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What Is The Best Rain Shower Head?

best rain shower head guideYou might be searching for the best rain showerhead available on the market. Depending on your preferences you can select the one that has the best buyer reviews. Plus, it’s possible that you can create your own showerhead. No matter what’s the case, you have to look for the best!

The purpose of using a rain showerhead is to add rain experience during your bath time. You might be fond of the rainy season and thus, installing the rain showerhead would bring you peace of mind. To find the best, you have to keep a variety of features in mind such as the size of the showerhead, its durability, what material is used in the making and so much more!

What Is the Best Rain Shower Head on the Market?


What Is A Rain Shower Head

A rain showerhead is designed in such a way that it would give you the feeling and experience of actual rainfall. So, if you are the kind of person who enjoys rainfall thoroughly then it might be the most viable option for you.

There are different designs of rain showerheads available on the market. With the advancement in the field of information technology, you can observe that there is a variety of setting options available for rain showerheads. The head shapes for the rain showerheads are also different so you can opt for the one you prefer the most.

How Far Above Your Head Should A Rain Shower Be

If you are wondering how far above your head a rain shower should be then it’s important for you to know that each individual is different. Thus, every person would have a different preference and choice. Ideally, if the gap is 3 inches, it would mean that your head won’t touch the showerhead and you can enjoy the flow of water.

It also depends on what your height is. Depending on your height you can adjust the height of the showerhead and make sure it fulfills your requirements. The purpose of installing the showerhead is to enjoy your shower and for rain showerhead types, you would be looking for the experience of enjoying the rain.

How To Install A Rain Shower Head

In order to install a rain shower head, you should know the basics first such as:

installing rain shower head

  • Make sure before you start the process, you have turned off the water supply. Gather the supplies in advance so that the whole process can be smooth for you! You don’t want to run to stores in the middle of fixing the showerhead.
  • Remove your old showerhead. You have to use the new showerhead of a suitable size. You can select the size as per your preferences.
  • Next, you have to remove your shower arm and replace it with a longer shower arm for the installation of the rain showerhead. Keep an eye on the drop-ear elbow. You might need to use an appropriate wrench.
  • You have to use the plumbing tape around the threads of the new shower head. Make sure it is wrapped around quite well so that you don’t have to face any issue! It has to be appropriately installed so that everything would be smooth. You might have to install escutcheon for some showerheads. If you’ve to make sure you focus well on the plumbing tapes.
  • Try using your hands to place the new showerhead in the relevant place. You can also use the wrench, but be very careful as you don’t want to damage the new showerhead.
  • Cleanup after installing the new showerhead. Don’t throw the old piece yet. Just in case if the new showerhead doesn’t work out, you can still use the old piece for your everyday use.
  • If you plan on installing the ceiling mount shower head instead of the wall mount showerhead, make sure you hire a professional plumber. It can be a bit difficult at the beginner’s level.

What Is The Standard Height For A Rain Shower Head

There are various factors to consider when it comes to the standard height for a rain shower head. Every person is different and thus, some people would like to have some spacious area while taking a bath. While others would be okay without even thinking much.

You can say that the standard height for a rain shower head for a person of average height would be 80 inches. So, if you are tall you can adjust as per your choice and if you are below the average height and have a different preference, you can opt what you like the most.

How Do You Clean A Rain Shower Head

In order to clean a rain shower head from the mineral deposits or other things, you can try a variety of methods.

Consider the following:

– Use Vinegar

how to clean rain shower head

  • You can clean the showerhead by using the vinegar. If possible, you can remove the showerhead and immerse it in a bucket that contains vinegar.
  • However, if that’s not possible then you can use a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Wrap it around the showerhead by using a rubber band.
  • Leave it for an hour. Later remove the bag and clean the showerhead with a toothbrush or maybe use a soft cloth for the cleaning purpose.

– Use Lemon

  • You can also use lemon for cleaning the showerheads.
  • Take a bucket of water and squeeze fresh lemons in it.
  • You can leave it for 30 minutes. Later use a toothbrush to clean the showerhead.
  • Pour some water and see the results.
  • You can also try squeezing the lemons on the showerhead. Then clean it with a scrubbing brush and clean it with water.

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Try different things to see what gives the best results. In order to clean the rain showerheads, you can also use the products that are available on the market. Just make sure you follow the relevant instructions and also follow the safety guidelines when using such products.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Rain Shower Head

You might be thinking of investing in a suitable rain showerhead available on the market. However, it would be wise to be aware of the pros and cons so you would know what to expect when trying to find a product like this on the market.

– Pros

rainfall showerhead guide

  • The rain showerhead would mimic actual rain. When you’re using the rain showerhead, it would be as if you are standing under the rainfall.
  • The experience of using a rain shower head would give you the feeling of natural rainfall so that you need not wait for the rainy season. You would bring the rain home.
  • It would be possible for you to control the temperature while using this type of showerhead.
  • You can even control the flow so it means that it would be suitable for the environment. You can control the flow of water droplets.
  • You can select a great design that would add to the beauty of your bathroom.

– Cons

  • Talking about the cons, when it comes to price, it would be costly!
  • Installation won’t be suitable for a house that’s rented.

What Should I Look For In A Rain Shower Head

While selecting the rain shower head for your bathroom, especially for the first time you should be aware of the relevant features and specifications.

Consider the following:

– Size

Depending on your preferences, you have to select the size of the rain showerhead for you. For example, you can select an 8-inch size or a 10-inch size. At least decide between large shower heads and shower heads for small shower. In this way, you can save more time when choosing the products. You have the final say, so you can see what’s the best option for you.

– Material Quality

pros of rain shower head

It is important that the rain showerhead you plan on getting should be made of material of good quality. You have to see what options are available to you to make the final decision. Many high-end showerheads have been made for your choice. Also, there are some cheap ones that cost less than $50. When you are placing an order online, it’s hard to understand the quality of the materials, but by reading the buyer reviews you would get an insight into what to expect. Plus, it is highly recommendable to choose the eco shower heads that are good to the environment.

– Design

When you are selecting the showerhead for your bathroom, you should check the design as to whether it would be suitable for the theme of the bathroom or not. A great design would add to the elegance and style of your bathroom. You can also see what kind of spray designs and settings are available so that you can decide accordingly. Usually, such information is available through the product description.

– Wall-mounted or Ceiling-mounted

You might be confused to select between the wall-mounted or ceiling mounted. Depending on your preferences and also what would look great in your bathroom, you can opt for the one you like the most!

How To Plumb A Rain Shower Head

If you want to change your current showerhead and want to experience the rain shower head, you should know the basics of how to plumb it. However, just like when you’re sick you visit a doctor, you can hire a professional plumber for the job especially if you find dealing with such things with difficulty.

  • Plumbing and installing the rain showerhead requires you to select the right size.
  • You have to see whether ceiling installation would be a viable option or the wall installations.
  • Unscrew the old showerhead counterclockwise so that you can place the new showerhead in its place. If it’s possible to do it by your hand do it otherwise you’ve to use the hand wrench.
  • Make sure you remove all the existing thread seal tape as you would be using new ones for the new piece. While putting it on, it has to be in the clockwise direction. When you give attention to such small details, the end results would be great!
  • Next, you can simply place the new showerhead on the thread seal tape. Check out if it’s working the right way or not! You can adjust if needed. And make sure you use a hand wrench if you find it tough to tighten it simply by your hand.

For the wall-mount showerhead, a licensed plumber can help you with the process. If you are residing in a rented apartment don’t forget to check the building rules and regulations before the installation.

How To Add A Rain Shower Head

If you plan on adding the wall mounted rain shower head to your bathroom, you just need to do the following:

  • Remove the existing one by your hand or wrench.
  • Remove all the Teflon thread tape so that you can add new for the new shower head.
  • Simply add the new showerhead and test it whether it’s working or not. You can use your hand or a wrench to fix it.
  • Don’t forget to check your building’s regulations. Hire a licensed plumber for the installation of the wall mount showerheads.

health benefits of rain shower head

How To Make Your Own Rain Shower Head

It is possible to make your own rain showerhead in a variety of ways, let’s consider this one:

  • Using an old CD spindle it would be possible for you to make your own showerhead.
  • You just need the glue gun, needle, candle, rule, and a few other tools during the process.
  • You can make holes in the outer cover of the CD using the needles and warming these on candles so that you can poke the cover to make holes. You can check the details here.
  • Similarly, it would be possible for you to make your own showerhead by using an old and empty shoe tin container. You just have to poke the holes. Check out the step by step instructions here.
  • It is even possible to make your own showerhead by using PVC pipes.

pros and cons of rain showerhead

How Do You Remove A Rain Showe Head

You might need to remove the rain showerhead so that you can replace it with a new one. In any case, it might be important at some point in your life. There is a possibility that it could be stuck!

Consider the following:

  • Try removing the showerhead simply by your hand. Make sure you are trying to remove it in the counterclockwise direction. If your showerhead is removable, then it will save you much effort.
  • If you have a fixed shower head and it’s tight to remove with your hand then you have to use the wrench or pliers. Make sure you are not damaging it.
  • If it’s still stuck then chances are that there could be mineral deposits on it so you have to use a vinegar solution or any other cleaning agent. Make sure you clean the showerhead properly. After cleaning the showerhead try removing it by hand again or use the wrench. This time it can be removed!


The best showerhead available on the market can make your everyday showering fun especially if you are fond of rainfall. Now, it would be possible for you to get this experience in the comfort of your home. You can replace the existing showerhead with a new one. There is also a possibility of building your own showerhead. If you want to add a beautiful showerhead, make sure you select the one that has the best buyer reviews. Below we recommend to you the top 3 best quality rain shower heads for you. Don’t miss them!

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