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How to Replace A Handheld Shower Head?

As you know, handheld shower heads are designed to increase your shower’s efficiency and comfort. This guide will help you know to replace a handheld shower head. It does not matter whether it is part of a total bathroom overhaul or a quick replacement. You should note that the installation information contained in this article is only for replacing handheld heads.

handheld shower head replacement

Tools Needed

The following are the tools required for this project:

  • Wrench
  • Teflon tape
  • Handheld shower head

Detachable Head Parts

These are some of the main components you need:

  • Shower wand – this is the detachable head.
  • Sidebar and clamp – you need to have these attached to the wall to allow the shower head to slide up and down.
  • Metal hose – This is the hose connecting the shower head to the plumbing system
  • Wall bracket – stationary clamp that is near the arm and can hold the wand in the right place.
  • Mounting bracket – This is a bracket that screws into the arm and then connects the wand, water supply, and hose.

Before the Installation?

how to replace a handheld shower headBefore you replace a new handheld shower head, you ought to remove the existing one. Start by turning shower head counter-clockwise. It is quite easy to remove by hand. If this does not work, consider using a wrench.

Wrap jaws of slip-joint pliers with the electrical tape and then place the towel around the arm to protect the finishing. You should then grip the shower arm with your pliers. The adjustable wrench should be used to unscrew and loosen the old shower head. Ensure you clean off any mineral deposits or rust, leftover sealant or tape on the shower arm. The Teflon tape should be wrapped in clockwise direction multiple times around the threads.

Adding Handheld Shower Head by Using Standard Fitting

This method helps attach to the shower arm and then replaces the old shower head with a handheld shower unit and flexible hose. In fact, the handheld unit can screw onto the shower arm or one that fits onto the bracket that is mounted to the wall. Follow these steps:

Attach Shower Head Base

When you remove the old shower head, you can wrap several loops of the seal tape and threads on the shower arm. You can then screw handheld shower head onto the shower arm and then tighten it down with your hand.

Attach the Hose

Using multiple loops of pipe seal tape on the shower head base, you should thread a hose onto a nipple. You can tighten this by hand. It is easier to tighten the water carefully with an adjustable wrench and with the use of leather or heavy cloth to protects its finish.

Mount Wall Bracket

You need to mount a wall bracket if possible by following the recommendations and directions of the manufacturer.

Adding Handheld Shower Head with Cross-Tee Fitting

install handheld shower head

In this method, you add the shower head and then remove the existing shower head in place. Ideally, this involves removing the existing shower head, and then you install a diverter tee-fitting with two major outlets, one that connects a new shower head and the other that reconnects the original shower head.

Install cross-tee fitting

When you remove the old shower head, you should ensure the threads are cleaned thoroughly. Then wrap the Teflon tape around shower arm and then thread cross-tee fitting. You can tighten this with your hand.

Reconnect Shower Head

In this case, you need to wrap the tape around threads on cross-tee fitting. After this, you need to unscrew the existing shower head onto the outlet and then tighten with the hand.

Attach Flexible Hose

You need to fasten the flexible hose of a shower head onto the outer outlet on your cross-tee diverter.

Remember to turn off the water at the faucet and keep checking for any leaks. If your connection leaks, you need to re-tighten it carefully using an adjustable wrench. You can also use channel-lock pliers with a heavy cloth to protect the finishing.

Final Words

Although replacing or installing a shower head can seem to be a simple project, if you are not sure of what to do, consider hiring an expert to do it for you. That is because the mistakes you make are likely to cause more problems and even ruin your installation. Moreover, the cost of having the shower head installed by a pro is not that huge.