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Steam Shower Generator Sizing

Steam shower generators are available in a variety of designs suitable for either domestic or commercial applications. A properly sized steam generator ought to bring the steam room’s acceptable temperature levels in less than 30 minutes. The room dimensions and the materials used for its constructions dictate the specifications of steam generator capacity. The following are the steps to follow in steam shower generator sizing.

1. Measure The Dimensions Of The Steam Shower And Multiply

The first step you should do is take the interior measurements of your steam enclosure and get its length, width, and height (in feet). You then multiply the dimension to determine its cubic footage.

2. Adjust To Cubic Footage

After getting the cubic footage, you should now determine the total room volume. Different materials make the lining of a steam shower room, and each takes a longer time to heat up. You need to add the below adjustments to the cubic footage in step 1 based on the materials used.

  • Natural stone or marble – when the material you have used is marble or natural stone, you should multiply the cubic footage by 2.0.
  • Ceramic tile or porcelain tile – If you are using ceramic or porcelain tiles you need to multiply your cubic footage by 1.35
  • Glass block – if you are using fiberglass block, multiply the cubic footage of your steam shower by 1.35.
  • Exterior wall – if your steam enclosure has one exterior wall, you need to multiply the cubic footage by 1.1, but if the steam enclosure has two enclosure walls, multiply by 1.2.
  • Ceiling height – When the ceiling height of a steam enclosure is 9 feet, you should multiply the cubic footage by 1.15 factor. For ceiling heights of 10 feet and above multiply the height by a factor of 1.3.

steam shower generator kit

3. Select The Steam Generator

Finally, select the appropriate steam shower generator size based on the total room volume tally. The size of the steam generator should be greater than or equal to the adjusted cubic footage. The below is a guide on the approximate generator sizes suitable for different volumes

7 kilowatts generator – For a generator with a capacity of 7 kilowatts the appropriate total room volume should be between cubic foot ranges of 101 to 250

10 kilowatts generator – A 10-kilowatt generator is suitable for a steam closure with an entire room value of between 251 and 450 adjusted cubic foot ranges.

12 Kilowatt generator – A 12-kilowatt generator is ideal for a steam enclosure with a total room volume tally of 451 to 550

15 Kilowatt generator – A generator with a size of 15 kilowatts is suitable for a steam shower enclosure with an entire room volume tally of 551 to 675

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