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Using Best Water Saving Shower Head to Save 30% of Your Water Bill

We have all been told to practice water conservation since we were young. Droughts in different places around the globe have prompted numerous environmental organizations and agencies to promote shorter shower times.

In reality, however, this is just simply hard to do. Millions of people take pleasure in the few minutes they spend under the shower. A much more realistic alternative is to make the switch to low-flow shower heads.

Keep reading to learn the top benefits of using a water-saving shower head.


What Is the Best Water Saving Shower Head?


Quick Pick on Shower Heads that Proves to Save 30% of Water

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Do Water Saving Shower Heads Work?

The answer is YES! Water-saving showerheads work extraordinary when it comes to saving water. This showerhead saves water by restricting the amount of water that flows through them. Furthermore, the new design aids save a significant amount of water by reducing the amount of water used in showers by half; nevertheless, they still offer an enjoyable showering experience.

However, you should note that a water-saving showerhead is not suitable for an individual with an electric shower or a shower with low pressure.

On the other hand, water-saving showerheads feature two designs that aid in saving water;

  • Non-aerating shower heads

These water-saving showerheads save a significant amount of water by restricting the amount of water flowing through them; they tend to squeeze the water through tiny holes. This causes the water to come out at a high pressure hence offering you a harder and massaging shower experience.

  • Aerating showerheads

On the other hand, the aerating showerheads water-saving showerheads are a bit complex. They aid in saving water by mixing air with the restricted flow of water; thus, the water seems to come from the showerhead in a higher volume. This is essential when it comes to replicating a normal shower, and they often offer a soft showering experience.

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Where is the Water Saver in a Shower Head?

shower head water saver

Water-saver in a showerhead commonly referred to as water restrictors or flow restrictors are designed to help in regulating the amount of water flowing in a showerhead. Nowadays, the National Energy Act requires every showerhead manufacturer to feature a water-saver or a flow restrictor in showerheads. This aids in saving money, on water bills, and electricity bills.

However, for individuals who live in areas with low water pressure, then water-saver, can reduce your shower into a thin drizzle of water. As a result, removing the water-saver will aid in improving your water pressure; however, your water bill will increase at the same time. Therefore, in this article, we shall be answering your question; where is the water-saver in a showerhead.

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How to Remove a Water-saver From a Showerhead?

Water-saver is highly essential when it comes to saving bills and water; however, for individuals who live in areas with low water pressure, this device can be of less significance. Therefore, getting rid of it will aid in improving your water pressure; nevertheless, your bills will increase significantly.

The water-saver is located inside a showerhead, and to remove it, you will have to open your showerhead. Once opened, remove the gasket and take care not to cause any damage to it. You will then remove the water-saver, a plastic disc that covers your showerhead inlet, and it is often located behind a star-shaped metal piece.

Use a paper clip on one section of the water-saver and then twist it to remove it. Once this is done, you can insert the gasket and close your showerhead.

However, you should note that removing a water-saver in your showerhead will significantly increase your water bill and electricity bill.

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Top 8 Best Water Efficient Shower Head Reviews

1. Water Saving Rain Shower Head – SparkPod Shower Head

best water saving shower head


  • Easy to install
  • Self-cleaning nozzles retain a high level of water pressure
  • Elegant yet functional design


  • The size of the showerhead itself is a little small

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The easy-to-install rainfall shower head from SparkPod features a high water pressure that makes it easy to wash off your body and feel refreshed. There is no need for any tools or knowledge of plumbing to install this showerhead, as it quickly connects to your existing piping in under 5 minutes.

You won’t need to worry about the nozzles on this showerhead clogging and reducing the flow of water, as they are rustproof ABS nozzles that are self-cleaning and naturally remove limescale and other mineral deposits when the water is running. Included in this purchase are Teflon tape and a water filter, ensuring that the showerhead fits snug and won’t leak while in use.

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2. Easy to Install – High-Pressure Shower Head (Bronze)

water saving shower head


  • Excellent water pressure
  • Easy to install
  • Highly Durable
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors


  • None

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This high-pressure showerhead comes in a few different colors and sizes: oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, chrome, brushed nickel, and either 2.5 GPM or the California size of 1.8 GPM. Made from high-quality materials, the Aqua Elegante shower head is BPA free and is constructed from high-grade thermoplastic resin.

It is lightweight, easy to handle, and is not prone to rust or leaks. Engineered with self-cleaning nozzles, this showerhead won’t clog and allows you to experience the best water pressure possible. This showerhead boasts just the right amount of water pressure, allowing you to enjoy showering again without needing to worry about too much pressure, or too little.

Easy to install, this showerhead doesn’t require any knowledge of fixtures or plumbing to begin use.

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3. Self-Cleaning – High Flow Water Efficient Shower Head

water efficient shower heads


  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Large and easy to rotate
  • Self-cleaning silicon jet nozzles


  • None

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Available in either brushed nickel, chrome, or bronze, this shower head is made from high-quality materials that are guaranteed to provide a strong flow of water without leaking or clogging over time. Lightweight and easy to install, it is resistant to corrosion, rust, and mineral deposit buildup and will last you a long time, even with daily use.

Made of mineral-resistant silicone, the showerhead nozzles are shaped in a way that removes the need to worry about clogging or needing to clean. Enjoy showering again with the water pressure that is provided from this showerhead, meant to deliver the perfect flow of water that is not too much or too little.

There are no tools or experience needed to install this shower head, you simply need to remove the old one and screw this one in its place.

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4. High-Pressure Water Saving Shower Head – Wassa Water Conserving Shower Head

water conserving shower head


  • Easy to install
  • Great water pressure
  • Available in 4 types/colors


  • It does not rotate a full 360 degrees

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Compact yet powerful in design, the Wassa high-pressure shower head is a good choice even if you have low water pressure. The nozzles are resistant to mineral deposit buildup and are easy to clean as needed. There is no need to hire a plumber to install this, or any special tools required; it simply screws into your existing shower plumbing.

Available in 4 colors/types: silver, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and bundle set. It comes with a stainless steel filter and Teflon tape that allows for the tightest fitting possible so you won’t need to worry about leaking or the showerhead coming loose while in use.

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5. Handheld Shower Head – Homitt Water-Saving Shower Head

best watersense showerhead


  • Easy to install and use
  • Saves you money on your water bill
  • You can wash your body with clean, crisp water
  • Adjustable angles with the ball joint


  • Has a very high water pressure

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With being both a high water pressure shower head and water saving, there is a lot to like about this model from Homitt. Thanks to the air-water-mixed technology, this showerhead can save up to 70% water usage from your bill, all without sacrificing on quality or water pressure.

In addition to saving the amount of water that is consumed, this showerhead also purifies your water by using the 3-level filtration system that is found inside the showerhead, which adds to the level of cleanliness that you will be able to achieve every time that you shower.

As an added level of convenience, this shower has an on/off switch that allows you to maintain the temperature of the water that is needed without shutting it off at the valve. This is a great option for those who will be using this for bathing pets, or for anyone who has a disability.

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6. With Hose – Energy & Water Saving Handheld Shower Head

best water saving shower


  • Easy to install and use
  • Features a good amount of water pressure
  • The mounting bracket installs easily and works well
  • Requires less water usage


  • The showerhead itself is made of plastic

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Easy to install with a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute, this handheld shower head is a great product that is budget-friendly without sacrificing quality or durability. There are three flow functions available to switch between, giving you the versatility and functionality as needed for your desired use.

Made of high-quality materials, this handheld showerhead comes with a stainless steel hose and mounting bracket to keep the showerhead stationary when not in use. Thanks to the flow compressor, there is a consistent and constant flow when in use, regardless of the amount of water pressure that you have in your home or apartment.

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7. Rain Feature – 8 Inch Rainfall Shower Head by WaterPoint

best waterfall shower head


  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A good, consistent flow of water
  • Features a sleek yet functional design


  • The base is made of a hard plastic

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This large shower head from WaterPoint features a powerful design that enables you to use less water from each use thanks to the patented air intake system, which allows tiny bubbles to enter the water droplets, giving you a much higher water pressure without using as much water as traditional showerheads.

Utilizing a sleek design that is both powerful and durable, this showerhead will in well with any type of design scheme and is made of high-quality materials. If needed, this also comes fully equipped with a flow restrictor if you find that there is too much water pressure, and is easy to install without the use of tools of plumbing knowledge.

Due to the swivel joint ball, it is easy to direct the flow of water and change it as needed, and comes with a lifetime warranty should anything happen to the showerhead.

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8. Adjustable Shower Head – Autobag Water Saving Shower Head

best water saving handheld shower heads


  • 5 adjustable spray settings
  • Easy to install
  • The shutoff button is a nice feature


  • Does not come with a connecting hose

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Available in either chrome or white, this showerhead from Autobag is rust-resistant and features a great water pressure that uses silica gel pores to increase water flow.

There are 5 water modes available for you to switch between, and this has an on/off button on the handle which is great for stopping the flow of water when it is not needed, and without turning off the water valve, which resets the water temperature. This allows you to switch between a gentle spray or high water pressure, depending on what your needs may be.

You won’t need to worry about this shower head clogging due to mineral deposits, as the nozzles are self-cleaning and remove any type of water deposits naturally. This is easy to install without needing to use any type of tools, and you don’t need to have any previous plumbing knowledge or experience to do so.

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Why You Need A Water-Saving Shower Head?

Just a few years ago, standard shower heads were delivering anywhere from 5 to 8 gallons/minute. Modern models are capped at 2.5 gallons/minute. The low-flow shower heads are those that deliver only 2 gallons or less water per minute. As you can see, the discrepancy is huge. If you consider that showers account for 30% of an average household’s water usage, it’s easy to see how the switch to these models can lead to enormous end-of-year savings.

Low-flow shower heads can reduce water consumption by 40%. This can amount to a lot of savings over the long term. What’s more, this can also help bring down your energy bills. This is because energy is used to heat the water from your shower.

Reducing your water usage equates to decreasing energy usage as well. You can realistically expect a great reduction in your annual heating expenses. What’s more, this type of shower head also helps decrease carbon dioxide emissions, which means it’s friendlier to the environment.

It’s worthy to note that low-flow shower heads do not mean they produce low water pressure. While older models used to slow down water pressure in an attempt to prevent excessive water consumption, the modern versions now make use of newer technology that delivers high water pressure without increasing water flow. You can expect to have a good quality shower with a low-flow shower head, and it wouldn’t put a dent in your pocket.

There are plenty of benefits to using a water-saving shower head. They can help you save a lot of money over the long term. Investing in this type of shower head proves well worth it, especially if you consider that it pays for itself in the first year of use alone.

There’s simply no reason not to make the switch. Begin your search for a low-flow shower head and start saving more money, time, water and energy all at the same time.

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How Much Water Does a Water Saving Shower Head Use?

A water-saving showerhead is an essential tool, especially for individuals who want to save a significant amount of water. Usually, most showers out there tend to use large volumes of water with the non-water efficient shower heads using approximately 12 to 22 liters of water per minute. This shows that a lot of water gets wasted during the shower, thus increasing both the water and electricity bills.

On the other hand, using a water-saving showerhead will aid in saving an incredible amount of water. Therefore, in this article, we shall be answering the question; how much does a water-saving showerhead use?

  • How much water can you save with a water-saving showerhead?

Unlike non-water efficient showerheads, the water-saving showerheads use 9 liters of water per minute or less. With a water-saving showerhead, you will be able to save more than 25 liters of water for 7 minutes of shower. This means that you will be able to save 9,000 litres of water per person within a household per annum.

In addition to saving a significant amount of water, water-saving showerheads aid in reducing or cutting down your electricity bills. This is because it reduces the amount of hot water being used in a shower.

Usually, hot water systems are often responsible for consuming a high amount of power in a home. Therefore, by using water-saving showerheads, you will be able to increase your savings since the electricity bill will reduce significantly; furthermore, you will be helping the environment.

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  • Essential water-saving tips

If you want to save water, even more, you might consider some of these vital water-saving tips;

  • Always consider taking short showers
  • You might consider using an alarm or shower time
  • Avoid setting the hot water thermostat too high
  • Avoid turning the shower on flat out
  • Always insulate your hot water pipe water

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How to Choose the Best Water Conserving Shower Head?

how to choose the best water saving shower head

There are a lot of showerheads on the market, all with different levels of water pressure and features. Luckily, there has been a recent trend among shower heads that feature models designed with the consumer in mind, and allow you to have great water pressure and flow while reducing the amount of water that is used.

Although referred to as “low-flow” showerheads, they are designed to use both water and air to provide high amounts of water pressure and volume while saving you money; water costs are one of the highest utility bills that homeowners or renters pay.


1. Type

There are two main types of water-saving showerheads: aerating and laminar-flow. The aerating showerheads use both water and air to provide the same comfort as a high-pressure shower without the extra water. This creates more of a spray, but you are still able to enjoy the feeling of a luxurious shower that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Laminar-flow shower heads are those that have individual streams of water, which limits the amount of water that is used when showering while retaining the level of cleanliness that you are accustomed to. Both of these types will come with flow restrictors, which restrict the flow of water and can either be utilized or removed, depending on your preferences.

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2. Design

When choosing a low flow showerhead, the design is also an important aspect to consider, as you will want it to fit in with your aesthetics while being functional.

Additionally, you will want to choose a shower head that is wide enough to quickly cover your body in water, as even if you are saving money using a low-flow showerhead, if you need to stand under the stream of water, this won’t equate to you saving as much as desired.

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3. Cost

Another important aspect to consider is the cost of your new low-flow showerhead. While it should be seen as an investment that is going to save you money in the long run, you will also want to shy away from shower heads that are too expensive, as more often than not they work just as well as some of the more budget-friendly models that are a fraction of the cost.

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4. Current Water Flow

A good way to test if you are using a water-efficient showerhead is to test how long it takes for it to fill an empty 1-gallon bucket (the type that you would use for mopping, and can be found at a hardware store if you do not have on on hand). To test your shower head, simply place the bucket under the flow of water and time how long it takes to fill.

If this bucket fills in under 20 seconds, then your shower head is using too much water than is necessary and is not going to be very energy-efficient. Ideally, you will want to have a showerhead that fills this bucket in no less than 24 seconds.

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Water-Saving Design and Technology of Modern Shower Heads

When you look at a modern shower head you might be impressed with its physical design and the modern type of beauty and sleekness that it has. Your impression of it might end right there and you might just count it as something that looks great and that serves a very utilitarian function and that’s it.

But if you were to open up a modern shower head you will see the modern technology that allows it to save water. It just isn’t a thing of beauty it is a thing of utility and purpose that allows us to protect the Earth.

The design of shower heads has changed over the years. In the past, they were created just to allow water to flow through at different ratios. We are all familiar with the different settings on a shower head but they are much lower than that. Modern shower heads that are designed to save on our usage of water have a much different design on the inside.

They have a unique design that allows them not to use as much water as a traditional shower head. This is a great creation and technological change that will help protect the Earth. Large rainfall showerheads and comfortable massaging showerheads now give people more enjoy when they take a shower.

why you need a water saving shower head

The difference on the inside is how it allows water to flow from the piping to the shower head. It has a new design that saves on the amount of water that flows through. This reduces the amount of water that can go through the shower head without reducing the pressure of the water. This is the secret to how they can create a steady flow of water with a high pressure so that it doesn’t feel like less water is being used. So this is the secret to how it is done and why it works so well.

It’s important because all the water is a semi replenishable resource, water crises and shortages are known to happen throughout the world. We do not have control over when it rains or over the water level of rivers and oceans.

In places like California have gone through a severe drought and the lakes and rivers have been replenished. It’s such an environment it is important to save as much water as possible. Even when it comes to just your own wallet saving money is important and a shower head like this will lower your water bill.

Modern shower heads reduce our water usage which is great for the environment and for your wallet. They allow you to save a lot of money while also protecting the environment. They are easy to install and typically not that expensive.

The technology has been used for a long time and it has been helping people save money on their water bills for the last 5 years or more. It is one of those things that you can do that can save the environment and save you money.

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Top 8 Best Water Conserving Shower Head

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