Best Rain Shower Head Combo

best rain shower head comboShowering at the end or the start of a day plays a role in cleaning the skin. This measure aids in the removal of dead skin cells to help the skin cells to function reliably. Not only that, but a powerful shower helps to lessen the fatigue, ease muscle pains and aches, increase the blood flow and improve your immune function, the reason you will want to invest in the right showerhead to provide you with an excellent showering experience.

Given the thousands of showerheads available for you to buy, it can be confusing to settle for one, the reason we dag through hundreds of showerheads to locate the ten best rain shower head combos available for you. Note that we paid attention to factors such as the manufacturer’s reputation, customer satisfaction, reasonable pricing, the ability to maintain the water pressure, width and diameter, product’s performance, quality, among other features to ensure that we are recommending the best products.

Why You Need a Rain Shower Head Combo?

Might you be wondering why it is essential to invest in the best rain shower head combo? Well, let’s have a look at some reasons.

1. Ease of cleaning

rain shower head combo

Unlike traditional showerheads, the best rain showerheads integrate self-cleaning nozzles. What this means is that you can get rid of the lime buildup and hard water deposits. As a result, it reduces the chances of clogs or the frequent need to hire a professional for repair services.

2. For use by people with mobility issues

Another reason to purchase the best rain shower combo is when you need the best shower system for use by people with limited mobility. Remember, these showers provide water sprays that cover the whole body at once to eliminate the need for frequent movement. Not to mention that the combos integrate a handheld shower that allows such persons to obtain the required coverage effortlessly.

3. To help you relax and rejuvenate

rain shower comboRain shower heads play a role in helping you to relax and rejuvenate. These showerheads can provide relaxing rain-like sprays or options like powerful concentrated sprays or an invigorating massage spray for optimal relaxation.

Moreover, other options offer options like the PowerPulse that offers a therapeutic strength massage to help you gain relief from stress, joint discomfort, or muscle tension.

4. Multiple spray settings

The best rain shower head combo can transform your showering experience to help you achieve a spa-quality treatment. The reason is the ability to provide settings such as a PowerSpray suitable for rinsing thick hair, mist spray that creates a gentle spray experience, and a full-body spray that delivers a spray that covers the entire body, among others.

Top 10 Best Rain Shower Head Combo 2020

Best Rain Shower Head Combo Reviews

1. GSYH Rain Spa Shower Head Combo

rain spa shower head combo

What we liked:

  • Attractive chrome polished finish.
  • Durable ceramic cartridge.
  • Easy to install using the included hardware.
  • Single lever design for effortless operation

What we didn’t like:

  • Limited finish options.

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For an ultimate bathing experience, I would recommend that you purchase the GSYH Bathroom Thermostatic Rainfall Shower Set. The set comprises of an 8″ rain shower head and an adjustable handheld shower sprayer. The rain showerhead can deliver good coverage aimed at soaking your whole body for a relaxing shower. On the other hand, the handheld shower can slide up and down, a measure that makes bathing comfortable to users of different heights.

The shower set is built to last, thanks to the premium materials construction. In particular, the handheld shower sprayer is made using ABS plastic for longevity. On the other hand, the shower faucet and slide bar feature a brass construction for durability. With a beautiful chrome finish, you can expect the shower set to resist tarnishing, scratches, and corrosion. Besides, the rain shower features anti-clogging silicone jets to protect against lime and hard water build-up.

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2. SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Rain Shower Combination

rain shower combination

What we liked:

  • Sleek and elegant design.
  • Easy to install.
  • The shower delivers a full body spray.
  • High-quality components.

What we didn’t like:

  • Limited user instructions.

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The SRSH-F5043 is a rain mixer shower combo. It comprises a 10″ wall-mounted rainfall showerhead and a 15.7″ solid metal shower arm. The showerhead features a 304 stainless steel construction for ultimate protection from rust and corrosion. On the other hand, the handheld showerhead is made using brass for durability and equipped with a 304 stainless steel shower hose for the same purpose. Featuring a ten-layer chrome-plated finish, the rain mixer is not only durable but also stylish.

Plus, the high-quality brass construction protects the mixer from interfering with the water quality for a better bathing environment while ensuring protection for the skin. The main mixer adopts a high-pressure technology. This technology offers a consistent and powerful rain shower even under low pressure. Also, there is a pressure balance valve cartridge. The cartridge monitors the water pressure balance to protect you from burning as a result of a sudden change in cold and hot water pressure.

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3. SR SUN RISE Rain Shower And Hand Shower Combo

best rain shower hand shower combo

What we liked:

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant parts.
  • It delivers a powerful rain shower.

What we didn’t like:

  • No water-saving feature.

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The SR SUN RISE is a 12-Inches bathroom luxury rain mixer. This set comprises a 12” rain showerhead and a 15.7” solid shower arm. The showerhead features a stainless steel material to safeguard it against rust and corrosion. On the other hand, the shower arm features solid metal construction for strength and durability. Equipped with a solid brass pressure balancing shower mixer valve, this showerhead combo is safe to use. Ideally, the valve balances the hot and cold water pressure to protect you from scalding as a result of sudden changes in the water pressure.

The showerhead combo includes a concealed brass shower bracket holder. The holder keeps the shower arm in place when it is not in use for a clean bathroom look. Plus, the combo features a brushed nickel finish that offers a sleek look for optimal protection from rust and corrosion. The handheld showerhead combines a 304 stainless steel shower hose for durability. Besides, the rain mixer adopts an air energy technology that offers a powerful and consistent rain shower, even under low water pressure.

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4. DreamSpa Rain Shower Head and Handheld Combo

rain shower head and handheld combo

What we liked:

  • Elegant all-chrome finish.
  • The shower installs in minutes.
  • Super-flexible shower hose.
  • Rub-clean jets for easy elimination of the mineral build-up.

What we didn’t like:

  • Plastic parts.

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The DreamSpa is an ultra-luxury rainfall showerhead. The combo consists of a 9″ rainfall showerhead and a 4.75″ handheld shower. The handheld unit features a simple-push button that allows you to change the flow with a simple push of the button. On the other hand, the showerhead features an angle-adjustable solid brass ball joint to support reliable leak-free connections. Because of the 9″ large showerhead, you can expect extensive water coverage for shoulder-to-shoulder water flow.

The showerhead combo comprises of rub-clean jets for easy cleaning and removal of the mineral deposits. Plus, the showers feature a premium all-chrome finish that is not only stylish but also durable. Featuring a low-reach and angle-adjustable wall bracket, you can position the hand shower at the desired angle for ease of use. Plus, the handheld shower includes a flexible stainless steel shower hose for easy maneuvering where you need the water flow. The showerhead is easy to install, thanks to the tool-free installation design.

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5. SR SUN RISE Rainfall Shower Head Combo

rainfall shower head combo

What we liked:

  • High-quality and durable construction.
  • Clear installation instructions.
  • The shower delivers a powerful flow even under low pressure.

What we didn’t like:

  • The showerhead drips some water after turning off the shower.

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This is a 12″ ceiling-mount shower system. It comprises an 11.8″ shower arm and a 12″ showerhead. The showerhead features a 304 stainless steel construction in brushed nickel finish. As such, you can get it with an assurance of durability. On the other hand, the 11.8″ shower arm features solid metal construction for durability. With a concealed installation brass shower bracket holder, you can store the shower arm neatly for a clean look.

Another feature that makes this shower system a great deal is the solid brass pressure-balancing shower mixer valve. The valve plays a role in balancing the hot water and cold water pressure to protect you from scalding as a result of sudden water pressure changes. Also, the system adopts air energy technology. This technology delivers a consistent and powerful rain shower even under low water pressure.

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6. EMBATHER Shower Head and Rain Shower Combo

shower head and rain shower combo

What we liked:

  • Durable and well made.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Elegant and stylish look

What we didn’t like:

  • No instructions.

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If you are looking for the best shower system for use in the coastal area, the Embather shower system is an ideal choice. It comprises a 12” square rain showerhead and a handheld shower. The showerhead features a solid brass construction that is not only durable but also good-looking. Also, the shower system features an anti-rust coating to protect the shower set from rusting even after exposure to salty water.

Adopting an air injection technology, the shower system can conserve the water without sacrificing the performance. Plus, the showerhead is adjustable to different angles providing room for customizing the rain flow according to different needs. The shower arm includes a 360-degree stainless steel swivel connector for flexibility when using the handheld shower. The easy-clean nozzles are another plus for effortless cleaning of the mineral deposits.

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7. CHAREADA 8 inches Rain Shower and Handheld Combo

best rain shower and handheld combo

What we liked:

  • Tool-free installation.
  • Solid brass diverter supports the use of two showerheads at the same time.
  • Super-flexible 60″ stainless steel hose
  • Self-cleaning nozzles.

What we didn’t like:

  • The supplied Teflon tape isn’t much.

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Next, in the review, we have an 8″ high-pressure showerhead. It comes as a combo that includes the showerhead and a handheld shower. The showerhead features a rounded 8″ x 8″ size with 96 self-cleaning silicone nozzles. As a result, you can expect it to deliver a comprehensive water flow coverage that drenches the whole body. What’s more, it features heavy-duty stainless steel construction with a chrome finish surface. Because of this, it is stylish and a perfect choice for a showerhead that is built too last.

The handheld shower features a 60″ hose to offer a greater reach. It is made using high-quality ABS and a chrome face for strength and durability. Designed with a 3-mode setting, the handheld shower is suitable for massage, baby shower, and pet shower. It includes a water flow regulator that allows you to adjust the water pressure and water flow. A 3-way brass diver is another plus. It supports two shower heads at a time while its nickel finish guarantees longevity.

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8. Wall Mounted Rain Shower Head Combo

rain shower handheld combo

What we liked:

  • Easy-clean soft rubber spray holes.
  • A high-pressure 3-setting handheld showerhead.
  • Durable and high-quality showerhead.
  • Powerful water flow.

What we didn’t like:

  • Challenging to install.

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Enjoy a waterfall-like showering experience once you get this wall-mounted shower faucet set. The set comprises an 8″ rain showerhead and a 3-setting handheld shower. The showerhead is made using sturdy ABS material for strength and durability. Also, it features a premium color finish that resists tarnishing and corrosion. The hand-held shower can provide a full spray massage, rain shower, and fast massage spray. It features a 4″ wide face that delivers a full-body spray.

The shower set comes with an adjustable shower holder. The holder is made using ABS material and coated in a high-quality brushed nickel to resist corrosion, scratches, and tarnishing. You can expect the shower set to match a lot of complimentary decors, thanks to the brushed nickel finish that delivers a bright, highly-reflective, and cool grey metallic look. Besides that, the showerhead combo is safe to use because of the anti-scald -pressure balance valve that balances the hot and cold water pressure automatically.

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9. Apthrill 3-Way High-Pressure Combination Rain Shower Head

best rain shower and hand shower combo

What we liked:

  • Easy to install.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles.
  • Polished chrome finish ABS body.
  • A variety of spray modes for a refreshing spray

What we didn’t like:

  • The handheld shower wand is difficult to put back into the holder.

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For a luxurious showering experience, I would recommend that you purchase the Apthrill 3-way shower head combo. The shower set offers a high-pressure so that you can get a powerful flow even under low water pressure. The set comprises of a hand-held showerhead and a rainfall showerhead. The hand-held shower offers nine distinct settings, while the rainfall showerhead offers six settings. As a result, you can customize the water flow to meet different functions.

You can get this shower head combo when looking for a rain shower system that is easy to set up, given that it installs in minutes. Furthermore, the combo is a perfect choice for letting you enjoy two luxury showers together or separately because of the 3-way diverter that allows you to use two showerheads at the same time. Supplied with a 60″ stainless steel shower hose, you can expect to get an extended reach when using the handheld shower.

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10. Luxury Rain Shower Head Combo With Wand

combination rain shower head and handheld

What we liked:

  • Long shower hose offers an extended reach.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • High-quality construction.
  • The showerhead delivers a powerful rain shower.

What we didn’t like:

  • No on/off button on the handheld wand.

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For a showerhead combo that combines style and strength, this is one of the best choices. It includes a handheld shower head with a 15″ shower arm, and a 10″ square rain showerhead. The shower set is made using premium-quality materials to protect it from rust and corrosion. It features brass construction with a high-quality brushed nickel finish, enabling it to resist daily scratches and tarnishing. The shower hose is made of stainless steel to ensure quality and longevity.

A pressure balance valve chamber is included so that it can monitor the hot and cold water pressure. As a result, you can expect it to protect you from scalding as a result of sudden changes in the water pressure. The showerhead can deliver a high-pressure and consistent water flow even under low pressure, thanks to the powerful technology that offers a steady rain shower even under low water pressure. It supports the use of two shower sets at the same time, given the included diverter.

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How to Choose the Best Rain Shower Head Combo?

1. Rain showerhead size

rain shower head combo sizeRain showerheads offer a bigger dimension while compared to traditional showerheads. This feature enables them to provide a rain shower that covers the entire body at once, resulting in more sensation that makes your showering more efficient.

For that reason, I would recommend showerheads with a bigger diameter for a broader delivery of the rain shower. Therefore, opt for a rain shower head with a diameter of at least 8″ or 10″. That way, you can rest assured to benefit from an amazing showering experience.

2. Materials

rain shower head combo materialWell, the construction materials of your rain shower head combo affect the durability, ease of cleaning, and reliability of the showerhead. For this reason, you will not want to purchase a unit that will offer its services for weeks or months, leaving you with the only option of spending more money to replace it.

Therefore, look for a showerhead combo that is made using durable metal, and such metal should be rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, the showerhead should include long-lasting nozzles, and preferably, self-cleaning nozzles to avoid build-up of mineral deposits when you have to deal with hard water.

3. Ease of installation

install rain shower head comboThe best rain shower head combo should be easy to install. The good news is that many showerheads today are easy to install.

However, it couldn’t hurt to have a look at what customer reviews have to state about the installation to avoid falling into the trap of purchasing a showerhead that is challenging to install.

So, buy a showerhead that is easy to install easily to avoid the additional costs of hiring a plumber. Moreover, get a showerhead that comes with the required tools and instructions for easy assembly.

4. Water pressure

What is the water pressure rating of your home’s piping? Remember, different showerheads have different PSI ratings, which means that the water pressure in your home must be adequate so that you can receive optimum performance from the showerhead. Therefore, compare the pressure of your house’s water system with the one that is required by the rain showerhead to ensure that they are compatible with each other.

5. Arm length of the handheld shower

Another feature that you must remember to consider when purchasing the showerhead combo is the length of the handheld shower arm. Do not forget that the handheld unit is suitable for washing kids and pets, which means that you must pick one that will handle that need effortlessly. So, ensure that the arm length is long enough to help you achieve an extended reach.

6. Additional features:

  • Available space

choose the best rain shower head comboRemember, unlike the traditional showerheads, rain showerheads tend to take a bigger space. Therefore, ensure that your bathroom has adequate space to let you install the rain shower head combo of your choice.

  • Handheld shower spray settings

Some showerheads offer one spray setting, while others provide more than one. Different types of sprays deliver different experiences to the user, with some providing a massage experience. Therefore, try and find out the spray settings that will work out for you so that you can purchase a compatible showerhead.

  • Visual design

While most traditional showerheads feature a round design, rain showerheads come in different shapes, including square, ultra-modern flat discs, rectangular, among other shapes. Therefore, if you need a showerhead that will add some style to your space, be sure to consider such features.

  • Color choices

Another feature that impacts the style of the showerhead you are going to purchase is the colors it comes in. For people who mind about the style of their bathroom, this is an important factor to consider; more importantly, when you are looking for a showerhead that will match your style. So, examine whether chrome, stainless, brass, or copper is the ideal choice for you.

Final Words

The best rain shower head combo should provide a drenching spray with a good water flow and reliable pressure. Hence, such a unit should allow you to get more coverage for a full body showering experience. So, buy one of the reviewed products for a powerful and luxurious showering experience.

10 Best Rain Shower Head Combinations 2020