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Top 9 Best Filtered Shower Head Reviews For Hair Loss and Hair Health

The exciting role filtered showerheads play in improving health is hard to overstate. Whether you want to address skin irritation or handle chest tightness, filtered showerheads will be the ultimate choice. As long as you get the best and know how to use it accordingly, you will be good to go. Some of the insights for you to keep in mind will often include the following.

What Is the Best Filtered Shower Head For Hard Water?

Top-rated Filtered Shower Head Comparison Charts For Blonde Hair


How to Pick the Best Filtered Shower Head?

You can hardly overlook how vital the selection process will be when buying your filtered showerhead. From determining the value for money to highlighting the essence of efficiency, being cautious is all that you can be. Here are a few variables that will help you select the right filtered showerhead.

best filtered shower head

• Check the design and appearance

Undoubtedly, you will often appreciate having an elegant showerhead in your bathroom. For this reason, aim at something that complements your décor. Most people will go for chrome options, as they tend to match existing bathroom appliances without too much hassle. You will also find them in multiple colors, making it easier to get what suits you. Ensure that the design appeals to your fancies.

• Confirm the cost over time

There is no denying that buying a filtered showerhead is an investment, and it needs to provide you with enough returns at all times. Besides assuring you of improving your skin and hair health, ensure that it lasts for a relatively long time. A product that lasts for long and provides you with unrivaled efficiency will offer a better ROI.

• Check the construction

Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with robust constructions. Thanks to such sturdiness, you will be sure of the product lasting for a long time. Ensure that you aim at a product with premium materials and reliable quality. This way, you will be confident of the filtered showerhead lasting for longer. The materials used need not be susceptible to corrosion and other elements.

• Check the quality of your water

How hard is your water? As long as your water is hard, the filtration media in your chosen showerhead might not last for long. You could complement this by installing a whole-house filtration system at some point. Besides that, such will be the time to confirm whether the filtration media will withstand the elements for long. An increase in metals in the water means you will have to replace the head from time to time.

• Confirm the price

Take the time to understand how much this filtered showerhead will cost you. While your focus should be on the quality of the product, it will be beneficial to pick something you can readily afford. What is more, now would be the right time to understand whether the maintenance costs will be relatively affordable. The more affordable the option is, the more satisfied you will be with it. Remember, different brands will cost you different amounts.


Top 9 Best Filtered Shower Head Reviews

i. Best with 5 Spray – FEELSO High-Pressure Filtered Shower Head

shower head water filter for hard water

This filtered shower head has become the go-to choice for those on a budget. With its myriad of features, you will barely resist falling in love with it.

This product comes with high-quality ABS with a chrome plating. Its water filtration system assures you of the best, as it readily eliminates chlorine and heavy metals. This way, you will no longer need to worry about itchy skin.

It comes with five spray modes, including rain, mist, massage, rain&mist, and rain&massage. These options allow you to enjoy enhanced convenience and maximum satisfaction when in the bathroom.

Its showerhead is pressure-adjustable. Usually, it comes with a 4-inch fixed showerhead and an adjustable swivel joint, giving you the flexibility you so desire. The powerful streams of water will get you smitten, and you will be free to select a pressure level you want.

Why We Like It:

  • Assures you of up to 15 stages of filtration
  • Can comfortably remove heavy metals and harmful toxins from your body
  • Assures you of enhanced pressure at all times
  • Can remove unpleasant odors
  • Easy to assemble and install


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ii. Best Rainfall – Taiker High-Pressure Filtered Shower Head For Hard Water

calcium filter shower head

You can barely ignore the flexibility offered by this impressive showerhead. Usually, it comes with a self-cleaning nozzle that ensures fewer instances of blockage. Typically, it will handle lime and calcium deposits in the showerhead, giving you an easier time. This showerhead comes with a massage bead that helps improve water pressure as well as pulse massage.

It is a 2-in-1 showerhead that gives you access to a handheld option too. The showerheads feature ABS and chrome plating, providing you with unmatched durability. As if that is not enough, you will be sure of up to three distinct shower modes at any time.

This product comes with a relatively long shower hose. This way, you will find it much easier to bathe your children. It will also come in handy for shorter people too. What is more, the product is high-pressure, giving you optimized experiences while in the bathroom.

Why We Like It:

  • Relatively easy to install
  • Assures you of unparalleled convenience and flexibility
  • Long shower hose


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iii. Best Hard Water Softner – Vitamin C Filter Shower Head

high pressure filtered shower head

This product is all that you need if you have hard water in your house. It can readily handle chloramine, sediment, fluoride, and chlorine. This way, you will be sure of soft water for consumption and your skin. As if that is not enough, the multi-stage filtration system ensures that you get the utmost out of your showerhead.

This showerhead is a product of stainless steel and plastic. The robust construction implies that you will hardly have to worry about longevity. It will also assure you of reliability and high pressure at all times.

If you are looking for an impeccable scent, this will be your ultimate choice. This showerhead not only removes chemicals and heavy materials but also produces a citrus smell. This way, you are sure of improved mood and sleep quality once you get out of your bathroom.

Why We Like It:

  • Relatively easy to install
  • Multiple types of showerheads at your disposal
  • Comes with replaceable cartridges and a luxury gift box
  • Assures you fo a dual-spray experience


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iv. Best Shower Filter Combo – FEELSO Shower Head with Water Softner For Removing Harmful Substances

best shower head filter for iron

If you are looking for the ultimate shower filter combo, this is the one. This design will assure you of enhanced pressure, convenience, and filtration technology. Typically, you will enjoy up to 15 different filtration stages, giving you the softest water in the long run.

Its 5-mode system will get you smitten. Whether you need a rain shower, massage, mist, or a blend of any, you will be sure of the best experience. With multiple modes at your disposal, there is no denying that you will enjoy unrivaled convenience and flexibility.

The high pressure provided by this showerhead comes in handy in removing toxins from your skin. It will also inhibit the growth of different harmful organic substances in the long run. While at it, it will remove odors, heavy metals, and impurities from the water.

The ergonomic design featured by this product will get you smitten. Usually, the design is friendly enough for everyone looking forward to better grips. Further, this design ensures that the water reaches every part of your body without too much hassle.

Why We Like It:

  • The impressive filtration system, removing multiple impurities
  • Unrivaled design
  • Up to five different spray modes
  • You will find it much easier to install


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v. Best High Pressures – SparkPod Shower Head Filter For Hard Water

aquasana shower head filter

The elegance provided by this showerhead will capture your fancies instantly. Usually, it comes with up to three distinct pressure-boosting selections, providing you with the comfort that you so desire. You could readily choose the therapeutic massage rain setting or a power-focused stream. Some people will fall in love with the mixed stream, as it tends to be much gentler.

This product prides itself on a unique filtration system. Besides being KDF-55, it relies on coconut activated charcoal for more impressive results. What is more, it assures you of multi-stage filtration, which means you will be sure of the softest water at the end of the day. These filter elements will ensure that you get toxin-free water.

You can barely overlook the importance of this showerhead when it comes to revitalizing your skin and hair. The high pressure provided by the device ensures that there is hardly any chemical to cause hair dryness or expose you to skin irritation. The water will be safe for babies too.

Why We Like It:

  • Impressive design
  • One of the most reliable filtration system and filter elements
  • Suitable for massages and soft skin


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vi. Best 15 Stage – Aqua Home Group Filtered Shower Head

shower head filter for hard well water

While most people consider this as a luxury design, it is one that you will barely want to miss in your home. It comes with top-notch metal and sturdy construction, assuring you of unmatched longevity and reliability. This material is less susceptible to elements and will comfortably serve you for a long time.

It comes with an internal filter cartridge, which is vital in improving the filtration system. This 15-stage filter element will ensure that you get the softest water at the end of the day. Notably, it can remove rust, sulfites, heavy metals, sand, and sediments. Nothing could make your water purer than this, whether you need it for drinking or bathing.

You will fall in love with how easy it is to install this showerhead. Usually, the process will hardly need any extra tools, as this showerhead will comfortably fit in any standard shower. You will be free to mount it or even use it as a handheld device.

Why We Like It:

  • Impressive, multi-stage design
  • Assures you of the best skin in the long run
  • Relatively straightforward to install
  • Enhanced safety for your family


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vii. Best with SPA Effect – AquaHome Group Handheld Shower Head with Filter

best shower head filter for blonde hair

This product is all that you need for a spa effect. It comes with a powerful filtration system infused with vitamins C and E. This way, you will no longer need to worry about skin nourishment. Typically, its stream of water will improve your mood and skin health altogether.

You will fall in love with its less susceptibility to lime and scale buildup. Thanks to the consistent water pressure it enjoys, this product will barely leave any residues in the showerhead. As if that is not enough, the filtration system is so efficient that you will be free to use it on pets and children.

Its design is a reflection of quality and style. It is made from top-notch brass, which is a critical element of sturdiness and longevity.

Why We Like It:

  • It will last for a long time
  • Assures you of a spa effect
  • Consistent water pressure
  • Easy to install


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viii. Best For Bathroom – ADOVEL High Output Shower Filter Cartridge

shower head filter for soft water

If you are looking for a high-output filtered showerhead, look no further than this. This product assures you of a rain shower experience, thanks to the over 90 nozzles it has. With these many nozzles, you will be sure of your body releasing all the pressure in it without any issues. That it will rejuvenate your skin and hair is no news.

It will always be your go-to solution whenever you want unmatched water filtration. Remember, this product boasts of a 15-stage filtration system, ensuring that all impurities in the water are removed. Further, the filtration cartridge is replaceable.

Why We Like It:

  • Relatively easy to install and replace filters
  • Impressive design
  • Assures you of the best filtration system and filter elements
  • Affordable


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ix. Best 6 Spray Showerhead – G Promise Luxury Handheld Filtered Shower Head

best shower head filter for hair

Are you looking for flexibility and convenience? This is the right option for you, thanks to the friendly design it has. It is a multi-functional ABS showerhead made from plastic. What is more, you will enjoy up to six different shower settings, depending on your needs.

The long stainless steel hose on this showerhead will get you smitten. Usually, you will be free to use this hose on children and even pets. Remember, the hose is relatively flexible, giving you an easier time.

The design is all you could ever envision. It is a product of bracketed metal that assures you of enhanced sturdiness and longevity.

Why We Like It:

  • Relatively affordable
  • Impressive design
  • Unmatched filtration


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What is a Filtered Shower Head?

A filtered showerhead is a showerhead with various filters that help in eliminating different elements from hard water. As much as you might assume your tap water is safe for consumption or your skin, this might not be the case at all times.

Usually, different filtered showerheads use distinct filtration methods. In most cases, the choice would be between Kinetic Degradation Fluxion and Granular Active Carbon. While the former focuses on redox reactions, the latter is all about absorbing and trapping free molecules.

The initial objective of a filtered shower head is to ensure that your water is free from contaminants. Progressively, it will end up releasing elements that nurture or better your skin and hair condition.


Why Do You Need a Filtered Shower Head?

Various reasons go into having filtered showerheads in your premises. However, two major reasons have always come up, and they include the following.

filtered shower head guides

• For skin and appearance reasons

Did you know that water will often contain harmful elements in it? From chlorine and fluorine to chloramine, these elements could have a significant impact on your health. Unless they get removed on time, you might end up spending lots of money trying to find the right treatment.

Filtered showerheads come in handy in ensuring that your appearance remains top-notch. Usually, the presence of these elements in water means that you are susceptible to skin conditions. Further, such water could make your hair dull and relatively rough. Using filtered showerheads will address this problem.

• Health reasons

Undoubtedly, you will barely think twice before you drink tap water. However, this should never be the case. Take the time to filter such water, as various harmful elements could be present in it.

Consuming such water could expose you to skin irritation, gut inflammation, and respiratory issues. Sore throat and chest tightness will also be inescapable after consuming contaminated water. What else would push you to get a filtered showerhead than this!


The Best Brands for Filtered Shower Heads

You can barely overlook the important roles brands play when selecting showerheads. Unless you understand which brand provides you the best devices, you will end up disgruntled. It will be fair to mention that reputable brands need to be your focus. Besides making long-lasting products, they assure you of value for money. But which are the best brands for you to select?

i. Sprite Filtered Showerheads

You will readily fall in love with Sprite filtered showerheads, thanks to how efficient and reliable they are.

This brand relies on topnotch material when making their products. Usually, the products feature brass material and the Chlorgon filtration system, which assure you of unrivaled performance. Brass is not susceptible to any element, and Chlorgon assures you of a redefined experience.

Sprite showerheads will comfortably remove a myriad of elements from your water. Whether you want to remove iron oxide, sediment, chlorine, dirt, or chloramine, this will be your ultimate choice.

That this product is suitable for people on a budget is no secret. Usually, you will be sure of getting a reliably filtered showerhead from as low as $20.


ii. Culligan filtered showerhead

You can barely ignore the impact Culligan has had on this industry. Thanks to their various products, this brand has become the go-to option for most people. Whether you need a handheld or wall-mounted option, you will be sure of getting a suitable option at any time. The all-in-one design allows you to enjoy unmatched convenience and flexibility at all times.

Most of its filters will last you for about six months, which is a relatively long time. Besides the water filter having a 10000-gallon capacity, they are replaceable. This filter will come in handy in eliminating sulfur, chloramine, and chlorine from reaching your skin.

Their universal fitting will get you smitten. This design makes them suitable for almost any shower stall. That the showerheads are made from premium materials, including brass, makes this brand worth lauding. As if that is not enough, their products are NSF-certified.


How Does a Filtered Shower Head Work?

In most cases, this filtered showerhead will work by either KDF or GAC. The aim is to reduce skin irritants, including chlorine and chloramine, in the water. Once the water passes through either of the two media, the contaminants get trapped.

For instance, KDF will release electrons that interact with the contaminant instantly. This way, it becomes much easier to form heavy metals that will barely affect your skin. Ideally, this chlorine gets converted into a soluble form.


The Benefits of Filtered Shower Heads

There is no denying that having a filtered showerhead will often be beneficial to you. Here are some of the top advantages you get by using this showerhead.

best filtered shower head

• Fewer instances of sickness

Filtered showerheads come in handy in removing any bacteria and microorganisms lurking in your water. By preventing these pathogens from reaching your body, you will no longer have to worry about sickness. Whether it is your skin or your gut, the results will be the same.

• Glowing skin and hair

Nothing could define your beauty more than glowing skin and refreshing hair. Usually, the chlorine in your water will destroy the fatty acids and even vitamin E on your skin. With this, you will be more susceptible to skin rash, acne, and itchy skin. However, upon filtration, this will no longer be the case. Besides, you will be sure of achieving younger-looking skin in the long run.

• Lower risk of getting weak

Did you know that chlorine can effortlessly expose you to mental depression, fatigue, and a poorer immune system? As if that is not enough, you will end up with an irritated gut too. All these could readily result in a weaker body. Filtration comes in handy to ensure that that does not happen.

• Avoid cancer

Chlorine will often combine with other compounds to form THMs, which trigger the body to produce carcinogenic radicals. While the concentration of these carcinogens could be relatively low, things could get worse with time. You could avoid all these altogether by embracing filtered showerheads.



In conclusion, you can barely miss out on the benefits that come with a filtered showerhead. With the insights above, you will find it much easier to choose and even use these showerheads. As long as you have the right option at your disposal, you will be good to go.