spout to your shower. The mixing valve is always installed on the wall. The trim kit with the handle attachments helps you regulate the water temperature with the help of a thermostat or a cartridge to balance both pressure and water flow. Read more on different models before setting or trying to use any control and mixing valve.

2 Diverter Valve

To use dual faucets and showerheads simultaneously, you will need a shower system with at least three setting faucets diverter. A 3-setting shower diverter helps you turn on the showerhead, the dual hand shower spray, or both of them simultaneously. This configuration/specification provides a multi-showerhead experience and also provides the versatility of using a detachable sprayer. The diverter is equipped with an input port for hot water from the mixing valve and warm water outlets for your shower. In a three-setting configuration, the diverter has three ports that collect warm samples from the mixing chamber for temperature confirmations. However, when a shower faucet configuration has a hand shower spray, the third outlet port will be closed as it has no function in the system.

3 Arm, Flange and Showerhead

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When using these important components in dual Delta H2O kinetic shower heads, the first thing is to understand some adjustments. For a normal showerhead, you will need to adjust the height, keeping in mind that height affects the water’s kinetic energy flowing through a pipe. Spend some time trying to understand some height specification and their effect on potential energy, which is responsible for giving you a perfect spray.

Secondly, the arm is the most important part of any dual Delta showerhead as it allows you to lower and hold your hand sprays. Some designs come in a flexible and adjustable model, while others have some control limits.

Lastly, the flange is the decorative piece with a vital role; it covers the shower hole in the wall where the supply pipes stick. They also offer a bend allowance that helps to accommodate any thickness and gives you more adjustment clearance.

4 Drop Elbow and Hand Shower

A Delta showerhead system with dual shower sprays requires a compatible handheld showerhead and a drop elbow to connect the plumbing and internal fittings. In hand showerheads, you spray your body with water in any place you want as far as your hand is concerned. Other tasks like rinsing out, washing soaps, shampoo, bathing kids, shaving legs, cleaning the shower, and washing pets are made easier with a shower Delta system that incorporates a wand.

Most showers include a slide bar with a mounting tank that allows you to move the shower up and down and hold your faucets in place. On the other hand, a drop elbow is a crucial piece that helps to hold your shower in a right-angle line and help connect your shower to the mixing and control hub. If you are to use these pieces, you only need to set it at 90 degrees and ensure that your inverter is directly opposite to the mixing tank.

Delta showerheads with dual faucets shower systems are among the most preferred configurations, but they are definitely a lot of market choices. It is wise to scrutinize all the choices before buying your showerhead, such as the type of faucets, the style either traditional or modern shower faucets with dual showerheads. There are some less obvious factors to be aware of when picking an ideal Delta shower faucet with dual spray. While the overall purpose will be the same, adding some of these components can customize your shower into something beyond your comfort zone.



In order to understand better ways to use your Delta dual showerhead faucets, it is wise to understand some of the key components that make up a complete shower system. The guide has outlined some of the key parts that make up a Delta shower, and all you need to have is to operate and adjust the system to your own needs and specifications. You can also read more on how to use the Delta shower dual head faucet online or in the user’s manual guidebook.