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Many people today want to use a cloth diaper instead of the disposable options. Each parents reasons are different. Some feel it is healthier for their baby and others just want to save on the exorbitant cost of disposable diapers.

For those who are unfamiliar with diaper sprayers, they are an attachment for the toilet that has a hose and a high power spray nozzle that connect to the toilet to make it easier for cleaning the cloth diapers. Infants who are still on milk and even young children who have started on solid foods often have bowel movements that are anything but solid. This makes it much more difficult to clean them. The high power sprayer makes it a relatively simple process.

Top 3 Hand Held Sprayer Best For Toilet Cleaning and Cloth Diaper Sprayer

The moelds we will recommend in this article are:

Do You Need A Cloth Diaper Sprayer?

Hand Held Cloth Diaper Sprayer ReviewsSome will tell you an emphatic yes, and others will say it is not necessary. While it is true that you could get by if you didn’t have one, most who have it agree that it is a great time saver and well worth the cost.

So it is not a matter of necessity, but one of convenience and ease. Infants and young children already take up so much of our time. Why would we deliberately make our lives harder and more time-consuming?

When infants are still on milk their diapers will be messy and not so easy to clean out without the sprayer. Very often parents might spend several minutes longer cleaning out just one diaper without a good diaper sprayer. Let’s face it, that is time and energy they could be doing something else.

After children are able to start on solid food some of them with have bowel movements that are easier to clean after several months, but others will continue to have poop that is a mix of solid and runny and the sprayer will continue to make it much easier and faster to clean off.

While a diaper sprayer might be a bit of an expense up front, almost no one who buys one later says it is not worth it. It is highly unlikely you will ever hear a parent who has a sprayer say they regret buying it. It is only those who never bought one and who never experienced the convenience and ease of using it compared to not using it that thinks it is not needed.

The reason is, sprayers simply make the cleaning process easier and much less time-consuming. It is not the most pleasant of jobs to start with, so anything that can make it easier and quicker is well worth it.

Best Cloth Diaper Sprayer Reviews 2020

When shopping for your new diaper sprayer it is important that you find one that is easy to use and makes you work easier. First, make sure the sprayer is sized with standard fittings so it will fit correctly on your toilet.

The sprayer should be made so that anyone can put it on without any plumbing knowledge. It should have a clip that allows it to mount the sprayer conveniently on the side of the toilet. It should be sufficiently powerful enough that you can clean the diaper without submerging it into the toilet.

Best Selling – SmarterFresh Cloth Diaper Sprayer Review

This is a premium diaper sprayer for the toilet and made of stainless steel. It has an adjustable power setting that allows for a strong jet spray or a more gentle force. This allows for fast and thorough cleaning without needing to put the diaper into the toilet water.

Premium Stainless Steel Diaper Sprayer for Toilet ReviewsIt is made to be free of frustration and quality made to prevent leaks or problems with the sprayer. This sprayer is made so any layperson can install with ten minutes of opening the package it came in. This quality sprayer can also be used as a bidet and toilet seat cleaner. It includes a brass shut off T valve and metal hose for long life.

This sprayer is made for use with multiple children and hundreds of soiled cloth diaper cleanings. For those who do not want to install it on the toilet then it can make a great addition to a deep sink in the laundry room. When you don’t want the water to splatter you can use the gentle setting so the water comes out softly. But when you need something stronger it has the jet spray function.

Here Are Some Buyers Comments Paraphrased For Brevity

“I bought this to clean but was surprised at how well it worked. The jet spray function really cleans difficult poo from the diaper”

“The delivery of this product was very fast and it only took 5 minutes to install. My life was changed from the first time I used it.”

“I ordered three of these for my home. I am happy with them.”

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Best Dual Ergonomic Controls – Aquaus 360 Bidet Sprayer Review

This is a world’s first and only hand held bidet with thumb pressure controls on both sides of the sprayer for super ez pressure control with your thumb. Made in the USA with domestic and global components, the only handheld bidet NSF certified to UPC (uniform plumbing code) for legal installation in the usa and Canada.

Best Ergonomic Hand Held Bidet ReviewsStayFlex stainless steel 54-inch long hose designed to be pressurized and stay totally flexible during use. Part of its design also reduces splattering which keeps it from getting on you or other areas of the room when cleaning. The dual thumb controls on both sides so you do not have to face it a certain way to turn it on and off. The biggest selling point is you can adjust the level of pressure! Another part of the 360 I like is the shutoff valve handle extends out so you can easily reach it. This design also allows the hose to hang straight down in front behind the handle.

The Aquaus’s customer service is excellent; helpful and courteous. A bargain at even twice the price, excellent cleaning results. Highly recommend to friends!

Buyers Reviews Of Aquaus Spray Mate (Paraphrased)

“The best splash guard and diaper sprayer around. I no longer need to worry about poop or the spray getting on walls or other such places.”

“I don’t know how I could get along without this. It has truly been a lifesaver for me.”

“I put off buying this, but now I can’t remember why. It’s awesome.”

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For people with special needs, you may also like to try the Aquaus SprayMate & Aquaus 360 Premium Diaper Sprayer, this bundle have a drip pan. The drip pan that is included in this package can be used to let items drip dry. There is no need to break you back bending over as this setup is designed to be at a convenient height for most to clean and rinse soiled items comfortably. The SprayMate container is only 8.5 inches wide which means it can usually fit beside most toilets and can also be used as a trash can or storage bin. The pressure of the spray is fully adjustable for ease of use and for performance.

Best Protable – QD-Spray Quick Disconnect Hot Water Diaper Sprayer

Unlike other diaper sprayers designed to be connected to the toilet, this one has a quick connect and disconnect features that allow it to be hooked up to a faucet that has hot water available. For those who worry if they can connect other models, this style sprayer is as easy as it comes when connecting it. Because of its ease to install it can eliminate risks of water damage that sometimes occurs when someone tries to install more complicated sprayers.

Best Quick Disconnect Hot Water Diaper Sprayer for Home and TravelIf you live in an apartment or a rental property this is an ideal solution as it is easily connected and can be just as easily removed with nothing being left behind to indicate you ever connected it. Being 100% portable it is even possible to take this on holiday as any faucet with standard fittings can be used with this diaper sprayer.

Here Is What Buyers Who Reviewed This Had To Say (Paraphrased):

“I could install this in 2 minutes. I was reluctant at first to buy because of pricing, but now realize it is totally worth it.”

“It works great. It is so easy to connect and disconnect and has no leaks”

“I went a long time without a sprayer and really didn’t want one that needed to be permanently attached to my toilet. Once I found this and tried it I loved it. It attaches in seconds and when you are done you can easily put it away.”

We all want what is best for our children. There is no doubt that many parents feel it is better for diapers to be natural cloth. It feels better to our children’s soft skin, it reduces biohazards for the environment caused by disposable diapers, and it saves money.

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These are all excellent reasons to use natural cloth diapers. Even still, we are all busy and cleaning diapers is not fun. For this reason, it is practical and reasonable to look for good ways of cleaning those diapers while reducing the time and effort it takes to do so.

Buying Guider – How To Choose The Best Cloth Diaper Sprayer?

how to choose the best cloth diaper sprayer

If you have chosen to use cloth diapers with your new child, you’ve made an organic and eco-savvy decision. Many parents feel there is nothing better for your baby’s bottom than an all-natural cloth when it comes to their diapering needs. While no studies have been done to prove the chemicals in disposable diapers can harm your infant, some parents are not comfortable with all that foreign material being close to their baby’s skin.

Cloth diapers are available in terry cloth, flannel, and cotton, and while it may cost more initially, they will save you money over time. These diapers are a more natural method of diapering, but you do need to know how to keep them clean and sanitary to keep your infant protected. To perform good cleaning with these diapers, you need to know how to choose the best cloth diaper sprayer.

Features to Look For in Cloth Diaper Sprayer

To protect your investment in buying cloth diapers and keep them looking new, look for these features when choosing a cloth diaper sprayer.

Easy to Attach– Diaper sprayers attach to the side of your toilet, so you can rinse off and remove ‘debris.’ You do not want a version of the sprayer that will be difficult to attach or leak while you are using it. Whichever sprayer you choose, it should have the proper hardware included so you can easily attach it to your toilet.

Durable– The diaper sprayer should not feel unsteady in your hands or too lightweight. If it does feel light, chances are it is not a quality or durable product. Spend the extra dollars to purchase one that is constructed of durable materials, so you avoid problems with leaks or any nozzle breakage.

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durable cloth diaper sprayer

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Strength– You are going to want a diaper sprayer that has the strength or power to rinse off and remove any debris from your cloth diaper. You need to select one that will have the strength as well as an adjustable pressure spray to handle the tough jobs.

Thumb Control– When spraying off diapers, your hands are going to tire out as you hold the diaper and try to manipulate the sprayer. The models that include a thumb control are the easiest to use as you can control the spray with a press of your thumb. You will also want to look for one that is long enough to allow you to position the sprayer above the toilet.

How the Diaper Sprayer Will Work?

A diaper sprayer is a tool that makes natural diapering more of a reality for parents. This device is a water spraying wand; you can hook up to your toilet and is used to rinse the diaper contents into the toilet. This method eliminates having to dunk or soak your diapers before laundering.

These sprayers work just like any water sprayer attachment you would find in a kitchen or laundry setting, and they are easy to install. The cloth diaper sprayer kits come with all you need; there is no need for a plumber. When first using your sprayer, you want to be sure to spray your aim with low pressure until you get the hang of how your device works, so you don’t get the debris all over the bathroom.

A cloth diaper sprayer is going to make your laundry process easier, and allow you to keep your diapers looking new longer. Use these tips to choose your sprayer, and your experience with the diaper sprayer will be much more positive.

Here you have been able to consider the reasons for having a quality diaper sprayer. We have even included reviews on some of the best options available. Now it is simply a matter of you choosing which of the above options is best for you.