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A Quick Guide to Buying Standard Shower Curtain Size

A plush bathroom with a bathtub is incomplete without a shower curtain. Shower curtains are a basic necessity of a luxurious bathroom as not only do they aid in extending the privacy of the bathing space, but they also elevate the décor component of the bathrooms.

They enhance your bathing experience and thus need to make their way into your bathrooms for an appealing and welcoming look. But, how do you buy a shower curtain? What are the things you need to consider while buying a shower curtain?

Here in this guide, we are going to clear the air about all the tits and bits in association with shower curtains:

standard shower curtain height


What Is the Standard Shower Curtain Size?

To be precise, a standard shower curtain size is 72×72 inches. Moreover, a lot depends on the size of your bathroom and bathtub because the length of the shower curtain should be long enough to cover the entire length of the bathtub and should touch the floors.

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How To Measure For A Shower Curtain?

If your bathroom does not support a standard-size shower curtain and you need to customize it, all you need to do is grab a measuring tape and get started with the measurements. Make sure that the width of the curtain extends about 12 inches more than the original width of the shower to make sure that there is no seepage from the sides.

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Shower Curtain Size Chart

The measurement of shower curtains should always be taken, keeping your bathtubs in mind. The size of the shower curtain is proportional to the size of the bathtub and thus should be estimated accordingly.

Here we make your job easy by listing down the shower curtain size as per the type:

Shower Curtain Type Measurements

Standard shower 72″W x 72″L
Shower stall 54″W x 78″L
Floor to ceiling shower curtain 72″W x 96″L
Extra Tall 70″W x 84″L
Extra Wide Bathtub 84″W x 74″L

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Where To Hang A Shower Curtain Rod?

standard shower curtain length

On average, the shower curtain should be a minimum of six inches wider than the shower rod. The shower rod should be mounted 3 inches deep compared to a regular rod, and its midpoint should be mounted such that it extends at least a few inches outside the rim of the bathtub.

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Types of Shower Curtains You Can Choose

Shower curtains are available in a variety of styles and patterns to initiate privacy in your bathrooms besides preventing water spillage all over the bathroom area. Every type of shower curtain has its unique features, but the catch lies in choosing a curtain that best suits your bathroom space and needs.

Here are a few types of shower curtains that you can buy:

Vinyl shower curtains

One best thing about vinyl shower curtains is that they hardly require any maintenance and can repel moisture like a pro. Such shower curtains are also available in a clear panel format which is worth buying if you do not like a completely closed bathing arena.

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Decorative shower curtains

As the name suggests, such curtains add more décor and grandeur to your bathing space. If you prefer beauty over functionality, then decorative shower curtains are your best friends. Such shower curtains are available in colorful hues and designer fabrics to make your bathing space look like a luxury corner.

These curtains are usually available in silk, linen, and faux silk, and have sequins and other embellishments over them to speak of beauty and elegance. But make sure that you also pay attention to the liners to prevent molds from showing up.

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Hookless shower curtains

If you wish to chuck off curtain rings, you should make friends with hookless shower curtains as they can directly slip on the curtain rod. These days hookless shower curtains are highly trending and are available in a plethora of styles and materials.

All you need to do is browse through a wide range of such variants and get the best suits your style and bathroom ambiance.

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Cotton shower curtains

These are the most popular shower curtains as one gets to browse endless options in the name of cotton fabrics. But make sure that you buy a vinyl or polyester liner to repel the moisture because cotton tends to retain and absorb moisture.

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Tips on Choosing A Suitable Shower Curtain

Do you wish to maximize your bathroom design? Here are a few tips that will help you choose a shower curtain that best suits your needs:

average shower curtain size

1. Pick on the right material

The options for shower curtains available in the market are pretty overwhelming. Thus, start with choosing the material you wish to adorn your bathrooms. Ranging from polyester to silk, cotton, and viscose, there are numerous options available, but cotton marches ahead of them all as one of the best options.

Though the cotton fabric is a bit towards the pricier side, they dress up your bathroom in a good flair and are an easy-to-wash material making it more convenient and manageable. But make sure to buy a good quality liner and make it a point to wash it once every month.

If you are looking for a budgeted and low maintenance option, you can also go ahead to purchase vinyl shower curtains and other synthetic materials. Furthermore, if you are concerned about the environment, you can also use organic and eco-friendly fabrics to give an organic treat to your bathrooms.


2. Selection of curtain rods

Once you finalize the material, you need to choose a curtain rod that is water-resistant and does not absorb moisture. Stainless steel is one of the best materials that you can pick to prevent the curtain rods from rusting.

Curtain rods and curtain rings should be strong enough to withstand the weight of the curtain. Additionally, you can also pick PVC curtain rods if you are looking for a cheaper option. But PVC rods should be handled with care as they can easily accrue damages and break easily.


3. Durability

Another factor of utmost importance is the durability of the shower curtains. Do not fall for cheap shower curtains because they can get damaged easily.

Always go for thick and durable curtains that can serve you a long purpose and have a waterproof coating to prevent water that comes from the shower from steeping and soaking.


4. Size

The size of the curtain should be selected as per the size of the bathroom. The curtains should neither be too large nor too small, or they will end up spoiling the décor of the bathroom, explicating a shabby look.

So, never buy shower curtains without measuring the size, as it can hamper the bathroom décor. First, measure the area that needs to be covered and get a shower curtain that can adequately fit in to have a great bathing space with enough privacy quotient.


5. Color code

Though this is more of an ambiance-related factor, getting matching color shower curtains for your bathrooms can make it look simply wow. Consider picking on curtains that match the floor tiles to create a themed bathing space.

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Q1. Should the shower curtain and liner be the same size?

A1. Yes, shower curtains and liners should always be bought in the same size. Preferably the dimensions should be 70 x 72 inches, and the curtains should extend at least six inches beyond the actual size of the tub.

Q2. Does the shower curtain go inside the tub?

A2. The shower curtains should ideally hang inside the tub to prevent the water from splashing out from the shower arena. On the contrary, if you are not using the bathroom, you can consider hanging the shower curtain outside the tub.

Q3. How far from the floor should the curtain hang?

A3. Bathing and water splashes go hand in hand. Whilst there is no way to escape water splashes during bathing, it doesn’t really go down well on your bathroom tiles. Yes, you have heard it right!

Water splashes can stain your bathroom tiles, and thus your bathroom calls for shower curtains that can act as a savior to prevent water splashes from damaging the bathroom tiles. But make sure that you install the curtains such that there is a gap of 2 inches from the floor.

Also, ensure that the curtains hang about 5 inches below the edge of the bathtub to prevent water from babbling outside.

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Usually, people tend to leave their shower curtains unnoticed but what people fail to understand is that shower curtains can secretly add that plush quotient to your washrooms. Hence, you must get the right size and type of shower curtains to make your bathing space more welcoming and relaxing.

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