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Top 6 Best Shower Head with Handheld Attachment Reviews & Buying Guides

If you plan to acquire a handheld showerhead for your home use, consider the model with an attachment. The handheld showerhead attachments are crucial to provide a space for installing the showerheads when using or after using.

So, which are the best handheld showerheads with attachments? This article provides the 6 best handheld shower heads with attachments and buying guides for you.

Benefits of Shower Head with Handheld Attachment


Benefits of Shower Head with Handheld Attachment

  • Ergonomic and flexible

The showerheads with attachments are quite ergonomic since you can do more than one activity. For example, the attachments hold the showerhead so you can lather your body when washing.

  • Convenient reach by all

The majority of attachments are wall-mounted such that you can install them in the most comfortable area to reach by all people, including kids in the house.

  • Ensures good organization

You don’t have to deal with showerheads dangling in the bathroom as the attachment ensures to firmly hold the showerhead. This also provides the durability of the hose.

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How to Pick the Best Shower Head with Handheld Attachment?

How to Pick the Best Shower Head with Handheld Attachment

  • The attachment mounting mode

A useful and convenient showerhead should have an attachment that is mounted on the wall. This way, you can easily choose the most comfortable height position that everyone, including kids, can access and put back the showerhead after showering.

  • Easy to clean

Always go for a shower head that is easy to clean around the nozzles. This is the part that controls the water flow through the showerhead. So, if you live in areas with salty water, choose nozzles with a cleaning mechanism, and that has material that prevents blocking.

  • Water settings

The majority of handheld showerheads with attachments have varying spray water settings to choose from. This ensures everyone in the house gets the most comfortable showering water flow, depending on their needs.

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Best Shower Head with Handheld Attachment Reviews

1. Best Dual – AquaDance High-Pressure Shower Head with 6 Settings Spray

AquaDance High Pressure shower head


  • Three different water flow settings
  • The nozzles are easy to clean to avoid clogging
  • Six rainwater flow settings
  • Easy setting up and adjusting


  • You may experience some leakage from the showerhead

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The attachment is also versatile to fit people who may need to use the shower combo. Meaning, you can adjust the handheld showerhead and use it together with the overhead model.

This showerhead is made with ABS plastic material with a nickel finish to give it metal and a beautiful look to match your bathroom.

The handheld showerhead has an ergonomic hose that provides comfortable grasping so that you can focus on your showering.

Still, the showerhead has a high pressure to ensure you get the best water flow for fast rinsing.

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2. Best with Rainfall – Bright Showers Shower Head with 5 ft. Shower Hose Combination Set

Bright Showers shower head


  • The nozzles have silicon rubber for easy cleaning
  • Convenient in installation
  • Excellent water flow
  • Maintaining the showerhead is easy and smooth


  • This entire showerhead unit is made of plastic materials, which kind of makes it look cheap

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The attachment on this showerhead is mounted on the wall for convenience, especially if you want it to be used by kids.

This showerhead combo comes with one large overhead measuring 8 inches to ensure you get excellent and ample water flow.

The handheld showerhead has three spray setting modes to choose from, easy to adjust with the equipped push button.

With the triple water divert model, you can set up the water to flow through the overhead, through the handheld hose, or both.

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3. Best with Long Hose – HauSun Durable Shower Head with Handheld Attachment

HauSun Durable handheld shower head


  • The hose is long and flexible for comfort
  • Quality materials constructions
  • The spray water flow has five settings
  • Easy and quick installing


  • Low pressure

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The 6.5 inches long hose on this showerhead ensures the user is comfortable to reach it when taking a shower.

This showerhead also has six spray water settings, so you can select the amount of water flow you need.

What I love about this showerhead is the universal adaptor, which connects to most shower arms.

Controlling this handheld showerhead is easy since it has the on and off button, so even a kid can switch on and use it without your supervision.

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4. Best with On/Off Switch – HotelSpa 7-setting Handheld Shower Head for Saving Water

HotelSpa 7 setting shower head


  • Affordable
  • Has quality stainless steel materials design
  • Has a button to control water flow
  • The hose is super long


  • The pause button is a bit hard to press extra effort to crack it

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This handheld shower unit is standard in commercial areas like hotels and spas, although it is also an excellent home use choice.

This is a water-conserving handheld shower head since it features the pause button to prevent water flow when lathering your body.

The unit comes with a wall attachment for holding the handheld showerhead with a hose firmly on the wall for convenient storage.

The hose is also extra-large to make sure your families, including kids, are comfortable showering with it.

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5. Best Multiple Use – Brushed Nickel Shower Heads with Two Spray Settings

Brushed Nickel shower head


  • Beautiful and classy finish
  • The spray water flow adjusts in two settings
  • Adjustable
  • It fits in most standard shower arms


  • The pressure is not too high

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The dual shower heads ensure you have extensive water flow such that you can comfortably share the shower with someone else.

These showerheads also have dual spray settings that are easy to regulate with a button.

The showerhead features the wall mounting mode but connecting them is easy and fast, considering there are no tools needed.

The two showerheads have ABS material with a nickel finish to give them a clean and shiny finish.

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6. Best Durable – Lokby High-Pressure Shower Head with Handheld Attachment

Lokby High Pressure shower head


  • Installing this shower head is easy with no tools
  • Six spray settings
  • Quality ABS materials
  • High-pressure water flow


  • The showerhead is a bit pricy for its size

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Even if your bathroom pipes have low water flow pressure, rest assured this showerhead will deliver the best water flow since it has a high-pressure mechanism.

The showerhead has six spray water flow settings with five spray patterns to choose from.

The nozzles of this showerhead are super easy to clean since they have silicon jet rubber materials.

The entire unit has quality ABS materials treated against heat for durability.

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These are the best choices of shower heads with handheld attachments. The attachments are easy to install, and most models have a wall-mounting method, so you can install them in the most comfortable area to reach by all.

Some of the reviewed showerheads come with overhead showerheads, while others only have the handheld model. So, choose the most comfortable showerhead with a handheld from these six options.

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