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How Hotels Keep Glass Door Showers Clean? – Secret Reveal Time

Have you ever wondered how hotels maintain sparkling clean glass shower doors? Well, the secret is simply frequent cleaning using the right tools and products. Cleaning glass shower doors and keeping them that way can be quite tasking. Below are tips and step-by-step guidelines on how hotels keep glass shower doors clean.

how to clean shower glass door

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Causes of Dirt on Glass Shower Doors

Hard water is the most common cause of dirt on door showers. Hard water contains minerals that form a residue on the glass. These minerals also react with soap, creating a scum that settles on various washroom surfaces.

However, hard water is not the only cause of dirt. Everything that we wash off our bodies, such as oil, dead skin, and hair, slowly accumulates, resulting in undesirable stains on washroom surfaces.

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Products Used by Hotels Use to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Many products are used in cleaning glass shower doors in hotels. These include commercial and natural non-commercial products.

1. Commercial Products

These products offer the easiest, most effective solution to dirty and cloudy glass doors. They don’t keep you waiting since they work in minutes and remove even the most stubborn hard water stains. However, they should be used keenly since they are highly concentrated and could easily damage tiles, natural stone finishing, and other non-glass surfaces in the shower.

They include

– Scrubbing bubbles
– Trinova shower cleaner
– Lime shine original
– Lime-A-Way


2. Non-Commercial Products

These products are generally mild compared to commercial products. You may therefore have to wait longer and scrub harder to attain the desired shine. However, we cannot dismiss them entirely since, despite the cons, there are mild and therefore do not damage tiles and grout. These products are easily accessible, and hey, you do not have to dig too deep into your pockets to afford them. They include

– Baking soda
– Vinegar
– Lemon juice
– vodka

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How to Clean Glass Shower Doors?

There are many ways and methods that we can use in cleaning glass showers door. Some work well in removing general dirt, while others remove tough hard water stains. These methods include;

prevent stain on glass door

1. Use of Baking Soda

This is the easiest and one of the safest methods for cleaning glass shower may not be 100% effective with hard water stains but works perfectly well when dealing with general dirt and soap residue.


– Put tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl. The amount depends on the size of the glass surface you want to clean. Use a wide bowl to ensure easy accessibility of the content
– Using a damp cloth or sponge, apply the baking soda to the glass scouring

Note: Wait for about ten minutes before rinsing to allow the paste to work on the stains

– Splash warm water on the glass to rinse off the baking soda. You can use a detachable showerhead to rinse the glass.

Tip: Add lemon juice to the warm water to achieve the desired sparkle.


2. Lime Shine Original

This product is specifically formulated to deal with tough stains on glass shower doors. It is the ultimate choice for people in places with hard dissolves mineral buildups, and soap scum and removes hard water stains from glass surfaces, leaving your shower squeaky clean.


– Add 2 cups of hot water to half a cup of lime shine original. Stir thoroughly for a perfect mixture.
– Put the solution into a spray bottle and amply spray it on the glass door.
– Keenly wipe the glass with a clean cloth or paper towels.


3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural acid and does a great job dissolving mineral buildups from hard water. On the other side, baking soda is a base, and as mentioned, it deals perfectly well with soap residue, oils, etc. The combination of the two is pure magic when cleaning glass shower doors.


– Using a spray bottle, spray distilled vinegar on the glass door. Alternatively, dip a clean sponge in the vinegar and apply it to the surface. Please leave it to soak.
– Put two to three tablespoons of baking soda into a bowl and add a little water to form a paste.
– Apply it generously to the glass doors.
– Scrub carefully where necessary to remove stubborn stains.

You may notice a fizzing sound as the base and acid combine.

Tip: Water my leave traces during drying. For best results, dry off the water using a squeegee or a clean, dry cloth.

Vinegar has an unpleasant smell and may, and if highly concentrated, it may cause eye irritation. It is therefore essential to wear protective goggles and ensure proper air circulation.


4. Scrubbing Bubbles

Getting sparkling clean glass doors calls for detailed scrubbing and drying. However, with scrubbing bubbles, this is not the case. All you have to do is spray, give it a little time and rinse. The product is packaged in a user-friendly aerosol bottle or spray-style bottle.


– Spray the cleaner on the glass door until it is covered with foam.
– Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
– Dry off the water using a clean towel to ensure no visible traces are left behind.

Note: stubborn stains may be left behind after rising, and you may have to scrub them off directly before dying the door.

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Reasons Why Does Hard Water Leave Stains on Glass Shower Doors

Hard water contains high mineral levels such as magnesium, calcium, and iron. When this kind of water evaporates, it leaves mineral deposits behind, causing stains on glass shower doors.

Secondly, minerals in hard water react with wax paraffin commonly found in soap resulting in an insoluble substance called scum. Scum stains shower surfaces and may cause permanent taint if not timely dealt with.

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How to Clean Hard Water Stains on Glass Shower Doors?

causes of hard water stain on glass door

Scrubbing off hard water stains is quite a hectic task unless you have the right tools and essentials. When dealing with this kind of stain, an acid-based cleaner is mandatory. The acid dissolves mineral residue breaking the bond that forms the dirt on the glass. Below are some effective products to remove hard water stains:

– Cleaning vinegar
– Use of dryer sheets
– Lemon juice (contains citric acid)
– Lime- A- Way cleaning solution
– Lime shine original cleaning powder

Note: tougher stains require higher acid concentration. It is vital to avoid spilling acid-based cleaners on other surfaces as they may scour effect.

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How to Prevent Hard Water Stains on Glass Shower Doors?

Why deal with hard water stains headaches when you can prevent them from happening in the first place?

1. Installation of water softener

This is the ultimate solution to problems caused by hard water. A water softener eliminates minerals, and therefore no residue is left behind when the water dries on glass surfaces. Additionally, softened water does not form scum.

Recommended water softener:


2. Dry surfaces after using the shower

Place a squeegee inside the washroom and ensure you squeeze off all the splashed water. Alternatively, use a cloth to dry off surfaces. With this method, consistency is critical. If you forget to do this once or twice, you risk dimming the shine of the glass doors.


3. Apply a glass shield

These sealants cover your glass doors and prevent mineral deposits from settling directly on the glass. Permanent damage cannot occur, so your shower door is as good as new once you wipe off the glass.

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How to Clean Between Shower Doors?

Overlapping shower doors create an inaccessible space that is very hard to clean. Here is a hack on how to go about it.

– Get a sponge paintbrush. Preferably one with a long handle.
– Deep it into your cleaning agent.
– Insert the sponge brush between the doors and scrub off the dirt.
– Rinse with clean water.

Some doors are designed to lift a little bit and slide the glass door out for cleaning.

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How Do Hotels Keep Shower Doors Clean?

Cleaning hotel glass shower doors is quite a task, but keeping them that way is the real test. They require everyday attention since they are frequently used. Below are some pro tips on how hotels have sparkling clean glass shower doors 24/7.

how to clean glass door

1. Ensure proper ventilation in the washroom

Adequate air circulation facilitates proper and quick drying of the washroom. This reduces moisture content, inhibiting the growth of mildew and mold. Aeration also eliminates mist on mirror and glass surfaces.

2. Install a water softener

Hard water contains minerals that leave a residue over time. It also forms scum when mixed with soap, which creates very stubborn stains. Water softener saves you the trouble of scrubbing your shower doors daily

3. Application of glass protectors

Glass protectors are primarily used in car windows to repel rainwater. This technique works perfectly fine in showers by shielding glass doors from moisture.

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How Often Should Glass Shower Doors Be Cleaned?

A bathroom is used at least once daily. Shower doors, therefore, require daily attention to ensure they are always clean. A thorough cleaning should be done at least weekly to prevent stains from settling on the class permanently.

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Glass Shower Door Cleaning Essentials

1. OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee

It is pocket-friendly, easy to use, and offers squeaky clean has a suction hook for easy storage; It has a soft non-slip handle that is easy to grip.


2. Pinnacle mercantile plastic spray bottle

This spray bottle offers a leak-proof spray head. It has an adjustable trigger technology for easy handling. Additionally, it is made of a chemical-resistant durable bottle.


3. Vgo 2pairs reusable household gloves

These are quality multipurpose household gloves. They are waterproof and have long sleeves to prevent water from getting into the gloves.

They are made of flexible material, making them very comfortable to wear.


4. Lime-A-Way bathroom cleaner

Lime-a-way bathroom cleaner removes most stubborn scum stains in seconds without scrubbing. It is packaged spray bottle, a bit pricy, but the result is worth it. another good thing about this cleaner is it is user-friendly.


5. Invisible Glass 92194-6PK Cleaner and Window Spray

The product comes in a user-friendly spray bottle and leaves no stains after it is dry. It is formulated to remove tough stains leaving your glass door sparling clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of stain can you expect on glass shower doors?

Soap scum and mineral residue are the most common stains on shower doors, especially in areas with a hard water supply. You may also find stains like body oil, and in poorly ventilated bathrooms, mildew and mold is also common.

How do I clean treated glass shower doors?

Very harsh and highly concentrated glass cleaners are not recommended on treated glass. Use diluted vinegar and a soft sponge to wipe off stains without scouring the glass.

How do I clean glass shower doors with the barkeeper’s friend?

Start by getting the glass door wet. Apply a pea-size amount of bar keeper’s friend on a soft sponge and smear it evenly on the door. Scrub gently, rinse and dry the surface using paper towels.

Note: leave the product on the glass for about a minute or two for it to work on the stains.

How do I clean glass shower doors using dryer sheets?

Wet the sheet using warm water and thoroughly scrub the dry glass surface until scum and stuck mineral residue start to peel off. Continue till you attain the desired shimmer.

How do I keep water spots off glass shower doors?

Ensure you dry the glass doors completely after every shower. You can also apply a glass protector such as rain-x that repels water.

How do I clean frosted glass shower doors?

Spray glass cleaner on the frosted glass and gently scrub with circular motions. Dry the glass using paper towels or a dry cloth. Alternatively, use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

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The last thing you want to see in your hotel room is dirty glass door showers. Hotels, therefore, go till the last mile to ensure this is not the case. With the above insights maintaining clean glass shower doors is a cinch.

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