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All About Asian Table Shower – What Are They and How They Work?

This article is a perfect stopping point for you if you want to know about Asian table showers because we are going to provide you with enough information so that you don’t have a need for any other article.

Table shower is also known as Swiss shower, or Vichy shower. There are many more other names for table showers.

So it is basically a type of shower in which the person lay down on a special type of table that has five to seven rain showers above.

asian massage parlor table shower

It is usually combined with a manual massage in many beauty salons and spas for your full pleasure. This service is commonly offered in Asian countries and it also includes sexual massage.

But it doesn’t mean that table showers are only about pleasure massages because US table showers are completely different. There are also many health benefits of table showers.

So without any further time wasting let’s get started and have a look at one of the very important topics that are.


What Is an Asian Table Shower?

Asian table shower is one of the most popular types of table shower and it is very much similar to the Vichy table shower. Before a massage, it cleanses the body. By splashing water on the skin and pores, the body is cleansed.

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History of Table Shower

shower table spa

It is not entirely clear where table showers originated. However, it became popularly known as the ‘Vichy shower’ after a small town in France. Hydrotherapy has been practiced there for a long time.

When Julius Caesar conquered ancient Gaul (France), the springs became famous for their therapeutic properties. The tired horses recovered quickly from their fatigue after drinking the Vichy waters.

The Romans began building spas in the area as soon as they discovered the potential of thermal springs.

People started to love these healing mineral baths this is the reason they started visiting the spas, this happened right after the 16th century.

Royal people of French and European aristocracy spend days and days finding the perfect Vichy shower for their relaxation, enjoyment and curing.

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Modern Table Shower

There were 5 natural mineral springs in the Vichy town and in its surroundings. Depending on your individual needs and preferences, you can choose from a variety of treatment facilities.

There are many different treatments such as;

Cold Water treatment, carbonate Mineral Spring and much more.

For additional pleasantness, you can also get oxygen therapy, mud cures, and mechanical therapy.

If you are suffering from arthritis, metabolism problems, liver diseases, skin diseases, rheumatism, and paralysis then these springs are soo advantageous for you.

Throughout the 20th century, spas and resorts in the United States offered hydrotherapy and relaxation massage with table showers gained a lot of popularity. Due to a lot of popularity, these table showers are now available in many salons and massage spas and now they are considered Modern table showers.

If you live in Japan, China, Thailand, or Korea then you have heard about these modern table showers for sure. Table showers along with body scrubs are one of the most relaxing and curing treatments ever.

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What Can You Expect During A Table Shower?

Massages can be therapeutic, stress-relieving, or just relaxing, depending on your individual needs.

Table showers are provided before or after body massages, depending on the spa. You can better enhance the pleasure of the massage by using a table shower before it.

The table shower helps to remove the oil from your skin after a massage, especially if it comes after a highly scented one.

asian shower massage near me

– What To Wear

The state must not require you to wear clothing in order to enjoy table showers.

If the law does not require the contrary, then you can enjoy table showers naked.

It is still common for people to use towels over their bodies to maintain their privacy.

There is also the option of disposable undergarments.

Before laying down on the shower table, remember to take a bath thoroughly.

You don’t have to worry about when you need to lay on your back and when to lay on your stomach because your therapist or the person who is massaging will let you know.

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– Water Temperature

It completely depends upon the person who is taking the bath and what temperature of water he or she wants.

Not only this but you can ask for changing the temperature also if you don’t like it that much and you can even alternate between hot and cold.

During the same treatment, you can have different temperatures of water poured on your body at different points as you desire.

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– Table Shower Massage Room

Almost every spa or salon offers you a separate shower room. In that particular room, there will be one shower table along with 5-7 showers on top of the table.

You may find a towel also so if you want to cover your private body parts you can.

Most modern table showers feature a bar with a few showerheads placed above.

It will provide you with a flowing rain effect that many people love a lot.

It depends on your spa because some spas offer different options.

For example, in some spas or massage salons, the therapist is responsible for holding the shower head for massaging purposes.

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– What Is the procedure

The shower procedure starts by

asian spa with table shower

Washing the back

Water massage is usually the first part of the treatment. Lying facedown on the wet table is the best position to begin. From the very beginning, the temperature of the water will be adjusted by the therapist to be comfortable. Your therapist will scrub your backside with the help of a loofah once you are fully wet. You will then turn it over as soon as the back has been rinsed.

Turning over

Once your backside is completely rubbed and washed now it’s time to target the front side. The individual needs to turn over so that the therapist can repeat the process on the front side also. Mostly the table shower doesn’t include face and hair wash sessions.


The seven chakras of your body are targeted through this table shower treatment as the showers of these Asian tables are designed in such a way to align those body chakras.

In your spine, each chakra corresponds to a different energy center. In addition, water stimulates a clearer energy field and aura. It is a great way to help your body eliminate toxins if you subscribe to this belief.

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– Luxurious Services

Some fancy spas offer you some fancy and luxurious services like mud, seaweed, or even chocolate wraps.

If you are going to any luxury fancy spa there are more chances that they provide you with sea salt scrubs or exotic essential oil massage.

Table showers, body massages, and moisturizing body lotions are included in these treatments.

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What Can You Benefit From A Table Shower?

Table shower provides you with lots of benefits. The most common ones are written below so let’s have a look at them,

– Relaxation

Table showers are one of the most relaxing massages ever. Whether you like hot water or cold you can adjust the temperature according to your personal liking which means relaxation is a must.

Water massages are known for their gentleness so they are a perfect option for those who don’t like harsh hand massaging sessions. As they are extremely gentle they will provide you with lots of relaxation.

Many spas have scented candles, soft music, and low lighting which means your mind is also going to relax along with your body.

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– Boosting Immunity

Yes, it’s totally true that table showers are the perfect option for boosting immunity. Your immune system can be boosted with table showers due to improved lymphatic circulation.

Due to slow and very gentle massaging the rate of blood flow increases as a result of this your body will get rid of any toxins. When your body is free from all sorts of toxins it can fight easily infections. Due to good blood flowing your body starts to reduce stress. Reducing stress is a way of immunity-boosting. Then you can fight lots of health problems such as low metabolic rate, high blood pressure, and more.

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– Painkiller

Massages and hydrotherapy including table showers can help you deal with pain in all kinds of ways such as,

– Headaches
– Migraine
– Fatigue
– Menstrual cramps
– Depression
– Arthritis
– Cellulite
– Loss of appetite
– Acne
– Beauty Improvement

Table showers play a great role in improving your physical beauty such as,

– Your skin will be firmer and more toned.
– Your skin can be hydrated by oils and other treatments.
– The body and face are rejuvenated.
– Better sleep is promoted by less stress.
– This helps to relieve pain by releasing tight, tired muscles.
– Health and beauty benefits include an increase in blood flow and circulation.
– Using a loofah to scrub dead skin cells removes these cells and promotes healthy skin regeneration.

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How Much Does A Table Shower Cost?

Table showers are modern and luxurious kinds of massage sessions. It is a perfect option for a new bride and groom as it is a very intimate setting that is great for providing the body with excess relaxation.

As we discuss below that these table showers are luxurious so they are going to cost you some extra dollars. The average cost of a table shower is around $400 to $600.

It is not an exact cost. The exact cost will totally depend upon your salon type.

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Where To Get A Table Shower?

Table showers are offered by mostly massage salons and some luxury salons also offer them. You can check your nearby salon it might be possible that they are offering such kind of services.

Otherwise, you can search “table shower spas near me” on google it will guide you what are those places that are offering these kinds of services.

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Tips To Know Before Taking Table Shower

Written below are the few tips that you need to know before taking table showers.

Table showers are not suitable and not a perfect option for shy people. If you are not comfortable or you don’t like to lay down fully naked or half-naked in front of an unknown person then it’s one of the worst options for you.

Before booking an appointment ask each and every question that creates any doubts for you to the salon manager. Always go through their terms and conditions properly because some spas and salons don’t let you choose whether you want a male therapist or a female therapist.

Make sure you ask for disposable garments at the time of appointment because there are few chances that your particular selected salon doesn’t provide these facilities to you.

If you want to take your personal undergarment with you make sure to ask your spa management before because it might be possible that the salon management doesn’t allow personal belongings.

When in doubt about sexual offers, be sure to check out the spa’s reputation. Consider visiting a spa or parlor with a reputation for high-quality services rather than a boutique without one. Check out the spas’ services properly before making your final selection.

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Why do people get a table shower before a massage?

Most people get a table shower before a massage in order to clean the body properly. Table shower cleanses the body and opens the pores so that massage oil can easily get penetrated into the skin.

Do people have sex during a table shower massage?

It completely depends upon the spas and salon terms and conditions. Not only the terms and conditions are the only factors that tell about the sex situation during the table shower massage. The client’s preference matters the most in this type of situation.

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I hope that you have finally got the excessive information related to table showers after reading our article. We have tried to discuss each and every point. Getting a table shower is completely your personal choice.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any more queries related to table showers we would love to answer.

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