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FAST and EASY Way to Raise Your Shower Head

For a great shower experience, it is key to have a quality showerhead. However, even with the best style and design, if you have a low showerhead you will trip and bump into faucets. And it gets more frustrating.

Therefore, there is a need to raise the shower head and achieve the satisfaction that you deserve in a shower. Below will discuss in-depth information on raising a showerhead.

how to raise shower head height

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Essential Tools to Raise Shower Head.

– Adjustable shower arm.

This is a tool that is used to adjust the shower height and angle. It allows you to achieve great coverage by raising it and great reachability by lowering it. The tool can be easy to install as it attaches to the current shower arm.

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– Swivel ball adapter.

At times, the pivot ball does not face downward completely and thus ends up spraying water on the wall instead of the person bathing. The swivel ball adapter comes in hand when lowering the shower head distance by inches. Besides, the tool assists in positioning the showerhead as you wish.

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– S Shower arm.

This is a shower accessory that is used in increasing the toughness of your bathroom. The only disadvantage about it is that it might not be easy doing it on your own as requires the removal of the current shower arm. The amount of force needed is high, however, the moment you have installed it, then you have a flexible way to increase the height while offering toughness.

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– Wall-mounted handheld shower head holder.

It includes the essential tool that raises the showerhead to 3-5 inches. You install according to your level of handiness and skills. One wall mount requires drilling that depends on technical skills while the other is a model that uses glue. The use of a wall-mounted handheld shower head holder makes your showering experience easy and fun.

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– Shower slide bar.

This includes the common steps in raising the showerhead. The slide bar is fixed using screws and that of a removable shower head with a hose. The fitting gets to stay on the wall and the handheld gets fixed to mount on the slide bar. The slide bar, using a screw is adjusted to a height of up to 25 inches.

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Detailed Steps to Raise the Showerhead.

As a homeowner, you may be wondering if it is possible to work on raising the showerhead or increasing the distance from the showerhead to the wall. The answer is yes, you can do it at home without the need for a plumber. Below are detailed steps:

Step 1: Remove the worn-out fitting.

Loosen the showerhead assembly from the wall. If you are planning on replacing the old showerhead, leave it. Use hands to loosen the assembly, however, if it’s too hard use a wrench to ease the task.

After removing the old nipple, the Teflon tape and unidentified crusty bits are leftover on the pipe fitting. Use an old toothbrush to scrub them off completely of the pipe.

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Step 2: Fix the new fittings.

On both linear grooves of the S pipe, wrap with Teflon tape. Fix the pipe such that the end of the pipe faces your position when showering. Do not overtighten it, thus go easy on the wrench. Stick the showerhead to the upper part of the S pipe and tighten it into place over the tape. Aim it to the spot you will be taking a shower.

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Step 3: Test for correct installation.

Do a ‘dry’ run to test it out. This means that water will be running but you will not be in it. Check if your installation is correct when you turn on the water. Be keen to ensure there are no explosions, drips, or sprays. If all is okay, start taking your shower with your head high and proud since you did it.

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How to Lower Shower Head?

How to Lower Shower Head

Perhaps you feel that your shower head is too high when bathing hence the need to lower it. The in-the-wall plumbing has nothing with lowering your showerhead. Having an extendable shower arm will allow you to lower the showerhead to the height you prefer. Pick a shower arm with design and style that compliments your home décor. Below are the steps to follow:

 Step 1: Ensure you turn the shower off.

 Step 2:  Using a pair of pliers, grip the nuts that hold the showerheads thus removing them. Twist the nut in counterclockwise directions until it loosens hence completely removing it.

 Step 3:  Install the extendable shower arm. Screw it in the showerhead threads. And later tighten them with pliers.

 Step 4:  Take the old showerhead and screw it on the end of the extended shower arm and tighten it with pliers.

 Step 5:  Lower the adjustable extension arm according to your desires. Enjoy the shower.

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What is the Standard Height of a Showerhead?

how to raise shower head

Generally, there should not be any special requirement for the height of the showerhead. This is because the height depends on the user’s tallness and the style of the showerhead.

However, the standard height is 80 inches. It is ideal for average to tall people like it 6 feet 8 inches. That might change in public places like a guest house or hotels as they may be installed a little higher.

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Tips on Using Extension Arms for Showerheads.

Tips on Using Extension Arms for Showerheads

The moment you start doing the fixing the shower in your house you pass on the need for a professional. Therefore, it is key to note certain tips when using an extension arm for showerheads so that you may be in the know. Among them include:

– Installation of arms does not require having special tools or kits. All you need is to follow the steps as they are stipulated.

– At times, when showering toxic gases might come up. However, with chlorine water filters you can protect yourself as it reduces the chances of inhaling unhealthy air. Besides, the use of chlorine water filters, ensures that you leave the bathroom door open after bathing.

The filter is placed in between the showerhead and adjustment knob. Due to fixing the filter, you will find out that a high shower head drops, however, you can adjust the shower head to go higher.

– When buying a rain shower head an adjustable extension arm always comes with it. The arm sets the showerhead downwards, the position which points towards you. With this accessory, you can adjust it at two points. Either near the showerhead or close to the wall.

– Notably, rain shower heads have different features to that of regular models as they come with arms and flange. Ensure that whenever you order the showerhead, these features are included in the package.

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Why Extend Your Shower Head?

This exercise of extending the showerhead has been related to the discomfort of tall people while bathing. However, there are other solid reasons why you should consider increasing the distance. Below are the reasons for extending the showerhead.

– Shampoo/soap shelf unit.

When you have a low showerhead, there is no room to hang the toiletries. On the contrary, when you raise it higher, there will be enough room to hang all you need.

Shampoo soap shelf unit

– Uncomfortable shower spot.

A low showerhead may get you fixed in an uncomfortable spot making bathing less relaxing. With extension arms that raise the showerhead higher, gives you more space to shower comfortably.

– Frustration in showers.

At times, you would be tripping or bumping into faucets in showers. Placed lowly making bathing a nightmare. By raising a showerhead, you avoid all that weirdness.

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Just like any other part of the bathroom, showerheads are important parts. When low, not only will tall people be uncomfortable, but it also becomes annoying to shower in there. You can raise the showerhead by yourself at home without looking for assistance. Simply but reading the above information you are equipped to raise the showerhead.

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