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Steps for Attach a Garden Hose to Your Shower Arm Pipe

A garden hose is one of those things you are unlikely to miss in many households. Attaching a garden hose to a shower arm can be quite beneficial in carrying out a variety of your daily activities in and around the house.

This article will detail for you:

  • Reasons to attach a garden hose pipe to your shower arm.
  • The requirements you need to attach a garden hose to your shower arm.
  • Step by step details on how to attach a garden hose to your shower arm.

adapter for shower head to garden hose

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Why Do You Need to Attach It?

Take, for instance, the following scenarios:

1. To connect water to areas lacking hose bibs.

At times you may desire to transfer water to a point but find that you do not have accessible hose bibs. You can hook the hose to your shower arm and run the water to your desired location in such a scenario.

To connect water to areas lacking hose bibs

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2. To fill bath taps with water at home.

Have you ever gone in for a nice slow bath in your bathtub after a long day of work only to find that the taps are not functioning?

If so, then you probably decided to go in for a shower in the overhead shower or even hauled gallons of water in a bucket to fill the tab. Though both are feasible, they may not be what you hoped for especially hulling water numerous times in a heavy bucket while tired.

Therefore, if you have a garden hose with you, you could attach it to your shower arm in a few minutes, fill the tub and have the comfortable and relaxing bath you desire.

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3. To fill fish aquariums with water.

Fish aquariums are finding their way into various parts of our homes. However, when it comes to filling them up with water, you might find your desired location has no tap access.

Therefore, instead of hulling gallons of water from the tap using a bucket, which is something you will find quite tiresome, especially with larger aquariums. You can hook your garden hose to the shower arm and sit back as you watch it fill.

Why do you need to attach it

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4. To brew drinks at home.

At some point, you might have desired to take a shot at home brewing to see how well your product stacks up against established brands. If so, you probably know of the immersion chiller. The immersion chiller ensures your brew stays at an optimal temperature by circulating a cool liquid, preferably water. You hook your garden hose to the shower arm, let the water circulate for your desired period, and get your beer.

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Which Supplies Will You Need?
Equipment for garden hose

When attaching your hose pipe to the shower arm, you will require the following items:

  • A Garden hose cap
  • A shower head to garden hose adapter
  • A Garden hose
  • A Wrench or pliers
  • A Plumber’s tape

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How to Attach a Garden Hose to Your Shower Arm Pipe Step by Step?

 Once you have all the above items, the installation procedure is as straightforward as: 


 Step 1.  Use the wrench or pliers to detach the shower head from the shower arm gently.

If it is not tightly fixed, you can remove it using your bare hands. However, always check for rust and mineral build-up before attempting to remove your shower head. If you find rust or mineral build-up, use vinegar to loosen it, then use the pliers, wrench, or hands to remove the showerhead.

 Step 2.  With the showerhead removed, remove the plumber’s tape altogether, then clean the shower arm pipe.
 Step 3.  Re-apply a new layer of plumber’s tape to the connection to make it watertight to avoid leakage.
 Step 4.  Attach the female side of your garden hose adapter to your shower arm pipe.
 Step 5.  Attach your garden hose to the adapter while ensuring all required washers seat properly inside the garden hose threads.

With the above steps followed, your garden hose to shower arm apparatus is ready for use.

However, in some instances, you may find the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the showerhead every time you use the garden hose being quite cumbersome, especially if you need to attach the garden hose frequently. If so, the below procedure should help ease your work permanently:

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 Additional requirements 
  • A Showerhead filter
  • An External Shower Diverter

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 Long-term attachment process 

Follow the steps as mentioned above from the first step through to the third step.

  • Incorporate a shower head filter into your shower arm. Note that it may be desirable to remove the large black washer in the female threads to increase the flow rate because the washer tends to minimize flow resulting in tasks involving the garden hose taking longer.
  • Apply plumber’s tape to the shower head filter’s male threads.
  • Apply plumber’s tape to the external shower diverter’s male threads.
  • Attach the shower head to the shower diverter’s forward-facing threads.
  • Locate the shower diverter’s side facing threads and attach them to your shower head to the garden hose adapter.
  • Take your garden hose and attach it to the showerhead to the garden hose adapter.
  • Turn the water supply on and check for leaks while alternating between the garden hose and showerhead.
  • After verifying the apparatus is leak-proof, you can use and once done, remove the garden hose, then thread in the garden hose cap over the showerhead to the garden hose adapter. However, if you still need it later, leave it in place.

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Attaching a garden hose to a shower arm will significantly ease your operations in various exercises both inside and outside your house. As such, always connect it whenever you require it. Moreover, the above steps will Carter with your temporary and long-term garden hose attachment requirements. Therefore, decide which option will serve you best, and always contact a professional if any unforeseen complications arise.

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