Top 5 Sauna Like Steam Heads for Aromatherapy – Buying Guide

Steam therapy has existed for many years, with people utilizing them as mere relaxation tools while others using them to treat some health conditions such as headaches, body aches, and insomnia, among others. This steam is usually created by diffusers commonly known as steam heads. Technology has advanced the manufacture designs of these steam heads, thus encouraging the creation and releasing of numerous advanced models to the market. This has since made it challenging to find the best steam head device for a satisfactory steaming session.

What is the Best Steam Shower Head?

What Is A Steam Shower Head?

a steam shower headA steam shower head is a shower appliance installed together with other components of a steam shower system as the device which directs the cycle and rate at which the steam is released and dispersed. They thus ensure that you have the best possible steaming session of your preference. Steam head devices come in different designs with different features that distinguish their functions and additional benefits. For instance, some are just plainly designed delivering only steam, whereas others come integrated with aromatherapy wells for other health benefits on top of the typical steam showering.

Some of the essential oils that can be incorporated into a steam head include peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus brands, which guarantees an excellent shower session with the aromas produced and the associated health benefits. Many people have used steam showers; however, people used to go to the spa for steam baths. Steam head devices have made steam showering easier by bringing it home, allowing you to steam bathe in your own bathroom at your own comfort and privacy.

For instance, some of these devices allow the user to set the temperature they would like to steam in, which is very convenient, unlike the traditional spa system where you had to go with the flow even if the temperatures were too high or too low for you. Steam head devices have henceforth revolutionized the steam bath industry by making it more exciting and satisfactory with tremendous benefits than it was before.

Top 5 Best Steam Head 2020

Top 5 Best Steam Head Reviews 2020

Listed below are some of the best steam head shower devices currently in the market worth consideration for your sauna or bathroom.

1. Mr. Steam Ms 103937pc MS Aromasteam Steamhead

steam head

Mr. Steam is a popular brand in the USA as they provide high-quality bathroom appliances infused with modern technological advancements for an exemplary shower experience.

  • Unique Features

Thus, their Ms 103937 pc is designed with unique features ranking it among the best in the market. The device is engineered with precision and an air tempo control system to guarantee even distribution of steam throughout the room. The steam head sides also remain cool throughout the steam distribution; hence do not burn on touching.

  • With An Aroma Reservoir

It comes installed with an aroma reservoir well, which stores aroma oils. Further integrated into the system is an electronic oil delivery system that infuses the scent evenly through the steam.

  • Small and Save the Space of Rooms

This model comes in a variety of shapes as some are circular while others square. The average area they occupy is usually 3 inches, which is quite small and thus appropriate for space maintenance in the room.

  • Brass Material Finishes

The device is made of brass material finished in at least ten different coatings to ensure they are stylish and durable while also providing the user with an array of choices that they prefer.

  • Comes already assembled
  • Straightforward operation
  • Elegant design
  • Safe to use
  • Multifunctional
  • Allows for aromatherapy
  • The oils have to be bought separately

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2. Steamist Steamhead, Square, Polished Chrome

best steam shower head

This steam head model is also among the best designed to offer the best possible steam bath. This is attributed to its advanced and improved features from customers’ feedbacks.

  • Brass Material

For instance, the device is made from brass material, which is long-lasting and durable. This, coupled with the polished chrome finish, further ensures that the device is corrosion and rust-proof hence durable.

These also give the steam head a modernized appealing and stylish look complementing your bathroom décor, thus creating an elegant environment.

  • Small Size

The steamiest steam head also measures 3 by 3 by 1 inch, which is appropriate and low profile, ensuring that it does not take up much of your bathroom space.

  • 360-Degree Steam Dispersion System

Its engineering also guarantees an even 360-degree steam dispersion system by channeling the steam in four different directions. It is also integrated with a well for essential oils, thus promotes aromatherapy. The device comes with a limited 2-year lifetime warranty on the parts.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Elegant
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Supports aromatherapy
  • Favorable warranty period
  • Evenly distributes the steam
  • Quite pricey

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3. Mr. Steam MSITEMPOSQ-PC AromaSteam Steam Head

best mr steam steam head

This is another high-quality and advanced steam head from the popular brand Mr. Steam. It is uniquely designed with its features infused with advanced technology for maximal service delivery.

  • With A Digital Screen

For instance, it comes with a digital screen and control buttons right below it. This enables you to set the temperature to your preferred levels by adjusting them using the controls and visualizing the temperature readings on the screen. This makes the model convenient for steam bathing in the temperature of your preference.

  • Oil Reservoir

The device also has the oil reservoir for the essential oils, thus supporting aromatherapy and steam bath with the essential oils. The power input for operation is around 100 to 200 watts, thus making it energy efficient.

  • Brass Material

Its design with brass as the manufacturing material and the polished chrome finish makes it elegant to your bathroom and also durable and long-lasting. The device’s smart system can be operated with a separate wireless control system on a standard 60-minute timer for more convenience.

  • Easy to operate
  • Aesthetic design
  • Long-lasting
  • Aromatherapy steaming
  • Digital display system
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Energy efficient
  • Very expensive


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4. Mr. Steam Ms 104040pn MS Aromasteam Steamhead

best shower head with steam setting

This is another popular model in the market ranked among the best steam heads. Its design and features facilitate the exemplary steam bath sessions at your bathroom, among other benefits.

  • Has Aromatherapy Well

For instance, the steam head is designed to evenly distribute steam all over the bathroom for a great session. Further integrated into the system is aromatherapy well for the depositing of the essential oils, thus allowing for the infusion of the oils into the steam environment seamlessly through the electronic oil delivery system.

  • Anti-Heating Technology

The device also has anti-heating technology, which ensures that the steam head remains cool throughout the steaming session and thus does not burn on touching.

  • Made With Stainless Steel

It is made with stainless steel for durability and further finished in a variety of polishes, more so nickel polish, which makes it complement the internal décor of your bathroom, making it stylish.

  • Has Different Shapes

The model comes in different shapes for the preference of the user, and the size is also 3 by 3 by 1 inches to ensure that it does not take up much space of your bathroom.

  • Easy to use
  • No need for assembly
  • Supports aromatherapy
  • Durable
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Evenly distributes steam
  • Package does not include the essential oils

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5. Steamist Steamhead, Square, Polished Nickel

best mr steam linear steamhead

This is also a top-ranked steam head in the market from the renowned Steamiest suppliers. This device is designed for customer satisfaction and to give you a steam bath like never before in the comfort of your home.

  • Stylish and Elegant Outlook

The device is manufactured from high-quality brass material, which makes it durable. It is also polished with Nickel finish for stylish and elegant bathroom décor. The pipe threading for connection to the mains supply is about 0.75 inches, thus fitting with many standard pipes.

  • Has Aromatherapy Well

The device also measures 5 by 5 inches, which is appropriately sized for low profile fitting into your bathroom without taking much space. The model also has aromatherapy well for essential oils, thus supporting a steam bath with infused essential oils for further benefits to the user.

  • Halo Design

Its halo design facilitates even distribution of steam from all the three sides to fill up your room efficiently. The package also includes a deflector plate for further efficiency.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Elegant design
  • Durable
  • Supports aromatherapy steam session
  • Evenly distributes steam
  • Fairly priced
  • Aromatherapy well is a little small

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How to Choose the Best Steam Shower Head

steam head diffuser

When considering to buy a steam shower head, you should bear in mind some of the following factors and features to ensure that you get a device that will make your steam shower sessions great.

The size

The size of a steam head is an essential factor to consider. This will directly affect the space in the bathroom, allowing you to enjoy your steam shower comfortably. Thus, for small to averagely sized bathrooms, you will need to install small-sized steam heads to give it ample space for the proper dispersion of the steam.

However, for much larger bathroom spaces, you will need large steam heads or a multiple of small ones to sufficiently supply steam to the room faster and efficiently.

Manufacture materials

These are crucial as some materials are not suitable for a steamy or watery environment. Thus, you will need some waterproof and non-porous material to minimize damages by the steam. The materials also need to be high-quality and strong to ensure that the device is durable.

Control system

Controlling the temperature in a steam shower system is often a convenient practice as it will allow you to select your preferred heat level. The controls also need to be easily accessible and waterproof for easier use and durability. Thus, you should consider a system with the most simple control system coupled with varied adjustment options for an excellent experience in the steam shower.

Safety features

Steam systems operate on the principle of heat systems. Thus, the showerhead will have to disperse the hot steam without causing injuries to the users. You should, therefore, check on the models with anti-heating designs, which ensures that the exposed sides do not get too hot that could burn the user.

Additional features

Some other features to check for are those steam heads installed with aromatherapy wells for bathing with essential oils. Also, you should check for the assembly and installation processes to ensure that you buy one that would be easier to install.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

a) Can a Steam Shower Be Used As a Regular Shower?

Yes. In a homestead environment, there is no need for you to build and dedicate another floor space for steam showering. You would just need to remodel your existing regular shower bathroom by adding some few components such as the steam generator and the steam head and also maybe change some of the materials in the bathroom to steam resistant ones. These will independently enable steam emission inside your regular shower area efficiently.

Also, this will be immensely convenient since many people usually take regular showers immediately after a steam bath, thus saving you the hustle and time. Frequent showers would also cool down the room temperature, thus dissipating the steam cloud much faster, therefore convenient.

b) Is a Steam Shower Good for You?

best kohler steam head

Yes. Steam showers are great for any individual since they have tremendous health benefits. For instance;

They help in skincare. The heat from the steam usually opens up blocked skin pores, thus increasing perspiration rate and also gets rid of loose dead skin and bacteria on your skin. Therefore after a steam shower, your skin will be clean, sufficiently oiled, and free of blemishes. It also softens the hair follicles on the body, making it easier to shave.

Steam showers also widen the blood vessels in the body, thus increasing and improving blood circulation. This will increase the rate of oxygen dispersion to your cells, keeping them healthy while similarly removing the deoxygenated from body tissues sufficiently. Thus it improves general heart functions and that of the cardiovascular system.

It also facilitates more natural breathing by opening blocked sinuses. This will relieve you from the stressful breathing routines, thus improving the health of your respiratory system.

Steam showers also allow for relaxation and stress relief efficiently. Thus it improves your overall health both physically and mentally. This is by increasing the rate of metabolism thus increasing the rate of energy generation and waste removal from the body for a clean and healthy physiological system

Some of the steam heads which incorporate the use of aromatherapy and essential oils further incorporate more benefits as they help in the treatment of congestion in pregnant ladies, headache, body aches, and insomnia, among other health conditions.

These are only a few of the benefits associated with steam showering, and thus it is right for you to a great extent as long as you adhere to user instructions, and maybe doctor’s recommendations as some individuals can incur body system damages when they step or stay in a steam bath with disregard to particular guidelines.

c) How Long Should You Stay in a Steam Shower?

Health professionals usually advise regular or new steam bath indulgers to take the average recommended timeframe of about 15 to 20 minutes cycles, often getting out to get some fresh air. Nevertheless, the time an individual should take usually varies from one individual to the next and the level of temperature of the steam. Thus, whenever you are feeling uncomfortable and out of breath, even if you have just stayed in the steam for five minutes, then you should jet out for some fresh air before going back in.


Steam head devices are increasingly becoming popular among many homeowners as people are shifting from spa steam baths to home-based steam bath systems. The steam heads mentioned above could be an essential addition to your new steam bath system, and thus you should consider them when planning to buy or replace one. Moreover, you could also employ some of the information detailed in this article to find the best possible steam head for your bathroom without occasional complications.

Top 5 Best Steam Head on Market