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Why Do Pulsating Shower Head Fail?

The exciting experience of showering under warm or cold water after a strenuous day’s work is just nourishing. More so, it is rewarding to shower under a pulsating showerhead. The relief comes with muscular relaxation under the bursts of pressured water, relief for sore muscles, muscle stiffness, and loops. As a result of this, your body benefits by increasing blood circulation, stimulating healing, and wholesomely addressing inflammation that could be in your body.

The pulsating showerhead releases sporadic gusts of high-pressure water that sends your fatigue to suit your expectation. However, there are times when your pulsating showerhead does not work, which can be depressing. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about why do pulsating shower head fail.


Why Do Pulsating Shower Head Fail

Despite all these designs and benefits of a pulsating showerhead, it is not without flaws. Most users have experienced challenges when using this gadget in their homes. These drawbacks are listed below:

1. Cost

The low-end versions come with a high price; the high-end versions are a preserve for the chosen few. Ordinarily, even the low-end versions are costly to low-income earners.

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2. Design

Some pulsating shower heads do not have a quality design. This design compromises working for some parts; for example, the dual-function pulsating shower head is alleged to have the top part break off easily, whereas a 6-Function pulsating showerhead does not appear to be built very well. Some showerheads, such as Shower Massage Pulsating head with Mist, have hissing sounds that could be annoying to the user.

3. Flexibility

Some pulsating shower heads are meant for people of some heights; AquaDance7 is a model for only tall people, and this discriminates against the shorter users. The adjustment lever of this model is mounted 6″ off the surface; thus, it is not flexible for use by shorter consumers below this height, making the showerhead fail its users.

4. User Manual Misguide

Since the pulsating showerhead works very well, some have been difficult to be understood and used explicitly by users. Some models like Waterpik dual pulsating showerheads are challenging to use, with some users facing challenges explaining how to use them to their guests. The manual does not provide explicit details on how to use it. Some users have reportedly faced the challenges of rough plastic smell from the hose of the WaterPik showerhead, but this is not captured in the manual.

Some users have disregarded the instructional manual, with some finding it difficult to understand the information. This ignorance then seems to bring on challenges to the user on how to fix the product together.


How To Maintain A Pulsating Showerhead?

Once you buy this elegant equipment, install and use it, you need to keep it functional for longer to enjoy the massaging effect for longer. The new shower head that is available in the market is easy to clean and demands no professionalism. All you need is to turn off the shower, wipe off the dirt regularly and if you use the equipment infrequently, you can fill a plastic bag with white distilled vinegar and place it over the showerhead using an elastic band to fasten it in place. With time the vinegar will soak the showerhead, and then you can remove the empty bag from it. This process can be repeated as long as you require it.


A pulsating shower head converts the fatigue to muscle relaxation due to its jet streams of warm or cold water. It is the most excellent and cheapest way to relax your tired muscles and address your stress levels. With the massaging effects of the showers, you cannot overlook its benefits over the drawbacks. The showerhead’s spa effects are not to be overemphasized as using a pulsating showerhead is the best option after a busy day’s work.

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