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Best Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head Reviews

Best ceiling mounted rain shower head is more convenient than any other bathroom showerhead. The main reason underlying this is that they tend to channel the flow of water more uniformly than the rest of the showerheads. They also impact the whole body from whichever angle the user tends to stand from.

Finding the right showerhead is definitely the most significant step towards leveraging the benefits that the plumbing equipment has to offer. Following that, of course, is the maintenance and installation procedures that are supposed to be actualized to make their use a reality.

All these calls for some deep knowledge of these wonderful pieces of equipment. These form the basis of our discussions hereunder. We are going to look into the finer details of these gadgets with the view of knowing how best to devote them to use and the kinds of maintenance practices that may be needful.

Top 10 Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

Best Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head Reviews

1. Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head (12-inch Shower Head)

Want to bathe as though you are being rained on? It is only this shower head that has the ability to aid with that. It measures the impressive 12 inches and exudes the water output in the form of showers. Moreover, it also stands out in the sense that it lasts longer than many other heads.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

ain Shower System, Wall-Mounted

StarLight Finish

Its exterior is quite elegant in the sense that it bears a great finish indeed. The main reason that underlies this is the use of the 304 stainless steel. Thanks to this finish, the material hardly scratches or sustains other forms of deterioration. Moreover, it also easily sparkles when wiped off with a cloth.

Concealed Valve

A valve also exists as part of the control apparatus of this showerhead. Unlike similar valves in other heads, this one is hidden from the view. It does play the role of regulating the flow of water to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Moreover, it also enhances your own safety and you bathe.

One-click Selector

Shuffling in between two spray patterns is pretty simple. All you have to do is to engage the one-click selector as it is the one that plays that role perfectly well. It minimizes any confusion or other hassles that generally arise in the course of doing that.

  • Comprehensive showerhead mechanism
  • Delivers higher levels of pressure output
  • Serves many tasks and purposes
  • Exudes a superior finish overall
  • Installs and deploys faster
  • Takes larger spaces to mount
  • Lacks automated features
  • Unfriendly to your environment


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2. SR SUN RISE 12 Inch Ceiling Mounted Shower System

This showerhead is comprehensive in the sense that it incorporates the rain and the ordinary shower dispensing mechanisms. Thus, it is a good one to make use of when handling the needs of many occupants in a single household. To add to this, it also generates many styles and patterns.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

best ceiling mounted shower head

Seamless Installations

With this valve, you will enjoy the benefit of seamless installations indeed. A concealed installation brass shower, a bracket holder, and a solid brass shower mixer all exist to make this installation a breeze. Thus, it spares you from the wasted times that the users of other shower heads do confront.

L-style Handheld Showerhead

It does come in the shape of the letter ‘L.’ This letter further expedites its own handling and installations. Complementing this shape is the 304 stainless steel shower hose. Being strong, flexible, and agile, this head does a good job of transmitting the water to where it is needed.

Safety Valve

A safety valve does exist to aid with regulating the flow of water appropriately. The valve also plays the secondary role of shielding your own body from water damage and the higher utility expenses that ordinarily come along. You should expect hence to stay particularly safe from the water damage.

  • Shines well when beheld with the eyes
  • Enjoys a generous backend warranty and customer service
  • Lasts much longer than many other heads
  • Delivers a consistent outflow of water when engaged
  • Truly reliable in low pressure as well
  • Quite complicated to an ordinary user
  • Requires plenty of space to mount
  • Consumes higher levels of utility



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3. Delta Faucet Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower System

Delta, the manufacturer of this shower head, is well known to do a good job. That is because the brand is strong and truly reliable. You should also try out the head to tap into the benefits that ordinarily come along. Other than a reliable brand, this particular shower head is also effective.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

wall mounted rain shower head reviews

Unique Design

It does come about in a unique design indeed. Thanks to this uniqueness, the showerhead delivers an equally unique showering experience. In fact, it gives a feeling like that of the drench of the rain as it bombards you. The feeling you get back in return tends to be quite relaxing.

Brilliance Stainless Finish

Its exterior exudes a brilliance stainless finish. The finish is further complemented with some subtle and warm undertones. They, in turn, makes some excellent matching with the stainless steel and brushed Nickel materials. On account of these, the showerhead also gives off some added aesthetics to your bathroom.

Soft Rubber Touch

When beheld with the hands, the showerhead is truly soft to the touch. It is hence unlikely to predispose you to the risks of fatigue, abrasions, or blisters. Due to the rubber makeup, the appliance is also less likely to trap and accumulate plenty of debris and other forms of dirt.

  • Enjoys a lifetime limited warranty
  • Drenches out the water output
  • Mounts on walls as well
  • Simpler to keep clean after use
  • Installs in a matter of minutes
  • Quite expensive to afford
  • Demands many other accessories to operationalize
  • Prone to damages frequently

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4. Voolan 12” Rain Shower Head, Ceiling Mount (Round)

If you want an overhead showerhead that impacts the entire length and breadth of your body, look to no other head than this one. As you are about to note, it does have the ability to swivel in such a way as to impact you in totality.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

wall mounted rain shower head


Topping the list of its most honorable features is the fact that it adjusts at an angle of 360°. It is this swiveling capability that makes the appliance well able to impact your whole body. Unlike other showerheads that adjust, this one is the simplest to engage.

Anti-Blocking Nozzle

Its nozzles have the added advantage of resisting blocking. Thanks to this arrangement, the nozzles guarantee a smooth outflow of water under all circumstances of use. Given that they are tiny, they emit water at higher pressures. In doing so, they wipe away the buildup of calcium and lime.

Modern Stylish Design

In all, the showerhead comes about in a modern and stylish design. Thanks to this stylish design, the showerhead is able to add some fervor to your bathroom. Particularly, it gives a visitor some stylish and long-lasting impressions. This is the shower head to use for the guest rooms and hotels.

  • Yields consistent performances at low pressure
  • Suppresses the buildup of hard water deposits
  • Tightens firmly to a wall or ceiling
  • Accepts upgrades and accessories
  • Connects to a standard shower case and packaging
  • Demands some expertise to handle
  • Wastes too much water in the course of the use
  • Likely to get wayward when in use


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5. Large Rainfall Shower Head, Ceiling Mount (Square)

Want a showerhead for whole family use? The one you eventually settle for no doubt has to be large enough. No other head suits that unique purpose better than this one. It is large enough to be able to deliver the right amount of water you need for wholesome use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

best ceiling mounted rain shower heads reviews

Large Shower Head

As explained earlier, this shower head is larger-than-average. It is this trait that lets it handle the whole family use. Thanks to this vital trait, the showerhead is able to impact your entire body to deliver the luxurious feel it needs. This also lets it cut down the time you would need to bathe comprehensively.

High-pressure Operations

The showerhead also manages high-pressure operations. As a matter of fact, it is capable of delivering an impressive 2.5 gallons per minute of water output. This pressure, it maintains, even when dealing with extremely low water pressure. A combination of air-in technology and ultra-thin radii manage this.

Self-cleaning Nozzles

Unlike the nozzles of your standard showerheads, the ones for this particular head do not require that you clean them after use. Instead, it does eject some 144 soft silicone jets that have the impact of eliminating any residual germs and prevent the subsequent accumulation of the same later on.

  • Swivel at an angle of 360° for wholesome impacts
  • Comes about with many tools for easier installations
  • Maintains a consistent output of the pressure
  • Saves 30% of the water output
  • Very friendly to your environment
  • Imposes excess muscle power
  • Demands too much attention on your part
  • If broken, it may cost a fortune to repair


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6. Derpras Ultra-Thin High-Pressure Bathroom Rainfall Showerhead

Want to enjoy the highest levels of cleanliness in your showering expenses? Look to this one that emits water at extremely high pressures. Thanks to this awesome output, you are well able to impact surfaces and areas that are beyond the reach of the standard heads, ordinarily.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

ceiling mounted rain shower head system reviews

Angular Adjustments

It is possible for you to adjust the angles of the water. The showerhead indeed makes this possibility a reality. Thanks to this wonderful trait, it is also possible for you to impact every part of your body in ways that other appliances of this kind can only dream of.

Consistent Outcomes

With this kind of appliance, it is possible for you to gain consistent outcomes all the while. This is regardless of the levels of pressure of the incoming water. You will need it when the pressure of your municipal water supply is too low or unreliable.

Strong Water Flow

Courtesy of the strong water flow, it manages also to eliminate the hardest dirt available. While at it, the showerhead also exudes some comfort that is way beyond the means of your ordinary appliance. Moreover, it also eliminates fatigue even when you have to use it long enough.

  • Made of a material that is very strong
  • Simple, on average, to unclog
  • Swivels to allow for maximum impacts
  • Adheres to strict manufacturing standards
  • Delivers truly high performances
  • Consumes to much water input
  • Quite complicated to the average user
  • Fidgets unnecessarily when dispensing too much water

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7. Artbath 10-Inch Round Large Rain Shower Head

Using a showerhead is one thing, keeping it clean is yet another thing altogether. To spare yourself of the hassles that people ordinarily have to go through to keep theirs clean, we suggest that you try your hand on this specific one. Read on to find out how suited it is for the purpose of self-cleaning.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

best ceiling mounted shower head reviews

Self-cleaning Silicone Nozzles

The self-cleaning silicone nozzles do stand out as the premier features of this particular showerhead. It is these nozzles that play the role of eliminating chuff from the structures of the equipment. They further absolve you from any worries you might normally have to confront while making good use of them.

Air In Technology

The air in technology comes in next among the many vital goodies it potentially brings along. Thanks to this technology, the showerhead delivers consistent powerful rain output. At the same time, it spares your hands of any forms of fatigue that may ordinarily come about.

Solid Brass Connector

To aid with the delivery of the water output where the same is needed, the appliance does come about with a solid brass connector. The connector makes use of the swivel ball technology to do so. This technology allows for the easy movements of the hose in any direction.

  • Super shiny and elegant to behold with the eyes
  • Strong enough to withstand dents and corrosions
  • Able to mount in many places and positions
  • Provides the spa-like showering experience
  • Comprises extra features than you would find in a showerhead
  • Easily sustains damages in the long run
  • Slightly complicated to operationalize
  • May not fit any space available

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8. Fyeer 12 Inches LED Rain Shower Head, Adjustable Ceiling Mounted

Want to add some class and elegance to your bathroom? No other showerhead lets you achieve this end better than this one. Other than emitting the water output, this showerhead also changes the colors of the water emitted in such a way as to allow for the generation of some styles.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

recessed ceiling mounted shower head

Color-changing LEDs

It does come equipped with some LED light bulbs of many colors. It is this multiplicity of colors that allows for the changing of colors. Of note is that they operate automatically independently of your own input. That way, they spare you from the need to be individually physically present to monitor the progress.

Adjustable Angle

The showerhead also adjusts accordingly to allow you to impact various parts of the body or the shower area appropriately. In doing so, it allows for maximum comfort all the while. A swivel ball exists to allow for the attainment of that every purpose. You stand to enjoy your showering experience wholly.

Nickel Brush Finishing and Color

At its exterior is the Nickel Brush finishing and color. Thanks to the use of this material, the head is truly great to behold and spectacular to look at. The finish is also smooth in such a way as to allow for easy interactions and use.

  • Exudes an elegant look and appearance
  • Generates styles and décor
  • Senses the temperatures of water and responds appropriately
  • Cleans the nozzles automatically after each use
  • Delivers truly excellent services
  • Quite delicate
  • Easily prone to damages and malfunctions
  • Costly to keep in the best shape


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9. EMBATHER Black Shower System

Tired of excessive loss of water? Wishing that you would conserve your water considerably? If you nodded to either question, you have a good companion in this particular showerhead. It is the most eco-friendly of the shower heads we have in our crosshair today. Lay your hands on it to save yourself some water.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

ceiling mounted rain shower faucets

Solid Brass

In its entirety, this appliance features a solid brass makeup. It is subsequently stronger, more stable, and truly reliable. Complementing these strengths is the fact it stands taller to the risks of fidgeting, dents, warps, and corrosion. Expect it hence to last longer and take you further.


As hinted earlier, this shower head performs in an eco-friendly manner. This is mainly made possible by the air injection technology that expends the least amount of water possible. All these it does without necessarily compromising the performances thereof. It hence allows for some smooth experiences.

European Cartridge

A European cartridge also forms a vital part of the showerhead. The roles of this component are to balance the water flow and maintain a consistent temperature of the output. In this way, it works to spare your family from the possibility of scalding that many have experienced.

  • Amplifies the pressure of water
  • Manages a gentler downpour
  • Spares your water from the likelihood of getting lost
  • Adjusts to suit the various parts of your body neatly
  • Exudes some awesome finish
  • Inflicts higher utility bills on you
  • Cannot eliminate hardened dirt
  • Lacks many other vital parts


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10. hm Shower System, 20 Inch LED Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

Want to add some luxury to your indoor bathrooms? You have no better companion than this one. It does come with its own lighting apparatus to make this possibility attainable. The apparatus in question is the 20-inch LED lighting bulb. This bulb conserves your energy in the course of use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

ceiling mounted shower head with light reviews

Constant Temperature LED Shower

This showerhead stabilizes the temperature output of your water. It makes use of the built-in LED apparatus to achieve this end. All you have to do is set your desired levels of temperature and that is it! Thanks to this feature, you may be assured of zero scalds in the course of bathing.

Excellent Controls

A host of controls features that expedite your overall use and experience of the showerhead. The thermostatic control valves, hand showers, spa mist showers, rain showers, LED chromotherapy, and the embedded ceiling shower head are these. They work to deliver the very best benefits you may count on.

LED Color Change

Other than brightening your bathroom, this showerhead can also change colors to make it beautiful and stylish. Thus, it works to add some life and value to your interiors. You may hence consider using this bathing gear to spruce your upcoming holidays and celebrations.

  • Manufactured using a unique technology
  • Manages a higher rate of flow
  • Hardly rusts even when subjected to too much water
  • Safe enough for pregnant women and small children
  • Delivers a true feeling of the rain
  • Expends excessively high utility input
  • Highly susceptible to the risks of shocks
  • Too confusing to an ordinary person


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How to Install a Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head?

how to install a ceiling mounted rain shower head

Tools and Materials Required

  • Aprons
  • Overalls
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Showerhead
  • Gas mask
  • Gloves

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Gather the Essentials

Start off by gathering the essentials. The essentials here mean the things you will generally use to undertake or facilitate the installation of the showerheads. Obviously, you have to follow this by putting on the necessary protective gears to that effect. These are the gas mask, apron, and a pair of gloves.

Step II: Prepare appropriately for the installation

After putting on the appropriate protective gear, you should also prepare the area for the purpose of installation. Cordon off the bathroom area principally by closing the door and notifying the other room occupants of your intention to fix the showerhead there.

Step III: Fix the Head in Place

Move on to the core of the installation exercise. Place the showerhead in the slot that is set aside for it. Be sure that the two are compatible with each other. In most cases, you are strongly advised to use the showerhead of the same manufacturer as that of the slot.

Step IV: Tighten the Fixture

Upon placing the showerhead in place, you have to tighten the same. Use some screwdrivers to drive in the screws in place. A hammer will also come in handy to make the joints and fixtures tighter. Shake the system from time to time to test the strength thereof.

How High Should A Ceiling Rain Shower Head Be Installed?

There is no universal answer to this question. Nonetheless, there are some factors that inform the most desirable heights for your showerhead. We explain to them here below:

ceiling mounted waterfall shower head

Heights of the Users

Obviously, the showerhead has to be higher than that of the tallest person to use it. This is to give a decent clearance and allow for smooth and comfortable use. You may have to individually measure the height of the tallest member of the household before proceeding.

Desired Water Pressure

There is a direct correlation between the pressure of the water and the height of the showerhead. It hence goes that the showerhead has to be higher up if the pressure desired is high and vice versa. This again calls for the assessments of the pressure needs before proceeding with the issue.

Styles and Patterns Desired

Other than pressure output, the showerheads also generate some styles and patterns. The patterns generated may depend to a large extent on the height of the showerhead. You should hence consult the manufacturer’s manual to be able to know the heights you might have to fix in place to accrue the desirable style.

All said and done, a showerhead should ideally be no less than 80 inches above the shower floor. This has been noted to give a comfortable clearance that similarly allows for smooth movements and showering in the bathroom.

What is the Recommended Shower Time?

Just like the showerhead heights above, there is no standard recommended time for staying in a shower. The exact time depends on a couple of factors which we care to explain hereunder:

ceiling mounted rain shower system

Degree of Dirt

At any given time, there could be varying degrees of dirt on the body. In some instances, it may only be that you want to eliminate sweat. At some other time though, you may want to eliminate mud or shower after abstaining from the same for too long. These variations definitely have a bearing on the durations you may have to spend in the shower.

Prevailing Temperatures

It is no secret that people tend to stay in the shower longer when it is either too hot or too cold. When it is too hot, staying in the shower for long is necessary to cool the body. Yet again when it is hot, staying in the shower for too long may heat the body using the hot water.

Purpose of Showering

Why exactly do you want to shower? The purpose for which you shower also determines how long you might have to stay in the shower. Is it merely to get rid of dirt off your body or to relax and kill time? If for relaxation, you might stay longer than usual.

PS: On average though, many people stay in the shower for 5-15 minutes.

Final Words

Knowing about these plumbing equipment is definitely a good thing to do. Indeed, it is only such a firm knowledge that may guarantee smooth use later on. That is why we recommend that you read through the explanations we have provided for above a second or probably a third time.

This, ideally ought to be followed by some practical sessions that are geared towards learning the concepts deeper. You are strongly advised to invoke the assistance of a qualified professional if and when you happen to get mixed up about a concept or so above.

Needless to say, the pieces of information we have delineated above are not all that these pieces of equipment have to offer to anyone. There are many other vital concepts that a user of these best ceiling mounted rain shower head ought to know before commencing their use. Listed below are some links you may want to follow for more inspiration.

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