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Top 5 Best Slide Bar Shower Head Reviews

It is almost impossible to find a family whose members have the same height and size. This makes bathing a challenge, especially if you have a standard showerhead. As a result, more homeowners are investing in slide bar shower head because of their adjustability, which makes them convenient for both parents and kids.

Besides, slide bar shower heads transform your bathroom into a spa. Such an experience after a long day of work is relaxing and relieves you of all pressures.

What Is the Best Slide Bar Shower Head? – Quick Pick

What Types of Slide Bar Shower Head Do You Need?

Here are some of the different types of slide bar showerheads available in the market. Go on reading and get suitable types for your needs:

#1. Handheld Slide Bar Shower Heads

Most handheld showerheads have one head that is adjustable by hand. However, some models are a combination of handheld and stationary showerheads. When disassembled, the stationary head sprays the water that washes your whole body while the handheld head allows you to adjust the positioning of the equipment.

Together, the two heads create a broad shower head that ensures you leave your bathroom spotlessly clean. You can select the preferred head using the diverter switch. These 2-in-1 models allow you to choose either of the two or both.

Hand showers are the best for massaging sore muscles and soothing aching body parts. To do this, you only need to increase the rate at which it releases water and positions it over the area that needs treatment.

BRIGHT SHOWERS Stainless Steel Handheld Slide Bar Shower Head Set


#2. Dual Shower Head with Adjustable Slide Bar

Investing in a dual shower head is an excellent way of adding comfort and luxuriousness to your bathroom. As the name suggests, it has two separate heads that work in one easy-to-use system. Most variants have adjustable spray settings to reduce the amount of water released as you lather yourself with soap, or increase it for better cleansing.

Dual showers tend to be expensive single-headed models. That said, they have more features and suit a broader audience because of their versatility.

Egretshower Dual Shower Handheld Shower Head & Rain Shower Combo With Adjustable Bar


#3. Shower Head with Adjustable Slide Bar

An adjustable shower head differs from standard models in that you can set it at different heights for different individuals. These accessories offer a fast and straightforward solution for several individuals as it gives freedom for a person to shift the handled shower head in varying angles and heights.

The best thing about adjustable shower heads is that they are easy to install. You don’t have to drill any hole into the wall. Also, the positioning of this equipment ensures it is accessible to every member of the family regardless of size.

HotelSpa Instant-Mount 3-Way Adjustable Shower Head with Slide Bar Combo


#4. Multi Showerhead with Slide Bar

Multi shower heads have more than two heads, making them ideal for people who like showering with a lot of water. Their most significant advantage is that they make you clean faster, although they use more water than other designs.

Additionally, the intricate design of multi showerheads makes it challenging to set up. In most cases, you need to hire a professional to help with the installation.

Airuida Muti Rain Shower Head System with Adjustable Slide Bar Shower Combo Set


#5. Rain Shower Head with Slide Bar

Unlike other types, rain shower heads release a lot of water, similar to rainfall. They tend to have a diameter ranging between eight and ten inches. Rainshower heads are not as popular as the other types of slide bar showerheads. They also require professional installation and release significant quantities of water.

PULSE ShowerSpas Rain Showerhead with Adjustable Slide Bar and Soap Dish


Benefits of Slide Bar Shower Heads

Here are the top benefits of installing a shower head with a slide bar in your bathroom.

slide bar shower head holder

Adjustable Heights

The best thing about slide bar shower heads is their adjustability; you can install them in your preferred alignment – vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Each configured can be adjusted further to ensure that you hit the right spots while showering.


Some slide bar shower heads have multiple heads. This means that you can place one at the back of the neck and the other on the lower back. Besides being convenient, this ensures that the streams of water hit the spots where muscles tend to be sore and need water’s massaging effects.

Disabled People

Another significant benefit of movable showerheads, especially the handheld variants, is that they are deal for disabled individuals. If you use a wheelchair, using a standard shower can be challenging. However, slide bar models allow them to take baths without standing.

Temporary Solutions

If your bathtub lacks a showerhead, a slide bar unit can be a smart temporary solution. It is easy to install and does not require you to drill the wall. More importantly, you can remove it anytime you wish.


How to Choose the Best Slide Bar Shower Head

Due to the presence of many options in the market, choosing the right slide bar shower can be daunting. If you find yourself in such a situation, here are the factors you need to consider.

Type of Slide Bar Shower Head

dual shower head with slide bar

As mentioned earlier, the main kinds of sliding bar shower heads are handheld, dual head multi showerheads, and adjustable showerheads. Each has its advantages, and suitability depends on your preferences.

If you don’t have budget limitations, you can invest in a bespoke shower panel system. This allows you to pick the number and placement of spigots, spray options, and the output volume.

Environmental Considerations

Although showering using slide bar shower heads is enjoyable, it is vital to remain conscious of the environment. The recommended maximum output volume is 2.5 gallons per minute, as it conserves both water and the electricity that runs the water heaters. Given that most families use hundreds of gallons daily, investing in an efficient showerhead is smart. Models that are WaterSense certified are known to use less than two gallons per minute.


The most crucial factor when shopping for a slide bar shower head is your budget. You can spend as little as $5 on renovations or use up to $1,000 if you purchase a new unit. Keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t always guarantee more and better features.

Other Considerations

Other factors that need consideration include the bathroom’s intended use and the time you wish to spend on installation. If it is a master bathroom, you can invest in the option available. Otherwise, modest picks will do. Likewise, if you have time, you can install the units that have complex installation procedures.


Best Pick Slide Bar Shower Head Reviews

#1. Best Handheld – Delta Faucet 9-Spray Stainless ADA-Compliant Shower with Hose
shower head with adjustable slide bar

The Delta faucet 9 is an ADA compliant shower, making it a great shower for your home. You can position it 33 to 36 inches above your floor, with its steady bars, the handheld shower with hose, when properly installed, can support a weight of up to 500 pounds, which is twice as much of what is recommended by the ADA. They also provide you with a retrievable slide bar for easy removal.

Conserves water

All Delta products are committed to saving on water, making them friendly to the environment. The innovative feature used is known as Watersense. With the provided three spray buttons for you to select and a pause feature, you get up to 9 spray settings with just a one-hand activation.


The delta faucet 9 has an ACTIVTOUCH feature that ensures that the hand shower does not slip when you use it. The 60-82 inch stretchable hose that is stainless steel gives you maximum flexibility. The stainless steel ensures it does not destroy, making it last for an extended period, while the internal-double check valve ensures there is no backflow of water. With all these great features, you are assured of an excellent showering experience.


  1. Supports a lot of force up to 500 pounds
  2. Stable bars
  3. Tight grip slide bar
  4. Watersense feature
  5. Pause functionality
  6. ACTIVTOUCH design

Reasons to buy:

  • Retrievable wall anchor for fast removal
  • Comes in different lengths and finishes


Check the Price



#2. Best with Dual Shower – PULSE ShowerSpas Adjustable Slide Bar Shower Systemdelta shower head with slide bar

The PULSE ShowerSpas Shower System1011-III-BN Kauai III is an excellent shower with an adjustable slide bar and brushed nickel finish. It is a simple yet very brilliant device that can also easily be fitted in your old shower system without you remodeling the whole bathroom. The PULSE ShowerSpas feature a five function hand shower with a hose made of stainless steel, the wire basket soap dish, and slide bar are also adjustable.


The PULSE ShowerSpas offer rub-clean soft tips with the latest spray straight technology that ensures all mineral buildup is cleared, making it very durable. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about how you will keep it clean as that is already sorted out.

Adjustable designed

With the brass slide-bar, you can adjust the height of the hand shower and soap dish while the diverter remains conveniently located for you to be able to switch functions. Because of its design, it is effortless to install a shower system as it is compatible with all shower models; it makes it very convenient for you because you don’t have to remodel your bathroom to use this shower.


  1. Retrofits your existing shower easily
  2. 8-inch rain showerhead
  3. Rinses mineral buildup
  4. Durable design
  5. 5-function hand shower
  6. Stainless steel hose
  7. Adjustable bar slide and soap dish

Reasons to buy:

  • Makes every day a spa day
  • Easy to install
  • Does not require remodeling


Check the Price



#3. Best Brushed Nickel – Egretshower Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo  rain shower head with slide bar

The Egretshower is a beautiful and stylish brush Nickel surface that makes your showering experience comfortable and soothing. The anti-clogging nozzle design ensures that all the deposits are removed by just rubbing the nozzle back and forth when the water is running.

Easy to install

The shower system does not need drilling for you to connect; it is a drill-free installation that only lasts minutes. The fact that you don’t need a plumber or any tools to install it means that it is very cost-effective. You can save on the money you would have hired a plumber to do an installation for you.

Shower spray settings

The Egretshower shower system comes with different types of shower settings that will fulfill all your bathing needs. The rain spray setting gives you a wide range of coverage with steady streams, making you feel like you are at the spa. The second one is the massage spray, which provides you with total relaxation after hard work. Finally, the bubble spray is a bubble oxygenation mode that injects air into the water, making you feel soft and soothing, and it is perfect for your kids.


  1. Anti-clogging nozzles
  2. 5-function shower system
  3. Stainless steel bar
  4. Compatible with other shower systems
  5. Money-back guarantee

Reasons to buy:

  • No wall damage
  • Easy installation
  • Five-year warranty


Check the Price



#4. Best Cheap – KOHLER K-98361-CP Awaken G90 Slidebar Kitbest handheld shower head with slide bar

The KOHLER all in one kit comes with a G90 multifunction, 24-inch slide bar, and a ribbon hose that is 60 inches. Its advanced spray functionality gives you four types of spray settings, targeted, intense drenching, reduced flow, and full coverage. It ergonomically in design, making it very easy to use, its artful sculpture compliments all types of bathroom designs.

Spray settings

The broad coverage setting is an all-round spray, making it great for bathing every day. On the other hand, the intense drenching is meant to be a concentrated and forceful spray that is great for rinsing yourself after a thorough scrub. The targeted spray is one of the most forceful sprays; it is excellent for when you feel sore, you can focus the shower at the muscle feeling sore and get relief.

Meets ADA standards

That is where the final spray setting comes in handy; the reduced flow is excellent for people with disabilities, which means that the shower system meets Americans with Disability standards. This modern faucet is also available in 90, and 110 mm spray faces.


  1. Available in different fittings
  2. Four spray settings
  3. Reduced flow setting for the disabled
  4. Adjustable mounting brackets
  5. Contemporary design

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy to use
  • Can be used by people with disabilities


Check the Price



#5. Best with Rain Showerhead – AquaDance 28″ Stainless Steel Dual Slide Bar Shower Headslide bar shower head holder

The AquaDance showering system is a great system that combines the convenience of both the shower hose and handheld showerhead. Its drill-free feature is not only great for your walls but also means that it is effortless to install. It comes with a five-foot stainless steel hose and six spray settings.

Easy to use

The patented 3-way diverter gives you a choice of either using each showerhead together or separately. The click-lever dial is responsible for changing the settings while the rub-clean jets ease your cleaning responsibilities. There is also a water pause mode that helps save on water if you want to pause and maybe shampoo your hair. That is the best function for you. With the pause function, you will reduce the water bills.

Easy installation

The device comes with straightforward instructions that make the installation process uncomplicated. When you order the shower system, it comes in a secure box that is premium enough to protect the product while shipping.


  1. Compatible with any shower arm
  2. Adjustable shower head
  3. Six setting spray setting
  4. Pause mode for water-saving
  5. Stainless steel hose
  6. Drill and tool-free

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy to install
  • Massage setting

Check the Price


Best Brands of Slide bar Shower Heads

The following are some of the top-rated slide bar showerheads available in the market.

  • Delta Showerhead with Slide Bar

Delta is a brand renowned for producing long-lasting and reliable products, and their slide bar showerheads stick to that trend. Their main mission is to come up with innovative showerheads among other products that focus on water conservation.

Key Features:

• Wall bar with an adjustable slide bar for tall and short people
• Dual check valves
• Three spray settings – full body, massage and drenching
• WaterSense accreditation

All products from Delta are covered by the company’s limited lifetime warranty. The cheapest unit in this range costs $300.

Top 3 Rated Delta Showerhead with Slide Bar


  • Moen Showerhead with Slide Bar

Since its inception, Moen has had a reputation if producing high-quality equipment. The following are the features of Moen slide bar showerheads. Moen is well known for the production of thoughtfully designed showerheads with useful features that add value to your bathroom.

Key Features:

• Vertical bar with adjustable slide bar
• Multiple spray functions
• 1.75 gallons per minute flow rate
• Matching spray face in some models

Before 2008, Moen offered a one-year warranty on their products. Nowadays, it is a lifetime limited warranty.

The 3 Best Moen Showerhead with Slide Bar Recommend


How Slide Bar Showerheads Work

The working mechanism of sliding bar showerheads is almost similar to standard units. The only difference is that you can the height of the spigots or even move it if the hose is detachable. This versatility makes sliding models useful to a broader audience, particularly kids and people with mobility issues.

How to Install a Slide Bar Shower Head

Investing in a slide bar shower head adds flair and practicality to your bathroom. You can set these accessories in various alignments, such as diagonal, horizontal, and vertical. Also, you can detach them from the wall so that they hang freely.

The following are the steps you need to follow when Installing an adjustable shower head.

best handheld shower head with slide bar

Remove the Existing Shower Head

Before anything, you need to remove the existing showerhead. The best way to do this is by locking a wrench onto the pipe extending from the shower wall. Ideally, the wrench should be closer to the wall than the showerhead. Then, rotate the wrench counterclockwise until the pipe loosens.

Wrap both ends with Tape

After unthreading the pipe, wrap its ends with Teflon tape. You will need to purchase a brass nipple and fasten it against the tube to prevent leakage during installation.

Thread the Wall Supply Elbow

Once you tighten the nipple, the next step involves threading the wall supply elbow in the adjustable shower head onto it. While doing this, cover the elbow with a cloth to prevent the wrench from scratching it.

Mount the Slide Bar

The slide bar allows you to move the showerhead in your desired direction. To install it, start by pushing a mounting bracket on either side of the bar. The bottom end of the bar should be at least 52 inches from the floor to accommodate many people. Before mounting, use a level to mark the screw-hole locations for upper and lower brackets.

If you have tiled walls, use a hammer and nail to mark each screw hole’s position. After this, use a carbide masonry bit to drill the holes. If the walls are made of fiberglass or acrylic, a standard twist-drill bit will do.

In most cases, the screw holes fall between wall studs. Here, you need to enlarge them using a drill bit and fit hollow-wall anchors inside them.

The final step of installation involves attaching the adjustable shower hose to the wall-supply elbow and clipping the showerhead onto the locking mechanism.

How to Clean a Slide Bar Shower Head?

After extended use, showerheads to become dirty and can get clogged. Most people are unaware that baking soda and vinegar are efficient in removing the deposits that cause your shower to spray water unevenly.

Cleaning your showerhead also protects your family from sickness. Bacteria thrive in a wet environment, such as the ones found in clogged showerheads.

Before you start cleaning, you must unclog the showerhead. If most of the holes are spraying water, you won’t need to dismantle the unit. Otherwise, you might have to remove the head from the supply tube for deep cleaning.

rain shower head with slide bar

Cleaning Without Removing the Showerhead

1. Wrap a bag filled with vinegar around the showerhead and secure it using rubber bands.
2. Wait for at least one hour to allow the vinegar to soak into the holes. Then, turn on the shower to flush the dirt out.
3. Lastly, polish the showerhead with a soft cloth.

Deep Cleaning a Showerhead

If vinegar can’t get rid of the clogging deposits, you need to follow the steps below.

1. Disconnect the showerhead by unscrewing the fastening nuts. Use a wrench instead of pliers because the latter can dent the finish. You should also cushion the tool with a rag to prevent scratching.
2. Hold the showerhead under a tap and run a forceful stream of water through it. The objective is to remove loose debris that might be blocking the flow of water. If some dirt remains, you can scrub it off by using a brush dipped in vinegar.
3. Use a toothpick or a pin to poke additional deposits blocking the holes in the showerhead.
4. Once you are through with scrubbing and poking, soak all parts of the showerhead in a vinegar solution overnight. For better results, add a few scoops of baking soda and rinse again in the morning.
5. Reassemble the unit.

When cleaning a showerhead, avoid using chlorine because it provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. It is also worth noting that hard-bristle brushes can scratch and dent your showerhead’s finish, especially if it is chrome or metallic. Lastly, work in a well-ventilated space to avoid complications resulting from your inhaling toxic fumes.


The days of standard shower heads are long gone. Nowadays, you can choose among different options or even order a customized unit. From handheld units to dual-headed models, you can give your bathroom a fresh outlook by investing in these tantalizing options.

Take time and research to avoid making the wrong decision. Remember that a higher price doesn’t mean better quality or more features.