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How To Clean Shower Hose?

If your showerhead is shooting out water in all directions, or your shower flow is almost nonexistent, then the chances are that the openings in your showerhead are clogged with lime or minerals. In order to get back your free flow, then you need to remove these mineral deposits.

Cleaning the shower head and hose is also good for the family’s health. On top of that, wet environments in your showerhead are also good breeding sites for bacteria. This article will look at the different ways to clean your shower hose.

How to Unclog The Shower Head?

Before you begin cleaning, find out how the blockage is. If water is coming out of the shower head nozzles and they seem clear, then you will not remove the showerhead to deep clean. On the other hand, if the water flow is much restricted and the mineral buildup is severe. You will need to remove the head from the shower arm. In case your showerhead has stainless steel, chrome or other delicate metal finishes, you should try the non-removal way first

unclog shower head

Cleaning your Shower Head without Removing it.

If you want to skip that step or you cannot remove your shower head, then you can clean using some tricks that will need nothing more other than a plastic bag, rubber band, or vinegar. Below are the steps to follow.

– Secure Bag With Vinegar.

The first thing is to slip a rubber band on top of the showerhead. You can loop the rubber band around the shower arm twice to make it tight on the water surface. Fill the plastic bag with vinegar and attach it to the showerhead. You will do this by slipping the top edge of your bag underneath your rubber band.

The next step is to wait for one hour and then remove the bag and open the water to flush. Polish the showerhead using a soft cloth.

Deep Cleaning Your Showerhead.

If the mineral deposits are beyond the capacity of the vinegar, You be required to remove the showerhead and then do a more thorough cleaning. Below are the steps for deep cleaning your showerhead.

deep cleaning your shower head

– Disconnect your showerhead.

This is the first step to take. You will disconnect your showerhead by unscrewing the nut that is at the shower arm. Be cautious not to damage the finish of the fixture. It is best to use a wrench instead of pliers and use a rag to prevent scratching.

– Rinse the showerhead.

You can run a blast of water that is sharp through the showerhead when holding it upside down and underneath a faucet. Your aim will be to flush the loosened debris out through the opening connected to the shower arm. If the lime deposit still remains, scrub the showerhead using an old toothbrush and also vinegar so as to loosen the debris.

– Dismantle the showerhead and clean it.

You can use a toothpick to poke out the additional debris. If your showerhead has pliable plastic nubbins, you can manipulate them using your fingers to remove the calcium deposits.

– Soak the parts in vinegar overnight.

Immerse your showerhead in vinegar so as to dissolve the remaining mineral deposits. For additional cleaning power, you can use some amount of baking soda in vinegar before you soak them. After that, rinse again.

– Reassemble and then reinstall the showerhead.

After you are done with cleaning, wrap the new tape around the shower arm threads to maintain a good seal. Thereafter, reattach the showerhead to the arm with a wrench.

How To Remove Minerals From The Shower Hose?

Even if you clean your shower head perfectly, It will be in vain if the mineral deposits are in the shower pipes or hose. It is therefore important to clean it too.

remove minerals from shower hose

Clean your shower hose using vinegar.

The first thing is to remove the hose and possibly lay it in the bath. Add vinegar and hot water and then leave to soak. This will take some time or else repeat the procedure a number of times so as to remove the larger build-ups.

It would be trickier to remove the limescale build-up from the pipework if it is attached. If the problem is great you might need a plumber to help you. Using limestone remover or vinegar will be of great assistance.

In conclusion, the showerhead and hose are crucial in your bathroom. They should be cleaned and maintained to increase reliability and durability. If your showerhead and hose are efficient and effective, then it will deliver at any time like it was a new one. Maintaining your showerhead and hose is not expensive since the cleaning agents are readily available and also cheap.